Pastel Orphans (2022)

[PDF] Download ☆ Pastel Orphans : by Gemma Liviero - Pastel Orphans, Pastel Orphans In s Berlin young Henrik the son of a Jewish father and Aryan mother watches the world around him crumbling people are rioting in the streets a strange yellow star begins appearing in shop win [PDF] Download ☆ Pastel Orphans : by Gemma Liviero - Pastel Orphans, Pastel Orphans In s Berlin young Henrik the son of a Jewish father and Aryan mother watches the world around him crumbling people are rioting in the streets a strange yellow star begins appearing in shop win
  • Title: Pastel Orphans
  • Author: Gemma Liviero
  • ISBN: 9781477830147
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback
Pastel Orphans
[PDF] Download ☆ Pastel Orphans : by Gemma Liviero, Pastel Orphans, Gemma Liviero, Pastel Orphans In s Berlin young Henrik the son of a Jewish father and Aryan mother watches the world around him crumbling people are rioting in the streets a strange yellow star begins appearing in shop windows and friends are forced to move or they simply disappear After his father becomes gravely ill Henrik and his little sister Greta are taken by their mother to Poland fIn s Be
  • [PDF] Download ☆ Pastel Orphans : by Gemma Liviero
    122Gemma Liviero
Pastel Orphans

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  1. I just don t know where to begin I ve read many books about the Holocaust and each time I do, it breaks my heart This is one story I couldn t put down It gives insight to the events during that era and the harrowing experiences that many suffered through I had no idea that there were children that had been kidnapped and raised by the Nazis or entered into breeding programs to create a pure Aryan race It sickens me.Although this is a work of fiction, it gives very detailed accounts and the writin [...]

  2. This was another unique story based during World War II Henrik and his younger sister, Greta, live in Germany at the beginning of the war Their father is Jewish and their mother is not Their father made the decision to become Catholic in order to marry their mother and has practiced Catholicism ever since Henrik and Greta don t even know that they are Jewish Of course, according to Hitler none of this matters When their father becomes ill, Henrik and Greta move with their mother back to Poland w [...]

  3. I read this book on my kindle Pastel Orphans takes place during the 1930s and 1940s Most of the book is set in the mid 1940s Heinrik and his Sister Greta are sent to Poland with their mother for protection The brother and sister are half Jewish on the father s side they try to set up a life with the kids mother and aunt A couple years later the girl Greta is taken by the German s.Greta is blond and has blue eyes back then kids who look Aryan are taken to eventually be paired up to have children [...]

  4. Oh Oh Oh What is going to happen as I near the end of the book Tough details to read So hard to even think of these tragic injustices towards people with Jewish backgrounds.A lot of flurry at the end Will think of this book for sometime Will recall the horrors of the time Will wonder how those rounded up, up rooted from their homes and families ever managed to endure all that they were subjected to It s no wonder so many survivors have been so reluctant to speak of these atrocities of war At th [...]

  5. This was a sobering read, as it should be It follows the life of Henrick, growing up in Germany, the son of a Jewish father and Christian mother The majority of the book is written from Henrick s point of view, but there are two other sections narrated by Rebecca and Henrick s sister Greta I learned about even Holocaust atrocities such as the Pastel Orphans that gave the book its title , and it was a worthwhile read.

  6. Not impressed.Interesting background on partisan activity in German occupied Poland, the underground network for liberating spies, saboteurs, prisoners, and Jews, the black market in stolen requisitioned goods from those sent to the camps, and the Aryan breeding program Also interesting in featuring a character who has grown up ill Beka is the first chronic kid I can think of in WWII fiction, particularly as a European.Otherwise, the characters feel cardboardy how does Riki just learn everything [...]

  7. Great Loved this book A fast interesting read Great characters True to history, but not too graphic Happy, sad and exciting.

  8. Pastel Orphans 3.5 starsI really liked the beginning of this book Henrik is a likable character and makes a great protagonist, but the author switches povs, and Rebakah, Henrik s new found friend and travel companion and soon to be first love, becomes the narrator, and her character is a lot less likable She s sick and weak and pretty much has to be carried, which makes no sense and doesn t match the initial pace set for the story, which seemed to be about children who grow into their surroundin [...]

  9. A MasterpieceUsually I don t like to read books about the Holocaust, books about war I have no idea what prompted me to buy this book as ordinarily I would have rejected it after a brief glance at the synopsis The book engaged me from the start Henrik and his family became very real to me very quickly I loved how various little vignettes helped to flesh out the characters Indeed, I loved the characters themselves as if they were truly people I had come to know and care about This story reeled me [...]

  10. I listened to this incredible story on Audible It is an excellent performance It brings forth the story of the horrific events that many families faced in having their children ripped away from them to make a better race Often times the parents and other family members where killed Though a difficult story, it is a must read I also recommend Lilac Girls and Mischling for stories on what Hitler did with children All are beautifully written

  11. Although I had promised myself not to read any Holocaust books, I m glad I made this exception I borrowed this book from the Kindle Lending Library on a whim WOW I was totally engrossed from the very beginning Told through the eyes of Henrik, a young boy who witnessed atrocities of the war and the kidnapping of his sister by German soldiers and his quest to find her I would have liked the author to continue the story further.

  12. This audible book begins in the 1930s and ends in the 1950s It is about the experience of Jews in Nazi Germany and Poland It is another one of so many books about man s inhumanity to man as well as man s humanity in inhuman situations The main characters in the book are teenagers.

  13. n 1931, in Berlin, five year old Henrik lives happily with his middle class parents, Karolin and Emmett He plays with his newborn sister, Greta However, their living conditions gradually deteriorate Emmett loses his job and becomes sick and bedridden There is less food on their table, and their housemaid is released Henrik is confused by these changes as well as other incidents, which he questions incessantly By 1939, Karolin, distressed, flees using forged papers, taking Henrik and Greta to her [...]

  14. This is an alarming, uncomfortable book with unbearable facts looming behind the fiction of two children who do not entirely escape the attention of the Nazis The kind of book a reader forgives for inconsistent writing and improbable detail, verging on maudlin but never allowed to go there The kind of book a reader will never forget.Bad timing has wiped out armies It has killed those who are too impatient, too desperate for answers, who use their hearts instead of their heads.You will always get [...]

  15. Read additional reviews girlonthemoveblog gotm readsHistorical fiction is one of my favorite genres, particularly those set in World War II because I think it is so important to humanize the events of that period And this book was excellent at doing just that I keep coming back to the quote in the book, War limits choices I think it can be easy from 80 90 years down the road to make assumptions and judgements but having not been in that situation I can t fully relate to having make the incredibl [...]

  16. I am so glad my daughter gave me this book to read What a wonderful story A tale of WWII told by children who endured the horrors.

  17. I have read a good many books during the WW2 time period.Pastel Orphans offers an interesting perspective of some of the major events that went down.Gemma Liviero creates a tense, fast paced read that is appropriately framed in the eyes of two children on the verge of growing up She focuses on their individualized stories, and in use of the classic underdog trope, makes readers root for a happy ending In spite of the likelihood of all the children making it out of the novel alive, I still hoped [...]

  18. Pastel Orphans is a truly magnificent, thought provoking and heart wrenching novel The simplistic style in which the stories of the main characters is relayed serves to captivate and horrify the reader in equal measure It is this simplicity which has the greatest effect delivering unexpected and graphically explicit horror about atrocities that are still beyond belief for the common man The style is particularly effective in its delivery of such monumental savagery and inhumanity at its most dep [...]

  19. This is an usual Holocaust novel which is primarily told in the voice of a young German boy named Henrik, who lives with his parents and little sister in Berlin during the 1930s The story begins when he is quite young and as the years pass we start learning how the tensions and restrictions of the Nazis are being felt throughout Henrik s neighborhood We learn that Henrik s dad is Jewish but had converted to Catholicism in order to marry Henrik s mother Of course none of that matters to Hitler an [...]

  20. Thanks to Net Galley Lake Union publishing for the ARC of this book It truly deserves 4 stars Henrik is a jew during the war, his family have to flea Berlin to live with his aunt leaving his sick Jewish father behind His sister Greta is kidnapped by the Germans due to her blonde blue eyed looks His mother suffers a stroke and is heart broken at the loss of her daughter.Henrik leaves his mother aunt putting his own life at risk to try and find her sister Travelling through the forests is dangerou [...]

  21. I feel bad being in the minority on this one, but it was just a bad read for me It took me 9 days to finish this book, because I just had no interest in returning to the story It was written simply, which made sense in the beginning, but even as a teen Henrik s language didn t advance much There were parts of the story, especially at the beginning, that were extremely interesting but the middle just dragged on and on They traveled through that forest seemingly endlessly, with not much happening [...]

  22. I enjoyed Pastel Orphans very much It was a well written, well paced tale that was very compelling from page one Pastel Orphans author, Gemma Riviero, displays a talent for writing characters that the reader can embrace, root for, and empathize with every step of the way I recommend Pastel Orphans, especially to lovers of historical and WWII fiction Though it is a tale that is at its core not about WWII, but rather about people, about fortitude, belief, perseverance, and the bonds of love and fa [...]

  23. The horrors of WW11I really liked the story It was written simple but to the point Adolf Hitler, I hope, was the worst serial killer of the 20th century It fails me to understand how a paper hanging idiot like this could ever even be anything other than a bad joke I liked the story because I ve known of other young Jews, couples, that made it out of Germany s occupied territory Everyone is a gut wrenching horror story Not too many have happy endings I know a lot of this upset me because I am a J [...]

  24. Voices of youthA German teenager whose little sister is stolen to populate the Aryan race, a Jewish girl who meets and follows him on his quest to rescue his sister, and finally his sister all have voices in this novel This is not a novel of happy ever afters WWII, by its nature, didn t have fairytale endings Well written, engaging perspective of young people caught up in the ugliness of twisted adult ideology.

  25. This was story was a really powerful story about a half German half Jewish family being divided because of WWII I really enjoyed Henrik s point of view which was about half the book, I kinda wish it had stayed with his POV but I understand the need to switch it Henrik has some of the best character developments I ve ever read All in all, great read for anyone cause it isn t too explicitly violent or gory but still makes you feel for the characters and circumstance.

  26. Many families must separate to try to survive in 1930 s Berlin Henrik, his mother and little sister, Greta, are forced to leave their papa behind Changing from Solomon to Klaus paying much for new identities to remove all trace Soon the family is torn apart even further and Henrik finds himself on a mission One of many ere is something about that boy It is the need to save many for not saving one unimaginable heartache, despair and courage, woven into 346 pages.

  27. Excellent historical fiction takes place between Berlin and Poland during Adolph Hitler s rise to power, and through WWII This is a coming of age novel that follows a young boy and his family as they face losses of friends and family members, mature, adapt to a different way of life, and survive Suitable for adult and young adult readers Highly recommended.

  28. I would give this 4.3 stars I loved that it was split into different points of view Each character got a chance to tell their side of the story I appreciated the detail of the war and the lack of detail at the same time The author did a great job at telling their stories without gruesome details.

  29. I read this novel some time ago and somehow I had totally overlooked leaving a review I have read some excellent novels similar to this book, but this one in my view, is the best A story that I shall read again one day.Received in exchange for an honest review.

  30. I thought this was well written and I cared a lot about Henrik and really was rooting for him If anything I found myself wanting a little at timesa little explanation, a little time spent resolving a scenario, etc Overall, I really enjoyed this book.

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