West Winds of Wyoming (2022)

Free Read West Winds of Wyoming - by Caroline Fyffe - West Winds of Wyoming, West Winds of Wyoming In Book Three of the Prairie Hearts series by USA Today bestselling author Caroline Fyffe two broken hearts just might find a second chance at love When widower Charlie Rose shows up looking for work Free Read West Winds of Wyoming - by Caroline Fyffe - West Winds of Wyoming, West Winds of Wyoming In Book Three of the Prairie Hearts series by USA Today bestselling author Caroline Fyffe two broken hearts just might find a second chance at love When widower Charlie Rose shows up looking for work
  • Title: West Winds of Wyoming
  • Author: Caroline Fyffe
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Kindle Edition
West Winds of Wyoming
Free Read West Winds of Wyoming - by Caroline Fyffe, West Winds of Wyoming, Caroline Fyffe, West Winds of Wyoming In Book Three of the Prairie Hearts series by USA Today bestselling author Caroline Fyffe two broken hearts just might find a second chance at love When widower Charlie Rose shows up looking for work at the struggling Cotton Ranch no one knows he s secretly trying to outrun trouble and he intends to keep it that way He wants to start over fresh in the small town of LogaIn B
  • Free Read West Winds of Wyoming - by Caroline Fyffe
    459Caroline Fyffe
West Winds of Wyoming

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  1. Is there anything appealing than a completely sexy, completely good southern gentleman I am sure there is but in this case, why no, no there isn t.After adoring another book I read last year by Fyfee I just knew it was time to read another one when I saw her latest release Besides, it has been way too long since I read a good romantic, heart warming western And did I mention the hot cowboy Pfft please, like anyone needs a better excuse than that to pick this up Fyfee is one of those author s th [...]

  2. Series Prairie Hearts, book 3 West Winds of Wyoming by Caroline Fyffe.I like reading stories our on the Prairies This one tells the story of Feisty little lady Nell Page Nell and her brother live and work the ranch alone and sometimes it is so hard that when widower Charlie Rose comes looking for work they need to hire him.The Cotton Ranch is struggling and with the help of Charlie maybe they will be able to make the next mortgage paymente era of 1800 s is a time when neighbors helped one anothe [...]

  3. When widower Charlie Rose shows up looking for work at the struggling Cotton Ranch, no one knows he s secretly trying to outrun trouble and he intends to keep it that way He wants to start over fresh in the small town of Logan Meadows, where his blind daughter, Maddie, can grow up safe and where danger can t find him Widowed at a very young age, Nell Page is trying, along with her brother Seth, to save the ranch from the clutches of the bank She hires Charlie to help them with chores that are qu [...]

  4. What a beautiful picture you painted of the horses Small town with the railroad nearby Everyone coming together Brenna with her kids eking out a living Never wanting to take charity Silently giving little gifts that no one knows about Now there is Nell She is not the prissy sort A pair of jeans, shirt vest and she is good to go A stage arrives with Maddie, who is blind She won t say anything about her past Just that there was a note saying Brenna should take her in In comes Charlie Tristan who i [...]

  5. I really enjoyed reading this fantastic western romance by Ms Fyffe She has written a beautiful and amazing story that speaks from the heart The main characters are Charlie Rose who is a widower with a small daughter who is blind He has seen a lot of what life can do to a man who lost the love of his wife and now he s alone He rides in the town of Logan Meadows hoping to find his daughter in care of a friend Charlie must find a way to make a living so he can get his little girl situated and find [...]

  6. I just have to say that I love Caroline Fyffe Every book I have ever read of hers draws me in and this one is no exception I was on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading this I was very intrigued from the very beginning Wondering what secrets Charlie is hiding and what trouble is following him.Being widowed at a very young age, Nell is content to work her ranch with her brother Dressing as a man does and working the ranch have never bothered her before But when Charlie shows up, feel [...]

  7. Caroline Fyffe has done it again with another beautiful western that captures your heart I wasn t particularly drawn to westerns till I read her books They are heartfelt and tender I adore the characters and feel like I know them personally This story kept me guessing At times I thought I knew how parts of the story would unfold, but I was wrong Other parts were predictable, but very sweet Caroline s love of horses shows through too I think there might be a little piece of Caroline inside of Ne [...]

  8. First Time Reader of This Author very Pleased This was the first time I have read this author and I was very pleased Her writing flows veryEasily The story line held my interest There was a good mixture of romance and some mystery along with the adventure I fill definitely read of her books It is refreshing to find an author that is NOT x rated, but still keeps the romance.

  9. Awesome a must readCaroline Fyffe is an awesome writer that lets her stories flow in a way that puts you in the scene she will have you feeling the wind and the emotions of the wonderful characters have read all three and wish the series went on.

  10. I really enjoyed this heartwarming story I wasn t sure how Maddie would be reunited with her father It was lovely watching how God worked in the lives of these characters I have to say that Seth stole my heart with his matchmaking ways

  11. Beautiful love storyThis is book 3 West winds of Wyoming and as usual when I get into a series I have to finish all of them I love the way that the author uses the other characters from the previous books to incorporate new characters In this one is Charlie, a devoted father who can t give up his blind daughter has to become a ranch hand in order to hold secrets He lives at brother sisters ranch, Seth Nell In town is the new school teacher Gregory Brenner, the sweetest mom to her children, fost [...]

  12. I love my reading breaks I became interested in Caroline Fyffe s books through the Mail Order bride series from another western romance fiction writer Until this book, I had preferred the other author s work I m not sure why, but this story won me over I read western romance when I need a break from heavy nonfiction learning or deeply emotional literature I love the positivity, the natural settings, the progression of time and inventions I reflect on while reading Social history has always fasci [...]

  13. I love Logan Meadows, Wyoming and all the wonderful individuals that make this such a fascinating town Caroline Fyffe s 3rd installment of her Prairie Wind Series, West Winds Of Wyoming, was the best, yet Mystery, misunderstandings, forgiveness makes this one a keeper Charlie and Nell had me gripped from the beginning, As well as the sub stories that were intertwined within the mystery Can t wait to dive into 4 Caroline Fyffe has become an author I ll continue to explore.

  14. The plot made sense on the whole, the characters were interesting It was an enjoyable read There is still some uneven plotting, but the story improves as the author grows I ll keep reading the series.

  15. I have been enjoying this novel so much I decided to give up a fun weekend to finish it West Winds of Wyoming by Caroline Fyffe is like reading two love stories at the same time There is Brenna and Mr Hutton s story Then, there is Nell and Charlie Rose s love story Both stories are creatively knitted together Of course, there are sorrows and bad trouble to deal with along the way To sweeten the story there is little Maddie and a kitten and Brenna s children and the school children.It all begins [...]

  16. Set in a pleasant late 19th century prairie town, I 100% loved the elements of the A plot romance handsome cowboy drifter fearless, men s clothes wearing, rifle toting, horse whispering ranch widow who hires him as help before her older brother works himself to death it should be noted that said older brother is a pretty wonderful character in his own right, devoted to his sister and protective of her, while having a healthy respect for her disdain of being treated like someone who needs protect [...]

  17. Great readingCaroline fyffe hit another home run with this storye on going saga ,part of the Prairie hearts serise She makes the folks in Logan meadows come alive,you find yourself truly careing about These people The story flows evenly through out the book If you ve read the other two novels as I have,it s like visiting them.

  18. Taking Maddie to Logan Meadows is for the best, Mr Axelrose, Miss Baxter assured him I ll get her there safe and then she can live with my niece, Brenna Lane, and me until you arrive Then if you re willing, you and Brenna can start courting She s kind and smart and pretty A man would be hard pressed to find a wife as good as her And you know how much Maddie wants a new ma, and sisters and brothers I can t think of a perfect solution to both your problems When he didn t say anything she took hol [...]

  19. West Winds of Wyoming by Caroline Fyffe is an intriguing Western Historical Fiction Romance set in Cotton Ranch,a in the small town of Logan Meadows 3 in A Prairie Hearts Novel, while, it can be read as a stand alone, I would recommend reading the other two novels, Where the Wind Blows and Before the Larkspur Blooms.Widower Charlie Rose, his blind daughter and ranch owner, widow, Nell Page, who is feisty, determined and on the verge of losing her ranch, are just part of the cast of characters.Fa [...]

  20. To begin with, although this is considered book 3 in the Prairie Hearts series, it can be read as a stand alone novel There are characters from the first three novels included in this story, however, you don t need to know their back stories in order for this one to make sense That being said, I have not yet read the other stories in this series And based on my feelings of this particular novel, I m not sure if I will or not I did enjoy several aspects of this novel I enjoyed the non romantic as [...]

  21. I enjoyed going back to Logan Meadows, Wyoming for Prairie Hearts book 3 The best part of a series is continuing to see the lives of all the characters you ve grown to love I only wish this series was longer There are so many other characters I wished could get their happy ending.In West Winds of Wyoming widower Charlie Rose shows up looking for work at the struggling Cotton Ranch, no one knows he s secretly trying to outrun trouble and he intends to keep it that way He wants to start over fresh [...]

  22. Nice Slow Romance, Great Story, Fun, Clean, 2 RelationshipsUnfortunately I didn t read the first 2 books in this series but I think this book is able to be read as a stand alone book I didn t feel as though I was missing out on anything at any point.The storyline for this book was really fun and interesting to me The chemistry was there in this book but the romance was very slow The book was very thrilling to me right from the start but I kept waiting for a really exciting action packed moment a [...]

  23. Widower Charlie has made arrangements with an older female friend to accompany his blind daughter to a new town for her safety His daughter is blind and their current town has become unsafe for either of them Charlie must stay behind and sell his business and then he will join them Unfortunately the older lady dies on the way to the new town, so his daughter arrives with only a note with instructions on putting her in the care of the older woman s niece.Finishing up in the town took much longer [...]

  24. West Winds of Wyoming by Carolyn Fyffe is a novel in the Prairie Hearts Series I just finished reading this e book and liked it very much It was an easy read and had some suspense and a little romance The story of brother and sister ranch owners and a new hired hand with secrets was the main focus of the novel The supporting characters, the widow and the schoolmaster, not to mention other residents of the town of Logan Meadows kept the story moving I had the feeling that the other characters wer [...]

  25. Once again Caroline Fyffe has delivered a first class clean romance worthy of high marks as a historical romance Although this novel can be read as a standalone offering, I recommend starting with Book 1 of the A Prairie Hearts Novel series and reading each offering in sequence You will find your experience is greatly enhanced by knowing the history of the many characters whose stories predate the current offering The story of Charlie Rose and Nell Page unfolds piece by piece using a technique w [...]

  26. West Winds of Wyoming is a heartwarming western filed with characters are so easy to fall in love with There is enough drama and suspense to keep the pages turning Nell is a say females in a time that frown upon such, but how can you not like her Seth is just as likable and surely deserves his own search for love in the future Charlie and his young daughter provide the mystery that I find interesting All these characters together, along with the town of Logan Meadows made the story appealing and [...]

  27. I received a copy of this book for free from First Reads program in exchange for a fair and honest review.I have to admit that it took me a while to get into this and I was almost starting to lose hope But, then after the first 100 150 pages, I was completely engrossed in the stories I love it when an author can make you feel think how one thing will work out and then do the complete opposite This was a book what was a good clean and old fashion read This is a true romance book in the sense that [...]

  28. This past week I ve been on a Caroline Fyffe kick and it looked like I ve missed on some of the books that have already been out for couple of years, and it was time I caught up with those folks in Logan Meadows.Once I find myself immersed in these people s lives and thanks to Ms Fyffe s excellent writing skills I may as well be their neighbor That s how real her setting and her characters are to me By now, I know them well and I m always looking forward meeting new arrivals, in this case Charl [...]

  29. Great storyAnother great story in this series Nell and her brother Seth hired a new hand Charlie to help out on the ranch What they don t know is he comes with his own troubles Charlie also has a few secrets he s keeping close until he feels it s safe to set up in the small town Nell is a widow and she finds herself taken with Charlie and he in turn finds he s taken with Nell But will the secrets he s keeping keep them apart or will they find love The author did a great job with their story and [...]

  30. Romance at its finest Intriguing tale with just the right amount of suspense and passion Western romance is so captivating and this story did not disappoint at all Well written that cause an excitement and anticipation to read page after page until I reached the end I liked the characters a lot especially Charlie Rose with those butterscotch and mint eyes, hmm Writing style so convincingly casual, there were times I felt like I was watching a movie Perfect I enjoyed the passion, the tenderness, [...]

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