My Salvation (2022)

↠ My Salvation ï Michelle Dare - My Salvation, My Salvation Caliana Crawford is smart sexy and unemployed After quitting her mediocre job she finds herself in need of a break She goes to the one place that holds her most precious memories her cabin by the l ↠ My Salvation ï Michelle Dare - My Salvation, My Salvation Caliana Crawford is smart sexy and unemployed After quitting her mediocre job she finds herself in need of a break She goes to the one place that holds her most precious memories her cabin by the l
  • Title: My Salvation
  • Author: Michelle Dare
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Paperback
My Salvation
↠ My Salvation ï Michelle Dare, My Salvation, Michelle Dare, My Salvation Caliana Crawford is smart sexy and unemployed After quitting her mediocre job she finds herself in need of a break She goes to the one place that holds her most precious memories her cabin by the lake Life hasn t always been easy for Cali She lost someone close to her was betrayed by her lover and now she only wants to escape reality What she doesn t plan on is hCaliana Crawford
  • ↠ My Salvation ï Michelle Dare
    448Michelle Dare
My Salvation

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  1. DNF 25%How do I get myself in this situations I barely made it to 25% was that bad.Why Wellr starters the main female character just moves into her aunts cabin and after not seeing HIM for years and only sharing a kiss ten years ago, after 2 days she calls him her boyfriend, wants to sleep at night in the same bed and goes with him to much Ohd he s happy as a pie to have her at last.He s a millionaire but says there aren t women after him push please and surprisingly at the same time the [...]

  2. Review Jo Facebook facebook TheHopelessRTSU tsu HopelessRomanticsBlog thehopelessromanticsbookblog.bI was first drawn to this book after seeing some posts about it on social media and once I d read the synopsis I was sold My expectations were high but unfortunately they were not met and I was left feeling a little disappointed The story follows Cali and Owen The couple both had crushes on each other during their teenage years but they never went further than one kiss a kiss that neither one of t [...]

  3. This is a perfect debut novel This is a story of love that will stay with me for sometime I laughed with Cali and Owen and cried with and for them This is a story of old love finally coming to the surface and making the move to see if it can grow People always have a way of trying to get in the way of something beautiful out of jealously This book has a little bit of everything in it to make it the perfect combination to keep the story flowing and plot awesome I CAN NOT wait for the next book in [...]

  4. Really wasn t my type of read and I felt like all the cliches lived in this book At first I tried to see it as a nice and easy read, and I wasn t expecting so much from it, you know But as I kept reading it went on and on and on with all the cliches rubbing in my face and I couldn t any If it remained just the kind of read with two people that meet again after some years bla bla it would have been better But no, we find out that he s like that and that and from there went downhill And I m thinki [...]

  5. What a wonderful debut novel I can t believe this is the first book Michelle Dare has ever written I m impressed and looking forward to what she s going to give us in the future.Cali and Owen grew up hanging out together during summers at their families lake houses Although they both felt something for the other it went unsaid until right before Cali left for college That s when Owen kissed her and told her how he felt, but it was too late Both of their lives were taking off in different directi [...]

  6. Excellent read I had the absolute pleasure of beta reading My Salvation by Michelle Dare This is her first novel and she blew me away The story of Cali and Owen is one filled with compassion, emotion, loyalty, and pure love I fell in love with both characters a few pages in They are real and they are honest I cannot wait to read from Michelle Dare.

  7. WOW what a great book My Salvation by Michelle Dare was to read It is the first in the Salvation Series and left me yearning for the next one Caliana Cali Crawford, has finally had enough of her crappy job, where she is unappreciated She s at a point in life where she just wants to do something meaningful and make a difference She decides it s time to clear her head and knows the best place to do that is at the cabin her aunt left her She never expects to run into childhood friend Owen Matthews. [...]

  8. 3.5 stars ARC My Salvation is the first book in the Salvation series and I must say it was a pretty good start I know this book has been out for some time but I am just recently read this by Ms Dare I personally love second chance romances and this one satisfied my cravings for one when I read it The added suspense really balanced out the story I think, sometimes a book just needs that little extra element to add depth and that is exactly what happens in My Salvation You can t help but love Owen [...]

  9. I was fortunate enough to beta read this book for Michelle Dare and I can honestly say that I loved this story from beginning to end Cali and Owen are beautifully written and the story is along the lines of a second chance love,like the one who got away, but is now back to find their true place with each other There s love, intrigue, suspense, drama, danger, and hot, steamy, fan yourself scenes I can t wait for the next book in this series and hope I am chosen to beta read for her again One clic [...]

  10. 4 Star Review My Salvation Salvation Series Book 1 by Michelle DareThis was a new author to me and as this was her debut novel, I was interested to read Caliana Although Owen and Cali were childhood friends and each had a crush on the other, it wasn t until the night before Cali left for college that Owen kissed her.After leaving a dead end job, Cali decides to spend some time at the cabin her aunt left her Unbeknownst to Cali, Owen now owns his family cabin which is next door to Cali When these [...]

  11. Favorite Quotes You are mine and I am yours Remember those words I love you so much When I m with you, everything falls away It s only us, nothing else matters You are always rescuing me, Owen From the time we started dating, you have always been my salvation The one constant in my life The person I could rely on that has been with me through every high and low My Review I have a new BBF named Owen he is steamy and dreamy, thoughtful, considerate, kind, multi talented, funny, adventurous, playfu [...]

  12. Caliana Crawford has made up her mind to quit her job, give herself an extended long vacation to think things over and see what she wants to do She decides to spend time at the cabin that was left to her by her aunt Rhea Well, she s surprised to see no other than Owen Matthews, her high school crush, is staying in the cabin right next to her Let s just say they have history and now seems the perfect time for their history to continue to be written Owen never forgot Cali Caliana She was heading t [...]

  13. I was graciously given a copy of My Salvation for an honest review This is a wonderful debut novel from Michelle DareCali and Owen I loved them and their commitment they have to each other It was nice to read a story where the couple stayed strong and committed to each other.Cali Is not happy with her current situation in job, so she just up and quits, deciding she just needs to take a step back re evaluate her life she finds herself headed to her late aunts cabin for a few weeks While there Cal [...]

  14. This is an amazing story by the debut author Michelle Dare She has done a beautiful job of bringing these characters to life on the pages.Cali and Owen have known each other forever They left home and chose different paths but fate and destiny are determined to run their paths right into each other.The chemistry and undeniable attraction between this couple is electric This book had everything that you crave from a tale We are introduced to lost love that is found, romance, sizzling sexual chemi [...]

  15. WoW I was completely impressed by Michelle Dare s debut novel It was an amazing story of loss and found After a death Cali heads back to a place from her youth filled with nothing but happiness Once there she reconnects with Owen, a childhood friend who she hasn t seen in years Childhood friends reconnecting and hopefully being found by each other Yeah That makes for a great book And the story in the middle of her going back and the words The End whoa I did NOT expect some of the suspense in thi [...]

  16. An amazing book by a debut author This book had heart, depth, love, and a HOT man What else could you ask for in a book Cali and Owen met as children during vacations to their families lake houses and even though there were feelings between each other, nothing ever happened Cali hasn t seen Owen in years and when she moves back to her aunt s house after quitting her crappy job, she finds out that Owen is even hotter than before Owen never forgot about Cali and sees his opportunity to make her hi [...]

  17. Caliana Crawford is feeling unsettled, deciding to quit her job and take the time to figure out what she really wants to do she heads to the cabin she inherited from her Aunt She never expected to see Owen Matthews again Owen was her crush from long ago and although they never really acted on it, she always kept a soft spot in her heart for him.Owen never forgot Caliana, in fact no woman he ever dated measured up Seeing a chance to see if that spark is still there, Owen makes his curiosity known [...]

  18. Received for honest review and this was heart warming second chance love story with some twists and turns and keep you on the edge of your toes with suspence Genuinely loved the love in this story of Calianna and Owen When the one that got away from Owen 10 years prior he never fully got over her Calianna escaped away to the cabin who aunt had left to her after passing the spark these two have kept for one another and love they share throughout will stay with for for a long time after read this [...]

  19. This book deserves 10 HUUUUUUUGE Stars Wow I was totally sucked in to this story right from the first page A reader would never know this is Michelle Dare s first novel just by reading this It was beautifully written and utterly took my breath away I loved the characters after just a few pages in This story is full of hardships, love, and trust This is a must read I recommend this to everyone

  20. This is a really great debut novel This author had done a great job with her first novel I m so looking forward to reading by her I loved this romantic story Cali and Owen are fabulous characters Ten years after their first kiss fate brings these two together They ve never forgot their first kiss Can Owen show Cali how good they can be together I found this to be a really interesting storyline Great sexy scenes and suspense had me reading this in one sitting Loved it.

  21. This has quickly become one of my favorite books Owen is officially my new book boyfriend I absolutely loved the interactions between Caliana and Owen Their love story was epic I couldnt put this book down I was so engulfed in the characters and the story Literally on my top 5 list of favorite books

  22. I absolutely fell in LOVE with My Salvation The book completely sucks you right in and immerses you into the story A story full of love, hardships, trust, and on the edge action I can not wait for , a definite must read I love how sometimes people really are meant to be.

  23. Mrs Dare wow, what a great 1st book in this series I am dying for Drawn in by Cali and Owen please hurry up and get to book 2

  24. Nice jobYou did an awesome job on this book always a pleasure to be able to read a good book excellent job

  25. My Salvation is a tale of two people getting a second chance to finally pursue the spark that exists between them Cali and Owen had always flirted as teenagers yet never made a real move to be The night before Cali went to college, they shared a kiss that seared the memory into their souls forever When chance brings them together 10 years later, both Owen and Cali know that this is a chance that they cannot give up Yet sometimes, life and fate are working against you When people from Owen s pas [...]

  26. Original Blog Post Blog Tour, eARC Review Giveaway My Salvation by Michelle DareMy Rating 3.5 out of 5 StarsMy Salvation is Michelle Dare s debut novel and I decided to take it on because I enjoy reading work by indie authors Was I disappointed It s a mixed bag for me, but not in a way that is usual.Caliana is tired of her job, where she s taken for granted, undervalued, and generally overworked After one final straw, she does the thing best for her She quits The only place she can think of goin [...]

  27. My Salvation is the debut novel from new author Michelle Dare While I enjoyed the story, I would have liked to have seen a little character development to truly feel that connection to the main characters, Cali and Owen The story did start off with a bang, which I thought was very well done, however in my opinion this book would have moved up from a good book to an amazing book, had there been a bit meat to the bones of the characters The story flowed well and I was intrigued by the mystery su [...]

  28. Caliana Cali Crawford was unhappy in her mediocre job, so with the inheritance left by her aunt she quits her job, taking a long over due break Cali decided to go to the one place she loves the most, the cabin by the lake While at her cabin, she runs into Owen, the man who owns the cabin next door Owen has wanted Cali for a long time but never had the chance to show her Now that she is back in his life, Owen isn t about to let her slip through his fingers again Just when things are looking up fo [...]

  29. I received this book as a gift for a honest review I really liked this book, I think it s every girls fantasy, quit the job you hate, go on holiday, find the love of your life and be happy Well I would love that to happen to me so getting into this book was not hard for me at all , but in all books it s not easy to get that happy ending This is the first book by Michelle dare that I have read and won t be the last This book had everything love, lots of sex, a guy being a hero and Prince Charming [...]

  30. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.For the first time I m at a loss on how to put my feelings to paper, and I usually write rather lengthy reviews, I really dive into my books Each page of My Salvation was pure enjoyment So Cali resigns from her dead end job and heads to the cabin at the lake which she inherited from her aunt The lake holds fond memories for Cali, one of them being the delicious Owen.Cali and Owen shared an innocent kiss right before she left for col [...]

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