Just Visiting (2022)

☆ Just Visiting ☆ Dahlia Adler - Just Visiting, Just Visiting Reagan Forrester wants out out of her trailer park out of reach of her freeloading mother and out of the shadow of the relationship that made her the pariah of Charytan Kansas Victoria Reyes wants ☆ Just Visiting ☆ Dahlia Adler - Just Visiting, Just Visiting Reagan Forrester wants out out of her trailer park out of reach of her freeloading mother and out of the shadow of the relationship that made her the pariah of Charytan Kansas Victoria Reyes wants
  • Title: Just Visiting
  • Author: Dahlia Adler
  • ISBN: 9781633920538
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
Just Visiting
☆ Just Visiting ☆ Dahlia Adler, Just Visiting, Dahlia Adler, Just Visiting Reagan Forrester wants out out of her trailer park out of reach of her freeloading mother and out of the shadow of the relationship that made her the pariah of Charytan Kansas Victoria Reyes wants in in to a fashion design program in to the arms of a cute guy who doesn t go to Charytan High and in to a city where she won t stand out for being Mexican One thing the pReagan Forres
  • ☆ Just Visiting ☆ Dahlia Adler
    160Dahlia Adler
Just Visiting

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  1. Edit 24 11 FULL RELEASE TODAY including in Kindle Not my favorite but a good book nonetheless Duh He reaches out and flips up the one white curl that hangs in my face Rogue, obviously Oh, yes Her Obviously He gives me a you must be kidding look Please tell me you know who Rogue is Hey, I knew Frak That has to count for something I m not gonna lie I spent the first percents bitching about the clich s in Reagan s life Let s see She s a straight As student of course she is Her parents don t give a [...]

  2. Full 4.5 stars because you know my 5 stars are like the rarest of rare things I hand out I really enjoyed Dahlia s debut Behind The Scenes but Just Visiting blew me away and is definitely one of my most favorite contemporary YA books I ve read this year It s just such an authentic story about friendship and love and that confusing time when that next stage post high school is staring you right in the face So compelling and so compulsively readable I really just want to follow the next few years [...]

  3. Actual Rating 4.5 starsJust Visiting is a perfect illustration of diversity within diversity book.Just Visiting is terrific, spot on and a book you should absolutely add to your list We have a very diverse cast, an Indian and Asian Jew side characters, a Mexican American protagonist, Victoria Reyes, who is fluent in ASL because her mother is deaf Reagan Forrester who lives in the trailer park, who wanted a way out of her town.Aside from that glaring importance of this story Adler also brought a [...]

  4. me to me i aint gonna let myself be disappointed by another ya contemporary i aint me after reading this book my skin is clear my crops are watered and the chickens are mooing

  5. 7 17 15 Four months to go With thanks and love toKelly Fiore for my first blurb 4 23 15 A little bit of info on the book is in the cover reveal post I did today for BNTeens barnesandnoble blog te

  6. Just visiting is about two high school seniors, Vic and Reagan that are best friends The closest friends you could possibly imagine They decide that they re going to go look for colleges together and have everything planned out They re going to share a dorm, find cute boys together, etc But later on, they find out some dirty secrets about each other and start to rethink their planned out future together The way Adler put together the whole story, it seemed totally real to me All the details she [...]

  7. Review originally posted on Mostly YA Lit Review I ve been following Dahlia on Twitter for about two years now, and she is fiercely passionate about young adult literature, diversity, feminism, and many of the things I care about, so I adore her feed Just Visiting, though, is the first of her books that I ve gotten to but I m so grateful that this was my first one, because the themes of Just Visiting are ones I care deeply about teen girl friendship, trying to figure out your life s work, trying [...]

  8. Dahlia Adler is my friend Yadda yadda yadda I ve read all of Dahlia s books to date, and I ll probably keep reading all of them because they re good With each successive book, I m pretty sure I ve commented on how she just keeps improving as an author and stepping up her game That thing, again Seriously, Dahlia once again totally surprised me and Just Visiting is my favorite of her novels to date Honestly, I love it so much that I worry about how on earth she could possibly ever top it.If you re [...]

  9. I m a huge fan of anything Dahlia Adler writes, but this may be my favorite Dahlia book yet It deals with female friendship and finding yourself and reconciling that version of you with the person you are in the friendship, and realizing that both versions of yourself may not be the same at all Reagan and Victoria are very close, but what I found fascinating were the secrets thrumming under the surface of their friendship What they didn t tell each other showed as much as what they did, and the [...]

  10. I finished this a couple weeks ago but was super conflicted about how to rate it I LOVED the representation but the writing style was not for me The narrator s voice was really young I mean, the characters are young, so done appropriately and it was dialogue heavy and talked about parties and relationships and navigating high school and the college admission process I also thought that the characters had only a few facets to them that were reiterated and lacked nuance.I found myself just wanting [...]

  11. I was given access to an e ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Rating 4.5 starsJust Visiting was a breath of fresh air It was nice, quick read It wasn t too heavy, but I wouldn t call it fluffy The story was one that can give you a lot to think about The best thing, though, was the friendship.There was a much stronger focus on friendship than on romance, which I absolutely loved A lot of times in the YA and NA I usually read , it feels like romance is a Big Thing and the friendship [...]

  12. This review was also posted on Next Page Please I got an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review None of my thoughts are altered by that and all my opinions are honest.As I was reading this book, I really did not expect to end up liking I am so glad I kept reading though because things got better and I really ended up enjoying Just Visiting It was fun, serious, and a really great friendship read I loved the dynamic Vic and Reagan had and also the story both of them go t [...]

  13. Just Visiting was a surprising book both in its strengths and in its weaknesses On one hand, it is one of the most delightfully nerdy books I ve ever read It references not only The Lord of the Rings, Harry Poter, and Star Wars, but also Tamora Pierce, Philip Pullman, Neil Gaiman, and Battlestar Galactica I was fangirling so hard I actually ended up liking Victoria a lot than I thought I would and Reagan a lot less, but both are complex, interesting characters Their friendship is realistic with [...]

  14. When a friendship crumbles, there are only really two things that can bring it back a shitload of time, or a sincere apology 3.5 I appreciated so many things about this book, it made me smile so much and also it made me care for the characters and about their respective storylines It s such a good change to see a dual pov book told from two best friends perspectives instead of a couple since it made everything so unpredictable even though I can t say everything was unpredictable I adored the rep [...]

  15. Dahlia Adler s Just Visiting filled me with nostalgic feelings about those last months of high school and reminded me how I much likely felt the same as Reagan and Victoria The anxious, nervous emotions inside you dancing around, waiting for that envelope mail to arrive the visits to the college and seeing how life will be for the next years to come, Dahlia Adler depicted it perfectly and I seriously related to them profoundly Friendship, escapes, monotone life, choices to make Just Visiting is [...]

  16. Review on blog bookbaristas 2015 11 rI wish I could have read this story four years ago when I was deciding what college to go to and what to expect when I was planning on leaving my comfort zone I think that s what I loved most about JUST VISITING the characters find that the hardest part about leaving home is not knowing where you re going, but it s also the most exciting part about moving on to the next step in your life It s time to figure out what makes you happy and just do it Worst comes [...]

  17. 4.5 stars I LOVED this I m actually kind of curious to know how different my rating and feelings would have been if I hadn t read it at the end of the DiverseAThon, a week in which I read four important and beautiful but depressing books about Indigenous societies in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, one depressing book about eating disorders and self harm, and one depressing book featuring a racebent society This was straight up contemporary territory, with characters that I loved, cute romant [...]

  18. This book sits comfortably on the bridge between YA and NA, it s passes during senior year but it deals with NA problems like finding one self and it has a mature tone I think, than YA usually has I m a very character driven reader so the strength of this story, for me, lies on both girls, Reagan and Victoria, they are so different from each other and from myself that it could be a con but it isn t, is easy to fall for them, this book awakened in me I feeling, I care about them so much and beli [...]

  19. I loved every little bit of it Every Bit I feel like I want to convince YOU to read it so I will just say slightly some things that I loved 1 This book had topics that aren t in the usual YA spectrum 2 Diversity 3 Friendship was the most important thing and I m finally glad I read about friendship in a way I ve been waiting for for ages to be in a book 4 Sex posivity Among some other sexual important topics 5 Some very nice banter This book was just so damn cute Lately YA books have been annoyin [...]

  20. This book felt incomplete I don t know I feel like there was a lot of digging that could have been done like Reagan s past that sure needed closure I was so excited for this book but it felt like it ended right in the middle.I loved that there was a character with a white streak lack of pigmentation like me I never knew I needed this in a book until now Oh, also the diversity was kind of awesome.

  21. I feel like this is the book that Dahlia wrote for me even though she did not But it is a Rachel book Lady friendship Road trip Colleges Possibly Cute Boys ETA I was just informed there are cute boys No possibility There ARE.

  22. Really enjoyed this one Great characters and the friendship was awesome A little repetitive in parts but easy to let that slide Review to come.

  23. 5 STARS for this amazing book Like wow I think this was a lovely read B for the Book Hangover I ll inevitably face now Review to go up tomorrow, 17th Just Visiting, out on Nov 17th and I REALLY RECOMMEND YOU GET IT PRE ORDER, PURCHASE AND READ THE HELL OUT OF THIS BOOK Review first posted on booksfeelsandtears.wordpressI received an e ARC of this book from the author but this did not affect the review in any way.Hey guys,Apologies in advance for all the squealing and fangirling you might read in [...]

  24. When you re headed where you re supposed to be, you just know This was a wonderful story about that tough time of Senior Year Juggling relationships and applications, jobs and college tours I really liked Vic and Reagan for different reasons I liked Reagan s fiery personality, even if it was too fiery at times I also liked Vic s determination, her to do lists, her ability to plan but also her carefree spirit And I think this book does a great job of showing the slight madness that is senior year [...]

  25. FULL REVIEW First sentence There comes a crossroads in every great friendship in which one of you has to tell the other a painful, ugly truth.With two books, Dahlia Adler has just sealed the deal She s now one of my top favorite authors I will read whatever it is that she publishes from now on without a doubt in my mind that it s going to be absolutely amazing.JUST VISITING is one of my favorite reads of the year The shippy feels, the friendships, Dahlia s wonderful writing, everything about thi [...]

  26. I m a big fan of Dahlia Adler s writing I really enjoy all of her stories that I ve read so far and this is no exception

  27. I wasn t entirely sure what to expect with this one but I was really excited to read it and I m glad I did It turned out to be a very enjoyable story of best friends figuring out who they are and who they want to be as they get ready to head off to college It s full of road trips and drama and love and boys A great representation of that time in your life when everyone expects you to know exactly what you want for the rest of your life but you really just have no clue what to do and how friendsh [...]

  28. Reasons this book is a great YA Diversity on many levels Sex positive Safe sex positive A girl friendships Examples of good and bad parenting Swooooooon There s to life than boys Discussion of college and the future not going is OK, community college is OK, taking a gap year is OK This quote You re what, seventeen I nod miserably That s what life is at seventeen You make mistakes, you learn from them, you grow up No one expects you to be perfect or know exactly what you want Bonus a Lilah Montg [...]

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