A Density of Souls (2022)

A Density of Souls Best Download || [ChristopherRice James Daniels] - A Density of Souls, A Density of Souls Four childhood friends in present day New Orleans are torn apart by envy passion and a secret murder Five years ago Meredith Brandon Greg and Stephen quickly discover the fragile boundaries betw A Density of Souls Best Download || [ChristopherRice James Daniels] - A Density of Souls, A Density of Souls Four childhood friends in present day New Orleans are torn apart by envy passion and a secret murder Five years ago Meredith Brandon Greg and Stephen quickly discover the fragile boundaries betw
  • Title: A Density of Souls
  • Author: ChristopherRice James Daniels
  • ISBN: 9781477826645
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
A Density of Souls
A Density of Souls Best Download || [ChristopherRice James Daniels], A Density of Souls, ChristopherRice James Daniels, A Density of Souls Four childhood friends in present day New Orleans are torn apart by envy passion and a secret murder Five years ago Meredith Brandon Greg and Stephen quickly discover the fragile boundaries between friendship and betrayal as they enter high school and form new allegiances Meredith Brandon and Greg gain popularity while Stephen is viciously treated as an outcast Four chi
  • A Density of Souls Best Download || [ChristopherRice James Daniels]
    158ChristopherRice James Daniels
A Density of Souls

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  1. The gay and lesbian fiction genre is awash with tragically short sighted, stereotypical, and hard to get through novels about coming out, getting beat up, and either finding love or ending up dead Christopher Rice is like a lighthouse on the banks of a bleak and dismal ocean of the GLBTQ genre Rice s works are about a good story, where the character s happen to be gay not a novel solely revolving around the fact that one of the characters like sex with the same gender Destiny of Souls is Rice s [...]

  2. REVIEW A DENSITY OF SOULS by Christopher RiceI had read much comment on this book at first publication in 2002, but not the book Once I read THE HEAVENS RISE, I realized Mr Rice should be one of my always read authors, and reading his most recent novel, THE VINES, only confirmed that So I am gratified that his earlier novels are being republished, and decided to start with A DENSITY OF SOULS, his first.I found this not gory at all, but saddening For some reason, even after than six decades of l [...]

  3. 3.5The novels of Chris Rice might just become one of my guilty pleasures In spite of and because of its abundant flaws, this was a whopping good, Flannery O Connor meets Jacqueline Susann read.Daytime soaps can t hold a candle to this book Oy, the excess Multiple murders and mayhem suicide and insanity alcoholism and bulimia rape, infidelity, incest bullying, spousal abuse, and effed up families homosexuality and homophobia and rivers of tears New Orleans cemeteries jocks and cheerleaders, gay b [...]

  4. Christopher Rice loves melodrama.I had no idea before starting this that Christopher Rice is the son of Vampire author Anne Rice whose works I ve never properly ready anyway but it was interesting to see that he had followed in his mother s footsteps, minus vampire s of course What I can say about this novel is that it s okay The writing is quite good, and a picture of the town and situation is handled nicely but I felt everything got very melodramatic very quickly This is a novel that includes [...]

  5. I ve read this book twice now, which is something I rarely do It is a must read and still my favorite work of his Although I have yet to read his newest that I picked up earlier this year at a book signing in San Diego I m actually reading through his previous works to savor his new release 1st read Dec 2000I feel that I should really add to this This book has a main character who is gay, but in no means does it come of preachy in concern with that This book is about the struggles between peopl [...]

  6. Not very good at all It reminded me of the books I read when I was ten or twelve years old Christopher Pike and V.C Andrews had a love child that puked up this tripe I could barely get through the first few chapters because I kept rolling my eyes or cringing at the terrible writing Also, I understand that this is gay literature but it seems like all the men in this book are gay and boring All the various shocking truths that are revealed throughout I mostly figured out waaaaay before the author [...]

  7. From the deepest desires often come the deadliest hate SocratesExpectations I think that is always my problem when I read name authors With their fancy publishers, fancy marketing and names I expect their work to be bigger, well written, deeper And, honestly, after The Vines I had expected just because that book was better It had deeper structure, a better story line I understand Christopher s thought processes, and I honor them This time, however, I feel he is trying too hard, pushing instead [...]

  8. I remember my brother Albert bought me this book for Christmas back in 2003 or something I was living in Sacramento at the time I had a free evening one weekend and I thought I d give the book a go I started to read it and read it non stop, cover to cover I was so enthralled When I got to the last page and I had finished the book, I sat there gasping Then I through the book across the room as hard as I could I was angry Not real sure why Later that afternoon, I called Albert in Houston and I sai [...]

  9. Alright, so Christopher Rice isn t exactly the most polished of writers There were parts in this that ranged from melodramatic to downright farcical the big show down in the eye of the hurricane was so completely over the top that I read the whole thing in my mind using Ru Paul s voice And you know what I still think this is a pretty good book In an ever growing sea of at best, second rate gay fiction that floods the market between covers featuring sweaty, muscle ripped hunkies, Souls is a surpr [...]

  10. WAAAAYYY TOO MUCH GOING ON The reason for the two star rating is that the premise of the story is a really good one 4 childhood friends are torn apart in their young adult lives by cruelty, lies, secrets and murder veiled as an unfortunate tradgedy.A Density of Souls, unfortunately did not stop there There were than a dozen confusing points of view, at least half as many tragic, over the top scenarios, and melodrama than a body can stand.Seriously, homosexuality homophobia, bullying, alcoholis [...]

  11. I would have to say that I personally enjoyed this book very much It made me cry a little on my first read I think I actually fell in love with the main character, Stephen It made me mad how everyone treated him throughout the story I just wanted to go in there and slap a few people silly.The writing was very good too Christopher Rice is just as amazing and talented as his mother He definitely has his own style that can draw you in from the first pageI loved the ending I think my eyeballs popped [...]

  12. He ain t lyin with that title, ya ll This book is DENSE with souls literally.That said, this was a great read I quickly sorted out who was who and became emotionally invested This is Christopher Rice s first novel but I liked it a lot than Vines, which is the only other piece of his I ve read I know he wasn t aiming for a coming of age story set in New Orleans but that s what this is that the characters coming of age are a popular cheerleader, a bullied gay teen, and a complete fuckwad of a vil [...]

  13. From the first word to the final punctuation, this book intrigued me It legitimately enticed me to keep reading Not a single character was dull and while their motivations were often a mystery to the me as I read as I believe they were supposed to be they were never boring and were always worth my time.I can spend much time going on about this book and how it struck a chord with me, but let s focus on the simple fact that it gave me something to chew on It is often the case that books pretend to [...]

  14. I wish books these days had a synopsis on the back jacket like in the old days Because I literally bought this book for its cover The dark foreboding cover, the graveyard statue, and the title all suggested a spooky book, perfect for Halloween month Additionally the book is also missing an author page I had no idea what was getting into Had I known the author was the son of Anne Rice, it would have further tempted me to thinking spook fest.Nothing in the beginning gave me clues to the contrary b [...]

  15. This is Christopher s debut novel As with all Rice novels it is based in New Orleans But Christopher takes us on a roller coaster ride of emotions As we meet four childhood friends Meredith, Brandon, Greg and Stephen As they head to high school three become popular and one becomes and outcast that is taunted every day When two violent deaths destroy the bonds of their friendships When they are pulled back together new facts are brought to light and the deaths come to be murders Things start to f [...]

  16. After reading this book for the 5th or 6th time, I m finally ready to offer a review What Rice has done is pen a debut novel that is both compelling and entertaining He shows a voice that has his mother s flare for the poetic and evocative while also being wholly original In A Density of Souls, he creates a cast of characters that are each wonderfully original and unique It s a wonderful story about love, loss, the scars of the past, and the strength and weaknesses of childhood friendships This [...]

  17. I started to read the book A Density of Souls by Christopher Rice with no expectations I had read his book The Vines recently and I liked it, so I chose another book of his from NetGalley as well.At the beginning it s all confusing, so many different story lines, so many different characters, but as the story goes on I actually started to enjoy all those small stories that combine together a really good story and at the end it was a nail bitting and siting at edge your seat good, it was really h [...]

  18. Oy not sure where to begin here I picked this book up rather randomly from some used book shelves the price was right and did not make the author s association with Anne Rice right away but the dark theme is ultimately resonant Nor did I realize that this would be classified as gay fiction Before I realized all that I got about twenty pages into the book and was not sure it would be one that I could finisho many characters that were initially confusing and not capturing my interest But I persist [...]

  19. When reading the back cover of the book I felt immediately that this book was something I would read in a fast fury At first to be honest I was a little bit afraid that what seemed to be the general tone of the book would be too preachy and therefore too political and would draw too much away from the supposed plot but I was happy to find out I was wrong An amazing first novel by Christopher Rice, son of Anne A gripping story of 4 childhood friends torn apart by secrets, sex, alcohol, and HIGH S [...]

  20. Definitely a good read, but several issues keep me from giving it 4 stars While the story was good, it was also a bit convoluted and over the top Unfortunately, I feel that Stephen was every homosexual cliche rolled into one and was only defined through his homosexuality What does Stephen like What are his character traits I feel that Rice should have developed his character better and not only through his seemingly one defining quality, his sexual orientation I also find it hard to believe that [...]

  21. This book by Christopher Rice quickly propelled him, in my eyes, above his mother in writing style I have always been a fan of hers, but honestly, he writes so much better than her.I don t usually loan my books out, but this one, I had to get folks to read it, so I loaned it to friends, who then bought their own copy to add to their collections.

  22. What a great read This is Christopher Rice s first novel, and I loved it I will be looking at all his books now.

  23. Once I finished this book I started to think of some of the aspects of it that were just too far out there I almost gave it a 4 because of these plot points that were just so dramatic and incredible And then I remembered that I started reading this book less than 24 hours ago and did not want to put it down I read it while having breakfast and riding as a passenger in a car I read it until it was done and then read the author s own reaction to it 13 years later This was written as the first nove [...]

  24. an amazing book Christopher Rice has a wonderful gift for storytelling Yes he has good genetics for it But this story is remarkable His descriptive talent is poetic and his building of a character is amazing.

  25. As children, Meredith, Brandon, Greg, and Stephen are childhood friends Then high school happens Meredith changes into a mean girl , Brandon and Greg become star athletes, resorting to bullying to gain attention Stephen doesn t really change for Meredith, Brandon and Greg, that s a real problem because Stephen is gay Being gay makes Stephen different, it makes him a target.The parents of Meredith, Brandon, Greg, and Stephen have all got their own problems Meredith s parents marriage is failing, [...]

  26. Up to the time they entered their teens, Brandon, Greg, Stephen and Meredith were close friends, doing everything together, but that all changed as they moved on to high school when Greg and Brandon, now popular sports jocks turned on Stephen and Meredith became for a time little than a bystander In their childhood Brandon and Greg did things with Stephen they would now rather forget, Stephen however has grown to accept the very things that frightened him when he thought about other boys To mak [...]

  27. Having not yet finished reading the book when I started writing this, I can only comment on what I have realised so far The reviews for A Density Of Souls differ largely, fluctuating between 1 2 star ratings with bitter comments, and 5 star rave reviews This book is a troublesome one that covers a lot of incredibly unpleasant realities, bundling up a dozen serious experiences that happen to people everyday, and then wraps them all up in a wonderfully written if complicated story My guess is that [...]

  28. SPOILERSPOILERSPOILER OK so by the time this 270 page slim but still interminable novel ends, the author has thrown in all of the following MurderRapeChild deathIncestA nightclub bombingA gay man who has the magical ability to turn straight men gayInsanityCultsAlcoholismForced druggingAnd to top it all off A HURRICANE as its climax Yet despite Rice heaving practically every exhausting calamity he could think of against his uninteresting characters except for cannibalism which I half expected to [...]

  29. I owe Christopher an apology and I d like to make it here, publicly I d didn t read Density when it came out because of his mother I wrongly assumed she d either helped him write it or had bought the positive reviews with money or her prestige I couldn t be ashamed of myself, or have been wrong I deeply regret making an ass of myself and not reading this wonderful debut novel sooner His Big Easy upbringing is an asset and it shows A frequent traveler to New Orleans over many years, I can spot [...]

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