One Plus One (2022)

[PDF] Download ☆ One Plus One : by Jojo Moyes - One Plus One, One Plus One One single mom One chaotic family One quirky stranger One irresistible love story from the New York Times bestselling author of Me Before You American audiences have fallen in love with Jojo Moyes Eve [PDF] Download ☆ One Plus One : by Jojo Moyes - One Plus One, One Plus One One single mom One chaotic family One quirky stranger One irresistible love story from the New York Times bestselling author of Me Before You American audiences have fallen in love with Jojo Moyes Eve
  • Title: One Plus One
  • Author: Jojo Moyes
  • ISBN: 9780143127505
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback
One Plus One
[PDF] Download ☆ One Plus One : by Jojo Moyes, One Plus One, Jojo Moyes, One Plus One One single mom One chaotic family One quirky stranger One irresistible love story from the New York Times bestselling author of Me Before You American audiences have fallen in love with Jojo Moyes Ever since she debuted Stateside she has captivated readers and reviewers alike and hit the New York Times bestseller list with the word of mouth sensation Me Before You One single mom One
  • [PDF] Download ☆ One Plus One : by Jojo Moyes
    248Jojo Moyes
One Plus One

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  1. I read this a while ago and now reviews are starting to pop up everywhere I thought I d add mine.I feel I should begin this review with an apology to Diane Chamberlain Whenever I m asked who my favourite author is I name her, as she never fails to delight and presses all my buttons with her lovely romantic family dramas Well I m sorry Diane, I m not dumping you, honest I m not, its just that Jojo Moyes is my flavour of the month at the moment and looks to be taking top spot for some time yet, I [...]

  2. I am not a stranger to what it means to live by making ends meet, to just have enough before the next payday comes and sometimes, just sometimes, I feel bad that I couldn t get the ones I love than what they need But to a single mom like Jessica or Jess, to be rich simply means to be able to stay at home, read books and just be with your family without having to worry about the money all the bloody time which kind of made me feel like a douche because the story made me realize that I AM rich I [...]

  3. 4 starsI never expected to laugh so much reading this Even though plotwise it was slow moving it never really felt like it because the humour kept the story going What I liked most about this was how realistic and normal these people were.This is woman s fiction family type book than romance Had there been a touch romance it would have been perfect Loved all the characters Great writing Great humour Really enjoyed it

  4. One Plus One was just soooo good It was a well rounded story with romance, quirky humor, heartache, and sadness all rolled into one gorgeous story Jess Thomas has been struggling the last two years since her husband, Marty suffered a bought of depression and moved back with his mother Financially she barely makes ends meet, even working two jobs Add to that, her teenage son, Nicky is bullied constantly for being different apparently goth by schoolmates They ve gone to the authorities and school [...]

  5. One Plus One is another wonderful standalone novel written by the amazing Jojo Moyes I adored the characters in this noveleven the K 9 one they all had their quirks but it works for this particular family The events that take place in this story are funny, inspiring, as well as heartbreaking, and the message of perseverance is repeated over and over I found myself quickly engaged in the storyline and invested in every character I don t want to spoil anything about the story itself, so I ll sum u [...]

  6. BUMP FOR RELEASE DAY 7 1Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum First massive props to the good people over at NetGalley for giving me this ARC Things could have reached an uncomfortable level of multi requesting had you turned me down, but you didn t so Now, let s get on with the show Jess life is not easy She s raising not only her 10 year old daughter Tanzie, but also her teenage stepson Nicky Her husband split two years ago and hasn t sent a dime to help support the kids Now Jess works two [...]

  7. You know, you spend your whole life feeling like you don t quite fit in anywhere And then you walk into a room one day, whether it s at university or an office or some kind of club, and you just go, Ah There they are And suddenly you feel at home Aw, I really enjoyed reading this book I don t know what exactly did I expect but it kind of surprised me the characters were very interesting and the whole story was quite perky at times but still serious The storyline is not that complicated or over t [...]

  8. A little of what you fancy does you good and this is exactly what I felt while reading One Plus One by JoJo Moyes.The story is is basically an unconventional romance story and I don t normally do romance or chick lit novels but I think JoJo Moyes manages to bring a series edge to to her plots and her books are far thought provoking than most romance novels Having read and really enjoyed Me Before YouI thought it was time for another novel by JoJo and I choose One Plus One in audio format as a r [...]

  9. This novel for me is like,reading the Attachments all over again because it did give me the same,exact reaction after reading this.Yeah,you d think it was slow and boring but I guess real good novels starts like this in the first few chapters.n t you think so So anyway,this is a story of an unusual,bizarre family where in Jessica JESS Rae Thomas,an amazing woman and a single parent and also the head of the family,because her husband left her two years ago leaving their two children to her one is [...]

  10. 5 YOLO stars This is only my second book by Jojo Moyes, and she managed again to pull on all of my heartstrings I adored the characters in this book, including the big slobbery dog The book is told through 4 different perspectives,Jess Single mom trying to raise her ten year old daughter and teen stepson while working two low paying jobs to make ends meet.Ed High tech business man who has recently landed himself in self induced legal hot water.Tanzie Ten year old math prodigy.Nicky Withdrawn tee [...]

  11. One Plus One was pure Hallmark or was it Disney with several fucks thrown in to try to pretend it was hip instead of drip One Plus One equals 2 boring.When I was reading this, I wanted to smoke a cigarette and drink, neither of which I do The book is just so mundane, someone needs to rebel, spice things up, and it might as well be me Don t get me wrong This book is fine The plot is fine The dialog is fine Everything is fine But fine only goes so far Can something be too heartwarming At one point [...]

  12. I was so disappointed I like JoJo Moyes It was hard to believe this book was written by her It s very predictable and quite unbelieveable It s not even funny in the parts I m guessing it s suppose to beSorry, I put it down in the middle, it wasn t worth finishing.

  13. Despu s de varias lecturas algo Flojitas leer uno m s uno ha sido incre bleCon decir que me lo terminado de leer en dos d as,lo digo todo Una historia con problemas reales,personajes incre bles y que cada uno tiene algo que aportar.Es f cil de leer,cada personaje cuenta uns parte de la historia desde su punto de vista y eso me ha gustado.Te r es,te emocionas,te cabreas,tiene de todo esta historia As que poco m s de que decir,me ha encantado

  14. 3.5 StarsI am such a fan of Me Before You that I naturally started this book with pretty high expectations So the question is, Did this book live up to my expectations I have struggled with this question not only while I was reading but for some time after I finished this book.Up until around the 15% mark of this book, I kind of had trouble following the story It seemed to jump around to different character s POV before I could grasp an understanding of what was going on This became a bit distra [...]

  15. Popular romance, in whatever media it may come, is often an expression of a frivolous or silly social mythology, and a value judgement on the social mythology is likely to be relevant to criticism than a value judgment on the literary merit Northrop Frye, The Secular ScriptureOr as as the novelist George Elliot in the Westminster Review essay Silly Novels by Lady Novelists 1856 so daintily described it as a genus with many species , including the frothy, prosy , pious, and pedantic, and condemn [...]

  16. I absolutely loved this book I d give it 10 stars if I could JoJo Moyes book, Me Before You , is one of my favorite novels I read a couple of her other books and didn t like them I didn t expect much from this book just assuming Me Before You was a fluke Boy was I wrong It s a lighter read then Me Before You but it is wonderful in its own right This was such a great story with wonderful characters I laughed and I cried and I didn t want to put it down.

  17. One Plus One is the latest fun, romantic story by Jojo Moyes For those unfamiliar with her insanely popular Me Before You, please remove yourself from the rock in which you are living under Now, please One Plus One follows the romance novel schtick where opposites attract That s no secret It s expected and hoped for It s why women like me swoon over romance novels We all think that our Knight in shining armour is out there, even if we aren t looking for them Jess isn t looking for any knight She [...]

  18. 3.5 StarsONE PLUS ONE started off a little far fetched for me with Ed, a well to do and supposedly bright software geek, giving away view spoiler insider information hide spoiler just to be rid of a bimbo he regrettably hooked up with and likewise, Jess is just as bad deciding to drive to Scotland in a junk heap limo without knowing directions or quite how to drive for that matterBUT, as I read along, I found myself laughing at all the crazy mishaps that occurred on the trip and loving Norman, t [...]

  19. Decir que esta novela es maravillosa es quedarme corta M s que una historia de amor entre dos personas, es una historia de amor entre cuatro personas tan diferentes entre s , que terminan por elegirse, por necesitarse y por amarse y que establecen un v nculo s lido y profundo.Se nota que cada personaje fue pensado y creado con mucha inteligencia y mucho amor por parte de su autora Es perfecta la evoluci n de cada uno de ellos a lo largo de la historia, en forma individual y en las relaciones ent [...]

  20. Very cute book More depth and whimsy then I was expecting if you like Little Miss Sunshine, I would check this out.

  21. Heartbreak was a luxury too costly for the single parent Jojo MoyesJojo Moyes, an international best selling British author, have spun yet another heart touching tale about a single parent and her priorities in her life, in her latest book, One Plus One They say, it s hard for a single parent to stay strong and take care of her kids, but Jojo Moyes gives a whole new definition on being a single parent in a hard life.Synopsis One single mum.With two jobs and two children, Jess Thomas does her bes [...]

  22. One Plus One is the second book I ve read by JoJo Moyes The first was Me Before You which I devoured in about 2 days and ended up blubbering like a baby That book stayed with me for several months One Plus One did not pull me in immediately like Me Before You did It took a few false starts and a few chapters before I finally settled in and became absorbed in the story It s a light story that is entertaining and rather moving in places, but not heavy like Me Before You As the book opens, Ed Nicho [...]

  23. A Jojo Moyes est seriamente a tornar se numa das minhas autoras preferidas e foram 5 estrelas muito f ceis de dar, este livro tem todos os ingredientes que aprecio numa hist ria.Ao ler este livro andei numa verdadeira montanha russa de emo es, eu ri, eu chorei, eu senti raiva, dio e sorri muito de orelha a orelha.A autora trouxe me para mim uma protagonista perfeita, acho que todos n s somos capazes de conhecer uma mulher como Jess, m e solteira e guerreira, que se mata a trabalhar para sustenta [...]

  24. One Plus Oneby Jojo Moyes Three and 1 2 StarsThis is a cute, light, enjoyable read It does NOT come anywhere close to packing the same punch as Me Before You which has to be one of the most unique, creative and insightful books I ve ever read I do recommend this book, but be warned, it is filled to the brim with every other rom com cliche you can think of Two people from opposite worlds with nothing in common get stuck in a cramped car on a harrowing road trip He is wealthy but an unlikely, nerd [...]

  25. Struggle for lifeJess arm en Ed rijk wiens levens elkaar kruisen, weten beide vanuit een uitzichtloze situatie hun leven weer op te pakken en inhoud te geven Heerlijke feel good roman Jess die moet handelen met een nare ex, de zorg voor twee pubers, financieel de eindjes aan elkaar knopend versus Ed die het zakelijk goed gaat, een niet zo slimme, zakelijke fout begaatmen de road trip maken met twee pubers en een enorme hond op de achterbankik heb genoten

  26. quick summaryJess Thomas is a 27 year old single mother raising two children Tanzie, a 10 year old math prodigy and Nick, her teenaged stepson Dad s moved on Tanzie has an opportunity to attend a special school but money is an object Ed Nicholls is a wealthy tech whiz who s in big trouble, facing possible insider trading charges for inadvertently trying to help out a friend Jess and Ed s paths cross as he tries to help her get Tanzie to a big math contest with a monetary award to the winner what [...]

  27. My first book by this author, and I enjoyed it A little predictable, but sometimes a little predictability isn t a bad thing.

  28. Story rating 5 StarsAudio rating 5 StarsOverall rating 5 StarsI ve read this book two months ago and it still stays in my thoughts Not in a way this book broke my heart, and I m still picking up pieces , but in a way this book made me happy and put a smile on my face.One Plus One is the most lighthearted and funniest book by Jojo Moyes I ve read so far It reminded me of Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty in that sense that Jojo Moyes manages to tell us about sad, depressing things in such light, [...]

  29. What can I say I simply fall in love with Jojo Moyes writing and her characters I can feel the tension between them almost as though I m sitting in the backseat, watching this story play out.This latest tells the story of Jessica Rae Thomas, a single mom, working 2 jobs trying to stay afloat and barely succeeding at all but not without giving it her best shot and having relentless optimism Her modern family consists of her stepson, Nicky who struggles with bullies and guy liner, and her daughter [...]

  30. It s ages since I read this one, and I m so thrilled people are now posting reviews because I was bursting to tell you about it Every now and then, a book comes along that is so absolutely perfect that it stops you in your tracks and you think you ll never read anything so perfect ever again This is one of those books If you thought Jojo Moyes Me Before You might have been that book and I thought the same about Last Letter From Your Lover you were wrong This is that book.The story line is relati [...]

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