Fritz Fombie Have No Fear (2022)

[PDF] Fritz Fombie Have No Fear | by ✓ T.E. Antonino - Fritz Fombie Have No Fear, Fritz Fombie Have No Fear Fannie s a fourth grader with a problem She s afraid of so many things that she keeps a list of fears on her bedroom door She s scared of the dentist She s scared when her parents leave for the weeken [PDF] Fritz Fombie Have No Fear | by ✓ T.E. Antonino - Fritz Fombie Have No Fear, Fritz Fombie Have No Fear Fannie s a fourth grader with a problem She s afraid of so many things that she keeps a list of fears on her bedroom door She s scared of the dentist She s scared when her parents leave for the weeken
  • Title: Fritz Fombie Have No Fear
  • Author: T.E. Antonino
  • ISBN: 9781508481928
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Paperback
Fritz Fombie Have No Fear
[PDF] Fritz Fombie Have No Fear | by ✓ T.E. Antonino, Fritz Fombie Have No Fear, T.E. Antonino, Fritz Fombie Have No Fear Fannie s a fourth grader with a problem She s afraid of so many things that she keeps a list of fears on her bedroom door She s scared of the dentist She s scared when her parents leave for the weekend and she has to deal with mean babysitter Buz and she s terrified of telling cute Frank Oliver how she feels about him But than anything she s scared of Stink WarFannie s
  • [PDF] Fritz Fombie Have No Fear | by ✓ T.E. Antonino
    161T.E. Antonino
Fritz Fombie Have No Fear

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  1. I won this children s book in a recent First Reads giveaway.This is a wonderful children s story, but now in a dilemma as which of my grandchildren to give it to One of my grandson s is into monster stories, another enjoys pirates and dragons and a granddaughter who is a little older at 10 yrs Perhaps I will keep this book myself and then all can enjoy when they come to visit Recommended.

  2. I bought this book at a recent convention, signed by the author himself I might add, and gave it to my 10 year old daughter to read She loved it Most books she reads are those she has to read for school, but this one was totally extracurricular, and she finished it without me having to prompt her to read The mom in me says this must be a good book for that age group since my daughter s not a dedicated bookworm I also read the first chapter and thought it very well written, appropriate language f [...]

  3. I just loved this book It was cute, funny and had some lessons learned I read the book first before shipping it to my grand daughter I like to read the books so that when I speak with them we will have something to talk about and discuss what was read Children s spirits just light up when you can relate to their young minds I know my eleven year old grand daughter will really enjoy reading this book and so will her younger brother who is eight They both love to read and I encourage it.

  4. I wrote Fritz Fombie Have No Fear to be a whimsical, funny, and suspenseful story that kids could get lost in As I was writing the book, I soon realized the societal benefit of the protagonist overcoming her fears I began to focus on that aspect and made it flow nicely into the story I feel I ve written a book that s a barrel full of fun to read and a book that also helps children to see they re bigger than their fears Happy readings from top to bottom.

  5. Loved this book Won it from thank you so much , and it s another that will go on the shelf for my great grandson I found the title slightly misleading Fritz FomBie Have No Fear as I expected the main character to be Fritz, not Fannie Fannie is a young girl who is afraid of EVERYTHING Her dentist, the monster under her bed Stink Warts the Horrible , thunder, you name it since she probably has She keeps the list on her bedroom door and adds at least one entry a day With that problem, it isn t hard [...]

  6. I won this book after entering the giveaway for it because I thought it would be a good addition to my school library It is a cute story about friendship and overcoming fears The author creatively used a common fear of having monsters under the bed as an opening Readers will be delighted to learn just how lovable Stink Warts the Horrible really is and they will cheer for the unlikely zombie hero, Fritz Fombie I think the second and third grade students at my school will enjoy the book very much. [...]

  7. I got this book at Imaginarium 2015 in Louisville, KY, and I m very glad I did This was a lovely book for children, and had a very adorable main character, too The illustrations were also adorable pretty much everything about this story was adorable I highly recommend this to elementary school children, and also for parents to read this to their children, also Get it, and read it now

  8. I won this from a giveaway I actually really liked it even though it is for kids It was a unique story and Fannie was very relatable It had some words that I m not sure kids will understand but I m going to give it to my niece and nephew and see what they think Great cliffhanger at the end too

  9. Fritz Fombie is sent to Fannie in answer to her call to the universe for help His pet Stink Warts the Horrible lives under Fannie s bed Fannie feeds it macaroni to keep it from eating her Fannie is afraid of so many things that she has a long list of her fears written out Fritz will help her but not the way she was expecting While her parents are gone on a weekend trip, they have Bruce babysit Fannie and her friend Abbey, besides her brother Benny However Bruce is mean He won t let anyone eat ic [...]

  10. This is a great debut novel by T E Antonino His style of narration is both engaging and entertaining and should be appealing to children of all ages Plus, his main character Fannie deals with something a lot of children struggle with fear Only, Fannie s fears are so exaggerated that readers will find themselves laughing at her silliness Enter Fritz Frombie someone that frightens poor Fannie at the start But this friendly zombie boy soon proves himself to be a friend He playfully pushes our reluc [...]

  11. My 8 1 2 year old is scared of the dark and the dentist Just like Fannie I started off reading this book out loud Then she took over reading it out loud to me her little brother We all love the characters and the humorous things they say The Book has her so sucked in that I found her reading it alone before school instead of her normal 1 T.V show She says it s her fave I couldn t be happier with this book

  12. I won this in a giveaway My opinion is just thatmined completely unbiased.I won this some time back, but like a dummy I took this and put it on my bookshelf forgetting to read ituntil now I adore this book A super story about friendship and overcoming fears, with really cute illustrations My grandchildren will love having this on their shelf in my home Highly recommend

  13. I won this book on First Reads, and I found it to be quite enjoyable It s a cute story about a girl overcoming her fears by way of a magical friend who comes to help her This book would be good to share with any child who is fearful and having trouble overcoming it, since the main character is easy to identify with and the writing style is linear and easy to follow.

  14. I won Fritz Fombie Have No Fear in a giveaway and I thoroughly enjoyed it It was so cute I read it straight through, smiling all the while This is a wonderful little book that certainly has the potential to help kids overcome irrational fears I m sure many children will benefit from this unique and humorous read Well done T E Antonino, and thank you

  15. I won this book in a giveaway and I m glad I did I loved this book as did my daughter We both found it funny and will read the next in the series as soon as we can I would recommend this book.

  16. I won this book here and always read books before I give them to my kids grandkids if I ve never read it before This was a very entertaining and funny book I think my grandkids will enjoy it I will watch for childrens books by this author.

  17. I received this book as a Firstreads and found it to be a fun book for my grandchildren to enjoy It is about friendships and overcoming fears and anxieties The characters are quirky which kids love A good childrens book.

  18. It was a fun book, mostly from a kids perspective but even as an adult too Has some valuable life lessons as well will add later

  19. I received this book threw Firstreads I gave this book to my daughter She was really happy with this book She said she gives it 4 stars.

  20. I won this book through Firstreads and found it to be a very cute book about overcoming your fears It is definitely going on Robin s bookshelf.

  21. My children loved this book They have read it again and again We recommend this book to other children

  22. Enjoyable book Wildly imaginative Kids of all ages would find this book entertaining I won this book in a Giveaway

  23. I picked up T.E Antonino s two Fritz FomBie books Have No Fear and Frightful Feats of Courage for my eight year old daughter She finished both books in about ten days I asked her for her thoughts, as she does not have a account, and this is what she relayed to me I enjoyed the Fritz FomBie series because I really like scary books, but not books that are too scary I thought these books were like the Goosebumps books but with better characters I liked that the main character was a zombie, but a fr [...]

  24. Both my grand daughter and myself read this book together and it is an absolute delight.A good read supplied free from the publisher

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