Dead Zero (2022)

☆ Dead Zero ☆ Stephen Hunter - Dead Zero, Dead Zero From New York Times bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Hunter comes a thriller that plunges deep into the world of high tech national security the hearts and minds of those who kill ☆ Dead Zero ☆ Stephen Hunter - Dead Zero, Dead Zero From New York Times bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Hunter comes a thriller that plunges deep into the world of high tech national security the hearts and minds of those who kill
  • Title: Dead Zero
  • Author: Stephen Hunter
  • ISBN: 9781439138656
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Hardcover
Dead Zero
☆ Dead Zero ☆ Stephen Hunter, Dead Zero, Stephen Hunter, Dead Zero From New York Times bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Hunter comes a thriller that plunges deep into the world of high tech national security the hearts and minds of those who kill for duty and the latest mission for veteran sniper Bob Lee Swagger who may have finally met the only man who can outshoot him Who killed Whiskey And why won t it stayFrom New York Time
  • ☆ Dead Zero ☆ Stephen Hunter
    413Stephen Hunter
Dead Zero

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  1. I just finished this book and the one that follows it in the series if I may call them a series Soft Target review to follow, LOL I ve now read all but one of the books considered part of the Bob Lee Swagger series except one I somehow missed the third in the series Time To Hunt I m about halfway through that one These books are a mixed bag.I know someone s out there shaking their head thinking or yelling at the screen , yeah but I came here for a review on THIS book Okay, valid point but I do n [...]

  2. THIS is what I was wanting hoping for from I, Sniper a return to the twisty and deadly world that Bob Lee is supposed to inhabit, not all that samurai NASCAR shit I was a bit dubious of the inclusion of a new protagonist in Ray Cruz, but he turned out to be likable and ruthlessly efficient if he doesn t have as much of those two qualities of Bob Lee, who can blame him I only grow to like the old man and as the series progresses We have action here in the states and Afghanistan, and both are ri [...]

  3. This book started out really well, but the ending was so incredibly stupid that I have to give it just a couple of stars The book starts out with Ray Cruz, a Marine sniper who is tasked with having to assassinate an Afghan warlord named Ibrahim Zarzi However, out in the Afghan wilderness, he and his spotter are jumped by mercenaries American His spotter is killed, he is wounded, but escapes He tries to complete his mission, but a missile destroys the building he was going to use to do it on.Fast [...]

  4. Dead Zero Every time I m in a jam, I just ask myself what would Bob Lee Swagger do But looks like ole Bob Lee is getting a mite old and slow, so we have a new addition to the mix, Ray Cruz, Marine sniper and one mean fella on a mission to avenge his spotter, killed in an ambush in Afghanistan This one gets a strong 4 Stars but not 5, because it was just too similar in many ways to Point Of Impact and did not meet the excitement level I expect from Mr Hunter Still, no one does bloody, loud, messy [...]

  5. Ray Cruz is a Marine sniper He is on a mission to take out Ibrahim Zarzi aka The Beheader.Ray is in big trouble, in fact, so big that his Commanding Officer has asked everyone at headquarters to, pray for Ray if you re religious And if you re not religious, pray for Ray That s an order.Ray has been ambushed twice on this mission in Afghanistan just narrowly escaping with his life Ray becomes very concerned when he discovers that the people trying to kill him are not Taliban or Al Qaida, but cont [...]

  6. I like Stephen Hunter s stuff, but I haven t read them all and tend to dip in and out and often not in sequence But he has made Bob Lee Swagger an iconic character and done very well to keep rolling out stories on the fairly limited subject of snipers.Here we have an older semi retired Swagger being asked to help out the FBI in tracking down a top marine sniper that is almost a younger version of Swagger himself The sniper has gone off the range to complete a compromised mission and in addition [...]

  7. I m a longtime fan of the Bob the Nailer sniper novels all of the way back to POINT OF IMPACT in 1993 Heck, I admit that I enjoyed the Mark Wahlberg movie, SHOOTER, which updated Bob Lee by several decades Even , I love the novels featuring Bob Lee s even tougher dad, the Medal of Honor winner from Blue Eye, Arkansas, Mister Earl Swagger However, Hunter s novels have been spiraling downhill since he retired from the Washington Post Maybe the time stolen from film criticism sharpened his novelist [...]

  8. I really liked how this book started but the long drawn out story made this book just ok I like the Swagger books because he is a bad ass killing machine He was neither of those things in Dead Zero The action sequences were lacking and the plot very predictable I did like parts of this book but I want heroes not dead zeros Overall, this book missed the target for me.

  9. As with all of Mr Hunter s books, I really enjoyed it I can relate to the characters and they truly come to life throughout the story Another winner from my favorite author.

  10. What a way to start the new year Stephen Hunter is one of my very favorite writers, and Dead Zero is worthy of standing with his best work Ray Cruz, a marine corps sniper stationed in Afghanistan, is sent to kill a notorious Pashtun warlord with links to Al Qaeda Ibrahim Zarzi, dubbed the Beheader due to his treatment of captured soldiers But before he can make his kill, Cruz is attacked by a private black ops team and presumed dead in a massive explosion Months later, Zarzi is in the US as a gu [...]

  11. Dead Zero is the seventh book in the Bob Lee Swagger series, and probably the most politically charged one when it comes to the actual setting of the story.Reyes Fidencio Cruz aka Rzay Cruz, is a 42 year old USMC Sniper and one of the best there is He s turned down numerous requests for promotion, and alot better paying onces in the private sector to remain in the corps In other words, he s a patriot and he loves his job He and his spotter partner Lance Corporal Skelton are sent deep into Afghan [...]

  12. Stephen Hunter brought his A game to Dead Zero In the initial chapters in Afghanistan, military sniper Sgt Rey Cruz and his spotter begin their authorized assignment to kill a terrorist known as the Beheader The two soldiers are ambushed by three American mercenaries under contract to an unknown high U.S government official Cruz survives two attempts on his life and then the cat mouse begins back in the U.S Cruz vows to kill the Afghan terrorist who has become the darling of the CIA as the most [...]

  13. For those readers who like modern day military mystery thrillers, this I would recommend This thriller starts in Afghanistan with the top Seal sniper sent on a mission, but he and his spotter are ambushed by This story is a great mix of soooo many whys, whos, hows, hhmmms, yikes, twists, turns, and then 3 4 through the book you have a you ve got to be kidding me surprise moment Then off you go again to the very last page I don t like to give away any plots to fellow readers, however, this one i [...]

  14. Bob Lee Swagger s adventures are always fascinating His innate ability to use his history as a sniper to determine what will happen next and where make for good reading This time he s after another sniper who is presumed to have gone rebel There are also mercs chasing Swaggert and the other sniper Both the FBI and CIA are also part of this It is terrific summer reading.

  15. Bob Lee is getting up there in years, but he s still got it Another excellent installment from the incomparable Stephen Hunter.

  16. Stephen Hunter.Bob Lee Swagger.Need I say Book 7 was a thrill Leave it to The Nailer to thwart the bad guysin his aw shucks style.

  17. Fun, edge of seat read, although the big relationship reveal at the end comes out of nowhere and seems overly coincidental, silly, and unnecessary

  18. Got hooked in 20 pages Surprise ending with some interesting views on current politics and life styles I really liked this book but there are some tedious spots and a lot of gun information.

  19. Spoilers Stephen Hunter s novels are always enjoyable That being said, this one is not quite his best Bob Lee Swagger novel I think he felt that he had fallen into a rut with the Swagger novels the basic plot is something like something bad happens Swagger is called in they hunt down the bad guys Swagger dispatches the bad guys This novel has a different feel to it, introducing Ray Cruz, who actually turns out to be Swagger s biological son It starts out in the middle of war in Pakistan, and the [...]

  20. This was one intense political conspiracy military terrorism crime thriller A crazy ride full of action, clever investigation, deductions, a wide range of artillery, thrill, high level conspiracies, terrorists and not to mention hellfire Bob Lee Swagger really is one brilliant sniper but this novel gives him a gumshoe role as he investigates both the government officials and Ray Cruz Ray Cruz is of course as good as Swagger once was The best sniper in the world.Ray Cruz and his spotter was betr [...]

  21. I have enjoyed previous books in this series, as unlikely as old man Swagger s adventures were I mean, he s a Vietnam vet, the guy is pushing 70 But this one combines unlikely vitality and action with tedium.The book focuses on Swagger as consultant, doing basically nothing for the bulk of the book, yet stumbling over the solution to a mystery despite his lack of activity or skill The problem is compounded by how Swagger is so implausibly involved and plugged in, going from success to success no [...]

  22. Sniper vs sniper vs sniper with old sniper Bob Lee Swagger recruited to find one sniper and discovers there s another Good action and story Glad Swagger didn t do any leaping off buildings and stuff as he is in his 60 s but he does have the experience and smarts FBI, Homeland Security, Afghanistan, terrorists, drones, and CIA are all here yeah, that s bag of tricks This book was a reduced bin buy.

  23. Hunter does tell a rather good story However, his indulgence in excessive technical narration of weaponry, missiles, bullets, and technology is overwhelming for this reader Lots of skipping, and skimming to be able to follow story line.

  24. Fascinating read where our Marine hero, Bob Lee Swagger, confronts modern killing technologies in this page burner Stephen Hunter never ceases to amaze me with his excellent writing and knowledge of modern day war fare.

  25. Real disappointment by an author I like Too much time explaining military jargon and rank and ammo.

  26. Good story Fast moving with a good plot Only wish I had read some of the earlier Bob Lee Swagger books before read this one.

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