No One Knows: A Book Club Recommendation! (2022)

[PDF] No One Knows: A Book Club Recommendation! | by Ë J.T. Ellison - No One Knows: A Book Club Recommendation!, No One Knows A Book Club Recommendation In an obsessive mystery as thrilling as The Girl on the Train and The Husband s Secret New York Times bestselling author J T Ellison will make you question every twist in her page turning novel and w [PDF] No One Knows: A Book Club Recommendation! | by Ë J.T. Ellison - No One Knows: A Book Club Recommendation!, No One Knows A Book Club Recommendation In an obsessive mystery as thrilling as The Girl on the Train and The Husband s Secret New York Times bestselling author J T Ellison will make you question every twist in her page turning novel and w
  • Title: No One Knows: A Book Club Recommendation!
  • Author: J.T. Ellison
  • ISBN: 9781501118470
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Hardcover
No One Knows: A Book Club Recommendation!
[PDF] No One Knows: A Book Club Recommendation! | by Ë J.T. Ellison, No One Knows: A Book Club Recommendation!, J.T. Ellison, No One Knows A Book Club Recommendation In an obsessive mystery as thrilling as The Girl on the Train and The Husband s Secret New York Times bestselling author J T Ellison will make you question every twist in her page turning novel and wonder which of her vividly drawn characters you should trust The day Aubrey Hamilton s husband is declared dead by the state of Tennessee should bring closure
  • [PDF] No One Knows: A Book Club Recommendation! | by Ë J.T. Ellison
    150J.T. Ellison
No One Knows: A Book Club Recommendation!

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  1. 3 stars to J.T Ellison s No One Knows, a suspense and thriller mystery novel I received this as a giveaway but was very interested in reading it in the end, I m glad I did as there were many good parts, but the ending was definitely a puzzle.Story Aubrey Hamilton s parents died young and she fell prey to the repugnance of a bad seed in the foster system She had a few people watch out for her, including one she married when Josh became the love of her life A few years into their marriage, he disa [...]

  2. I received a copy of No One Knows by J.T Ellison from NetGalley for an honest review I wish to thank NetGalley, Gallery Books, and J.T Ellison for the opportunity.I know I know I know.This book has received higher ratings than mine In truth, this one registers at perhaps a 3.5 which isn t all that much different However, my itch that needed to be scratched was far in the line of technique than storyline.Joshua Hamilton is missing He and his wife, Aubrey, are guests at the wedding festivities of [...]

  3. Now anyone that follows my reviews thank you will know that I m a huge fan of twisty tales, those stories with incredibly well drawn characters that keep you on your toes for the entire time and hopefully surprise you at the end.There have been rumblings that this type of story has now been done to death, that there are no surprises, nothing new Well whilst J T Ellison has not necessarily done something new here what she HAS done is written a corker of a psychological thriller, with some intense [...]

  4. MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading ListFairy tales don t come true Parents die and leave you alone in the world Little girls get molested Lovers die husbands lie, and disappear, then try to pretend all is well.Aubrey s husband Josh has been missing for five years and now the evil mother in law, Daisy, is having him declared dead And Aubrey is livid that this woman is doing this, I didn t even know a mother could override the wife, but anyway The story moves back and forth in time, from when Aubrey [...]

  5. No No No Don t bother.I am not even going to review this one I could barely get through it I am done reading books that are compared to GONE GIRL and GIRL ON THE TRAIN I am done reading books with unreliable narrators and those that have twists that really don t make any sense other than to be a gotcha know what I mean When you know there is one and are looking for one, you re prepared and it is a gimmick I want to believe my characters and like them and even if I can t, I still expect plausibil [...]

  6. Spoiler alert I understand having an unreliable narrator, but you can t just pull a 180 and have that tie everything together I enjoyed the premise and 85% of the book, but the end ruined it all for me.

  7. 3 1 2 starsMy View The premise of this book enthralled me, the execution did not.This book did not follow through with its promises I did discover the merry go round but it made me dizzy and did not entertain Unfortunately there were large tracks of this narrative where I could no longer suspend my disbelief events, situations and characters that confused or just didn t work for me.Maybe it was me Maybe I was tired and unable to give this the concentration it needed And a few of the plots twists [...]

  8. This book has a premise that always draws me into a story someone missing without a trace I was engrossed throughout and really wanted to know what happened However, I felt manipulated by the author in the end Here are my opinions I had to put a spoiler warning because there s just no way to say this without it being a spoiler If she knew about everything, then why were we, the readers, led to believe that she didn t throughout most of the book That twist just came out of nowhere She was the epi [...]

  9. No One Knows is another one of the multitude of books being touted the new Gone Girl , and while I enjoyed the latter, I don t think it s necessary to compare all thrillers to that book Anyway, there goes my little gripe The book has an intriguing premise and is told from different POVs as well as jumping around in time At times, this felt a little jarring, but overall, I do enjoy multiple POVs as they often add layers to the story and make characters seem developed The only problem was really [...]

  10. I don t understand how this has good reviews I don t know how to say this without revealing the ending of the book, so I ve hidden it because of spoilers How in the world did we go through the whole book with Aubrey narratingd not know that she knew the whole story This book was a cheat You can t have an unreliable narrator and then have the narrator know everything at the end and call it a twist ending That s not a twist ending that s a lie I thought this book was barely okay until the end I di [...]

  11. Are all the really good reviews a joke I don t get it Way too much going on in this book, the twists were ridiculous, the plot was a mess, the characters were laughable I hate reading a book with so much buzz that falls so flat Skip this one

  12. I loved this book so much when I read it as an ARC, I gave it a blurb Unputdownable, a gripping story that begs to be read in one sitting Writing blurbs is actually hard, because you want to tell potential readers everything about the book, but you only have a few words Unputdownable fits this book better than anything I started it and when I was forced to put it down, I couldn t stop thinking about it I had to know what happened That s a sign of a great story.I ve read most of J.T Ellison s Tay [...]

  13. J T Ellisondelivers a cautionary tale, a perfect marriage, childhood sweethearts, a devastating loss, cracks, a disappearance now a widow, trying to deal with the fallout ONE KNOWS the author s first standalone featuring a cast of desperate, unreliable, flawed, psychotic and dysfunctional characters lies, secrets, betrayal, evil A mind blowing suburban domestic suspense thriller leaving you guessing until the end Years of love had been forgot in the hatred of a minute Edgar Allen PoeIntriguing, [...]

  14. Oh, I so wanted to love this book I started to I was falling deep into it, curious, fascinated, and then Well, the and then aspect is difficult to talk about without spoilers, but I will do my best.First, I want to say that I do love Ellison s writing style She puts me in the story, with the characters, and lets me feel what they re feeling The concept here is compelling and full of possibilities But I am a detail person I want the pieces to fit, to make sense I have to believe it can happen And [...]

  15. Pub Date Mar 22, 2016 Aubrey Hamilton s husband, Josh, went missing 5 years ago There one minute gone the next Blood was splattered all over their home, leading authorities to assume he had been murdered And since, the spouse is always the primary suspect, Aubrey had to go through the humiliation of being charged with murder The jury found her not guilty Her mother in law had Josh declared legally dead and sent Aubrey a letter stating that she was going to contest the 5 milllion insurance paymen [...]

  16. When I was finding any excuse to read other books, I should ve just given up then I couldn t connect with any of the characters and didn t care for the story Some of it was predictable, but I will admit the end threw me for a loop Overall it was just an ok read for me.

  17. This was a quite engaging mystery and a quick read I was given this ARC copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.There are really just a handful of characters in this novel but we see them develop as the story takes shape Aubrey Hamilton has somewhat settled into her life as a teacher after the sudden disappearance of her husband Josh The disappearance was very traumatic as it was thought that Josh had been murdered and Aubrey was, in the beginning, thought to be the main suspect in [...]

  18. 3.5 starsThis book had all the components of a really great thriller a mysterious disappearance, plenty of shady characters, an often unreliable narrator and that nagging quality that forced me to examine every single little detail of the plot It took a while for me to settle in and sort of succumb to the chaos though Because that s what this felt like utter chaos This story was all over the place the points of view, the periods of time and ultimately my thoughts Aubrey s husband disappeared fiv [...]

  19. Seven and seventeen and five That s how Aubrey Hamilton breaks down her life The seven years before she met Josh, the seventeen years they knew each other and were together and the five years since he went missing Josh vanished the night of a friend s bachelor party under mysterious circumstances Five years of questions, rumors and a trial for Aubrey haven t provided any answers as to where Josh went or why As the state of Tennessee has her husband legally declared dead, Aubrey s life takes an i [...]

  20. As I read No One Knows, I fluctuated between feeling like I wanted to roll my eyes at the exaggerated drama and wanting to keep reading to find out what really happened to Aubrey s husband, Josh, who disappeared after an accident 5 years ago and at the opening of the book, is declared dead by the state of TN I don t know if I m learning after reading a few Thrillers that they re just not my preferred genre due to the excessive dramatization , or the ones I m reading just haven t been captivating [...]

  21. A stand alone by J.T Ellison Different from her series, Josh and Aubrey have been sweethearts since childhood Josh suddenly disappears and the story begins 5 years later when Josh s mother has him declared dead It s narrated by Aubrey who is truly an unreliable narrator Lots of twists and turns but J.T Ellison fans will not be disappointed I received this copy from Netgalley for an honest review.

  22. Have you ever read a book where there are twists and turns and then BOOM you get punched out That s what I felt when reading No One Knows I was really into the novel, loving the twists and then WHACK I felt like I had been punched I was so taken back by the final twist and I hated it I felt that the whole novel was ruined Aubrey s husband has been missing for over 5 years that he has been recently pronounced as dead Aubrey believes that her husband is dead because he would of never done this to [...]

  23. Suspense, a missing person, twists and turns This book sounded so up my alley and some of it was There were many red herrings some surprising, some not so much to throw the reader off course as well as a rather dark and eerie feeling surrounding the disappearance of Aubrey s husband.It took me until about a third of the way into the book to really get invested into the story The book had a different feel I can t quite put my finger on it and I liked the premise Ellison tells her story by jumping [...]

  24. I liked maybe 90% of this book It had mystery, a missing person, twists and turns This book sounded so up my alley and it was until i got down to the last two chapters and I was let down with a crappy ending.

  25. 4.5 stars I received a copy of this title through NetGalley for an honest review I never expected that ending Definitely reminded me of Gone Girl with the twists and suspense I really loved this book It s been five years that Aubrey Hamiltons husband has been missing and he s finally declared legally dead What happened and who knows what Psychological suspense that ll have you pull an all nighter versus stop reading to sleep.

  26. Absolutely awful Ridiculous plot, poor writing, and ludicrous dialogue The heroine goes to a restaurant to drink champagne with her returned from the grave husband, after she has been shot in the leg Just one example of what occurs in this poorly written crazy novel To compare it to Girl on the Train, which is a well written, believable thriller, is doing that book a grave injustice.

  27. He mustn t ever know.No one could ever know Synopsis No Never again I see what you re trying to do to me, book Claiming to be the next Gone Girl and all that jazz Well, you aren t playing me I ve been betrayed by one too many psychological thrillers this year with unreliable narrators and disappearing husbands IMMA OUTFOOL Y ALL YOU CAN T MAKE ME READ YOU Narrator chimes in She will, indeed, be fooled Biblio Babble HOLY MOTHEREFFIN CRAP, THAT ENDING I did not see that coming, not by a long shot [...]

  28. After I finished the first few chapters of this book, I was pretty sure I wasn t going to care much what happens to Aubrey Hamilton, the central female character Her much loved husband Josh went missing five years earlier after mysteriously failing to show up at a friend s bachelor party As the prime suspect, Aubrey was arrested, charged and put on trial but acquitted for lack of evidence now, and her nasty mother in law Daisy finally succeeded in her quest to have her son declared legally dead. [...]

  29. Yes, this review is hidden because it completely spoils everything, but I would urge you to read it anyway and skip this horrible book Save yourself Life is too short to be view spoiler manipulated by a writer who doesn t know what she he wants to write about or how to effectively write a legitimate thriller This is dirty writing You have been warned hide spoiler view spoiler I feel completely cheated by this book The ending was such a manipulative cop out Throughout the entire book the narrator [...]

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