The Snow Garden (2022)

Unlimited The Snow Garden - by ChristopherRice James Daniels - The Snow Garden, The Snow Garden A shocking death exposes dangerous forces of seduction obsession and vengeance lurking beneath the idyllic surface of a prestigious New England university It is than just the late November weather t Unlimited The Snow Garden - by ChristopherRice James Daniels - The Snow Garden, The Snow Garden A shocking death exposes dangerous forces of seduction obsession and vengeance lurking beneath the idyllic surface of a prestigious New England university It is than just the late November weather t
  • Title: The Snow Garden
  • Author: ChristopherRice James Daniels
  • ISBN: 9781477826652
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback
The Snow Garden
Unlimited The Snow Garden - by ChristopherRice James Daniels, The Snow Garden, ChristopherRice James Daniels, The Snow Garden A shocking death exposes dangerous forces of seduction obsession and vengeance lurking beneath the idyllic surface of a prestigious New England university It is than just the late November weather that has cast a chill over the campus of Atherton University When the wife of respected professor Eric Eberman is killed in a tragic accident his secret student lover RA shocking deat
  • Unlimited The Snow Garden - by ChristopherRice James Daniels
    188ChristopherRice James Daniels
The Snow Garden

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  1. The Snow Garden is a fast paced mystery thriller with plenty of intrigue and suspense The various twists and turns throughout the novel made for a wild ride to the finish Excellent character development and harsh dose of reality infused into the characters as well This novel will astound you in parts with its multi faceted layers of secrets and deceptions Christopher Rice manages to perfectly capture the monotony and experiences that come with being a college student He delves into the innermost [...]

  2. I want Christopher Rice to be better than he is And really, from what I ve read of his trashy bestsellers, he knows how to crank out a page turner And this is dirty, trashy fun It s ridiculous and melodramatic, but in an unintentional sort of a way And so I gladly demolished it in the space of a couple of days, but in full knowledge that it wasn t really very good at all These characters are all a little too damaged and broken underneath their Prada and sunglasses to be legitimate people, which [...]

  3. Net Galley book for review First off, I liked the story line about an HIV infected person running around on a college campus Second thing, I find some of the things that happened in this book a little too far fetched I just don t understand why Rice tries so hard in his books This one was just overly written to the point I was just glad when it came to an end.

  4. Young Rice is the progeny of vampire slash witch slash everythinggoth chronicler Anne Rice While I am impressed he is not treading the same mucky, overblown ground his mother turns into 4000 page books, I am still not a fan.There is an excellent premise here, though A professor s wife dies of a car accident while he s sleeping with one of his students There are some nice curves, also The wife s car crashes into the same river a young girl drowned in when the professor was a student And the profe [...]

  5. 2.35 A big let down, sad to say There was definitely the skeleton of a good story here, even after a faltering start, but it was buried beneath something like a fat suit unnecessary and increasingly unbelievable layers of melodramatic villains, subplots, and twists The result was a messy glob of pure silliness And derivative silliness, to boot I mean, come on An inane sex cult A mad sculptor on steroids who does a poor imitation of Vincent Price in The House of Wax The list goes on secrets and d [...]

  6. Of his three works of dark fiction thus far, The Snow Garden is Christopher Rice s best Full of twists and turns, this mystery is gripping and addictive, and it s just so delightfully twisted.

  7. This is my second Christopher Rice novel They were both okay Not great but not bad either Both books had a few different plots going all at once and it got confusing with so many characters going every which direction Now that I m finished with The Snow Garden I still can t say I m 100% sure wtf just happened I m left with a few questions that may or may not have been answered during the overwhelming last few chapters I was barely able to keep up with all that was happening and being revealed Bu [...]

  8. Son of author Anne Rice, I had high hopes for this book But, it was a struggle to get through This book is kind of dirty, trashy nonsense Another reviewer said, It s ridiculous and melodramatic, but in an unintentional sort of a way These mostly gay characters are all a little too damaged and broken underneath their Prada and sunglasses to be legitimate people, which would be totally okay if this was a satire But it s not That s a pretty clear depiction set on a college campus, these 18 19 year [...]

  9. So, remember in my blog post about the J.D Robb mystery I ve been reading over several trips to the bookstore, rather than buying it, in which I said that her books are almost completely plot and character driven not in those words , but not literary in style Well, read this book and you ll immediately see what I mean Like the Robb mysteries, this book has a strong plot and distinctive characters, but the tone, the writing, the use of language rise above common mystery novels to be modern litera [...]

  10. I think my actual rating is closer to 2.5 stars, but I did really enjoy some parts of this book so I am rounding up to three Also, I ve been really harsh with my ratings this year maybe it s my mood or maybe I m just choosing the wrong books, who knows, but I ve really been nit picking everything as I read So, knowing this I am giving the benefit of a doubt with three stars.The novel is a murder mystery, of sorts, that takes place amongst the privileged but tormented youth of an Ivy League colle [...]

  11. I really have some mixed feelings about this book I am a fan of Rice and enjoyed all the books I have read by him so far, but this book left me with some sense of dissatisfaction.Here are some of the things I liked about the book Interesting plot element of surprise I could never have foreseen or expected the ending or some of the twists in the plotline and some interesting characters mainly Dr Eric Eberman and Jesse It really is a shame that both did not receive the development they deserved, e [...]

  12. I thought about giving this two stars before I explained it to my roommate Then we both realized One star.House of Wax Major trauma Badly developed mystery Stupid characters Everyone is gay or traumatized or both Fine, whatever In real life, that can happen, sure But in your insular little book It s like yaoi In yaoi, everyone is pretty much gay And, to boot, EVERYONE is traumatized or idiotic Plot elements make no freakin sense They are introduced in the beginning and then left dangling so the [...]

  13. I m hurriedly reading Rice s books to determine whether or not to attend a function at which he ll be speaking It s a great excuse to try to read all of someone s books at one quick go to which I m grateful he only has five so far.This book is an improvement over Rice s first book the writing isn t as clunky as some parts of Density , the characters less in number but finely drawn across the board The book is mix of genres, though, with the first half being a detailed psychological mystery with [...]

  14. There is little doubt that Christopher Rice has a vivid imagination and a knack for telling a gripping story He is unfortunately not a very good writer The first forty pages or so of The Snow Garden are particularly clunky Rice, perhaps too preoccupied with creating a sense of suspense, is cryptic than anything in those pages After that he somehow manages to relax into his story and things improve a lot, although we are still regularly confronted with shockingly clumsy turns of phrase thoughout [...]

  15. I have to confess that this is technically a re read for me, although I read it so long ago that I no longer remembered anything that happened Only that it was about a group of college students from Atherton This was the first book I ever read by Christopher Rice back in the day, and though the events of the novel were fuzzy, I remembered adoring it Then I read The Vines, and OMG what a train wreck of a novel So when I saw CR s earlier novels on NetGalley, I had to grab them to see if I still lo [...]

  16. Before reading this story, I had never heard of Christopher Rice I can t say I loved this book but I ve decided to give one of his other novels a try Concerning this novel, I found myself wondering what the ultimate intention was with this story Though the story touched on many topics, it lacked real depth in any one of them As such, this story was about little than entertainment The storyline seemed untethered to any real end goal, drifting along in a mildly entertaining dirty, day time soap k [...]

  17. Oh, I had high hopes for this book, since I enjoyed his first so much And it started out promisingly enough with strong characters and interesting dynamics between them For almost 200 pages I was absorbed, curious, excited, engaged, trying to figure out how it was all going to pan out, rooting for certain characters it was good.Then the cult showed up and people started revealing their weirdness, and it really just got too improbably weird for me If Rice had kept away from all the murder stuff a [...]

  18. Overwritten and unintentionally campy murder mystery set on a northeastern university campus Has qualities of a YA novel overwrought emotion, 18 year old protags fun of sex and drugs coupled with disapproving attitude Slow all the way through with an over the top ending that reveals all kinds of implausible, if not impossible, surprises The story focuses on gay prostitute and college student Randall Stone and his best friend Kathryn Parker Randall s involvement with an older married professor su [...]

  19. I liked this book The part about the guy on campus intentionally going around spreading HIV is like a nightmare fantasy cautionary ghost story myth.The part I didn t like so much was the over the top ending when the college roommate disappears and then spoiler alert his body ends up encased in a wax sculpture in some ultra rich psycho s living room I was unable to suspend my belief that far The living room is lush and luxurious and the only thing that my interior decorator friend remembered abou [...]

  20. This was my second time reading it see A Density of Souls review This is not as monumental as his first, but a great read still I would say that I was a little disappointed that it lacked the depth of his first, but books cannot be systematically wonderful The discoveries that you make along the way though are awesome, but if I was to suggest one of his works to get someone into his writing it would definitely be A Density of Souls I think what let me down was the ending, it didn t have the shoc [...]

  21. At 37% in I asked what the hell was going on I just finished the book and I still don t know I think it went on way too long and had a lot of unnecessary information I also think it could have been about half the size it actually was Lots of art history stuff that bored me I also think that there were too many characters to keep track of and honestly, it was pretty predictable I will give this author another shot as I have another one of his books but I didn t enjoy the book at all.I received th [...]

  22. The concept of the book Many subplots flailing around, some of them not very interesting, vying for attention although I believe that they were all resolved, or less.The writing Rice relies on too much explanation Apparently, his writing isn t deft enough to reveal the thoughts and motives of the characters without packaging everything for the reader The payoff Urban gothic horror and violence and a little sex Pretty silly.

  23. Christopher Rice is the master of the UNANTICIPATED plot twist I can truly say that every time the story changed directions, I didnt see it coming, and I found that extremely refreshing And he has great ability to create characters that make you feelum, wellenthusiastic, lets say I love the way he builds dramatic tension.

  24. Fantastic read the plot has a lot of twists and turns to keep the reader guessing I will choose Christopher Rice over Anne any day.

  25. I really was very disappointed in this book, it had a good premise but I found it very overwritten and just draggy.

  26. Utter trash, made worse by the assumption on the part of the author that everyone is likely to be shocked by stuff that s not very shocking.

  27. Wish he would have stuck with the original endingThere are twists and turns in this novel spanning decades and loves The build up is great, with some deviations along the way One thing that really is captured is the pliable nature of incoming freshmen in college and the bravado and how it can be subverted What the books fails at is trying to do too much, which is shown with the ending that was changed If this was edited down instead of allowed to meander, this would be an excellent work For now [...]

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