The Story of You (2022)

[PDF] Read ð The Story of You : by Katy Regan - The Story of You, The Story of You There is no story of me without the story of youI want to explain it all to you How this happened How that summer the summer I was made me the person I am today I want to share my memories with you [PDF] Read ð The Story of You : by Katy Regan - The Story of You, The Story of You There is no story of me without the story of youI want to explain it all to you How this happened How that summer the summer I was made me the person I am today I want to share my memories with you
  • Title: The Story of You
  • Author: Katy Regan
  • ISBN: 9780007237456
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback
The Story of You
[PDF] Read ð The Story of You : by Katy Regan, The Story of You, Katy Regan, The Story of You There is no story of me without the story of youI want to explain it all to you How this happened How that summer the summer I was made me the person I am today I want to share my memories with you the happy memories are like sunbursts sparkling on the sea But then like a current dragging me under there s that summer of The summer my life exploded The suThere is no stor Laura Story Snapchat The fastest way to share a moment StoryJumper rated site for creating story books Children s Storybooks Online Stories for Kids of All Ages Magic Keys Welcome to StoryPlace StoryPlace avo BBC Earth Home Naver America s Story from America s Library Homestuck
  • [PDF] Read ð The Story of You : by Katy Regan
    458Katy Regan
The Story of You

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  1. 4.5 stars I had finished reading this book today s morning, 12.30am, but too lazy to update my reading progress This book teach me about anxiety and honesty I had a confusion with the story at the first half, but then realized it after the second half I am now learned about anxiety and these people really needs help from the people who they love.By the way, I have just realized that I had read like 4 books 1 of the books isn t in within these past two days and I m very proud of myself Urgh, tm [...]

  2. Emotional and engaging, with an incredible richness of detail that made me feel as if I were in Robyn s quirky, wonderful, often heartbreaking world.

  3. iheart chicklitI have heard so many good things about Katy Regan s book How We Met which I didn t get the chance to read last year When Katy asked if I d review her new book, The Story of You, I jumped at the chance The Story of You is my first book by Katy Regan and I ve been blown away.The Story of You follows the story of Robyn King, who is a psychiatric nurse, dealing with mental health patients every day She has moved on since the events of that fateful summer back in 1997 When her blast fr [...]

  4. I was on my honeymoon when I read The Story of You by Katy Regan, the sun was shining as I immersed myself in the book and before I knew it I had finished it and not moved once and so it was dark and I had missed dinner This book tells Robyn s story looking back at a tragice event that happened when she was 16 and her whole life changed and it has stayed with her through her adult life With a big change now happening years on everything is brought back to the surface again, will she let this def [...]

  5. Good easy read Perfect when you just want some escapism Don t expect a jolly happy tale, this book tells love like it sometimes is full of anxiety mixed emotions and heart brakes.Absolutely loved the character Grace and a real gem.Copy left in Victoria train station London if anyone wants it

  6. How well described and easy to read book it is The main female character is little bit annoying but of course it is acceptable in her conditions Well writtenGood job.

  7. Lately I haven t been able to resist picking up a book if it s set in London, so of course on reading the first page of The Story Of You I was hooked I d seen other authors such as Ali Harris mention Katy Regan s latest foray into chic lit so was excited to read it And am I glad that I did This book was absolutely fantastic, it dealt with so many sensitive issues such as mental health as our main character Robyn is a CPN and also view spoiler miscarriage and rape Although I guessed quite early i [...]

  8. A book that deals with incredibly difficult topics infant loss, unintended pregnancy, mental illness and abuse but somehow manages to do it with genuine skill and gentleness that makes it both engaging and highly readable As someone who has experienced some of those things, I know an poor portrayal of the emotions involved in any of those events makes s book jar tingly bad and this one was spot on.

  9. I did enjoy this It s a good story well told and to a large extent, you are left working some of it out for yourself My only complaint and it s a common one for me is that the end is a bit weak But certainly an enjoyable read

  10. Mildly interesting But somehow made me feel bereft as the ending was quite sudden Read my full review here My Review

  11. I do like a title that s open to interpretation, and that s kind of the case with The Story of You Initially I thought the you was one person, then I realised the blurb and novel were suggesting it was a different person, but I finished the book feeling that it could actually be about a third person Really, this is the story of Robyn King and all the people those three, and others who shaped her and led her to where she is today.Initially, I found the narrative a little confusing as it jumps bet [...]

  12. I have had Katy Regan s book How We Met in my Wishlist since it came out last year so when I heard another of her books was being published I had a choice of either reading that first or jumping straight in and reading The Story Of Us, of course after seeing the reviews and hearing so many good things, I chose The Story Of You Although I don t have anything to compare this book to it has given me such high expectations for Katy s other books It is amazing, the story, the writing, everything is j [...]

  13. I won a copy of this book in a Giveaway The Story of You follows Robyn, a community psychiatric nurse in her early 30s living and working in London and what happens when she reconnects with her old boyfriend from secondary school Joe Whilst this sounds like a very overly clich d set up for a trashy chic lit novel though, it isn t entirely true Yes there are definitely elements which would place this novel firmly in the chic lit camp, but there are some darker and serious elements too partly fro [...]

  14. Received for free through First Reads.I found this hard to get into at first, but around halfway through found that I couldn t put it down If only I didn t have to work, sociaise or sleep I was apprehensive about reading this because the cover reminded me of the Cecelia Ahern chick lits and I m really not into things like that However, I should know better than to judge a book by its cover art and this book has reinforced that I definitely should not do that.Whilst there is an element of romance [...]

  15. I absolutely loved this book A beautiful, poignant story that made me laugh and cry in equal parts Robyn is a wonderful, yet deeply troubled woman trying to come to terms with her difficult past so she can have a solid future I thought she was an excellent main character complex, troubled but lovely You really want her to make peace with the past and have a bright future Joe, her ex boyfriend from her home town is also a great character who, I must admit, I developed a soft spot for He is kind, [...]

  16. When I received the press release for this book I didn t read all of it I read the beginning of it and thought, yep this is something I will like Then the book arrived and I jumped right into it with an idea in my head of what was going to happen I was wrong This wasn t the happy reminiscing of a teenage romance that I was expecting This was darker than I was expecting but gripping There is an almost perfect mix of love and loss, sadness and joy and it just compels you to read So much so that I [...]

  17. This book became a lot intense and stressful than I had expected, but it was really well done I was expecting a cutesey HEA story While this book contained a lot of sadness and pain, it felt on key in the emotional intensity Grace especially was a lovely character, a paranoid schizophrenic struggling to recover from childhood sexual abuse and having her daughter removed from her when she was unable to provide a safe home I desperately wanted her to be okay, but sadly we don t find out how her s [...]

  18. I found this really hard to start, I wasn t quite sure what to expect but ended up really enjoying it The story is about Robyn who returns to her Lake District home from London She is attending the funeral of her childhood sweetheart and as we find out, the love of her life She hasn t been home much in the past 16 years since she ran away from a horrible trauma after the loss of her mum The story is told in sporadic flashbacks and we find out the horrible details through letters to a Lily A rea [...]

  19. It s taken me ages to read this book but I can t not finish a book.I thought that this book had quite a long winded story line that at some points just annoyed me I felt that the main character wasn t endearing enough and I just wanted her to get on with it I also thought that it was all quite badly written and had terrible grammar throughout It constantly jumped back and forward without really going anywhere and the main story line that remained hidden until near the end was easily guessed from [...]

  20. A beautifully written and mesmerising portrait of the frailty of the human mind and the towering, redemptive power of love I was devastated to find myself at the end of this gripping tale and was blown away by Regan s masterful, confident storytelling Regan finds comedy in the darkest of places and, like any truly great writer, forces her readers to question and reevaluate their beliefs about love, family, trauma and redemption Nostalgic, wise, devastating and hilarious this is Katy Regan at her [...]

  21. This started off as quite a sweet book, and it certainly has elements to recommend it not least the brilliant character of Grace, the mental patient as well as the relationship between the sisters and how the death of their mother when they were young affected their family dynamic as well as their lives as individuals But to be honest, generally this book felt predictable and it dragged on for too long.

  22. A brilliant novel, beautifully writtenMental ill health is described with compassion and the idea that we are all very close to experiencing it is dealt with considerately, not glorified for the sake of the story.Would recommend this as a book group choice as there are so many times when you want to discuss the storyline and the issues it raises.Not sure how to review this without spoiling the story, but highly recommend it.

  23. robyn s first love was when she was still at school at the age of 16 h e she left her village and him far behind or so she thought this is a wonderful novel with inserts of letters written to whom family and friends all unite to help her and she them bevp.s would be nice to know how things turned out for grace and cecily

  24. This was a heartbreaking read in many ways, yet ultimately uplifting and touching The fragility of Robyn made her a character I desperately wanted to hug and I also ached for poor Joe and the pain he went through during the course of the book An emotional rollercoaster of a read, but very sweet and funny in places too I always enjoy Katy Regan s books and this is her best yet.

  25. I don t like to give an average review, but sorry, this book was just average to me I read it as I ve read and enjoyed other books by Katy, and this book certainly has lots of rave reviews But I just didn t gel particularly with the characters and thought the storyline dragged on Almost gave up halfway through but stuck it out to the end and the predictable ending.

  26. I ve only ever read Katy Regan s work once previously How we met back in 2013 and I recommended it to anyone that would listen Unfortunately I just don t feel as strongly about this one There is nothing wrong with it It actually covers topics that are too often taboo but I just didn t find the storyline to be engaging.

  27. I liked this book from the point of the experiences and life the character went through but it is a bit obvious about the ending as you could see the way it was all going If you like a book that everything will turn out right with no last minute change then this is for you Well written and I would like to read another of Katy Regan s books.

  28. A story of two people and how their lives entwine, how history can allow you to cloud your own future It is a story of greatness, loneliness and life Fantastically written in a way readers know what the characters are feeling and how the past haunts, although we don t know why, we can only guess Devoured this is super speed as i couldn t put it down

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