William Shakespeare's The Clone Army Attacketh (2022)

William Shakespeare's The Clone Army Attacketh Best Download || [Ian Doescher] - William Shakespeare's The Clone Army Attacketh, William Shakespeare s The Clone Army Attacketh To Shmi or not to Shmi The curtain rises on yeoman Jedi Anakin Skywalker a man torn between duty to his Masters attraction to Padm and concern for his beloved mother Shmi His choices will determi William Shakespeare's The Clone Army Attacketh Best Download || [Ian Doescher] - William Shakespeare's The Clone Army Attacketh, William Shakespeare s The Clone Army Attacketh To Shmi or not to Shmi The curtain rises on yeoman Jedi Anakin Skywalker a man torn between duty to his Masters attraction to Padm and concern for his beloved mother Shmi His choices will determi
  • Title: William Shakespeare's The Clone Army Attacketh
  • Author: Ian Doescher
  • ISBN: 9781594748073
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Hardcover
William Shakespeare's The Clone Army Attacketh
William Shakespeare's The Clone Army Attacketh Best Download || [Ian Doescher], William Shakespeare's The Clone Army Attacketh, Ian Doescher, William Shakespeare s The Clone Army Attacketh To Shmi or not to Shmi The curtain rises on yeoman Jedi Anakin Skywalker a man torn between duty to his Masters attraction to Padm and concern for his beloved mother Shmi His choices will determine not just his own destiny but that of the entire Republic An thereby hangs a tale Out damned Fett A noble lady in danger A knight and squire in battl The Complete Works of William Shakespeare William Shakespeare Plays, Poems, Biography, Quotes, Facts William Shakespeare Quotes, Plays Wife Biography About William Shakespeare Academy of American Poets Shakespeare Online Short Biography William Shakespeare Biography Online What are William Shakespeare s contributions to English Watch William Shakespeare s Romeo Juliet Full movie Coriolanus William Shakespeare s Family ThoughtCo
  • William Shakespeare's The Clone Army Attacketh Best Download || [Ian Doescher]
    366Ian Doescher
William Shakespeare's The Clone Army Attacketh

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  1. I honestly don t like Attack of the Clones any better than Phantom Menace, so it s hardly surprising that this one wasn t any of a hit for me than the previous play Possibly less so, because so much of this movie is about the terribly written romance between Anakin and Padme Doescher can only work with what he s given, after all.

  2. Iskreno ovde je sama osnova vec tolko dosadna da cak ni Sekspir spin ne moze da poboljsa puna stvai Gosn Doser se stvarno potrudio i ima odlicnih scena borba protiv cudovista u areni ali jednostavno nemoze se tu nesto puno odraditi.

  3. The closer we become, the I ache,To be sans you would steal my very breath Basically, this is an intergalactic version of Romeo and Juliet.Doescher did an amazing job, I liked The Clone Army Attacketh a lot than The Phantom of Menace I hope it will be a crescendo with the next books, too

  4. 3 starsThe adventure continues Followers of my blog will know I ve been knee deep in the William Shakespeare s Star Wars series for well over a year now As a true Star Wars fan and lover of words, I cannot resist William Shakespeare s The Clone Army Attacketh brings another fun, funny, and insightful installment to the series, accompanied by the beautiful illustrations fans are already familiar with.The movie Attack of the Clones has been pretty much second to last in my order of preference of t [...]

  5. There, worthy friends, the play ends with the two lovers, Anakin and Padme married on the Lake House of Naboo, a happy image Before revenge is taken by the Sith This is my favorite play written by Ian Doescher on the SW saga There were so many added elements that were not in the prequels that makes this a ton better than Lucas original work For one, there is dimension to the characters and dialogue and the two mystery Jedi from Phantom Menace appear, discussing not only the future of the galax [...]

  6. I truly hate to give this three stars, so let me disclose that it was for the crappy storyline rather than the prose Apologies, Ian Doescher It s not you, it s George Lucas You did what you could with what you were given Though Anakin and Padme s sappy nonsense actually works pretty well as a Shakespearean tragedy cough cough Romeo and Juliet I m also hoping that Doescher gets a hold of The Force Awakens Make it happen

  7. Although this is my least favorite of the Star Wars movies, Ian Doescher definitely made it his own and increased my enjoyment of the story

  8. I have a complicated relationship with Episodes 1 through 3 While I love all things Star Wars, I try to pretend that these movies did not happen I mean, they ruined my crush on Hayden Christensen And then there s Jar JarWhat I do love are the other books in this series, so I finally decided I had to buy the ones that correspond with those episodes that shall not be named I ve been reading this one in small chunks while supervising high school students at lunch, so it has taken me way too long to [...]

  9. Even with all this awesomeness, Padme and Anakin are still obnoxious I m not sure it s possible to make them NOT awful Here s a little tip read the afterword first, because there s a little tidbit about Taun We that will make that part so much entertaining to read, and there are no spoilers in it assuming you already know the movie plot I enjoyed this one for the same reasons as the others humor, satire, great characters, and a fun story told in the only way that can make it better through the [...]

  10. I enjoyed this episode, for the usual reasons Star Wars Shakespeare , but not as much as the other four he s done I did appreciate it after reading the author s notes at the end I suggest starting there, actually I was also amused when the three animals in the arena had lines.

  11. Loved it Very original take on a very overdone story My boyfriend absolutely loves Star Wars so I gave him the copy of the book as a gift and he absolutely loved it as well

  12. In 2002 Attack of the Clones came out in theaters I was six So, yet again, I m pretty sure that I didn t go see it in theaters What six year old could sit still long enough through that movie Plus, all the fighting and complex plot line Nope I might have been a precocious child, but even I couldn t have been able to do it Also, I distinctly remember around that age watching one of the Lord of the Rings movies and spending my whole time on my dad s lap with my face buried into his chest Maybe tha [...]

  13. I won a copy of this book through First Reads.As a long time Star Wars fan, an English major, and an armchair enthusiast of the Bard, Doescher s adaptations of the Star Wars screenplays have been irresistible since I first saw Verily, A New Hope in my local library last year Like the other Shakespeare Star Wars books I ve read, The Clone Army Attacketh was a enjoyable, funny and short read I really enjoyed the interactions between Anakin and Obi Wan Plus R2 D2 s comments are always worth the rea [...]

  14. Took a while to finish this one, but not because it s any worse than the others I think it s possible I needed a bit of time to let the novelty freshen up again After reading 4 other Shakespearean Star Wars adaptations the gimmick can feel familiar, but the reality is that what Ian Doescher has done with these books is nothing short of incredible Each volume is complex and detailed than the last, and I can t imagine how he wrote these all so quickly I may take a little break before reading the [...]

  15. Probably my least favorite of these so far It was a huge improvement on the actual dialogue from the movie, but there s just sadly no way to make Padme marrying Anakin make sense The illustrations were especially great in this one Padme s outfits are fairly Elizabethan inspired to begin with, so it worked really well.

  16. Doescher s use of Shakespearean themes and literary elements makes even the droll plot of The Clone Wars appear engaging The love between Anakin and Padme is better fleshed out in iambicpentameter than on screen and everything clicka into place.

  17. I won this through good reads giveaways as soon as I got it I dove in and started reading This is such a witty book

  18. In the Afterword, Ian Doescher says I hope you had as much geeky fun reading this book as I had geeky fun writing it.Well, Ian I did.As both a huge Shakespeare fan and an equally huge Star Wars fan, I had two potential outcomes in mind for this book it could either be the best thing ever or it would be the worst thing ever I am very pleased to say it was the former in fact, it surpassed my expectations I expected it to be a lark translating non Shakespearean stuff into Shakespearean language is [...]

  19. Another successful retelling in this series, though I have to admit that it starts off somewhat weak Part of this is the fault of the source material, as Attack of the Clones and the prequels in general are a mixed bag at best when it comes to dialogue The early scenes with Anakin are a chore to get through because even shifting it into flowery verse does not help his voice very much It s only after he begins spending significant time with Padme that things smooth over and become much interesti [...]

  20. Finished this at work today, flew through it just like the others I have to say out of the 4 so far that I ve read I read the original trilogy in order ANH, ESB, ROTJ , but couldn t find TPM, and only found this one on bargain at BAM, so I picked it up 2.47 , this is probably my least favorite Which isn t really a knock on the writer but or less it s a knock on what he had to work with.Attack of the Clones is probably the worst and my least favorite of the SW movies out of all 8 currently out , [...]

  21. I thoroughly enjoyed this book I did not think I would like the Shakespearean verse with Star Wars because I can be a Shakespeare purist But I totally got into this I loved any time Padme and Anakin were talking together The screen play of this movie was already laughable with Lucas dialogue, that the Shakepeare just hightened it I laughed out loud many times For instance, when Anakin looses his hand, he mourns How shall I hold my Padme s hand in mine, how shall I stroke her hair of the softest [...]

  22. I studied Shakespeare A LOT while I was still learning at least 6 plays overall, some in excruciating detail and funnily enough I usually enjoyed them once you got past the archaic language However since entering the real world I ve not read a single one as with poetry I always feel I m missing something if I don t analyse it And who wants to do that when you re reading for pleasure Not me This was probably the perfect marriage between Shakespeare s style and my preferred leisure tastes You can [...]

  23. This installment in this series is fine I may have enjoyed it and even rated it higher if it wasn t for my abject disinterest in the actual story of The Attack of the Clones mainly the relationship between Anakin Padme which seems to be half the plot in Episode 2 Plus, this being the 5th entry in the series some of the novelty has worn off e.g the asides of R2 or JarJar not that I m going to stop reading them.I did appreciate most the author s voices of the creatures in arena Ackley, Reke and N [...]

  24. You know, I think this version of the Episode Two might actually surpass the film As with the previous book, Jar Jar is made a complex and enjoyable character Beyond this point, the love story between Anakin and Padm we refreshingly well done I suppose it helped that I imagined this version being better acted in regards to the role of Anakin I suppose that s part of the magic of books.

  25. The Clone Army Attacketh by Ian Doescher is the second book in a series that tells the Star Wars saga inspired by William Shakespeare This book is based on the second episode, Attack of the Clones This book was just as fun as the first, adding lots of interesting things that weren t in the movie, but still fit anyway.

  26. The layering of Shakespearean tropes and Doescher s own Easter eggs with each additional volume to this series is, if possible, delightful and impressive each time His wordplay off of the clones idea with Jango Fett s and the Kaminoans dialogue is particularly enjoyable.

  27. Shakespearovsk p epis druh epizody Star Wars se op t velmi povedl Jedin m omezen m byla p edloha Epizodu II pova uji za nejslab l nek Lucasovy s gy, i tak ov em stoj za to a to sam plat i o t hle asn hrav a z bavn kn ce.

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