Lies Ripped Open (2022)

[PDF] Lies Ripped Open | by ☆ Steve McHugh - Lies Ripped Open, Lies Ripped Open Over a hundred years have passed since a group of violent killers went on the rampage murdering innocent victims for fun But even back then sorcerer Nate Garrett aka Hellequin knew there was to it [PDF] Lies Ripped Open | by ☆ Steve McHugh - Lies Ripped Open, Lies Ripped Open Over a hundred years have passed since a group of violent killers went on the rampage murdering innocent victims for fun But even back then sorcerer Nate Garrett aka Hellequin knew there was to it
  • Title: Lies Ripped Open
  • Author: Steve McHugh
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Lies Ripped Open
[PDF] Lies Ripped Open | by ☆ Steve McHugh, Lies Ripped Open, Steve McHugh, Lies Ripped Open Over a hundred years have passed since a group of violent killers went on the rampage murdering innocent victims for fun But even back then sorcerer Nate Garrett aka Hellequin knew there was to it than simple savage pleasure souls were being stolen Nate s discovery of the souls use and of those supporting the group s plan made him question everything he believOver a hundred
  • [PDF] Lies Ripped Open | by ☆ Steve McHugh
    316Steve McHugh
Lies Ripped Open

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  1. Our hero Nate travels a tangled path and has to face his complicated past It ain t pretty I really love this series and Nate Garrett I can t wait for the next installment, although I m willing to wait as long as it takes for Steve McHugh to write it Reviewed for Bitten by Books bittenbybooks.

  2. The recap is put under spoiler tag for MY sake so I could remember what happened It would also reveal down the major plot so best not to click except if you have read the book or don t mind being spoiled view spoiler The past brought readers to Nate and his friends to London in 1888, at the time during Whitechapel murders Nate was helping Shields of Avalon SOA to transfer a thief prisoner when he discovered that the agents who were supposed to keep eyes on Alan ere attacked and murdered The murd [...]

  3. I really enjoy this series and i d recommend it to anyone who likes Jim Butcher or Benedict Jacka Namely because it means you enjoy a male protagonist with questionable personal morals who kicks serious ass.There s something about Nate that makes me smile He s arrogant as hell, but fiercely loyal to his friends, and dedicated to making things right Well, his idea of right Whatever that takes He gets shit done Perhaps with a bit of pain and death along the way, sure, but you can count on him to t [...]

  4. Author Steve McHughPublished 25 08 2015I received this book for free through GoodReads FirstReads competitions.This is the 5th book in the Hellequin Chronicles, even though I haven t read any of the other books, yet, I didn t feel like I was missing out on anything, the book was easily to get into and easy to get lost in This book features the character of Nate Garrett aka Hellequin, who finds out that the group he thought was dead are very much alive and are looking for him so they can take out [...]

  5. As a huge fan of the Hellequin Chronicles I had high expectations for Lies Ripped Open And, as ever, those expectations were exceeded This instalment is just as fast paced, exciting and unexpected as the earlier books, with the added bonus of further insights into Nate s past The book reads like a Hollywood action blockbuster, although the plot is much unpredictable never a dull moment The characters are realistic, believable, and memorable there are old characters as well as new ones, and link [...]

  6. Nate Garrett, aka Hellequin, is dangerous as ever, but loyal to those who ve won his friendship, as he battles a secret faction looking to take over Avalon To defeat the Reapers, Nate has to end his hundred year exile and face down Merlin while trying to save old friends and he has to defeat an old foe.Lies Ripped Open was very entertaining with lots of action, both past and present, plus secrets revealed, enemies unmasked, and threads pulled that promise a very interesting future for the series [...]

  7. I was given a copy of this book by the publisher in return for an honest review by Netgalley Ok, Legalese out of the way It is a rare feat for an author to keep topping his previous works, but Steve McHugh is one of those rare writers Five books in, and his writing is only getting better, always making me wanting to see what comes next This book has replaced Prison of Hope as my favorite in the series In this one Nate has to deal with and old enemy, and finally starts getting some answers about [...]

  8. Oh Nate how I ve missed you I m not going to make any bones about what a huge fan of this series I am, most people know it anyway, but just to be clear I am a HUGE fan of this series.With Lies Ripped Open the addictive quality of the Hellequin Chronicles goes into overdrive I read this, fast and furious into the early hours of this morning so Steve McHugh definitely owes me a coffee or six but you kind of just have to keep going once you start.The backstory is fleshed out in this instalment, giv [...]

  9. I received a free, advance copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my unbiased review.Great author and continuation of the story line so far Good enough that even though I received a free advance copy to review, I still bought it pre ordered it on Support the authors you love so they can continue their work Another gauge of how good an author is for me is if I will stop reading what I m currently reading just to start their book I didn t think twice about stopping what [...]

  10. Uhu, finally we get to meet Merlin and what s left of Arthur I was a little disappointed with the end I am not a fan of resurrecting of already finished off characters I had hoped to learn of Nate himself his parents, his unique powers and so on But ok Now I have to wait for the next installment.

  11. This is a brilliantly written book, well thought out and funny as hell in places Obviously well researched with some great insults that i will definitely consider using in future I thoroughly recommend it.

  12. When I reviewed the first book in this series I avoided giving away the final scene because I loved it For once someone just had the good guy shoot the bad guy Part of what I like about books is there ability to give thought to the story being told but it seems like that is being eroded in favor of contrived drama When the bad guy is shot at the end of the first book I thought I had found an author who would focus on telling a good story and allowing any drama to arise organically from that sto [...]

  13. This is the 5th full novel in the Hellequin series, and a worthy entry in the story of one Nate Garret The tale moves ahead in both the modern timeline, aka now, and a time period in the past, providing details regarding the mysterious Nate.This is a well told series that brings in both solidly based historical facts as well as hard hitting action scenes The characters are believable, making you feel like you are visiting with old friends and catching up on their lives We get to learn a bit ab [...]

  14. The adventures of Nate Hellequin continueThis fifth book in the Hellequin series moves the main, overarching plot forward quite a bit There are a number of significant developments that take place along the way, and several major situations change in a no turning back sort of way As is typical with this series, the book was riveting from start to end, and left me wanting .Disclaimer I received a free, advance copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my unbiased review.T [...]

  15. Mr McHugh has done it again Whilst this book doesn t do much in the way of advancing Nate s magical abilities or losing part or one of his marks it does fulfil a wonderful story arc back story between Nate and Merlin and how they came to blows, and how Nate came to be himself and into his abilities.This book travels along at a tremendous pace as if it were a thriller and it sure felt like it We see new characters, old friends and insight into the inner machinations of his enemies as well as lov [...]

  16. Gods, guns, fighting, werebears who quote Star Wars, and now a sword wielding half fox This series gets better with each book Go buy it now.I read this book, cover to cover, in one sitting Pretty much ignored the world around me while I was doing it and read well into the early morning It was totally worth it.

  17. Thanks Another amazing book in an outstanding series Fast paced and a great read I love the tie ins with the past and present Keep them come Sir

  18. I am so enjoying this series the overarching plot has kept me riveted I can t wait to find out what happens next The individuals stories are good too I love the way the flashbacks tie into the current story line I actually find myself liking the flashbacks even as they set the stage for the relationships Nate has built and the evolution of the man he s become I was so happy to get to finally meet Merlin although I really don t like him very much I ll be interested to see if he can be redeemed a [...]

  19. It s All Coming to a HeadThis series is like an onion Layers peeled to reveal yet layers A good series is like that A great one has the ability build upon itself in an over encompassing story arc while still having a satisfying ending within each subsequent entry This one is turning out to be a great one Like Harry Dresden, Nate Garrett inspires by example while still being able to throw the finger up at the status quo The conspiracies in the shadows, magic and mayhem are all like in Dresden s [...]

  20. I love this author and the Hellequin series is one of my favorites, on par with both the Iron Druid and Dresdin Files series This was typical McHugh fast pace, lots of action, and twisty plot with lots of surprises Can t wait to start the next book

  21. WHEN WILL THESE BITCHES RECOGNIZE WHO NATE IS ThugLifeSuch fools I swear You keep harassing this man, harassing and murdering his friends, and then are sore losers when he kicks your ass WHY EVEN START The rule of the street Dont start nuffin, wont be nuffin SMDH.

  22. Excellent ReadI really enjoyed this book The author has a brilliant imagination and tells a really good story using mythology alongside the story which in my opinion is very clever I have read all of the Hellequin Chronicles and once I start one I struggle to put it down.

  23. Mr McHugh must have been fed Red Bull intravenously to get Lies Ripped Open out only 4 months after Prison of Hope Whatever wonder drug he s been taking you certainly won t find me complaining as it just means Hellequin goodness without having to wait If you worry that 4 months must mean a sacrifice in story then think again As ever this book is fast paced, action packed, funny when it wants to be and filled with enough curse words to make the rest of my father s hair fall out On top of all thi [...]

  24. Nate is sixteen hundred year old sorcerer that used to live in Avalon and work with Merlin Then one day he quit Merlin and left Avalon Nate was also known as Hellequin Some considered nate leaving very wrong Nate s best friend is Tom who has a wife Olivia and a fifteen year old daughter Karey The year before Nate had tried to stop Pandora from killing everyone who made her mad including Selene Selene is the woman Nick loves They broke up after the Pandora incident but Nate still loved her and ho [...]

  25. If you did read the series up to here you already know what to expect.In classic Hellequin style, there are 2 storylines, the main storyline in the present is interconnected with the smaller subplot in the past, this is well done and the transition between present and past is well defined always occurring in a change of chapters.Nathan Garrett, the main character, continues to be overly sissy, cocky and presumptuous, but the book still is good With a lot of sarcasm and humor and some really grea [...]

  26. 4,5 stars I have to say I was a little disappointed by this installment The author clearly can t keep the romance for our mc going for than 1 book, it s of a monster or villain of the week kind of thing now The last one finally introduced a love interest for the MC, Selen seemed interesting and awesome But does the author continue to involve her in the series No not a freaking word about her in this entire book I was really hoping that the author would improve and stop with the villain of the [...]

  27. I really enjoyed this installment of the Hellequin Chronicles The formula of having the present timeline and one in the past intertwined was well done again The little moments where Nate knows and references things that we don t know yet, and then we get to read and find out It doesn t fall into the trap of being a bunch of exposition, but rather a side adventure that we get to experience along with Nate, except we know that characters in the present are going to survive so the stakes are a litt [...]

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