Always (2022)

[PDF] Always | by ç Suzanne Halliday - Always, Always Meet Stephanie Bennett The one time beauty queen and widowed mother of Tori St John arrives at the Marquez Villa to be with her feisty daughter and husband Draegyn as they count down the days to the [PDF] Always | by ç Suzanne Halliday - Always, Always Meet Stephanie Bennett The one time beauty queen and widowed mother of Tori St John arrives at the Marquez Villa to be with her feisty daughter and husband Draegyn as they count down the days to the
  • Title: Always
  • Author: Suzanne Halliday
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Kindle Edition
[PDF] Always | by ç Suzanne Halliday, Always, Suzanne Halliday, Always Meet Stephanie Bennett The one time beauty queen and widowed mother of Tori St John arrives at the Marquez Villa to be with her feisty daughter and husband Draegyn as they count down the days to the arrival of their first child It all seemed so simple Arizona would be a nice change of pace from Stephanie s life in Atlanta And then she meets Calder Dane Alex s down toMeet Stephanie Bennett
  • [PDF] Always | by ç Suzanne Halliday
    174Suzanne Halliday

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  1. this was much a f k fest for Alex and Meghan than anything else A the pregnancy story for Tori and Drae There was not much Stephanie and Calder There was just too much going on in this book It was too long, with too many storylines I found my self skipping the sex scenes, along with others, just to power through.

  2. Sorta confusedThis was supposed to be the Stephanie and Calder story wrapped through the birth of Draegyn and Tori s baby Instead I felt like it was Meghan and Alex s sex life on display literally The stable story was hysterical as was the corresponding Christmas follow up I had to read it to my husband due to the look on his face because I was laughing so hard And, I was laughing so hard I could barely read it But, enough already Scene after scene in every possible location all day, and night T [...]

  3. This book was a great one to read as it wraps things up with the Justice Brothers I loved being able to see all of them happy and acting like the family they are with lots of love and ribbing.The addition of Calder and Stephanie brought about some interesting turns I loved how Meghan and Alex turned matchmaker, how Drae learned what a real mother was and how Tori dealt with seeing her mother as a woman interested in a man Like all the other Justice men Calder messed things up, but in the end he [...]

  4. Mixed feelingsThe back cover claimed this was about Tori s mother and Alex s uncle s relationship About 3 chapters collectively were about them The rest of the book was about the 3 couples mostly screwing and the delivery of a baby Oh maybe 3 paragraphs about Brody to set the book for him It was well written and flowed I enjoyed reading it but felt shorted because it was the story I expected.

  5. I really struggled with this book, it didn t feel like the same series it was supposed to be Calder and Stephanie s story but it did feel like it was with all the other things going on

  6. I literally cannot get enough of Suzanne Halliday s books Each and every one of them has blown me away, and I have absolutely loved them all I first fell in love with her Justice Brothers when I read Broken Justice With Fixing Justice and Redeeming Justice I just continued to fall head over heels in love with each of these dynamic characters I cannot get enough of their highly engaging and wholly unique selves Each and every one of them adds to the amazing picture that is the Justice Brothers Th [...]

  7. This book did not disappoint It had all of the wonderful family dynamics I loved all the characters Alex and Megan, Drae and Tori, and the addition of Stephanie and Calder I love families and the addition of baby Daniel was great I was amazed at how Ms Halliday could make everything that occurred seem so special The ending was perfect I have read all the Justice books and I am looking forward to Family Justice I can see a lot of additions to the happy family I wish everyone could have a family [...]

  8. ReviewI like this series it s a stress free romp through and interesting bunch of characters all of them likeable and fun I shall read on with pleasure.

  9. I like the characters but there were a lot of side storied going on probably because it s set around the holidays so it made it a bit hard to stay focused.

  10. Always tells a new story within the Family Justice, this time we get to know Stephanie Tori s mother and Calder Alex s Uncle Stephanie is a brave woman who took over life as best as she could for her and Tori after losing the love of her life Calder is a successful, intelligent, good man They are captivated by each other, but too afraid to embrace their feelings.In Always, we can also follow the lives from the 3 Justice Brothers couples For me, the main highlight was Tori s pregnancy I loved Dra [...]

  11. A continuation of the Justice Brothers saga, after Redeeming Justice A few new characters have been introduced and life is moving on One brother is about to become a dad, one is already a dad and one is about to marry For the way these three began, this is an amazing metamorphosis There are complications, of course, as well as a defining moment that leads the principals of Justice Brothers, Inc to an interesting conclusion.Part of the change involves Alex s notion to bring his uncle Calder in to [...]

  12. Camaraderie Family Justiceoh my what a bunch of incredible people, love their extended family blood wise or heart wise.Once you make it into the Justice s circle, you were theirs foreverThey ll have your back no matter what.The Justice brothers with their wives and little familes showed everyone that no matter what goes on in your past, it doesn t define you.Love how even Tori s mom and Alex s uncle found happiness with each other while their stayed with the Justice family Victoria had a challen [...]

  13. Wow.I really loved the Justice Brothers booksSuzanne just has a way of writing that s so real God, this book especially made me laugh so hard sometimes.Her characters are people I will not soon forget.This book picks up with the Justice family living their lives in Arizona at the Justice compound From there it s all about all the characters , and another sweet story about Tori s mom and Alex s uncle Calder For me that story could have been better but the rest of it was great.These stories can be [...]

  14. Holy Alpha Males This book was fabulous I love all of the Justice Brothers and I loved having them all in one book with tidbits to how their futures were playing out This is the first book in the Family Justice Series and along with all the characters we already love we get to meet some new ones, which you will love just as much In this book we get to meet Tori s mom, Stephanie Bennett, and Alex s uncle, Calder Dane, let s just say it s true when they say some things do get better with age and k [...]

  15. I loved this book It offered glimpses of each of the Justice Brothers and brought about a sense of completion to Tori and Drae s whirlwind relationship Each new story from Suzanne is like visiting with old friends over coffee You know some major and minor events have taken place in your absence You just need a little catching up to get you up to speed My heart melted with Stephanie s Tori s Mom and Calder s Alex s Uncle storyline Finally, a mature love story Yes, the younger generation has their [...]

  16. Loved this book I always read series books and pray for glimpses of the previous lives I became a voter to Seldom do I get such an excellent look into the lives of characters that I enjoyed, but this book does that and Thank you Ms Halliday , this book was a true breath of fresh air ams I enjoyed it tremendously The entire series has been a joy to read I have read all 4 book in the last 2 days putting off everything that a busy mom is supposed to do so I could enjoy the stories Can t wait to re [...]

  17. Love the Justice FamilyFrom the beginning I ve loved the Justice Family series Great stories with fully flushed characters Having grown up military and marrying military, I appreciate the real life aspects Ms Halliday brings to her characters, their lives, and especially their interactions I run the gamut of emotions with her stories, from tears to laughing out loud This latest edition to the series is no exception It was great catching up with the Justice Family and to welcome the newest member [...]

  18. Spectacular Loved reading this book and catching up on everyone So many thrilling things happened as well as sad things Don t like it one bit when Drae and Cam got hurt The justice family have come along great, even Stephanie and Calder It s nice to read about finding love in your 50 s Thank you so much Stephanie for your justice books, looking forward to sexy stories about the ones who are still single for now

  19. Loved this book I love the Justice brothers an their significant others It was nice to read about all of them and the things happening in their lives I really enjoyed the Stephanie Calder storyline I am in my late 40 s and even though I enjoy reading the love stories of these younger characters, it is nice to sometimes get a story of people in my age range This book gave me that with Stephanie Calder I am certainly hoping there will be Family Justice books to come

  20. The perfect ending of the Justice Brothers and the beginning of Family Justice Suzanne writes a beautiful story of these men who became a family of 3, then a family of 6 with wives And now, we have a new beginning I can t wait for the story continue Make sure you read the Justice Brothers first I am so glad I found this author

  21. Cute ReadLove these stories not only do we get to hear about a new couple but we get to catch up on the older ones Stephanie is Tori s mom who cones to help our worth the new baby that s due Calder is Alex s uncle who has been brought in to help out at the guys since they ve all got other things going on.

  22. I loved this book The series is great.The Bonus Material at the end was so cute I hope to get to read about the wedding and to see Brody and Parker get their HEA.And of course we have to her about Zeus and Raven5 Stars A must read series you will love it

  23. love and lust blossoms in the justice family but a troubled pregnancy nearly undies them all ends happily baby born healthy if a couple of weeks early love blooms for the grandmother of the new arrival as well but not without a few thorns along the way.

  24. Family is everythingThis ongoing series is definitely a must read if you want heart warming and loving characters who are devoted to family This series grows with each successive story.

  25. Love the Justice familyIt was wonderful getting caught up with the Justice brothers The addition of Stephanie and Calder was genius Since it said Justice family book one I m hoping for to come.

  26. Great novellaSo enjoyed these characters life after HEA and then Stephanie and Calder gets theirs This author has become an automatic buy for me Hope to see from her new series soon.

  27. Great bookLoved this book Such a great continuation from the other books Loved the characters and their story line Great author.

  28. GreatThis book was freaking awesome Great addition to the Justice family Basically getting caught up with the Justice crew I hope there is another book soon

  29. Too much Alex Meaghn Loved having of the other characters Calder Stephanie were great would have liked of them.

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