What Was Mine (2022)

[PDF] What Was Mine | by Î Helen Klein Ross - What Was Mine, What Was Mine Simply told but deeply affecting in the bestselling tradition of Alice McDermott and Tom Perrotta this urgent novel unravels the heartrending yet unsentimental tale of a woman who kidnaps a baby in [PDF] What Was Mine | by Î Helen Klein Ross - What Was Mine, What Was Mine Simply told but deeply affecting in the bestselling tradition of Alice McDermott and Tom Perrotta this urgent novel unravels the heartrending yet unsentimental tale of a woman who kidnaps a baby in
  • Title: What Was Mine
  • Author: Helen Klein Ross
  • ISBN: 9781476732350
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Paperback
What Was Mine
[PDF] What Was Mine | by Î Helen Klein Ross, What Was Mine, Helen Klein Ross, What Was Mine Simply told but deeply affecting in the bestselling tradition of Alice McDermott and Tom Perrotta this urgent novel unravels the heartrending yet unsentimental tale of a woman who kidnaps a baby in a superstore and gets away with it for twenty one years Lucy Wakefield is a seemingly ordinary woman who does something extraordinary in a desperate moment she takes a baby gSimply told
  • [PDF] What Was Mine | by Î Helen Klein Ross
    279Helen Klein Ross
What Was Mine

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  1. When I read the book description, I felt like it almost told the whole story But honestly this book is about so much than a kidnapping Obviously that is a huge part of it, but it s very different from any other kidnapping story I have read Right off we know who did it But we also see how everyone is affected by it We see time passing and how everyone tries to cope It is about a kidnapping, but it s also about the power of a mother s love, loss, anger, forgiveness and so much .We first meet Lucy [...]

  2. I ve read books that have left me bawling others I ve laughed so hard that I was rolling on the floor Others where I didn t like the characters at all, but thought the story was brilliant.In this impossible story to forget , I felt INTENSE ANGER towards a character than I can ever remember experiencing I can t say enough high praise for author Helen Klein Ross in the way she wrote this book the roller coaster emotions thoughts she pulled out of us readers If there was a voting award category fo [...]

  3. This book about a baby kidnapping has me all tied up in knots First, there s the tone throughout the whole story I would call it almost perky Tell me, truthfully, how do the words perky and kidnap go together in any universe Okay, if I take it down a notch and just call it calm, it s still majorly weird The initial abduction, of course, is high drama, but there s also this eerie calm encasing it I can t decide if I liked the calm or not, but I had to keep reading, even though I was tired and hun [...]

  4. 4.5 StarsAs the beautiful song goes by Jamie Lawson I Wasn t Expecting That Lucy Wakefield is a seemingly ordinary woman who does something extraordinary in a desperate moment She takes a baby girl from a shopping trolly and raises it as her own While reading this story my emotions were all over the place and I kept thinking what a great discussion book this would make for a book club.I came across this book by accident when I was looking for an audio book and just downloaded it on a whim and I [...]

  5. Yikes What Was Mine is so creepy every parent s worst nightmare And yet I can t quite believe how much I enjoyed reading this book it is so well done On impulse, desperate for a child, Lucy kidnaps Marilyn s baby from an IKEA store when the baby is 4 months old She renames the baby Mia and goes on to raise the baby as her own, appearing to the world as the single mother of an adopted child The kidnapping happens in the early 1990s The story is alternatingly told from the perspectives of Lucy, Ma [...]

  6. Imagine thisyou turn your back on your baby left in a shopping trolley to take a phone call from your workplace, you are distracted for minutes, but you will regret those minutes for the rest of your life Your baby has been takenEvery mothers nightmare right Just can t imagine the sheer terror that would turn your blood cold This book tackles that very scenario and does it in a highly engaging and readable way A book you won t forget in a hurry.Lucy Wakefield is a seemingly ordinary woman who do [...]

  7. What Was Mine WARNING MY REVIEW CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS When my firstborn son was only 14 months old I allowed him to stay with his paternal grandparents for almost a month That meant he had to travel fifteen hundred miles away from me all the way from South Florida to Boston.Up to that point, we had never been apart, not even for a day and though rationally I knew he was safe and well taken care of, I can still recall the apprehension, unease and sense of emptiness I felt during those weeks.What [...]

  8. 5 well deserved stars Absolutely loved this one I had so many conflicted feelings while reading this novel This was definitely a page turner and extremely hard to put down.As always I go into books blind so I don t have any preconceptions of what I am reading and then a couple of chapters in I will read the synopsis WHAT WAS MINE was a fitting title for this novel by HELEN KLEIN ROSS and isn t your typical kidnapping story it is much than that It s about love, forgiveness, change, hope, anger a [...]

  9. WHAT WAS MINE by Helen Klein Ross is an outstanding emotional read that deals with child abduction every parent s nightmare Lucy, a recently divorced woman has always wanted only one thing a child of her own After pursuing many avenues when she was married to make this dream a reality, she applied for adoption as a single parent, but was refused Lucy Wakefield is a seemingly ordinary woman who does something extraordinary in a desperate moment she takes a baby girl from a shopping cart and raise [...]

  10. My emotions were all over the place with this book Tragic all around I really liked how you re able to get everyone s POV Excellent book.

  11. Originally posted on The Book NymphoLucy Wakefield finds 4 month old Natalie Featherstone unattended in a shopping cart in a superstore in suburban New Jersey In a split second, she makes a decision that will forever change the lives of so many people I wanted to hate Lucy and I did While the heat of that emotion dimmed some after getting to know her better, I never could reconcile how one woman can decide her pain means than another woman s How can your desire for a child make it okay to take [...]

  12. Lucy Wakefield wanted a baby for as long as she could remember She was put on this earth to be a mother That was her dream Lucy and her husband had gotten pregnant when they were in college together, but they felt that it just wasn t the right time to start a family Needless to say, the decision was made for them when Lucy lost the baby Lucy prayed that the chance to have a baby would come again Years later, Lucy and her husband kept trying and failing to have a baby Lucy tried IVF, but to no av [...]

  13. What was Mine was told through multiple perspectives in short chapters Not a lot of surprises in this one Instead, it showed how the kidnapping effected everyone including Lucy herself The subject matter is probably not for everyone As a mom, this story was scary and thought provoking I desired from the ending but all in all this book made for an interesting narrative and worth the read.

  14. What Was Mine is a story about the kidnapping of a baby girl in an IKEA store in New Jersey, and the repercussions of this action for all involved the baby, Natalie Mia , the kidnapper, Lucy, and the baby s parents, Tom and Marilyn.This story is told in varying first person POVs, mostly told by Mia, Lucy, and Marilyn, but there were many smaller characters who also played roles The chapters were very short, and as the story picked up, I found myself unable to put it down at certain points I was [...]

  15. This book started out as a story in 2000 The narrative sprung from my own deep seated fear of having a baby kidnapped I have two daughters, and when they were little, I d be shopping, crouching in front of a grocery story shelf, trying decide between brands of soup, say, and suddenly realize I d forgotten about my toddler and baby in the shopping cart behind me I d quick turn around and they d always be there But what if, one day, they weren t This story is told from the alternating perspectives [...]

  16. The overall story was definitely intriguing and well thought out, but I think the author s execution of the plot was a bit overworked I felt like Ross could ve left some details to the reader s imagination, instead of over describing some situations, feelings, etc The simple writing style allowed for a quick read, but I would ve appreciated a cultivated level of fiction.

  17. What kind of a woman kidnaps a baby from a store while the mother s back is turned And then goes on to lovingly raise the child for the next 21 years What Was Mine explores the nightmare of child abduction through the point of view of the abductor Lucy , mother Marilyn , father Tom , nanny Wendy who helps raise the child unaware of the crime committed , and the child Mia herself The book is engaging and highly readable I zoomed through the pages in just a couple of days wanting to know what migh [...]

  18. Rating 4.5 Excellent read, a definite page turner In efforts not to spoil the book for other readers, What Was Mine gave me just the amount of crazy and WTH s that I enjoy when reading a book of this nature Although the subject matter is any parents worst nightmare, I thoroughly enjoyed how the author somehow made me as a reader feel empathy for Lucy At times I was angry with Marilyn but I also felt sorry for her My emotions were all over the place which is the recipe for a good read for me The [...]

  19. My review is on ireadnovels.wordpress100% an excellent page turner Lucy Wakefield takes a baby girl from a shopping cart in IKEA She takes the baby home and keeps the baby girl by changing the baby s name to Mia One fatal day Mia in her twenties discovers that she was stolen as a baby and is reunited with her real birth mother But who will Mia think as her mum I highly recommend reading Someone Else s Child as it is a very moving story twisted with maternal love I am so glad that I bought my own [...]

  20. This is a book that is difficult to review As a parent, I would never wish upon any parent to go through the trauma that Tom and Marilyn endured The loss kidnapping of an infant or any child is every parent s nightmare To have that child stolen from you and be raised by another a horrible and most despicable act I think that what struck me with this book is the fact that the kidnapper Lucy justified her crime using all sorts of excuses The baby s mother was neglectful and left the child alone in [...]

  21. It was hard to choose between 4 5 stars for this one I turned the pages quickly, engrossed in the story told from the perspectives of Mia, Lucy Marilyn Baby Natalie is taken from her Mother s shopping cart and raised lovingly by Lucy It was strange that I could empathize with Lucy even though she kidnapped Natalie I was interested to read this book, as this could have been my story as a toddler My parents had taken me Christmas shopping when I was 18 months old My Mom let me out of the cart to s [...]

  22. It s been quite a while since I ve read a book offered such an original idea and fresh perspective What Was Mine had me up and reading at 4am As a parent, reading a book about a baby s kidnapping is always unsettling Most of us have experienced at least one brief moment of terror when our eyes weren t quick enough in their search for our children Most of us are lucky enough to have feeling quickly replaced by an overwhelming sense of relief when, in short order, we realize he she had been right [...]

  23. It sucked you up into the story and obsession immediately And uses the current switching narrator method within tiny chapters that is so much the rage It works here The tension is high.And yet I am appalled overall at my own reaction Because during the first 3 4ths of the novel I was invested to motives, feelings, rationalizations, movements to obscure locations by relocating etc.Why I really don t know why Possibly because the 3 main woman characters seemed like nice ladies What I do know is th [...]

  24. A great psychological thriller about a snatched baby, any mother s nightmare The focus of this novel is not the crime itself but family relationships, motherhood most of all The story unfolds via short chapters from multiple POVs.I really liked this book, it has an excellent pace and thoughtful psychological probing, Helen Klein Ross is a talented writer and I ll look forward to her next book 3.5 stars rounded up

  25. One woman, Lucy, is devastated to learn she is unable to have a baby She is consumed to the point of insanity, if only for a moment One women, Marilyn, has a baby She has taken her for granted, if only for a moment One little girl, Mia Natalie caught in between Leading to the consequences left in the wake of that one moment This is a very good book all in all The beginning is well done, going back and forth between the lives of Lucy and Marilyn after that one fateful moment in time following the [...]

  26. Have you ever done something before you really thought through what you were doing What if you did something that you knew was wrong, but you couldn t go back and undo it What if you knew that what you were doing would haunt you for the rest of your life, but you chose to follow through and do it anyways Helen Klein Ross covers all of these dilemmas and in her new novel, What Was Mine, which is set to be released on January 5, 2016.What Was Mine is the story Lucy, of a recently divorced woman w [...]

  27. Engaging read Ross does a wonderful job allowing the reader to examine the ethics behind a horrendous decision I liked the theme of restorative justice, and the fact that she challenges the reader by showing how each character is affected by the crime and is it acceptable Good can come from an unimaginable event, without denying the horror of the crime, and this book shows that I was satisfied with the ending, not only because it was open ended, but because I could understand Mia s decision she [...]

  28. 3.5 Lucy Wakefield is a seemingly ordinary women until her violently ticking maternal clock propels her to do the unimaginable What Was Mine is a compelling and distressing story about motherhood and loss on many levels.The writing is unpretentious and the story is told from numerous points of view, as each character looks back over the years since baby Natalie became Mia I have mixed feelings about the multiple points of view and telling style of writing, which at times is reporterish I usually [...]

  29. Definitely got a devil s advocate view of the impact of a kidnapping from many perspectives Lucy kidnaps Mia from Marilyn and raises her As an adult, and through the wonders of social media, Marilyn finds Mia and lets her know who she is We see what Lucy s though process was, the impact on Marilyn s first marriage and second family, and of course Mia s confusion Well written Interesting Good read The only thing that irked me was the endingARC received in exchange for an honest review.

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