The Rose Girls (2022)

[PDF] The Rose Girls | by Ú Victoria Connelly - The Rose Girls, The Rose Girls Thirty year old Celeste Hamilton s life is at a crossroads she has just left a disastrous marriage and her estranged mother has recently died leaving the family s rose business in jeopardy Reluctant [PDF] The Rose Girls | by Ú Victoria Connelly - The Rose Girls, The Rose Girls Thirty year old Celeste Hamilton s life is at a crossroads she has just left a disastrous marriage and her estranged mother has recently died leaving the family s rose business in jeopardy Reluctant
  • Title: The Rose Girls
  • Author: Victoria Connelly
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Rose Girls
[PDF] The Rose Girls | by Ú Victoria Connelly, The Rose Girls, Victoria Connelly, The Rose Girls Thirty year old Celeste Hamilton s life is at a crossroads she has just left a disastrous marriage and her estranged mother has recently died leaving the family s rose business in jeopardy Reluctantly Celeste returns to the family home a moated manor house in Suffolk to help her two younger sisters sort out the estate and revive the business Having endured the falloThirty year
  • [PDF] The Rose Girls | by Ú Victoria Connelly
    147Victoria Connelly
The Rose Girls

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  1. In a quite corner of East Anglia, there stood a centuries old manor completed with moat, surrounded by heavenly rose gardens Roses, roses everywhere tantalizing passersby with their smell and beauty Welcome to Little Eleigh Manor not only the setting of the story but a major player in it The current owners, three Hamilton sisters, must decide upon the death of their mother whether to rescue the beautiful but crumbing manor house that was in their family for three generations or to part with it.T [...]

  2. Very enjoyable read by Victoria Connelly I ve read a couple of her Austen Lovers books and another stand alone and have enjoyed each one This one centered around three sisters Each one was going through their own grief process after losing their mother, while also dealing with the everyday rounds of running their rose business I liked all the characters, including Esther There wasn t a lot of action or really anything truly exciting going on but just every day things that people actually go thro [...]

  3. As a keen gardener this is a wonderful little book that marries chick lit with the A Z of roses very successfully The sisters are left with a crumbling manor house and ailing rose plant business after the death of their mother and this book is their story of how they overcome financial and personal difficulties The constant references to so many varieties of roses was wonderful to read and it was very easy to imagine yourself wandering through their garden and the sights and scents predictable b [...]

  4. This was one of those books that was okay for me, but it didn t really have any highs or lows, it was a bit flat The main thing that bothered me was the narrative tone and I have to say, I wonder if this is the kind of book I d have read very differently if I wasn t a writer myself Flat, is how I d describe it, and way, way too much telling and not showing with very few emotional peaks and troughs despite the fact that there was, actually, quite a lot of emotion going on The story is about three [...]

  5. Enjoyable book set in modern day Great Britain The story centers around 3 sisters in a crumbling historic estate Each have their own demons to deal with, along with coping with their mother s death and concerns on keeping the estate going Although not a lot actually happens in this book, it s good It reminded me a little of Rosamunde Pilcher s books, which I like a lot Kind of had that gentle feel to it Roses, of course, feature prominently

  6. Primer libro que leo de esta autora y puedo decir que es correcto , sin sobresaltos y casi casi me ha parecido una pel cula de la hora de la siesta Tres hermanas unidas por las deudas y una casa en ruinas , un pasado marcado por una madre con una enfermedad mental que le impide ser madre y que crea a tres personas inseguras y con muchas carencias y un amor a las rosas Libro correcto para no pensar mucho

  7. I read this book due to it s cover, with a cover like that it has to be good, right For the most part, it was I am a sucker for books about crumbling English manor houses and sisters.The atmosphere of this book was awesome I felt like I could totally see the manor house, the rose gardens, and grounds I loved that I especially loved reading about the roses I have many rose bushes in my yard and I had so much fun googling all the different rose varieties and reading about each one I also liked eac [...]

  8. This isn t my usual type of read and although I did find the story quite charming I did also find it a little flat with not much going on despite ceilings caving in and the three sisters being at each others throats sort of The writing is nice to read and the characters do develop well as the story goes on but much of what happens is a predictable and unsurprising and oh so very sweet I enjoyed it as something different to my normal fare but it wasn t really for me.

  9. A great bookThis is a great book The story line flowed easily I couldn t put the book down We need a part 2

  10. 3.5 s Lovely novel set in England on a large, beautiful but somewhat dilapidated estate Three sisters struggle to reconnect emotionally with each other after their emotionally cruel mother dies While trying to keep the family rose business going, clearing up long neglected paperwork and trying to keep their house from falling down on them literally they realize that they need money in order to keep from selling the family manse Their grandfather had purchased several beautiful old paintings tha [...]

  11. Basically I agree with Marguerite Kaye s review The one thing that interested me was the history of roses bit but that wasn t a huge part of the story I just didn t realise how much there is your learn about roses But what I did discover was enough for me The story just didn t do enough for me I will have to look into the narcissist disorder though I didn t realise it was a mental abnormality.

  12. A beautifully written story that draws you in as if it is the most beautiful rose you have seen or smelt.The Hamilton Sisters find themselves all back home together, mourning the loss of their mother in their own ways whilst all keeping secrets that hold them back from truly mourning her and moving forwards.The family business is the tie that keeps them together but will it be the tie that binds them or a tie that allows the flowers to bloom.It s a very different story from Victoria Connelly s A [...]

  13. Thank heaven for I signed up for free books on a number of sights and got this for free I am enjoying the British novels for adults No sex scenes, nothing but a cute romance novel set in a lovely manor home crumbling down around three young women A dysfunctional family, the recently deceased mother had a psychological disease that affected the three women in different ways The book focuses on how they pull together their forces, sell their valued paintings to help pay bills and rebuild and old m [...]

  14. A lovely story about three sisters who each have their own problems as well as try to deal with the death of their mother and how they stick together to try and save their inheritance The description of the English manor house and rose gardens was so vivid and beautiful that at times I felt as though I was there.While the story kept me interested, I kept on waiting for something exciting to happen and never did, although I did enjoy it very much It was a sweet story of love, courage and family.T [...]

  15. I really enjoyed this audiobook Fiona Hardingham is a fabulous narrator and I look forward to listening to from her.The Rose Girls is a beautiful tale of sisterly love, family drama and the search for eternal love Set in England, this story surrounds three sisters and their family manor a complex mother, reforming their bonds and the hard decisions of their world that s falling apart.

  16. Rose girls reviewAlong with romantic stories, this book showed what occurs to family members when they have to live with other family members with personality disorders mental illness.

  17. This was a great fast paced read Feel in love with the Rose sisters This is an uplifting, tender and romantic story of courage, and the healing powers of family.

  18. Mlle Alice, pouvez vous nous raconter votre rencontre avec La Saison des Roses Je connaissais Victoria Connelly pour ses austeneries Si j avais trouv The Perfect Hero sympathique, j avais surtout ador l ambiance et l univers mis en place par l auteur J tais donc la fois ravie de pouvoir la lire en fran ais mais aussi de d couvrir une nouvelle histoire sans rapport avec Jane Austen et je remercie de m avoir envoy ce livre Dites nous en un peu plus sur son histoire la mort de sa m re, C leste est [...]

  19. The Rose Girls is the story of three sisters who are trying to save the family rose business and the family home, which is crumbling around them.Celeste, Gertie and Evie all have their secrets and all have been adversely affected by their mother s narcissistic personality disorder, but in different ways.I enjoyed the story, especially as the sisters became closer to one another, but Gertie and Evie had such problems, that this book should have been longer to address how they came to be where the [...]

  20. I usually like my novels to have oomph about them of a defined story arc with plenty of conflict and maybe a dose of angst thrown in, but this was a very sweet, very well written story about life and family Maybe a little too much attention to roses in places I got the feeling that the author did a LOT of research and didn t want to waste any of it but despite the lack of any heart stopping moments of real tension I found myself reading this in one go.Plus points I didn t spot any SPaG errors, [...]

  21. I was somewhat confused by this book The style of writing was very old fashioned with the three sisters, Evelyn, Gertrude and Celeste, wearing nightdresses and drinking tea from china tea services, yet at the same time checking texts on their mobiles I found this old fashioned modern day mix quite odd as I was reading it Despite this, the book itself is quite a charming read quite Austeneque, but in too many places it s like reading a gardening encyclopaedia The author has obviously done a lot o [...]

  22. Slow to get going but it grew on me and reading about the different roses in the garden has given me added impetus to look after our heritage roses all the A story of misconceptions, communication errors, family squabbles and I warmed to the book the I got into it and could relate to the different characters and their viewpoints of the world A little predictable in parts but this is to be forgiven Reinventing an old house so the past lives on with the future before it and not locked away it s [...]

  23. I finished this but probably only because it was the only unread book on my kindle and I was suffering form insomnia There was nothing inherently bad about it but somehow the plot and characters never gelled for me The deceased mother to start with, a monster to one of them but the other two, well this was never really explored Nothing was ever fleshed up I struggled at times to remember who was who, the two younger sisters just sort of merged together, bits of the plot seemed to just fizzle out [...]

  24. A good story of love and second chancesThis is an absorbing story about three sisters learning how to make the best decision for themselves and each other I guessed how things would turn out but not the way we would get there The characters were well rounded and believable I m looking forward to reading books by Victoria

  25. A great readI loved this story it was heartwarming to see how this family could reconnect after suffering from years of emotional abuse I also learned some very interesting facts about roses I found myself sniffing roses I had received as a hostess gift I have never been led to engage in any activity from anything I have read and I found that fascinating

  26. I really liked this book I loved the English background and the roses, as well as the story of the three young women in their manor house I was disappointed that they decided to sell the paintings I secretly hoped that they would keep at least one painting But overall it was a good story and it ended on a positive note.

  27. Romance set in Suffolk 3 sisters are brought back together to save their ancestral home Rose growing business The characters were believable, and the romance element was an undercurrent with plenty of will they , won t they scenarios Throw in a ceiling falling down in the middle of the night, and it s a good read Loved the location, as near me, so there were places I knew Would read another book by this Author.

  28. J ai ador ma lecture de bout en bout L histoire de C leste, Evie et Gertrude qui nous a plong dans l univers de la Rose On suit une histoire familiale avec sa dose de drames, d histoires amoureuses franchement cette petite romance anglaise est parfaite pour l t et je la recommande vivement

  29. This was a lovely book a real family going through rough time with a business to run after there parent dies they sell Roses bushes and the history of the business was really interesting and secrets in the family well researched.

  30. Great read It s a great story on dealing with your past and accepting your future You will definitely love the ending It s well written and entertaining but heart wrenching at times.

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