Outlaw's Bride (2022)

↠ Outlaw's Bride ↠ Nicole Snow - Outlaw's Bride, Outlaw s Bride SallyHe s going to kill me when he finds out I should ve left Roman behind after our unforgettable fling two summers ago I wasn t supposed to end up having his kid always looking over my shoulder for ↠ Outlaw's Bride ↠ Nicole Snow - Outlaw's Bride, Outlaw s Bride SallyHe s going to kill me when he finds out I should ve left Roman behind after our unforgettable fling two summers ago I wasn t supposed to end up having his kid always looking over my shoulder for
  • Title: Outlaw's Bride
  • Author: Nicole Snow
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Outlaw's Bride
↠ Outlaw's Bride ↠ Nicole Snow, Outlaw's Bride, Nicole Snow, Outlaw s Bride SallyHe s going to kill me when he finds out I should ve left Roman behind after our unforgettable fling two summers ago I wasn t supposed to end up having his kid always looking over my shoulder for the last man in the world meant to be a father But danger has a funny way of betraying a woman s best kept secrets and reigniting old flames that should ve died on a hot sSallyHe s goi
  • ↠ Outlaw's Bride ↠ Nicole Snow
    304Nicole Snow
Outlaw's Bride

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  1. Hi MC romance fans Nicole Snow here with a couple smoking hot teasers for my latest and greatest biker romance novel, OUTLAW S BRIDE It s already OUT on a Kindle near you Feel the heat in Roman s teases, and then dive right in This boy doesn t do any half measures OUTLAW S BRIDE Official Release 06.29.2015

  2. After reading about this one in the author s newsletter, I was looking forward to reading it I wanted to love itbut I could barely finish it.I couldn t connect with Sally or Roman, and don t think they connected with each other either Every last thing about them was based on sex I could see no reason why, after a few weeks of sex, they should have been so unforgettable to each other We saw no signs of affection, heard no words of love or even heard of any good qualities of either of them Yet, af [...]

  3. Wow I can t remember the last time a biker book held my attention like this one did There was some nice background past to show how Roman and Sally first got together It really set the stage My one issue though was that once Sally tried to get in contact with Roman 2 years later, he kicked her out and when he found out about Caleb, he tore into her and the fact that she showed up to tell him about his son and he kicked her out was never mentioned I loved that once Roman decided he wanted Sally, [...]

  4. Holy serious Grizzly hotness Ms Snow has knocked it out of the park again I m not joking here cheeks were flaming and I was fanning myself furiously by the middle of the second page Roman is an seriously intense, passionate, alpha male biker who has talking dirty down to a science I mean honestly this man would make an old school marms panties melt right off After a few weeks in a seriously steamy and passionate love affair Roman and Sally are separated Decisions are made and situations arise an [...]

  5. Yet again, Nicole Snow has pulled me in and left me happy I really enjoyed the story of Roman and Sally We get to start at their beginning and get a good insight into how they started their relationship While Roman may have been verbally denying that it was what they had his actions showed how he felt Sally however was so innocent, she fell for Roman and fell hard He was her one and only and she truly didn t understand his world and when he had to be silent and disappear.Now we re back to the pr [...]

  6. When Sally met biker Roman, it was a blazing hot and steamy summer fling, until Club business happened and Roman had to go away, and didn t return When Sally tries to get a hold of him, he s in prison with a two years sentence, so Sally decides to get on with her own life and forget what they had.Until the Cartel moves in and she needs to protect her farm and family What Roman discovers changes everything, and soon Sally s got her own patch, but can they make a go off it a second time Bikers, sm [...]

  7. Another awesome story ride with our favorite Grizzlies While I flove Rabid, I d be with Roman His bad ass overbearing protective ways just worked for me somehow, someway this is typically a huge turnoff for me Sally is the perfect ying to Roman s yang I think I loved the rollercoaster ride this story took us on so much I hope we get another Grizzley MC book

  8. 07 12 2015 2 Stars Not terrible, but didn t hold my interest At about 30%, I gave it up.Not my cuppa, but other like it just fine I didn t find anything about it interesting or particularly unique, but if you re only needing an MC fix, this may fit the bill.Happy Reading

  9. I just finished Outlaw s Bride and I liked it Its a biker chick through and through so Im gonna be all over it Even though this is the 3rd in the Grizzlies MC series with Outlaw s Kiss and Outlaw s Obsession, you could read this as a stand alone and still follow along This is Sally and Romans story Roman is the Enforcer and him and Sally meet one summer, it is passion filled but one day he has to leave Club comes first He tells her he will be back We find out that he is in prison She ends up get [...]

  10. This author doesn t hold anything back in her MC romances the heroes are big bad tattooed and hot They don t romance the heroine s with hot dates, flowers and chocolates either Once one of these guys claims the woman he wants that s it there s no turning back Roman is the Grizzlies MC enforcer and he s the biggest and baddest of them all 2 years previously Roman had spent a few weeks one summer with Sally he d swept her off her feet literally Unknown to him she s got a secret that he s soon to d [...]

  11. Hot MC Alpha male read get on this cock babe, no fucking around ive missed your heat like an Eagle misses the sky So poetic, yep ,get used to the word fuck your gonna see it a lot in this read.Its hot, filled with drama and angst, cartel mc wars an Alph male claiming his woman, well he says pussy but you get the gist It was good read but would of liked fight coming from Sally giving the story relationship angst other than the club battles with cartel.Available on KU

  12. Bloody hell, I was pissed 99% of the book The remaining 1% being the blank page and acknowledgments Huge disappointment.

  13. I loved it and you will also, you won t be able to put it down SPOILERS IF YOU DON T WANT TO KNOW THEN DON T READ THE REVIEW, JUST BUY THE BOOK AND READ IT YOURSELF.Roman and Sally were lovers 2 summers ago when she gave him her virginity He was then arrested over some MC stuff and was sent away for 2 years She ended up having his baby in secret, he doesn t know and when he finds out all hell will break loose.First I can t stand cheating, I wish that under the description when some books tell yo [...]

  14. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This was my first book to read by Nicole Snow, and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this read From the very first line in the summary, where the reader learns that Sally, the female lead, has kept her baby a secret from his father, an outlaw bad boy biker named Roman This had me hooked and I couldn t wait to dive in further.There were parts of the book that made me really think about how it all tied together For instance, both c [...]

  15. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review This book can be read as a stand alone though it would be better to read the other books to understand some of the other characters in this book In this book we meet Roman and Sally In the beginning of this book Roman and sally are coming together for the first time Roman is dedicated to the Grizzles and will let no one stand in his way of doing what the club needs first Sally is young and nieve when she meets Roman and thinks of nothing but hi [...]

  16. Sally easily fell into sleeping with Roman Roman was a hot biker and Sally had zero experience with men, she was swept away with the bad boy but he wasn t looking for an old lady even if she was the closest he came to finding one For two years Roman sat behind bars hoping to hear from Sally but nothing ever came When he gets out he cannot believe she had the nerve to show up at his club wanting to talk to him For all of Roman s pissed emotion, he has no clue that Sally is hiding a secret and her [...]

  17. Review of Kindle ebook purchased July 1, 20153 stars Liked ItI liked this one better than book 2 The plot is well thought out and the book had a lot of action as well as the obligatory many, many smex scenes I guess the character of Roman didn t bowl me over The guy is a total Neanderthal All he thought about was sex, and all he seemed to primarily think of Sally was having sex They did spend time together before he went to prison for two years, but that wasn t described in any detail, and we ar [...]

  18. This book is about a badass outlaw with the Grizzlies MC with the biker name of Roman and a sweet young virgin named Sally Now I can tell you that these two are so different from one another that it really shouldn t work, but it does, oh boy does it This is than just a love story, this has a ton of action in it the Grizzlies MC has a major problem and it s the Mexican Cartel that is moving in on their territory, they have a rat inside their Club, Lots of Action and the only thing that it has t [...]

  19. This is the first book, by this author that I have read and I can tell you it won t be my last Roman was such a strong man but when we got to see his sensitive side, it just made me swoon even Sally, was an innocent when she became involved with Roman, but when circumstances tear them apart and her giving birth to Romans child made her stronger They both fight the attraction they feel for each other after they reconnect, but when they decide to make a go of it, they realize they still have obst [...]

  20. Very gritty Both hero and heroine Did not care much for the heroine so dnf because of her Hero wasn t totally into the heroine from the moment he sees her Didn t like that After they seperate he has sex with other women He wasn t really alpha uber totally into the heroine Didn t feel their romantic connection The MC story was boring Skimmed most of the hero chapters cause it wasn t interesting.

  21. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.I always look forward to Nicole Snow s books because I know I m guaranteed a filthy mouthed alpha She s one of the best when it comes to dirty talking men and explicit hot as fucking hell sex scenes This book than lived up to my expectations and hopes in those two departments.This is the story of Roman and Sally We briefly met them in the previous book, but it won t hurt you to read this as a standalone Roman is your typical bik [...]

  22. I received an ARC copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.The Outlaw s lady kept his baby a secret and boy was he upset when he found out Sally met Roman when she came to pick up her uncle s truck from the garage where Roman worked which was a Grizzlies MC place where MC Brothers worked at The passion was immediate, hot and heavy Sally fell head over heels in love with Roman She was consumed by him and thought he felt the same but something happened and he was gone out of her life [...]

  23. 3 Star readThis is Sally and Roman s story Sally meets Roman when she is sent by her cousin to the MC s repair shop to pick up a vehicle They start a summer whirlwind romance if you can call it that mainly hooking up not much romance involved for two weeks Roman then finds himself in jail for 2 years and Sally finds out that she s pregnant and is told that she cannot visit him because of the threat she would pose on him as well as herself, so she decides to cut him off completely Once he gets ou [...]

  24. This book was absolutely great I ve read the others in the series and they were just as good, but this one s my personal favorite to date.Sally and Roman s story Sally is a sweet innocent girl growing up on her Uncle s ranch She s well rounded with curves, and voluptuous breasts Things started out when Roman came to fix her Uncle s truck First it was kissing, then feeling, then came the ultimate, losing her virginity in the back of the very truck Roman just got through fixing All he wanted to wa [...]

  25. Overall Rating 4.5 Rockin Nicole Snow is a master at creating realistic situations that captivate and ensnare her readers Outlaw s Bride is one of those stories that will grip you and hold on until the last page is finished while leaving you wanting Her male characters are pure alpha with bad boy attitude and her females are the perfect counterpoint They are erotic but at the same time express love that can withstand all obstacles This is a must read for anyone that loves a good MC romance Youn [...]

  26. This book will have your panties melting times then you can count If you love Mc Bad Boys this is for you This is my first novel from author Nicole Snow an it won t be my last I m hooked on the Grizzlies I m hooked on Roman, the man that received his name from the many no good men he crucified along the way I was really drawn to all the characters, the author was able to give us an in depth view of the bad boys in the club without taking the light off the main characters which I really liked An [...]

  27. DNF I tried finishing this book I made it to 50% and just couldn t pull it off There will be spoilers The first thing I read about was the naive virgin having sex for the first time in a truck by the guy fixing her family vehicle It wouldn t be the first time a girls lost her vCard in a vehicle But what s with virgins giving it away to guys they just met Not slow and take it easy We re talking you probably will have bruises rough sex your first time Not just that she turns into a horny dirty tal [...]

  28. I was gifted this book for an honest review The lovely Nicole Snow noticed my love of MC books and graciously sent me a copy of Outlaw s Bride THANK YOU Getting to meet Grizzle MC bad boy Travis Forker aka Roman the Enforcer, was INCREDIBLE HOT, ALPHA, DIRTY TALKING BIKER Roman is sure to make any MC reader swoon Spending a lust filled summer with a blonde beautied civilian, Roman would do anything to keep her safe Doing some time for the sake of the Club, Roman s two year hiatus made him realiz [...]

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