Her Lucky Cowboy (2022)

Unlimited Her Lucky Cowboy - by Jennifer Ryan - Her Lucky Cowboy, Her Lucky Cowboy Everything s bigger in Big Sky country including the hearts of the Montana MenChampion rodeo rider Dane Bowden is eight seconds from winning under the Vegas lights one last hurrah before reluctantly Unlimited Her Lucky Cowboy - by Jennifer Ryan - Her Lucky Cowboy, Her Lucky Cowboy Everything s bigger in Big Sky country including the hearts of the Montana MenChampion rodeo rider Dane Bowden is eight seconds from winning under the Vegas lights one last hurrah before reluctantly
  • Title: Her Lucky Cowboy
  • Author: Jennifer Ryan
  • ISBN: 9780062334954
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Book
Her Lucky Cowboy
Unlimited Her Lucky Cowboy - by Jennifer Ryan, Her Lucky Cowboy, Jennifer Ryan, Her Lucky Cowboy Everything s bigger in Big Sky country including the hearts of the Montana MenChampion rodeo rider Dane Bowden is eight seconds from winning under the Vegas lights one last hurrah before reluctantly returning to his family s Montana ranch But his bull has other plans When Dane wakes up he s sure he s died and gone to heaven because the doctor who comes to hisEverything s bigger
  • Unlimited Her Lucky Cowboy - by Jennifer Ryan
    141Jennifer Ryan
Her Lucky Cowboy

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  1. 3.5 stars Audiobook review Bell is a saint for turning out how she did with two of the most poisonous and evil people as her kin I m genuinely surprised she wasn t messed up but rather a well adjusted adult The circumstances under which she grew up were atrocious and inhumane It goes to show that caring for a child is much than making sure they don t starve Her connection with Dane was sweet and tender The growth in the sexy Cowboys is quite staggering I enjoyed the change in Bell as well, part [...]

  2. Her Lucky Cowboy was a heartfelt and moving home town ranch story.Dane, the youngest and last of the Bowden brothers, was gored by a bull and has permanent damage to his leg The night of that tragic accident, Dane was saved by a young doctor who happened to be in the rodeo crowd Bell was the unwanted, bastard child of a successful man His mother raised her in a home filled with bitterness and hate, hidden away from everyone Her upbringing left her isolated but Bell still managed to make somethin [...]

  3. Coffee Dates with Her Lucky CowboyFirst Date We take a trip back in time to a moment where Dane Bowden and Bell briefly meet as young teens That meeting influenced each of them differently Fast forward to present day at the Championship Rodeo in Vegas where Dane has has the best ride of his life and wins When dismounting something goes terribly wrong He wakes briefly to see the same girl who saved his life years ago Ooo so many things happen on this first date and I am hooked I love sweet talkin [...]

  4. Wow Ryan wrote an amazing emotional read that had me in tears and looking forward to a fantastic ending She did not disappoint with this I loved the beginning when it starts out where Bell saves Dane for the first time when he was 15 and fell off his horse Then jumps into present day where she saves his life after getting hurt during a Vegas bull riding show I really felt for Bell and the way she grew up Her father was married and had a daughter when he had an affair and the result was Bell Her [...]

  5. Her Lucky Cowboy whoa I think I might be the lucky one, to have gotten my hot, little hands on this book I ve enjoyed the other Montana Men, but Dane is officially my favorite as I suspected he might be from the start.Years ago, Dane Bowden was saved by an angel a beautiful girl that disappeared without a trace At the end of his championship rodeo career, Dane suffers an accident that leaves him prone and staring into the same blue eyes that saved him a decade earlier Dr Bell has experienced muc [...]

  6. I very much loved the series, I liked how Dane was careful and patient with bell He always tried to bring her out of her lonely life it was cute Dane and Bell together were great, glad they got their HEA and even an adoptive daughter Can t wait for those kendrick men

  7. This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceSummary Dane Bowden, is a champion rodeo rider, and has worked hard to win his last rodeo ride But after reaching the eight seconds, he is injured from the bull who attacks him and crushes his leg, the doctor who saves his leg and his life is the same girl who saved his life years ago but disappeared and was unable to find her until now Bell has always admired Dane, ever since she saved him and felt his sweet smile and gentle touch,but knew [...]

  8. Jennifer s Ryan s Montana Men series has gotten some really great reviews I have some friends who really love this series, and this book in particular Unfortunately, Her Lucky Cowboy is really not a good fit for me.I should say that there are some really great things about Her Luck Cowboy I really love and appreciate that the hero of the story, Dane, is not a jerk He s a nice guy, albeit one who has enjoyed fooling around with a lot of women But Dane does respect women, he just wasn t interested [...]

  9. Dane and Bell I bought this with another of her books that I hated But I thought since I had it I should listen I ended up really enjoying it It s like it wasn t written by the same person.Kind of Bones and Booth story Bell is a genius with a horrible childhood who grew up to become a applauded surgeon in her mid 20 s She really does come across as super smart, and not just cause the author said so She s cool and collected and short on social skills because of her horribly sheltered upbringing D [...]

  10. I really liked the premise of this, so I was eager to see how it played out I loved Bell and Dane as characters They re so different from it each other, but it really works I enjoyed seeing them teach each other things There were a few sweet moments that left me wanting scenes of their relationship growing My main complaint is that there was a lot going on and things progressed quickly In less than one month, they start dating, there s an accident, then a death, then they move in, then even sh [...]

  11. Too much drama, too much cheesy goody toe shoes behavior I couldnt really connect with the MCs This one is not for me Also did the author really have to go there with Kaley Im just saying if she was gonna kill off her parents and Dane was such a good friend why couldnt they just adopt Everything was resolved in a roundabout and kind of ridiculous not to mention unrealistic way that it all left a bad taste in my mouth.

  12. I decided not to finish this one, at least for now It was a bit misleading when I read an article about this one I thought there was a secret baby child between the hero and heroine of this book, but turns out the heroine is the secret baby child Not the type of secret baby child I like to read It was just going slow for me.

  13. I have zero complaints ZERO I really liked this story, it was exactly what I needed to read right now A sweet and sexy romance with a smidgen of suspense Probably wouldn t consider it a favorite like most of my five star reads, but definitely worthy of the rating.

  14. Posted on What I m ReadingWhat an emotional ringer Her Lucky Cowboy happen to be When I started to read this I didn t expected to be an emotional wrecking ball Yes, Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball popped in my head Rough doesn t begin to describe what I went through as I read through the story A lot of it stems from Bell s backstory Oh my, I don t know if we could give an even tragic backstory Basically, she s the bastard daughter of Dr Warwick, who made a mistake when he younger Too prideful to admi [...]

  15. Review also posted on My Book SnackJennifer Ryan has captured my heart with another Bowden brother The Montana Men series has become one of my favorite series this year, and I couldn t wait for Dane Bowden s story to be told As expected, Jennifer Ryan did not disappoint me in Her Lucky Cowboy I ll give you one warning you ll need plenty of tissues Dane Bowden was 15 when he had a brief and unforgettable encounter with an angel Now, he s trying to win his final rodeo championship before he takes [...]

  16. Sometimes all you need is one person to see you for who you really are to know you re loved Jennifer RyanHe held his arm up, stared at the blue feather tattoo, and remembered it all Then and now An angel watched over him Dane about Bell Maybe all I m looking for is what you re looking for Someone to see me Dane to Bell He couldn t get her off his mind She stayed there like a ghost haunting his thoughts Just when he thought of other things, she popped up and became a part of them Like coming home [...]

  17. I really wanted to like this than I did It started out pretty great, but there were a few things that bugged me a lot Another reviewer mentioned that it felt like Bell just felt sorry for herself without doing anything to improve her situation, and I agree There was a lot of telling us how special and different and alone Bell was without actually showing it happening The other issue I had with this was the vaguely uncomfortable misogyny throughout the book Let me be clear Dane, the hero, isn t [...]

  18. Wow I finished this book late at night and I couldn t go to sleep afterwards I was so emotionally bankrupt that I was physically affected by the story.Don t get me wrong, this is a beautiful love story and what I expect from the lovely author There was just so much heartache and sorrow that I spent most of the book in tears I tend to get overly emotional with certain content but other readers may not feel the way I do And that is completely okay Certain aspects of the book wrenched my heart on a [...]

  19. I ll give this one a 3.5 It was my first time reading this author, and while it didn t blow me away, there was a lot to like about this book I particularly liked the heroine, though she did frustrate me at times I liked how she handled herself and the hero Her character really evolved over the course of the book Growing from a solitary figure to one open and comfortable with social interactions and love I was a little meh on the hero, though, I did feel the connection that they had They are bo [...]

  20. An awesome read.I really liked the character of Bell, she had a really crappy family and childhood but grows up to be smart and caring without really knowing how to trust or love.In enters one hot sexy cowboy named Dane, her next door neighbor, who helps her learn to believe and trust Years ago she saved his life and left him believing in an angel He keeps searching for his angel and ends up with a bunch of blond bimbos instead.Having saved his life again she will find that he is going to hold o [...]

  21. I fell in love with Dane Bowden in this latest installment of Jennifer Ryan s Montana Men series This story is full of romance, suspense and family Once I started reading it I couldn t put it down Dane is such a great lovable hero, and Bell is a truly likable heroine and their chemistry is undeniable Jennifer Ryan s Montana Men series is not to be missed if you are a fan of a great cowboy romance All of the Montana Men novels can stand alone, but if you love a great fictional family, I recommend [...]

  22. Damn I adore Jennifer Ryan s hard loving cowboys and Dane is way up on the list of favorites This is a fantastic story of a young woman who finds herself the center of attention in one cowboy s life For someone who has never really had anyone in her life who truly loves her Bell is a bit overwhelmed especially when that cowboy has a reputation like Dane Bowden s Dane is persistent though and treats her with kindness, caring, and love Just made my heart go awwwww I definitely recommend this one.

  23. Gostei muito Com algumas partes mais descritivas, mas com uma historia muito emotiva e que nos faz lembrar sempre que a familia quando unida move montanhas Uma historia com personagens que nos fazem acreditar que o amor e a confian a s o o que temos de melhor em n s.

  24. I loved this book so much I didn t like the others as much, but this one really was great It pulled at your heartstrings, left you sad at the outcome of certain situations and overjoyed with how things turned out in the end I laughed, I cried, I sighed, I wanted to punch people a book that gets your emotions involved is a great one, in y opinion Dane is competing to win the PBR Bull Riding Championship and he does it, but not before being critically injured by the bull he s riding Dr Bell is wat [...]

  25. It doesn t take us long in Her Lucky Cowboy to learn that our heroine Bell is heroic, a brilliant doctor and deeply if secretly in love with our hero Dane Bowen youngest brother of the Bowen clan featured in the first two Montana Men books Dane s tattoo reveals that despite his hedonistic lifestyle Bell has been his literal dream woman since their brief encounter when he was fifteen Let me start out by stating I loved this book I loved Bell, I loved Dane and his close knit family The story moves [...]

  26. I got this in a book box.I really liked this, despite some of Bell s story being quite over the top It hooked me from the prologue, where they meet as kids, and she rescues him then disappears.When they next meet, she is a doctor and saves him again Now that Dane had met his goal, he took a good look at his life and how he wants the next step to go as he takes over the family ranch He realized that he needs Bell, and he has to change his ways He does so with gusto.Bell had it rough growing up, t [...]

  27. Niemand hat sich je f r irgendwas, das ich gemacht habe, interessiert.Der gefragte Profi Bullenreiter Dane Bowden hat ein gro es Ziel nur noch diesen einen Weltmeisterschafts Ritt gewinnen, das enorme Preisgeld einsacken und dann die Familien Ranch in Montana bernehmen Alles l uft nach Plan, doch nur Sekunden sp ter wird Dane schwer verletzt Als er wieder zu sich kommt, sieht er direkt an seinem Krankenbett die Frau wieder, die er seit ber zehn Jahren nicht mehr aus dem Kopf bekommt Die Frau, di [...]

  28. These two were destined to meet again Dane was the young man that captured Bell s heart years ago riding along the prairie free Bell was the angel that swooped in and helped him when he thought he would die She has been in his heart for years He sees her again thinking that maybe he was dreaming After being critically injured, Bell will be the saving grace for his life and his future The two go through much growth together and individually Dane has the loving, caring come together family Bell ha [...]

  29. Listening to this wonderful story was a great way to spend today It was interesting, has terrific characters and a strong community feel Excellent addition to the MT Men series.

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