Death by Coffee (2022)

☆ Death by Coffee ↠ Alex Erickson - Death by Coffee, Death by Coffee When Krissy Hancock and her best friend Vicki decide to open a bookstore caf in their new town of Pine Hills they decide to call it Death by Coffee after Krissy s father s most famous mystery novel ☆ Death by Coffee ↠ Alex Erickson - Death by Coffee, Death by Coffee When Krissy Hancock and her best friend Vicki decide to open a bookstore caf in their new town of Pine Hills they decide to call it Death by Coffee after Krissy s father s most famous mystery novel
  • Title: Death by Coffee
  • Author: Alex Erickson
  • ISBN: 9781617737510
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback
Death by Coffee
☆ Death by Coffee ↠ Alex Erickson, Death by Coffee, Alex Erickson, Death by Coffee When Krissy Hancock and her best friend Vicki decide to open a bookstore caf in their new town of Pine Hills they decide to call it Death by Coffee after Krissy s father s most famous mystery novel Little do they know how well the name fits On their very first day of business Brendon Lawyer huffily takes his coffee to the grave It seems he had a severe allergy to pWhen Krissy Ha
  • ☆ Death by Coffee ↠ Alex Erickson
    126Alex Erickson
Death by Coffee

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  1. Look, it was okay in the beginning I laughed out loud with some dialogues, the characters were a hoot, the story is my cup of tea blah blah blah.Then someone died and it all went sour.Dialogues went bad, characters went stupid and the story just became boring I m not sure but maybe the intelligence and the sense of humor just died along with the murdered character.

  2. I started to read this book and found myself really disliking the main character, Krissy I kept reading, hoping this would change but it didn t I found that I disliked how she stuck her nose in and very brashly asked people questions about the murder that happened To them she was a stranger and I was surprised that she got any answers at all I agreed with the victim s mother in law about calling the police on her She did not go about gathering information very well and was very off putting to me [...]

  3. Disappointing The lack of character development really bothered me as cozy mysteries are as much about the characters as they are about the mystery It also bothered me that the main character didn t come up with creative reasons to talk to suspects, but asked them outright questions about the murder, and they actually answered My biggest complaint was the amount of pages describing the bathroom habits of the main character s cat 5 1 15 I received an ARC from NetGalley, which is great because coz [...]

  4. I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Death by Coffee is a cozy mystery by new author Alex Erickson Part of the attraction of a cozy mystery is the quaintness of the setting generally a small town Death by Coffee got that right Pine Hills is the small town where Krissy and Vicki open a book and coffee house after leaving the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles Pine Hills is filled with odd and cantankerous characters who bring some color to the [...]

  5. The best part about this book It taught me that bitter coffee is much improved if you put a cookie or some Nilla wafers it was all I had in it.The not so best part about this book Pretty much everything else But I was interested and it was a fast enough read that I plowed through and finished it Just not my thing I received a copy of Death by Coffee through NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest original review.

  6. Krissy and her best friend, Vickie, have given up their busy California lives and moved to the midwest to open a bookshop coffee house On their first day of business, a rather nasty customer turns up dead moments after taking his coffee to his office across the street from the shop The police are calling it an accident, but there are others in town who think it s murder, including Krissy She has always been intrigued by puzzles, which she attributes to the fact that her father is a well known my [...]

  7. Best friends Krissy and Vickie have moved to Pine Hills and opened a bookstore and coffee shop They ve even named it Death by Coffee after one of Krissy s dad s bestselling mystery novels But they find themselves in a real life mystery on their first day in business when a customer buys a cup of coffee, takes it to his office across the street, and dies Krissy will have to act fast to clear their shop of any wrong doing in the crime.The book sounded like fun, and I really wanted to like it, but [...]

  8. Death by Coffee by Alex Erickson I received a free kindle copy of Death by Coffee by Alex Erickson, published by Kensington Books from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review I gave this entertaining cozy mystery five stars I enjoyed Krissy s attempts to solve what she believes to be a murder Can she solve it before the killer gets to her Who d ever heard of a book club competition Without having to ask, I knew Rita had been the one to come up with it No one else would have thought of something [...]

  9. Death by Coffee by Alex Erickson is the first cozy I have read in a while and I picked it out on impulse due to the theme The idea is really fun, a bookstore cafe with some puzzles and cats thrown in The side characters are a quirky lot of the comical and theatrical variety The victim is the guy that everyone could do without, not too many tears shed here and the plot had enough clues and misdirection to make it interesting My issue was with the protagonist, Krissy She is beyond pushy and brusqu [...]

  10. Just by the title you can guess what happens But you don t know how or why or who The co coffeeshop owner wants to find out as she feels responsible even though no one else died Lots of misadventures trying to get to the truth Lots of lies being told that she and the police need to weed through Some interesting characters A couple of terrors of cats too.

  11. I m baffled this is actually a series This was my first cozy and what a disappointment I didn t think I d really like a cozy but I didn t think it would be so genuinely stupid I read this for a challenge prompt, otherwise I would have bailed immediately And the twist Ridiculous This book was really a stretch, I don t care how small your town isUGH

  12. Krissy Hancock moves to Pine Hills with her best friend, Vicki, to open a coffee bookstore They name the store Death By Coffee They picked this name because that is the name of Krissy s fathers famous mystery book Krissy does not really like the name because she thinks it is a little morbid And when the name becomes a reality, Krissy is ready to rename the place The first day that the shop is open a man comes in for a cup of coffee He is not very pleasant and does not seem very impressed with hi [...]

  13. I received an ARC through NetGalley.I love coffee and I love books, so of course I had to give Death by Coffee a read Sadly, I didn t love it There wasn t nearly enough coffee or books, and Krissy was a really bad amateur sleuth and a bad barista and bookseller, to be honest She s new in town, running a bookstore cafe with her BFF, when one of their first customers turns up dead soon after ordering one of their coffees Brendon Lawyer wasn t well liked, but the police have deemed it an accident A [...]

  14. Original review can be found at kristineandterri 2 I received a copy of this book through a giveaway in exchange for an honest review It has been a while since I have read a cosy mystery so this book seemed to be the perfect solution to that Take two best friends who open a book coffee shop, a handsome cop and a suspicious death and you have the makings of an interesting story Right Well unfortunately this one fell quite flat for me and it was all or mostly because of Krissy Hancock who happened [...]

  15. Why would someone steal an EPI PEN from someone And then why would someone make sure that the person was exposed to the item that could be deadly Pine Hills has 2 new residents, and one of them jumps right in to attempt to solve a murder Kristina and her best friend have moved from California to open a coffee bookshop, which seems to be the in thing to do How could a new resident get into so much trouble Sticking her nose into other people s business, she might want to watch her back, she may be [...]

  16. I loved it Great start to a new series I loved the setting, and great characters I can t wait for the next one

  17. Not sure why it took me so long to try this series and it was really cute and fun Krissy and her friend Vicki thought it would be fun to open up a bookstore cafe and call it Death by Coffee, after one of her father s mystery books It was cute until a man that just left her coffee shop ends up dead and then the words rang a bit too true Though he didn t die by the coffee it still made her feel bad and it wasn t helping them get customers So Krissy feels that she needs to try and figure things out [...]

  18. Death by Coffee was an enjoyable, quick read that makes me want to read the next book The mystery was good, the murderer was somewhat obvious, but the motive for why the murder was committed was actually very intriguing, the idea of it was typical, but the details broke the general mold of many cozy mysteries, which was refreshing The story did have some slow moments and I never felt that must read adrenaline like you get with some books The cats, Trouble and Misfit sound exactly like my cat It [...]

  19. Book 32 Read in 2017Death by Coffee by Alex EricksonThis is the first in a cozy mystery series, set in a coffee shop bookstore Two friends open up the coffee shop bookstore and a customer ends up dying for a peanut allergy shortly after his purchase, even though the coffee did not have nuts in it Shop owner Krissy decides to begin her own investigation Of course, she gets herself into some hot water along the way This was a good, quick read and I will continue reading the series.

  20. DNF A bookstore cafe and a cat on the cover I wanted to like this If only it had been the least bit likable.

  21. I am by no means a mystery connoisseur , however it doesn t take Sherlock Holmes to deduce that this is a bad mystery Which is a big disappointment, as I think it had potential to be a GOOD cozy mystery the premise was promising, and I enjoyed the first two three chapters, but I think that was before I really got to know our narrator protagonist and before I really got a grasp of the author s writing style This book quickly began plummeting the slippery slope and by the end, what I thought could [...]

  22. openbooksociety article deReview brought to you by OBS staff member AndraOne of the great reading pleasures in life is reading a new cozy series by an author new to me That in itself is a mystery, an unknown quantity if you will I am happy to report that right from the start and yes, the murder happens right in chapter 1 , I was engaged in the storytelling.Krissy moves to Pine Hills to run a bookstore caf with her best friend Vicki They are trying to prove themselves in the world away from their [...]

  23. I received a complimentary copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review If I could give it 3 and a Half Stars, I would because I think it is better than a 3 but not quite a 4 When I read the description of this book, I immediately wanted to read it I love coffee and a good mystery, so combining them into a murder mystery was very appealing to me I also wanted a break from my normally dark psychopath deranged serial killer horror novels and this lighter non gruesome novel did [...]

  24. Krissy Hancock moves to the small town of Pine Hills where she opens a bookstore caf with her friend, Vicki They name their caf after Krissy s father s most popular novel, Death by Coffee Their business starts off slow and gets even worse when a nasty customer, Brendon Lawyer, dies on opening day after drinking the coffee It turns out Brendon had an allergy to peanuts, but Krissy insists there were no peanuts in his coffee Not to mention that it is quite odd that the man didn t have his Epipen w [...]

  25. I knew this book was going to be right up my alley I love a good mystery and I love coffee A no brainer, right Well, in this case, right e o I just loved this book I enjoyed getting to know the residents of Pine Hills through the eyes of Krissy Hancock, daughter of a best selling mystery author whose most famous work was called Death By Coffee And that is where Krissy and Vicky got the name for their combo bookstore and coffee shop.Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly considering this is a [...]

  26. Disclosure I was given this book by the author for an honest review I am one of those people that cannot stick with one genre when reading I read so many different books at one time I confuse my family on what I am reading At one time I kept a Kindle in my office, bedroom, kitchen, and vehicle I am now down to one Kindle and the others are laying in my desk draw collecting dust.Being an avid coffee drinker I was intrigued by the book s title, Death by Coffee After reading the description I knew [...]

  27. Fill your cup to the brim and settle in with this delicious new mystery Death by Coffee is the impressive debut mystery combining three wonderful things coffee, books, and mischievous cats.Death by Coffee, Krissy and Vicki s new bookstore cafe isn t attracting the number of customers they had hoped It doesn t help that the philandering Brendon Lawyer dies at his office minutes after ordering a coffee at their store The police believe his death was accidental, but Krissy suspects murder.Peanut du [...]

  28. 4 STARSThis is a good first book of Bookstore cafe Mysteries It has characters that I like, some are so funny and others annoying, some good looking, just a good mix I would come back again to see what is going to happen next in Pine Hills.There is a lot of humor in the story, some romance, plenty of suspects and it keeps you guessing on who the murder is Krissy and Vicki are new to town They came to open a bookstore and coffee shop The town doesn t have one Vicki has the bookstore and Krissy wi [...]

  29. I love coffee, I love books, and I love cats, so Death by Coffee, Bookstore Caf Mysteries, with a cat on the cover, was bound to appeal to me The story starts with new in town Krissy serving coffee at her newly opened bookstore Of course, there s another caf in this small town, so why would people come here And there s no promise that anyone will read or buy her books, even the ones written by her father But Krissy and her friend are determined to make a go of this Then one of their first custom [...]

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