Nookietown (2022)

Nookietown Best Read || [V.C. Chickering] - Nookietown, Nookietown Recently divorced something single mom Lucy is lonely bored and craving physical connection So when her trusted long time married friend Nancy begs Lucy to sleep with her husband to save her Nookietown Best Read || [V.C. Chickering] - Nookietown, Nookietown Recently divorced something single mom Lucy is lonely bored and craving physical connection So when her trusted long time married friend Nancy begs Lucy to sleep with her husband to save her
  • Title: Nookietown
  • Author: V.C. Chickering
  • ISBN: 9781250064813
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback
Nookietown Best Read || [V.C. Chickering], Nookietown, V.C. Chickering, Nookietown Recently divorced something single mom Lucy is lonely bored and craving physical connection So when her trusted long time married friend Nancy begs Lucy to sleep with her husband to save her marriage Lucy goes for it It s such a success the two friends invent a town wide underground barter system whereby Nancy s married girlfriends sub contract Lucy s divorceRecently divorce
  • Nookietown Best Read || [V.C. Chickering]
    287V.C. Chickering

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  1. This is one of the most F ed up books I think I ve ever read Warning There may be spoilers withind cussing.d ranting.Lucy is forty something, divorced, a single mom, a teacher and the horniest character I ve ever seen in a book or movie.Samantha from Sex and the City does not even come close to this woman AND at least Samantha is like able Lucy has two sets of friends The Marrieds and The Divorcees e somehow manages to stay friends with both groups Then one of her married friends makes a sorta j [...]

  2. After leaving her failed marriage the last thing forty something Lucy wants is to get married again but being two years since her divorce she misses physical contact When out to lunch with some of her married friends the subject of sex is brought up with some joking around about how their husbands want too much of what Lucy isn t getting and they re too tired themselves to give it to them Lucy took the entire conversation as a joke but afterwards her friend Nancy approaches her and asks if she w [...]

  3. My first instinct was to give Nookietown two stars, but then I reconsidered because there is a strong possibility that this is a case of it s not you, it s me book syndrome.I requested it because the plot seemed like a fun and easy read It was an easy read in the traditional sense of the phrase, but I despised the characters so much that I found myself dreading trying to finish it There was also quite a bit of suspension of disbelief required, which is to be expected in a book about husband swap [...]

  4. I really don t know what to say about this book It was bizarre and implausible, but I was hoping to be able to suspend disbelief and read some interesting social commentary about marriage and divorce and monogamy and sexual health There were some kernels of that, but they just didn t pop yeah, let s go for a popcorn analogy , and I found Lucy to be overly horny, a rather haphazard mother, and ridiculously lucky overall considering the amount of idiocy she gets up to Not that I had expectations, [...]

  5. The cover was the greatest thing about this book the story line was just too implausible, even Hollywood would have a hard time making this believable Basically this super over the top horny divorced mom is dying to get laid She has decided that there are no men in their forties that are safe, std free, and unwilling to be in a relationship so she jokingly tells her married friends that she needs to start boning her married friend s husbands One of her friends decides to take her up on her joke [...]

  6. I would give stars if that was possible I was deceived into buying this book by the synopsis and by the fact that it was on the table of the new cool things in paper back at BN Negative wow Suburbs infested by sexually underserviced husbands come on Every divorcee woman a nymphomaniac Deviated cliche galore throughout.

  7. This book was too full of stereotypes and cliches for me all married sex is boring, all wives are too tired busy for sex with their husbands, all husbands are undersexed and will sleep with any available woman, and all divorcees don t want a relationship and will have unemotional sex with any available guy I just couldn t suspend my disbelief enough to accept the book s premise.

  8. Picked this up as a beach read for a FL vacation It was one of the worst books I have ever read If it wasn t a library book I would have ditched it on a beach chair.

  9. I wish I could have given this book zero stars Or even better, negative stars This was a goddamn trainwreck from start to finish I ve never been so repulsed by a main character and the choices made by them in a book beforeIS BOOK IS BULLSHIT A grown ass woman is calling a grown ass adult stinker as an INSULT when he s being a controlling asshat to her IN WHAT GODDAMN UNIVERSE And she s a divorced woman whose husband cheated on her but is now 100% okay with being the mistress of someone else I re [...]

  10. ARC was received via publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review There s an infamous proverb that says to be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it When the reader is immediately presented with Lucy s desire to just get laid, some will probably be presented with curious foreshadowing, that lets the reader know that this chica is going to be in for a serious rollercoaster ride of epic proportions IMO, this was a quirky yet sobering fictional commentary on adultery, a [...]

  11. Okay, I ll be honest here a guy, I was curious about the premise of this book A group of women in a community decided to collaborate and form a informal business to farm out the sexual duties of uninspired wives, and to meet the needs of divorcees and others in their group An intriguing idea, and the book describes in detail the formation, and frankly the success of the business model The characters are well developed and sympathetice writer does a nice job.It wasn t until the last third of this [...]

  12. Basically Divorcee is so horny that she thinks of sex with every man she sees than she thinks of taking care of her young son She s not just thinking of sex, she s dreaming of getting pregnant any way possible Basically she s a miserable human being justifying it all by saying men are pigs, so she should be one too And oh hey it seems that married women will offer up their hubbies to keep divorcees sexed up just to avoid having sex themselves I actually had no problems with consenting adults do [...]

  13. Uhm, no You d think this would get better after a few pages It just gets worse Over sexed, to that point What on Earth is that kind of horny Cannot believe the author wants us to take in that all this is for real These women are led by their hormones, and the men by their dicks it doesn t get any summarized than this.Then there s a barrage of characters being thrown at you at every chapter it is very hard to keep track of who s who, is this the Married The Divorced Sorry, no way This is immatur [...]

  14. advance copy, paperbackWhat happens to housewives in suburbia Women who once had interesting lives and have been relegated to carpooling and finding friendships in the unlikeliest of places other moms They bang each other s annoying husbands.Oh, this book is so great I can t wait for you to read it.

  15. About halfway through the book The writing is witty clever It is an enjoyable read thus far at this point I would give it of 3.5.

  16. Not impressed with the book I knew what I was going to be reading and I thought it would be interesting then what it had been There is a few funny parts I didn t enjoy some of the female characters Knowing what they were allowing to happen with their husbands and then when Lucy was pregnant, a lot of the woman betrayed her Being adults, I thought there would be maturity there I enjoyed Topher s character and have respect for men who can be open minded and kind hearted the way he was towards Lu [...]

  17. I wanted, oh, I so wanted to enjoy this book I read it quickly because it was so fluffy that I was in serious skim skip mode The characters were just not fleshed out enough to really root for any of them, and I had a hard time believing them Tried to be original, failed with a far too tidy ending and weak writing Rounded up from 1.5 stars.

  18. What turned me off about this one was not the plot line, as I assume is many other people s problem with it Rather, it could have been condensed to half or a third of the length Possibly even short story Too much same old same old over and over.

  19. Thought provoking book about fidelity, marriage, and happiness Its definately a conversation starter I enjoyed it Definately recommend.

  20. Got an ARC from giveaways I wasn t sure exactly how I felt about this book It wasn t bad Super naughty story about a suburban underbelly.

  21. Honestly, I should have shelved this as a fantasy because there is no way that any mother who works full time much less, as a teacher would have the time or energy to get up to the shenanigans that she does in this book.

  22. This book is not for the faint of heart, so to speak borders on the smutty side It s graphic in its descriptions, so consider yourself warned The synopsis should be enough to turn away those that would be offended I mean, come on It s about divorced women having sex with married men so their wives don t have to Upon completion of this book, I can say with certainty that it is indeed smutty The storyline itself did NOT really draw me in or hold my attention I didn t care about the characters at a [...]

  23. Full review at everydayiwritethebookblog I have been putting off writing this review of Nookietown by V.C Chickering for several days, mostly because I am not sure where I stand on the book While some parts of it were entertaining, some parts were enraging, and I felt like I had to collect my thoughts on it before I wrote them down.Here s the premise in a suburban New Jersey town, a bunch of married women friends sat at dinner one night complaining about having to keep up with their husbands sex [...]

  24. I had heard about this book from a couple of different places, one of which was Popsugar s 23 Books You Should Read This Winter So when I saw it available on NetGalley I m not even sure I fully read the description before requesting it I mean I m sure I knew the main premise for the story, but still I found myself surprised while reading it that there was just so much sex It was everywhere, the main character of this book sorry I should have introduced her already, her name is Lucy Larken ha was [...]

  25. Link holedupinabook 2Honestly I am quite surprised that I finished this book mainly because I had saw some interesting reviews prior to picking this up so I really wasn t sure if I could handle all of this That being said, it ended up being quite funny albeit a bit ridiculous and downright immoral.Basically the whole gist of this book was that Lucy and the other fellow divorcee females were so desperate for sex that they came up with a scheme to have safe sex with married men with the women s co [...]

  26. Nookietown V C Chickering Recently divorced, 40 something single mom, Lucy, is lonely, bored and craving physical connection So, when her trusted long time married friend, Nancy, begs Lucy to sleep with her husband to save her marriage, Lucy goes for it It s such a success, the two friends invent a town wide underground barter system whereby Nancy s married girlfriends sub contract Lucy s divorcee friends to sleep with their husbands so they don t have to as often It s a win, win, win for a whil [...]

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