Murder on the Edge (2022)

[PDF] Murder on the Edge | by ✓ Bruce Beckham - Murder on the Edge, Murder on the Edge WHEN a man is found strangled by a climbing rope beneath the Lake District s notorious Sharp Edge it is assumed he is the victim of a tragic accident But Detective Inspector Skelgill suspects otherwi [PDF] Murder on the Edge | by ✓ Bruce Beckham - Murder on the Edge, Murder on the Edge WHEN a man is found strangled by a climbing rope beneath the Lake District s notorious Sharp Edge it is assumed he is the victim of a tragic accident But Detective Inspector Skelgill suspects otherwi
  • Title: Murder on the Edge
  • Author: Bruce Beckham
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Murder on the Edge
[PDF] Murder on the Edge | by ✓ Bruce Beckham, Murder on the Edge, Bruce Beckham, Murder on the Edge WHEN a man is found strangled by a climbing rope beneath the Lake District s notorious Sharp Edge it is assumed he is the victim of a tragic accident But Detective Inspector Skelgill suspects otherwise and his fears are borne out when a second corpse is discovered close to Striding Edge Soon it appears that a ritualistic serial killer stalks Cumbria s fells As the bodWHEN a ma
  • [PDF] Murder on the Edge | by ✓ Bruce Beckham
    474Bruce Beckham
Murder on the Edge

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  1. This is the second in the series I have read Inspector Skelgill is an interesting guy There is dialect used that I m not used to I like DS Leyton and DS Jones Skelgill kind of does things on his own sometimes which can put him in a sticky situation This series is good and the books can be read as stand alone but I think reading the series you get to know the characters Enjoyable murder mystery.

  2. I m really glad one of my GoodReads friends put me on to this series There s to like with each book This one surrounds the discovery of some strangled men who ve been left in odd places just off of hiking paths and who seem to have no connection to one another The investigation seems to be going nowhere Each piece of evidence seems isolated to only one of the victims Skelgill and company work the case with a sense of growing frustration and the threat of having the case taken away from them if [...]

  3. The book was difficult for me to read with the local dialect that kept distracting me from the story I believe the book was well written but not my style I won the book in a giveaway.

  4. Takes place in and around the Lake District in northern England with some crossover into Scotland A slow read for me because of the dialects and terminology of the region I m glad that this was in book form and not a movie because I would not have know what they were saying Even if I heard the word, knowing what it meant was another thing Such terms as tarns, fells, and sentences like Blimey, Guv it don t half pen it s enough to put you off your Becks and Posh Say what But the main character, In [...]

  5. This is the third book I ve read in the series and it has all the ingredients I liked in the previous two novels The lead characters are likeable, the plot is good, and, it s an enjoyable read overall The problems I had with the previous ones are back too the process of detection and the back story of the killings could have been detailed The description of the Lake district with its fells and tarns and other attractions is so vivid that I don t think I ll need any guide book if I were to visit [...]

  6. The Lake District in England, a sight to behold was tarnished with the presence of a body, a climber s rope wrapped around the neck, Detective Inspector Danny Skelgill knew this area well and he was on the case Barely arriving on the scene near Sharp Edge, he realized this was not a climber s accident, clearly a murder Suspicion intensified when a second body was found near Striding Edge, very similar, publicly displayed, what was the connection and who was the murderer.Immediately, it was appar [...]

  7. To start with, I would like to say that this time it took me longer to finish this Skelgill adventure if we can use that word, but it was worth it In the beginning I was a bit annoyed by the somewhat lengthy descriptions not only of the surroundings That I actually love of the British countryside but also their attitudes and movements be prepared for Brit langue here and there Mr Beckham is amazingly good with words, there s little that goes by without being dully noted and cleared depicted and [...]

  8. Rich vocabulary Lots of British locals, lore and dialects, along with fishing and climbing, and of course lots of eating Skelgill is a veritable garbage disposal with a hyperactive metabolism Definitely for Brits or Anglophiles, and for advanced readers.The characters are very well defined in this entry in the series, but the author departs from the police procedural form and shows us the killers and victims before the police get there, which I didn t enjoy much, to be honest And the plot and re [...]

  9. This story is set in the British Lakes district and one of the most interesting things is the use of the different dialects to help define the characters It is not over done but it is fun to pick up a local word every so often The most interesting feature, besides the plot and investigation, was the use of the present tense by the narrator The narrator is no longer omnipotent because happening as the reader reads The narrator becomes like stage directions giving possibilities for motivation of [...]

  10. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Detective Inspector Danny Skelgill investigates a series of climbing accidents that turn out to be homicides The victims appear not to have any obvious connection, at least that can be found The bucolic, quirky Inspector Skelgill must find murderer before people are killed.In all fairness, I have to say, this was a difficult book to get into First, I am completely unfamiliar with the geography of the setting, and the book ofte [...]

  11. I want Wonderful, sparse prose you won t find a lot of adjectives and adverbs in this novel Not a lot of superfluous language.If you like police procedurals tho Inspector Skelgill does not follow procedure very well I highly recommend this novel Interesting, complex story Great secondary characters Inspector Skelgill is a fisherman whose love of the outdoors is often interrupted by his work gotta love him I plan to scour the used book stores websites for Skelgill, Cleopatra, Leyton and Jones.

  12. During the last week I have been indulging myself with the novels of Bruce Beckham What a pleasure The storylines are captivating and believable, there are plenty of twists and turns, great characters and just enough information about Cumbria, weather, history and fishing to be interesting not overloading I have really enjoyed all of his Inspector Skelgill tales and now want Highly recommended reading.

  13. Excellent plotting Description of the settings is fascinating and led meTo wainwright and his walking guides I eagerly await the next book The the three main characters are well drawn and add intrigue And comic relief.

  14. Murder on the Edge is an entertaining book on two levels, firstly, it is a detective story and secondly it is, intentionally or unintentionally, a remarkably accurate travelogue The latter made it an interesting tale although a lot of the detective part was rather predictable, until the last few pages when the motive for the crimes is revealed I thought I detected shades of some other fictional detectives in the main character However all in all it is worthwhile read Recommended

  15. The plot was the only reason I slogged through this book it felt like a script for a movie, complete with instructions to the actors Also, I did not care for the main characters.If you enjoy this style of writing, you will enjoy the novels I received a free copy of this book for review purposes.

  16. Sweet SkelgillLove it Can t wait to read the next one I keep wanting to binge read the whole series, but then I know I ll be sad to see the end of the last book Write 50 , please

  17. An enjoyable police procedural An interesting story about a series of revenge murders I thought the ending was rather weak and did let down the whole story It almost as if the author decided it was time to wrap this one up.Having said that I will try some others in the series.

  18. Skelgill and Jones Another great novel by Bruce Beckham When are Jones and Skelgill going to get toghter, help us out Bruce.

  19. This murder mystery sky rockets like a fire work though not that furiously to end up in a blast that both illuminates and resounds And until then the potential is held in tight leash as effectively as it could Before the reader recovers from the resounding blast and blinding illumination he discovers that it was not just any undefinable murder It s all about a retribution theme twisted or not All these have been achieved by a conglomerate skill of exemplary details p.210,221 , description of geo [...]

  20. I received this book and will now give an honest review I love mysteries and was told this could be read as a stand alone book However, I felt like I came in on the middle of a story This made me feel like I was catching up for a bit That being said, this story is about a series of murders that seemed to have nothing in common The characters are interesting and quirky I like that This is well written and in the future, if a book is a stand alone, then the relationships need to be clearer at the [...]

  21. My first book by this author and my first meeting with the very dry humour of DI Skelgill Plenty of murders to keep him and his likeable colleagues busy in the Lake District I did enjoy this, but found it a little hard to get into which was of getting used to Skelgill s wit and personality than anything, but then I coasted along quite happily I did find the author s frequent use of overlong words at times frustrating especially when I had to get the dictionary out I will look Skellgill and co u [...]

  22. When is an apparent accident not an accident When do apparently unrelated murders emerge as totally related When there are sharp Law Enforcement unsatisfied with apparent DI Skelgill and his mates are very well developed as characters, the plot is solid and nicely twisty, descriptions are clear and easily imagined Publisher s blurb is adequate for hints, no need for spoilers A really good mystery by a master of the craft.

  23. Really loving this series set in England The I read the I like Skelgill He s fairly unapproachable at first but then he relents here and there and becomes easy going I love that he is an outdoorsman and not just tied to a desk This mystery kept me guessing and I did not see the perpetrator until almost the ending Again wonderful descriptions of the area and the book is worth reading just for that.

  24. This was an interesting book, but I wasn t a fan of the Detective Sergeants One is a female, smart as a whip, but hit on and harassed by other cops, but doesn t stand up for herself, and the other is a man, and a bit of a bumbler the story line was hard to follow at times I liked seeing the different accents and wording for the different areas of England.I received this book free through Giveaways.

  25. Murder on the Edge presents another mystery involving Detective Inspector Skelgill and his team Through Bruce Beckham s writing, we get a wonderful sense of the Lake District As well, we appreciate the challenges the Detective Inspector faces to undercover the murderer The twists and turns in the investigations keep us intrigued and challenged Thank you GoodReads for the free book.

  26. I won this book on The author s command of language is extraordinary impressive The characters are interesting and credible This is the third in the series, but the first that I have read The action is a bit slower than many mysteries thrillers, but the writing is certainly a pleasure to read.

  27. Detective Inspector Skelgill is called to an climbing accident scene to find out it was not an accident When a second corpse is discovered he realizes that this is a serial killer leaving bodies on the mountains with a rope around their necks.He is given a time schedule to solve the case or another Inspector will be put in charge.I won this book on in a giveaway.

  28. Interesting plot but too much unnecessary descriptionThis has an interesting crime plot, but there is just too much description of food, driving and walking routes slowing down the narrative.The main character is likable, but I feel that the author could have cut back on the extraneous description and made a good story better.

  29. Not as good as the first two books, but still an interesting read The three detectives are quite the trio and work well together, but I think the romantic angle between Jones and Skelgill has developed too quickly Mystery not romance should be the key.

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