Executive Privilege (2022)

Free Download Executive Privilege - by Phillip Margolin - Executive Privilege, Executive Privilege Private detective Dana Cutler receives a seemingly routine assignment to follow a young girl working on a challenger s campaign against the incumbent U S president To Cutler s shock she witnesses a r Free Download Executive Privilege - by Phillip Margolin - Executive Privilege, Executive Privilege Private detective Dana Cutler receives a seemingly routine assignment to follow a young girl working on a challenger s campaign against the incumbent U S president To Cutler s shock she witnesses a r
  • Title: Executive Privilege
  • Author: Phillip Margolin
  • ISBN: 9780061236211
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Hardcover
Executive Privilege
Free Download Executive Privilege - by Phillip Margolin, Executive Privilege, Phillip Margolin, Executive Privilege Private detective Dana Cutler receives a seemingly routine assignment to follow a young girl working on a challenger s campaign against the incumbent U S president To Cutler s shock she witnesses a rendezvous between the young woman and the president The next morning the woman s mutilated body is discovered and Cutler is suddenly a suspect How can she prove her innocPrivate d
  • Free Download Executive Privilege - by Phillip Margolin
    301Phillip Margolin
Executive Privilege

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  1. Executive Privilege is what some would call an airport novel or, a little less kind, a potboiler Before you take that as a criticism, let me comment that there is a important need for potboilers Man can not live on Pynchon alone Sometime we need to escape into a world where good and bad is tightly defined, the sex is sleazy, and everything is wrapped up in a neat if ridiculously implausible package.Phillip Margolin writes really good airport novels While Thomas Pynchon need not worry about his r [...]

  2. It s not a bad book, it just wasn t for me I don t care for the style of writing there s far to much telling instead of showing I don t want a three paragraph backstory interrupting the action every time we meet a new character There were too many point of view characters to really identify with anyone The plot held no surprises You immediately know who the good guys are, who the bad guys are, and the story just sort of plays out without anyone facing any real challenges I never once felt a sens [...]

  3. First of the series with Brad Miller and Dana Cutler Thoroughly enjoyed this novel Good introduction of characters, nice plot line that keeps you guessing and plenty of action A real page turner The story starts out as a young college student is murdered and is mutilated like a victim of a notorious serial killer Dana Cutler an ex cop turned private eye has been hired by an unnamed client to follow the young woman when she tracks her to a private home that has high security she starts taking pic [...]

  4. I ll admit that after finishing this work I was scratching my head It wasn t the mystery element of the book the cause this condition instead, I was perplexed at how the author managed to make an interesting concept into a pretty boring mystery book.Now I won t brag that I m a great intellect nor did I expect a tour de force novel But I figured out who dunit in the first quarter of the book so the only real remaining suspense was how the author was going to pad the book for the balance of the re [...]

  5. Truy n hay, c c ng c t nh li k , nh ng c i k t ch a c ho nh tr ng cho l m N u c s ch, m nh ch c v n s c ti p Dana Cutler.M t v i review m nh v a c ph b nh c ch vi t c a t c gi , c ch t c gi mi u t nh n v t Th c s l m nh kh ng n m y c i chi ti t , ho c c th d ch gi ho n th nh qu t t nhi m v c a m nh M nh c cu n n y trong t nh tr ng v t v ng, ng i n m tr n xe su t 20 ti ng ng h , r i c n t trong t nh tr ng 3h s ng d y kh ng ng l i c, n n review c v h i m t m i.

  6. This was a great book, the blood and gore precluded me from giving it five stars The pace is terrific Characters are a little shallow The author keeps you guessing until the surprise ending.

  7. The President of the United States is linked to the murders of two young women by a junior lawyer and a private detective, triggering a race against time as ruthless elements connected to the president attempt to destroy evidence and the Good Guys attempt to find it and bring the killer to justice.As other GoodReaders have noted, this is an airport novel twist and turn y enough to keep your attention, but not so complicated that it ever risks confusing the reader I d be happy to give it three st [...]

  8. A fast paced and easy read The set up of the story was what I appreciated the most Three separate protagonists all working a portion of a case that comes together in a number of disturbing ways Dana Cutler, Brad Miller and Keith Evans, hard nosed PI, junior lawyer and seasoned FBI Agent respectively, each become heavily and dangerously involved in the bringing down of a philandering US President None of them knew each other and yet worked together to solve a complex set of crimes The perpetrator [...]

  9. Very strange I couldn t get into this book despite all the action It just didn t grab me There was just something about it that struck me asI don t know pedestrian maybe But here s the strange thing, one quarter of the way into a book that s not grabbing me, I pick up Hostage Zero by John Gilstrap and am hooked almost right from the start even though both are from the same genre, political thriller action story However, while HZ started off with the discovery of a kidnapped boy and a prison brea [...]

  10. I m not a published author so I don t like writing terrible reviews, but this is a book review site after all I see that only eight people have given this book one star I m going to be the ninth There is a lot of telling and not showing in the writing Never have I read a book and been so distracted by the writing that I started trying to figure out how it could have been written better My prose has never been that great, but this book should give aspiring writers everywhere hope that one day the [...]

  11. Um This book is hard to figure out I love the creativity and the main plot idea behind this book PLUS, I got it free on my Kindle Whoo hoo However, it was one of the most poorly written books, in terms of style, I have ever read It was almost painful to read Ugh I was interested in the book and wanted to finish it, but the plot twists seemed obvious, and the style was on a 7th grade level Gross.Mrs Horton, you read this one right I am curious what you thought about the style.

  12. Blech twist ending seen from the very beginning Flashback at the beginning of the book never supported Bad characterization All of this makes for a poorly written book Margolin you are off the list.

  13. Executive Privilege Audiobook Unabridged I listened to the audio book edition of Executive Privilege by Philip Margolin on a long car ride what a great murder mystery For me, much of the credit goes to narrator Jonathan Davis because I figured out who the murderer is right during the event I am purposely not saying which one no spoilers Still, Davis terrific voice kept me hooked.To Margolin s credit, his plot makes absolute sense From the moment when I began to suspect who the real killer is I w [...]

  14. I don t know why it took me so long to finally read this book but it was definitely what I was in the mood for A private investigator is the subcontractor on a case She doesn t know the name of the client, but the job is easy if dull Follow a young woman and report her every move It s easy until the young woman is found murdered and the PI looks at her pictures long enough to realize the young woman was with the POTUS Suddenly, people in uniforms want her dead, too Meanwhile, at a law firm acros [...]

  15. I read about 70 minutes straight to finish this book What would you do if you knew the President of the United States was involved in murder Keep it quiet Or go after truth and justice, in which case there would be no safe place to be, since the President does have an awful lot of power It s a scary premise I hope is only fiction This story alternates between the President s sleazy loyalists and a small time lawyer out in Oregon looking into the disturbing facts of another murder case The two pl [...]

  16. Although I m not the largest fan of legal thrillers, Phillip Margolin has always managed to grab my attention I became hooked when I read Sleeping Beauty 2004 which, despite the various negative reviews I ve read on it, was actually very, very suspenseful and unpredictable.Executive Privilege features scandal in the White House in which young girls turn up dead after having relations with the President of the United States When tough girl, private investigator Dana Cutler witnesses a secret meet [...]

  17. This book is super exciting and definitely a page turner, or in my case, next disc please I enjoyed it so much I listened to it a second time before returning it to the library This is the kind of book that would make an awesome movie only we all know it would be mutilated since books are always better than the movies Dana Cutler is an ex cop turned PI after a horrible personal experience Dana is hired by a DC attorney to tail Charlotte Walsh, a teenage campaign volunteer and college student wit [...]

  18. Dana Cutler, a former cop turned private eye, is asked to follow a young college student After taking pictures of her at a farmhouse and being chased by armed guards the college student is killed by a serial killer Later Dana is amazed when her pictures showed the college student met with the President Meanwhile, across the country, Brad Miller, a young associate at a Oregon law firm is handling the appeal of a serial killer who is adamant about the one murder he didn t commit It is the murder o [...]

  19. I m not a mystery fan, certainly not a legal mystery fan And I don t consider Phillip Margolin a dazzling writer or stylist, like Scott Turow, say But he is a master storyteller, and not a waster of words The sense of story traction is instantaneous, the characters are sharply drawn, sympathetic or despicable, as needed and the legal expertise obvious But best of all is the sense of an intricate, skilfully engineered and complex plot, with information revealed or concealed carefully by the story [...]

  20. A nicely plotted novel, no doubt A woman PI is the main protagonist who does all sorts wired things once she uncovers that the president might be involved in murder of a teenager Story moves on to another teenager s murder by apparently a serial killer Guess who is the real murderer A young lawyer uncovers the truth about second murder and stumbles upon a third murder The president does things that, for me, fails the plausibility test.Lot of action, as CIA agents etc try to wipe the murder trail [...]

  21. I really like the writings of Phillip Margolin, but he dropped the ball with this book It has to do with the President of the US, who is a horndog and his secret service men covering for him There are a series of murders which may or may not be tied indirectly to the president This was all very interesting except that he kills the book by not keeping up the suspense as the killer is caught.

  22. Altogether ridiculously far fetched Don t bother though, if you re stranded and it s the only book available, and you get started, you will want to find out what the hell happens to these wholly implausible people in a wholly implausible situation.

  23. This was a great beach read It kept my interest start to finish As a matter of fact, it was a real page turner for me Even though I figured things out a good while before the ending, the author did a great job of making me want to see how he would work things out Definitely worth my time.

  24. Although I m a big fan of Phillip Margolin s books, I was disappointed in this one The characters were interesting, but the premise was so unrealistic I felt let down

  25. Absolutely fabulous from beginning to end One of his best works by far This is an excellent suspense thriller 10 of 10 stars

  26. Not sure why I have not read this author before I enjoyed the story and the tenacity of Dana I will continue on in the series 4 stars

  27. What starts out as a simple surveillance job leads to one conspiracy after another All roads lead to the white house.

  28. 2.5This book was a mediocre rendition of a legal thriller involving the POTUS The premise was interestingybe, but the execution was lackluster First of all, the POTUS is a complete asshole Which I guess is fine, I mean, maybe most politicians are, but seriously This guy is really on the top tier of douche baggery It made me less inclined to want to continue to hear about his exploits He also flips back and forth from trying to sound powerful and manly to being a whiny little baby who isn t getti [...]

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