Where I Lost Her (2022)

Unlimited Where I Lost Her - by T. Greenwood - Where I Lost Her, Where I Lost Her In her page turning new novel T Greenwood follows one woman s journey through heartbreak and loss to courage and resolve as she searches for the truth about a missing child Eight years ago Tess and Unlimited Where I Lost Her - by T. Greenwood - Where I Lost Her, Where I Lost Her In her page turning new novel T Greenwood follows one woman s journey through heartbreak and loss to courage and resolve as she searches for the truth about a missing child Eight years ago Tess and
  • Title: Where I Lost Her
  • Author: T. Greenwood
  • ISBN: 9780758290557
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
Where I Lost Her
Unlimited Where I Lost Her - by T. Greenwood, Where I Lost Her, T. Greenwood, Where I Lost Her In her page turning new novel T Greenwood follows one woman s journey through heartbreak and loss to courage and resolve as she searches for the truth about a missing child Eight years ago Tess and Jake were considered a power couple of the New York publishing world happy in love planning a family Failed fertility treatments and a heartbreaking attempt at adoptionIn her page
  • Unlimited Where I Lost Her - by T. Greenwood
    114T. Greenwood
Where I Lost Her

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  1. Wow This was a great read with a high enjoyment factor for me Norma, thank you so much for telling me about this one and recommending it as my next T Greenwood read Tess is visiting friends when she comes across a little girl who runs off into the woods It is dark and although Tess tries to find her, she is not successful She calls the police and an investigation is launched with search vehicles, search dogs, and search parties No one is able to spot the little girl or any sign of her and Tess c [...]

  2. I d like to thank Netgalley for my digital copy in exchange for a fair and honest reviewThis book was PERFECTION for me The cover art Beautiful The writing Easy to read but so eloquently strung together that I was mesmorized The plot Had me on the edge of my seat for 3 days I easily could have devoured this book in one sitting if my schedule had allowed It has been awhile that I have been so emotionally invested in a book, not for only the suspense, but also for the characters This is one to wat [...]

  3. 5 very sparkly stars for Where I Lost her by T Greenwood.Tess and Jake are spending the weekend with their friends in rural Vermont Although Tess has had too much to drink, she drives to the liquor store to buy another bottle of wine On her way back to the camp, she sees a small girl dressed in a tutu and ladybug boots on the road The child takes fright and disappears into the woods Tess reports the incident and a search is reluctantly started But no one has reported a child missing, and there i [...]

  4. Tess had one great desire in life, a child Not able to have her own she once attempted to adopt, but this endeavor turned into a personal nightmare Returning to her home roots and best friend Effie and her family, she encounters while driving a young girl, four years old along the side of the road, scantily dressed and with a bleeding hand The young girl than disappears into the woods.A book that is very easy to read, but one that depends I think on how the reader feels about Tess Is she a relia [...]

  5. MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading ListHow it all began Tess and her husband Jake head out of town to visit Tess best friend Effie They are bringing Effie s girl back to NY where she is going to go to a ballet school Tess has known Effie since they were little girls so she is considered an aunt to her kids Devin is Effie s husband and the kids are Plum and Zu Zu Tess and Jake are going to spend a few days with them before going back home with Zu Zu Tess and Jake are having problems, they have been [...]

  6. Sometimes really frustrates me I had a duplicate of this book on my TBR I made triple sure I was going to be deleting the duplicate, but of course it deleted my entire review with all my likes and comments At least I was able to get the review through NetGalley.4.5 starsBeautifully written, and one of the most realistic books I ve read in a long time No eye rolls, shaking of my head or outright laughing at the liberties some authors take to move their book along.The characters had depth and were [...]

  7. This is one of my favourite books This book was absolutely amazing, totally loved every minute of it I was actually sad that it was over Loved this authors writing style the plot I also had emotions while reading this one which doesn t happen very often for me.

  8. I found this read to be quite a struggle in all honesty It is a read that cannot quite decide what genre it is going to fit in On the one hand it could be a relationship drama as we have Tess and Jake who, after years of unsuccessful IVF treatments followed by a failed adoption, are at a point in their marriage where they can barely stand to speak to each other But, what happens when Tess is driving late at night and finds very young child wandering in the road who then disappears into the woods [...]

  9. Top 50 Books of 2016 An avid fan of talented storyteller, T Greenwood, she returns followingThe Forever Bridge, Best 2015 Literary Suspense Fiction landing on my Top 50 Books of 2015,with her latest, and most captivating book yet, WHERE I LOST HER Top Domestic Suspense Thrillers of 2016 Superbly written,from the striking front cover a lost little girl in the woods, appearing in the darkness, in the middle of the road, wearing a tattered tutu and boots, connects briefly with a woman suffering fro [...]

  10. mrsbbookreviews.wordpressT Greenwood is an established author of eleven novels to date, although I have not read any of her work until I came across her psychological thriller offering, Where I Lost Her Although T Greenwood is a new author for me, I plan to explore of her books after my eyes were kept glued to the pages of Where I Lost Her.New York Couple Tess and Jake are used to success coming their way, through their achievements in their lucrative careers When they try for a family, their a [...]

  11. While visiting friends in her hometown Tess volunteers to run into town to pick up another bottle of wine On the way back from the store she hits a pothole in the road causing the bottle of wine to fall and break taking her attention off the road for a brief moment When Tess looks up there is a young child standing in the middle of the road Tess stops and tries to comfort the little girl but she gets scared and runs off into the woods The police are called and immediately get suspicious of how m [...]

  12. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on an early copy of this novel, and absolutely loved it Touching, suspenseful, heartbreaking, hopefully and everything in between must read

  13. While visiting friends in her hometown Tess encounters a little girl alongside of the road Tess stops and the little girls runs off into the woods When the police arrive, they tell her she must have seen an animal and with no child reported missing to back her up no one is looking for the little girl Tess is determined to search for this little girl No one believes her and all she ever wanted was children and if this little girl is out there all alone she will not stop until she has found her Gr [...]

  14. My favourite book this February, Where I Lost, in the vein of Bunny Lake Is Missing, tells the unforgettable story of a woman who sees a child whom nobody else believes exists Her only way to find proof is to find where she is Haunting and captivating, this book is incredible and definitely worth reading.

  15. I don t like to write negative reviews, so I thought about not writing anything This 2.5 star rating is my opinion, and for most of my friends this book has been highly reviewed.The reason I didn t enjoy it was mainly due to the swearing It bothers me when the Lord s name is taken in vain, and I really don t like to read it I didn t connect with the main character, Tess She got drunk several times, and made some dangerously stupid choices.This is my 6th T Greenwood novel, and I ve really only li [...]

  16. Some fellow readers would give this book 4 stars I d not question their judgement But 5 no Writing is repetitive verbose vignetting is not a participle anxiety gnaws me like a small but determined chipmunk is a hilariously bad simile Also plotlines that contribute nothing like Charlie the novelist who uses a manual typewriter retypes every word of each draft as well Jake s mother s having an aneurysm But basic plot was excellent you can really speed read this one because you can skip nearly eve [...]

  17. Tess and Jake have been together a long time, but their marriage is fragile Tess has been yearning for a child while Jake has basically moved on While visiting friends in her hometown, Tess comes across a little girl who appears to be injured, but then the girl disappears It was dark, it was in the woods and Tess had been drinking When the local police can t find a trace of the little girl, Tess starts digging herself She s convinced of what she saw, but not everyone believes her Mysterious and [...]

  18. Where I Lost HerThat s what grabbed me, the title at first Reading the blurb enticed me further and I added it to my wishlist for when it would be released this month March My joy when I received this through the post by Corvus from Kirsty Publicity I was over the moon This is a tense fast moving pace of a read Mostly centres around Tess, however, it widens out to embrace some other past events in Tess life Her husband, her marriage and their difficulties in having a child.It s about the powerfu [...]

  19. I seriously don t know how she does it This is T Greenwood swhat 10th novel Each one is gorgeous and amazing yet she always tops herself This one has of a mystery bent than her prior novels, but still carries with it her trademark depth The style and cadence of her prose captivates me every time I literally did not put this down until I finished it.

  20. I waited patiently for the release of T Greenwood s latest novel and I am so glad a did LOVED IT I especially loved the correlation to Breathing Water, another one of my favorites Greenwood has an amazing ability to link some of her books in the most subtle ways I love the setting on Lake Gormlaith as it reminds me of summers spent on a lake in Maine and her descriptions of the scenery made me feel like I was there.I found the plot and characters to be very relevant and though she is so flawed, [...]

  21. I ve been on the edge of my seat since page 1 What s going to happen Where is this going Wait What just happened All of those went through my mind as I m reading this story While there s one part of the story I wish would have gone a different way I see why it had to go the way it did Great suspense Loved my first T Greenwood novel and can t wait to read

  22. Tess is driving alone at night, sees a little girl half dressed in a tutu and ladybug rain boots standing in the road, she s about four years old and bleeding Tess stopped to help her thinking that the girl would be cold Tess opened the boot to her car, but the sound of the car alarm made the little so frightened that she run back into the woods Tess tried to find her but couldn t The police don t seem to believe Tess account that she see a little girl late at night The Police won t put out an A [...]

  23. This is a complicated psychological thriller, revolving around Tess and Jake, a couple who have suffered a great deal of problems and stress lately, revolving around Tess infertility, and their attempt at adopting On a weekend to visit old friends friends with daughters Tess is very close to, Tess sees a little girl, bloodied and injured in the road She tries to find her, but the girl runs off into the woods The problem is no one else saw her and no girl has been reported missing Tess had been d [...]

  24. Wow T Greenwood sure can tell a story.Tess her husband Jake are visiting friends at their rural home in Vermont, the town Tess grew up in Early on we feel stress between Tess her husband Tess heads to the store for some wine on her way back, she sees something in the road that s how the story takes off.Told in a few alternating chapters we get glimpses of Tess Jake s relationship to an event that happened to them 8 years before This event clouds the investigation into what Tess saw in that road [...]

  25. I had a really hard time getting into this book and decided it wasn t so much the story as the story telling The primary current day plot of the missing girl is exceptional I loved the title of the book in relationship to this plot It was a perfect choice For those who read the book I think they will enjoy this element The story focuses on Tess and unfortunately, I was not enad with Tess Tess had lots of problems maybe the main one was being Tess The rest of the characters are only developed as [...]

  26. Tess and Jake have gone to stay with some friends by the lake and when they run out of wine Tess volunteers to drive to the shop and get some even though she has had far too much to drink On the way home going through some dense woods she sees a small child just dressed in a tutu and a pair of ladybug boots she stops the car to try and talk to her but she gets scared and runs off and Tess can t find her She calls the police but they think she has been drinking and imagining things and after 24 [...]

  27. This is my second read by this author and was not disappointed Her writing style is very smooth I love the way she intertwined the two stories by offering the one in present time and the other as Memories through dreams I also loved that both stories unfolded at a similar pace Definitely recommend.

  28. This was a one day read, page turner of a book Suspenseful with beautifully rendered characters, and my first by this author Highly recommended.

  29. Original review can be found at kristineandterri 2 I received an advanced readers copy from Kensington via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you Where I Lost Her was two stories woven beautifully into one There was the mystery behind the little girl on one side and Tess s relationship and well being on the other I worried that the two wouldn t blend well but my worries were unwarranted The story grabbed me and didn t let go until I finished the last page.While visiting friends at [...]

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