Darkthaw (2022)

Darkthaw Best Read || [Kate A. Boorman] - Darkthaw, Darkthaw Council has fallen The Thaw is here The world outside Emmeline s fortification awaits Urged on by her dreams Emmeline sets out with her new friend Matisa and her beloved Kane venturing into exhilara Darkthaw Best Read || [Kate A. Boorman] - Darkthaw, Darkthaw Council has fallen The Thaw is here The world outside Emmeline s fortification awaits Urged on by her dreams Emmeline sets out with her new friend Matisa and her beloved Kane venturing into exhilara
  • Title: Darkthaw
  • Author: Kate A. Boorman
  • ISBN: 9781419716638
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Hardcover
Darkthaw Best Read || [Kate A. Boorman], Darkthaw, Kate A. Boorman, Darkthaw Council has fallen The Thaw is here The world outside Emmeline s fortification awaits Urged on by her dreams Emmeline sets out with her new friend Matisa and her beloved Kane venturing into exhilarating wilderness into freedom into the unknown Into danger The secret that has secured peace for Matisa s people for generations has been compromised Newcomers are arriviCouncil has fallen T
  • Darkthaw Best Read || [Kate A. Boorman]
    449Kate A. Boorman

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  1. 4,5 5 Mozek v o tolika nedostatc ch, ale srdce prost nem e poslechnout 3 I p es takovou spoustu much m m tuhle s rii stra n r d Prvn p lka byla sice trochu slab , ale ta druh to pln vykompenzovala a pot ebuji v d t, kdy vyjde z v re n d l

  2. I tried really hard to like this book But it just wasn t meant the be Aw I really wanted to like it than book one, yet I ended up liking it less Which is just so disappointing Especially since the first time I read book one I loved it Aw But not this time around, sadly I seemed to have issues with this book at all times Sigh.I m not sure how to write this review of mine I m giving this book two stars Because while I didn t like it, I also didn t fully hate it I enjoyed some parts of the plot, b [...]

  3. Dala bych 3,5 hv zdy Nen to patn M skv le napsan pas e, a pak m sta, e bych bu ila hlavou do zdi Nev m, jestli ji netla il as Ka dop dn Kanea nem u ani c tit Prost mi k n nesed.Ale na t et d l se t m P b h jako takov dobr T m se na rozuzlen V ce v recenzi na Chrudimka

  4. 4.5 5Es mejor que el primero, bastante mejor a decir verdad.Los personajes evolucionan un poco y si, hay veces en que Em saca de las casillas al lector por ser terca, pero es comprensible lo que intenta hacerNo llegue hacer mucho click con los personajes pero ninguno me fastidio o me cay mal, al contrario, entend a sus porque de las cosas que hac an Hay avance, desarrollo de los personajes, no se quedan estancados en lo necios que son, en mi parecer Kate hizo un buen desarrollo del clima para qu [...]

  5. I received this book from ABRAMS Kids, Amulet Books, and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Darkthaw by Kate Boorman was indeed an interesting read It was filled with very beautiful writing, conflicted characters, and peculiar influences I won t say it was my favorite read, but it was certainly unique.I actually didn t realize that this was a sequel to her first novel, Winterkill, until afterwards, but the book still wasn t much of a problem to understand Emmeline, or Em as she is known, [...]

  6. You know what I wasn t entirely sure what to expect from this book when I saw it up on NetGalley, however I found myself to be very surprised by it So even though the book was a quick read for me, but overall, I came to really enjoy this book The writing and the characters alone were definitely the main part of that enjoyment so I was quite surprised by this new title and I m looking forward to seeing what other readers think of this one and not to mention I m looking forward to reading from th [...]

  7. Received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.DARKTHAW is equally as engaging as its predecessor WINTERKILL Kate Boorman delivers another compelling incredibly suspenseful chapter in Em s quest for new life.The cast of characters are well rounded and multi layered Watching each of them grow and undergo significant developments was thrilling I am particularly impressed with the ways the author uses Em s dreams as a device for foreshadowing and driving the story [...]

  8. Beautifully written Just like the first book, Winterkill, I was quickly sucked into the world of this frontier prairies gone wrong alternate history Emmeline and her companions leave their settlement on an important journey to Matisa s First Peoples, but things quickly go wrong Emmeline s feeling are well portrayed and gripping.

  9. I could not get into this story Book 1, Winterkill was great, I was so excited to get this one in the mail and start reading Only to find out it was nothing like I thought it would be Needless to say, I won t be buying book number 3.

  10. 4.5 StarsThoughtful, eloquent and unafraid to tackle difficult questions, I m so glad I took a chance on this series.

  11. Actual rating 3.5 stars We have here a rare occasion of a sequel or second book in a trilogy if you prefer actually being better than the original I liked Winterkill a lot I think it did some really refreshing things But Darkthaw expands the world and gives us a thrilling journey plot Now it s not perfect Things are touched upon and nothing is really done with them I assume the third book will go into detail, though There are a few characters that should have had of a presence It would have ma [...]

  12. I enjoyed this sequel to Winterkill When I started it, I was a bit tired of the voice of the MC Em and thought it would have been interesting to have book 2 from Marita s perspective By the time I good to the end of it I was well over Em s intensity and constant introspections, anxiety and self doubt.This book was harsher than the first with higher life and death stakes Some of the conflict between characters felt forced e.g misunderstandings between Em and Kane I will be interested to see how t [...]

  13. Segunda parte de esta trilog a que nos cuenta las aventuras de Em ahora fuera del asentamiento donde creci y todas las situaciones por las que tienen que pasar en su camino de empezar una nueva vida en un lugar nuevo y desconocido para ella Tal vez las cosas no son como las esperaba pero ella tiene el poder para seguir adelante.

  14. I was looking forward to reading this book after Winterkill but found it a test of perseverance much like the plot of the book itself The psychological darkness seemed unrelieved at times.

  15. For as long as Emmeline can remember, she s longed to leave the isolated world of the settlement and explore the wilderness that calls to her in her dreams And now that the Council has fallen, she will finally, finally get that chance With First Peoples guide Matisa at her side, Emmeline rallies a brave group to join her on her quest into the unknown, including her beloved Kane and his two younger brothers But the journey soon proves far dangerous than Emmeline anticipated with warring clans, s [...]

  16. Darkthaw was certainly a stronger novel than Winterkill but it was also a creature of another kind While its prequel was a mystery story at heart, that aspect of the plot is long gone now that Emmeline has left the settlement Instead, the story is designed to be of a journey It marks Emmeline s first steps into the outside world and her growing revelation that it s not what she was expecting I will warn you now that Darkthaw is not a very happy novel It s full of death and sickness and loss, ye [...]

  17. Dark Thaw is a medium length, fictional novel by Kate A Boorman The second book in the Winterkill series, Dark Thaw recounts the tale of a young rebel named Emmeline Since her birth, Em has lived in a secluded fortification, where the leader brainwashes his people into obeying him and never straying from the fort by planting false fear in their minds However, just months ago, Em risked it all to uncover her leader s scheme, freeing all of her people from fear of the outside Finally free, Em deci [...]

  18. Winterkill, the first in this series, was one of my favorite books of 2014 I loved the Village vibes it gave off and even enjoyed the uncertainty of the setting Darkthaw picks up right where Winterkill left off, with Em and Kane planning their future and being generally confused about most things This was a sequel I have really been looking forward to and I hoped to feel the same about book two as I did about book one Unfortunately, this one didn t quite do it for me.I m not sure what changed be [...]

  19. I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Darkthaw is the sequel to Winterkill, a strange little dystopian that has all the creepy atmosphere and suspense of The Village but with some religion thrown in that rivals the Puritans in The Crucible If you haven t read Winterkill, Darkthaw will make very little sense I m going to be honest when I say I did read Winterkill, and Darthaw still made very little sense to me In all honesty, I feel like the author lo [...]

  20. I sincerely LOVED it Darkthaw is even better than the first one Now I m not a teen reader by any means , in fact I almost have an aversion to it But after someone convinced me to read Winterkill I was pleasantly surprised Darkthaw was, in a way, just a good ol adventure story but the kind with layers And it wasn t afraid to go someplace dark hence, Dark thaw which pleased me immensely I love seeing my characters get their asses kicked The writing is fantastic, through and through I guarantee thi [...]

  21. I am Honesty I am Bravery I am Discovery 4.5 stars Ugh this book was so good I thought that is was even better than the first one in the series It was filled with action and romance I am actually so puzzled on who will end up with who Sometimes I think, Oooh yesss definitely him and then a minute later, Wait is there romance going on between these two OMG I SHIP IT Personally I like Isi and Em together In the first book, it did start off very slow, but not in this one People say that the second [...]

  22. Really enjoyed the second book in the series as I thought the first was slow This one entailed them making their way across the forest to the Lost Peoples home site It was Em, Kane, his two brothers, his mother and Father Andre, and her new friend Matisa, Isi and Nishwa The secret that has secured peace for Matisa s people has been comprised how to prevent the bleed sickness Newcomers many dangerous are venturing out to claim new land Em and her crew come across many and disaster ensues spoiler [...]

  23. Almost 4 stars I was wondering where the author will take the story after ripping off Village in the first book It is not a bad book Some scenes are great But overall, nothing special And there really is not that much going on Good read nevertheless and the translation is quite good.

  24. I read this quickly, as it was a quick read, and I think I liked it better thanWinterkill It did less defeating its own premise, better explained its world and surroundings, and had less lazy mysticism I liked the characters than the last time around, and, deus ex machine aside, the plot was better too It was definitely a travel quest type book, but that worked in it s favor.Also, another relationship that I m okay with where it s at I liked the character progression, and they made smart choice [...]

  25. Another awesome instalment for a young reader This book had a very different feel than the first as we part with the community and venture out into the dangerous lands Interesting plot developing with the remedy vs dominance for land I m also glad the dreams take on importance in this instalment Can t wait to see how things work out Loved the last few chapters about the thaw of spring

  26. Boorman absolutely delivered in this second novel of the Winterkill series I was immediately stressed out by the peril, imagined or imminent, facing the characters The plot moved at lightning speed, but not too fast to allow the Emmeline, as well as other key players, the chance to grow and change The alternate world history continues to fascinate I m looking forward to the third book in the series.

  27. 3.75 starsThis was a harder sequel for me to read as it had been quite a long time since I read the first book and I had forgotten some of the finer details of that book I found that this book suffered a little from lacking the mystery aspect of the first book but, having said that, I still really enjoyed reading this.Also, I really love how dark this series is for a young adult series.Definitely recommend checking this series out.

  28. I was convinced I d read this book before, right down to the confusion of French and English speakers in the settlement After checking, I hadn t read the previous book so I DNF d because it s clearly a world I ve already read about and to be honest, these characters just didn t make me care enough about them or their journey to continue in that worldC provided by publisher.

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