Hello Love (2022)

[PDF] Unlimited é Hello Love : by Karen McQuestion - Hello Love, Hello Love From the bestselling author of The Long Way Home comes a charming novel about two strangers who find a second chance at happiness when they re brought together by one extraordinary dog A year after th [PDF] Unlimited é Hello Love : by Karen McQuestion - Hello Love, Hello Love From the bestselling author of The Long Way Home comes a charming novel about two strangers who find a second chance at happiness when they re brought together by one extraordinary dog A year after th
  • Title: Hello Love
  • Author: Karen McQuestion
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Hello Love
[PDF] Unlimited é Hello Love : by Karen McQuestion, Hello Love, Karen McQuestion, Hello Love From the bestselling author of The Long Way Home comes a charming novel about two strangers who find a second chance at happiness when they re brought together by one extraordinary dog A year after the death of his wife Christine Dan is barely holding on But one thing gets him through the long lonely nights and that is his cherished dog Anni When she is stolen fromFrom the bestselli
  • [PDF] Unlimited é Hello Love : by Karen McQuestion
    340Karen McQuestion
Hello Love

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  1. 3.5 Hello Love StarsSo I liked this book and I had to keep reminding my self of the genre It s a Chic Lit Which is all fine and dandy, but it explains why the story really take a long time to get to the conclusion I felt utter sorry for Dan and his daughter The loose of his wife and her mother was a huge blow And just living and surviving after isn t easy So when their beloved pet is stolen you can imagine the devastation Andrea is getting over a divorce I say that but does one really get over a [...]

  2. I don t normally choose books that fall under the romance genre, but as a dog lover, I don t know how I could have resisted the sweet, puppy face on the cover With head cocked to one side, those big brown eyes just beg for this book to be read and the book opens with the same scene from that movie, Return To Me, that always makes me cry the dog waits at the door for her deceased loved one s arrival home while the bereft husband watches with his own heart breaking all over againWith an opening sc [...]

  3. Omg all the coincidences I read this book in a day I could NOT put it down As a dog lover and mother I grew so wrapped up in Anni s story I just had to know what was going to happen to the poor girl next And, the way she brought 2 people together that were so deserving of each other was truly inspiring It makes me want to write down my order and send it out to the universe, just to see what happens This is a story I could read many times, it really tugs at the heart strings, it makes you laugh, [...]

  4. When Dan loses his wife, his dog Anni is a big factor in helping him and his daughter pull through their grief When Anni gets stolen, it s hard for Dan to accept she s gone and he doesn t want to give up on her Andrea is healing from a painful divorce when she saves Anni from an apartment of young men not treating her right, and soon discovers a dog can be a girl s best friend Will Anni find Dan again, but will Andrea be able to give her up if she does This book was a super sweet contemporary an [...]

  5. Una historia que tiene como punto importante la figura de una perrita llamada Annie que nos ense ar como el amor por los animales puede unir a las personas.Una novela sencilla pero con una historia de amor, benevolencia y de ser buena persona que me ha sorprendido para bien.

  6. After the death of his wife, Dan is in a holding pattern He lives for his daughter, his dog and work When Anni, the dog is stolen from his yard he and his daughter are devastated and immediately start a desperate search for her Andrea works as an office manager for a property manager but she pretty much runs the business When tenants complain about a dog in one of the apartments she manages she takes it on herself to get to the bottom of the complaint What she finds is Anni chained on a balcony [...]

  7. Dan and his daughter Lindsay are grieving over the loss of Christine wife and mother , when their dog Anni is stolen from in front of their house They struggle through loss while trying to maintain hope.Meanwhile, Andrea finds a dog being abused in one of the properties she manages and steals her from the abusers Also, after a messy divorce, she is struggling to find her own voice and place in life.Yes, we all know this is the same dog and all the players paths indirectly cross until the time c [...]

  8. Sorry to say it, but this is one of the worst books I have read in the last 1 2 years The plot line is so predictable that it s a bore to read It s painful to watch how the author struggles to make Dan and Andrea NOT meet, so that the suspense is held a little while longer The positive characters are too positive and the negative ones are too negative, while they are not described well enough to actually understand what kind of people they are, what they think, what their beliefs are, etc They a [...]

  9. Hello Love by Karen McQuestion is a book that brought out so many emotions while reading it There is humor, sadness, frustration and happiness I do not think it is easy to write a book that is able to make the reader feel all of that, but that is exactly what Karen McQuestion managed to do Dan has lost his wife to cancer and he is having a difficult time moving on with his life He and his daughter, Lindsay, are just trying to get by a day at a time They have each other, and their dog Anni, and t [...]

  10. Bir solukta bitirdim kitab d n Elime ald m ve bir ka saat i inde bakt m ki son sayfaday m B y k bir keyifle okudum Bu tarz hikayeleri okumay sevdi imden san r m hi s kmad beni Tatl bir dostluk, tatl bi sevgi vard kitab n i inde Kitab okurken, tertemiz kokan yumu yumu bi yata n i inde taptaze bi g ne merhaba demeye haz rlan yormu um gibi hissettim.Hikaye, ok eker bi k pe in etraf nda d n yor Dan, e ini yakla k bir sene nce kaybetmi tir Ve tek dayana , tek dostu Anni dir Elbette 17 ya nda bir de k [...]

  11. Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole Roger CarasI was really in the mood for this book with its little dog and appealing characters.Dan is a widower with a teenage daughter and they have a little dog, Anni, that has made life bearable since their wife mother passed away Then little Anni is stolen.Andrea went through a rough divorce, is just recovering from it, and happens upon a little dog named Anni that she rescues.HELLO LOVE is the story of how the main characters in the [...]

  12. 3 NOT SO SPARKLY STARS I m so disappointed in this book, as it started off with such promise, for approximately 80% of the book I was wondering when the H and h would meet up and start their romance, as the constant just missing each other, and the repetitiveness of them just missing each other was just boring.The last 20% of the book was just rushed and i felt duped after sticking with the book for the big climatic, explosive, heartwarming realization of what they were to one another, only to h [...]

  13. A sweet little book about people getting a second chance at love and some getting their just desserts Most of the storylines are intertwined, and it becomes clearer as the story progresses I found myself rooting for the good guys, wanting it all to work out earlier in the story, but it would ve been a shorter book at that point And a dog plays matchmaker in a way, so can t get better than that.

  14. I really enjoyed reading this story It grabbed at my heartstrings from the first page and didn t let go It was the kind of book that was hard for me to put down and get other things done like go to work because I just kept thinking about it The characters that s the good guys are drawn as people you would want to have in your life, and insert a dog into the storyline, and yup, I m hooked Great book

  15. I wish there were a way to rate it 2 1 2 stars This book had potential but hasn t reached it for me It was too drawn out for my taste I would have liked to seen of Andrea and Dan s relationship bloom, rather then all the other nonsense It actually gave me knots in my stomach with every missed encounter that they had I can t wait to be done with it Sorry Karen.

  16. Cute but also cheesy Predictable I m a dog lover so I wanted to love this book If I was 12, I may have Sticky sweet.

  17. Welcome home, Annie A very good build up and tense read Love of dogs and people Thought I was reading Nicholas Sparks Background character descripters were believable and real to my experience Appreciate that no bad language, and the right amount of restraint toward difficult people Medical scenerios accurate, I was right there in the moment Couldn t put down till the finish

  18. Aaawww this was really cute The only thing is I wish Dan and Andrea had time together that We read.

  19. This was a love story with a different twist it was an easy listen and upbeat for a hard day at work

  20. This review for Hello Love by author Karen McQuestion was a hard one to write A lot of good in this book, but also so much that I find troubling More than a year after his wife Christine s death, Dan is still trying to cope with his loss He and his daughter, Lindsay, have each other and their little dog, Anni, for support and comfort One day, Anni is stolen from in front of their house by a bunch of rough punks frat boys As the weeks go by, Lindsay continues a hopeful search, but Dan begins to d [...]

  21. 4.5 rounded down because it was a bit weighty in mundane details at the halfway pointSerendipity that s what this book should ve been called The book opens with Annie, a little dachshund mix, waiting patiently by her front door We re then introduced to her owner, Dan, a widower still in mourning, and learn that sweet little Anni s been waiting for someone who ll never walk through the door again and how much Dan loves and depends on her to keep his grief from overwhelming him I was in tears.Afte [...]

  22. What a delightful read this was I always love a beautiful story about how a dog touches lives and this book was exactly that amazing sigh the way it told the story of the respond hip between Annie and her two owners, Andrea and Dan The characters were easy to get to know and you could feel Dan and Andrea s pain through the pages Annie was the most beautiful part of this book The author did a wonderful job describing just how special a bond is between a dog and their humans My heart broke when An [...]

  23. Sissy Sometimes I like to watch me a Hallmark movie or two and while my husband and sons think this is the vilest of all occupations, sometimes the movies are actually quite good heart warming and soul satisfying This past weekend, I started watching a Hallmark movie and both of them said in whingy, annoying voices, You know exactly how this is going to end So why bother Why bother, you ask Well, after reading the synopsis of this book you probably have a fair idea of how it s going to end, righ [...]

  24. This is my review of Hello Love, a book I won in a giveaway.This book was just okay I would have given it 2.5 stars if I could I feel there was too much time spent on all the sad events and mishaps leading up to Dan and Andrea actually meeting, but not enough time spent on what happened after the long anticipated connection There were only a few pages left after they met, which rushed through the dating and engagement I would have liked to read about their love story Also, the plot was very pre [...]

  25. Dan and his daughter have a difficult time moving on after the death of Christine wife mother Anni their dog is their much needed company that helps them move on Anni is stolen the reason for this is not mentioned though On the other hand Andrea has been through a difficult divorce From there on, Dan and Andrea cross paths with interesting coincidences It seems here that the Universe brings these two people together Hello Love A quick, enjoyable, heart warming story I finished the book in a day [...]

  26. Couldn t put it down Hung on every word and couldn t wait to find out how this all played out Looking forward to reading books by this author.

  27. This is very well written, but a little too sad and depressing for me I did love the TV series, but that was generally upbeat This is like real life Not all the situations have a happy ending In fact, in Call the Midwife, there was grief than happiness Too much for me.

  28. cute readAs in Karen McQuestion fashion this was a good sweet read Not my favorite book of hers but loved the dog in the story Maybe I would have liked a bit character development but it kept me reading Cute romantic story.

  29. Great WritingOver all I have enjoyed this book It made me angry, brought tears to my eyes, but it was a happy ending It was a well written book I will buy other books written by Karen McQuestion I do recommended this book and author.

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