Bootie and the Beast (2022)

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Bootie and the Beast : by Falguni Kothari - Bootie and the Beast, Bootie and the Beast Opposites attract Diya Mathur Aka Beauty celebrated supermodel and party princess of India is adored by everyone She works hard plays hard and has the biggest shoe fetish on the planet But after s [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Bootie and the Beast : by Falguni Kothari - Bootie and the Beast, Bootie and the Beast Opposites attract Diya Mathur Aka Beauty celebrated supermodel and party princess of India is adored by everyone She works hard plays hard and has the biggest shoe fetish on the planet But after s
  • Title: Bootie and the Beast
  • Author: Falguni Kothari
  • ISBN: 9789351065067
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
Bootie and the Beast
[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Bootie and the Beast : by Falguni Kothari, Bootie and the Beast, Falguni Kothari, Bootie and the Beast Opposites attract Diya Mathur Aka Beauty celebrated supermodel and party princess of India is adored by everyone She works hard plays hard and has the biggest shoe fetish on the planet But after she purchases one baby bootie Diyas reputation is in ruins Theres only one place to escape the rumors Texas under the protection of her life long friend and secret loveOpposites
  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Bootie and the Beast : by Falguni Kothari
    137Falguni Kothari
Bootie and the Beast

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  1. Seriously, me giving myself 5 stars might be vain but I theorize that if I don t love, love, love my own book, how can I expect other readers to love it

  2. This book in short screams DRAMA.Bootie and The Beast by Falguni Kothari will tell you that beauty queens are actually real drama queens, they live for drama, they will do anything for drama, in short, always in need to spice up their already overly rated lives.Thanks to the author, Falguni Kothari for sending me over a copy of her book, in return for an honest and unbiased review.Diya, a.k.a, Beauty Mathur, is the most beautiful super model and she is the biggest drama queen on earth and still [...]

  3. This book should have been titled The Taming of the Beast Sorry Mr Shakespeare Falguni Kothari s delightful romantic comedy with just the right amount of angst tells the story of Diya Mathur aka Beauty who pines for a fairytale romance with her childhood friend Krish Menon whom she lovingly calls the Beast Diya may be a diehard believer of fairytales but she is no airy fairy pushover She wants love on her terms and when she fears it is unlikely to happen, she decides to build her career as a sup [...]

  4. njkinny 2014 07 blThe title of the book instantly appealed to me because it reminded me of the fairytale, The Beauty and the Beast I am a big fan of fairytale romances and this book instantly went up on my books to read list just because of that and also partly because I was on a schedule PThe title is catchy and then the interest is further deepened by the blurb which promises a spicy, entertaining story The cover is also appealing but it was the blurb and the title that caught me.The next thin [...]

  5. Rating 3.5 starsI don t read much of romance , which is why I was wondering if I d do justice to Falguni s book , but I needn t have worried I enjoyed reading the Bootie and the Beast Diya Mathur is fun , zesty , full of herself in a good way and a supermodel Krish Menon is smouldering hot , high flying CFO who is extremely focussed and non fussy.So what happens when you throw these two people who have a history of crackling chemistry between them together Sparks are bound to fly and mean things [...]

  6. A complete review of this book appears on my website, The Booklegger Full Review HereMy biggest problem with this book is the dismally low appearance of booties A wordplay this tantalising in the title requires a satisfactory culmination, don t you think But booties are sadly lacking, almost non existent actually First and last page, if I allow myself a little exaggeration Till now, I had been surprisingly all right with the dismally low number of booties in life Honestly, before this book, I d [...]

  7. Every once in a while I see a book and just KNOW that I have to read it Whether I spot the cover image in the Kindle store, the book spine on a library shelf, whatever, when this happens I snatch that book up and read the crap out of it Unfortunately this rarely read almost never happens to me so I typically rely on blogs etc to help me find books ahemt that I ll ever be short on things to read or anything However, Bootie and the Beast was one of those books for me.The story begins with Krish aw [...]

  8. Review forthcoming on a reader lives a thousand liveI received a copy of Bootie and the Beast in exchange for my review.Diya has always had a thing for Krish, and Krish has always had a thing for Diya, but their lives took different paths, even though they were engaged when Diya was 21 With Diya disgraced by the media when she is photographed buying a baby bootie for her friend Lee sha, she goes to lie low in Dallas with Krish But living together isn t the way to make the two of them forget how [...]

  9. It is an incredible , fabulous and superb read.a SUPERHIT which promises to keep you hooked till the pages end.Loved Diya s nakraas and drama which we get to see in all of us her never to die spirit for exercises , healthy eating , taking care of her skin beauty her being a total drama queen her love and commitment and passion towards her work her love for her parents her father whom she hates but loves the mostother aspect that many of us could connect too , her BFFS,her work colleagues and mos [...]

  10. Note This review has been published Readers Muse I ve been on this Romance reading spree catching up on all the romance that I missed As a result of that catching up I signed up promptly for this tour expecting a truly beautiful romance.Our protagonist, Bootie Diya Mathur is this supermodel with killer looks sans the brains She is this typical all brawns no brains type who falls for the geek Beast Krish Mathur That pretty much summarises the story for me Oh Wait I forgot something Yeah I forgot [...]

  11. b00kr3vi3ws 2014 07 BooDiya Mathur is the Princess of the Indian Fashion World She is beautiful and smart and bit of a drama queen She also has the biggest shoe fetish in the world But this fetish kind of lands her in trouble when she buys a baby bootie The rumour mills go frenzy and speculations follow her everywhere To take a break and let the rumours run its course, Diya escapes to her childhood friend s abode in Texas Krish Menon is a brooding CFO, dubbed as the beast by Diya, with a commitm [...]

  12. It s many years since I felt the urge to pick up a Mills Boon novel because there are a lot of books I d choose over a formulaic romance, which is what these books have to be in my understanding.So imagine my surprise when I found myself enjoying this one I d received a paperback copy as a gift so felt it would have been churlish not to read it It s good when you can get back to the giver with an honestly felt thank you.The storyline follows the standard scenario of misunderstandings keeping a c [...]

  13. A fun and sexy read Diya Beauty Mathur has been crushing on Krish Menon since childhood Their lives takes them separate places, but due to family and friendships, there s always a reason to reunite occasionally When a public scandal erupts, throwing Krish and Diya together yet again, their relationship takes another turn I thought Krish, despite his moniker of The Beast , was actually fairly sweet While I don t want to give any spoilers, I ll say that he s always had Diya s best interests at hea [...]

  14. Diya aka Drama Queen is fabulous and could probably have any man she wants, but her heart belongs to The Beast The Beast, unlike his name, is awfully cute He might have been a beast once upon a time, but is not so now Diya, on the other hand, is quite a handful Falguni Kothari has done a super job with Diya, making her out to be convincingly flighty, but with a moral code that she hangs on to for dear life The plot is interestingly unusual, the story is funny, and sweet, and warm definitely read [...]

  15. 3.5 Thanks To Falguni Kothari for the signed copy in Bookcon She loved a man who didn t love her She was hung up on a man who did not desire her And she was doing nothing not one thing to improve her situation This book was a really quick and sweet read Diya, the main character reminded me a lot like Mindy Kaling, in her show The Mindy Project I loved the Veer Zaara reference, that was probably one of my most favorite Hindi movies This book was like a real life fairytale with a mixture of Indian [...]

  16. A light romance based on the fairy tale Enjoyed certain parts but Diya, the beauty was a bit too girly and pink for my taste I liked how the author has set the story in different places like Dallas, Mumbai and Saudi Arabia I finished reading it in a day Yes, though the book drags initially, it picks up pace during the second half I m enjoying the indian author mills boons collection Seeing Indian characters falling in and out of love is a sheer delight

  17. Cute fun quick and entertaining read Nice addition of humor to help keep the reading lighthearted and interesting A bit predictable but handled well The characters are nicely developed and easy to connect with on a lighter level I d recommend this for those who enjoy romance and are looking for something light and easy to read I received an evaluation copy of this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

  18. Awesome flair Fun, spicy and sassy Just enough to have great fun with book Looking forward to read interesting novels by interesting writer Falguni Kothari P P

  19. I loved Diya she was amazing and strong.The best was she knew what she wanted and she had worked hard and made a name for herself Despite being surrounded by nerds she knew her weaknesses and strengths and did what she was best at.

  20. A fun tale of opposites attracting I totally enjoyed Bootie and the Beast and can t wait to read from Ms Kothari.

  21. Another great read by Falguni Kothari Really enjoyed the book Quick fun read Makes you wish for a fairy tale romance

  22. 2.5Diya Mathur has long had a crush on childhood friend Krish Menon, and he one on her Why, then, have they not managed to get together before now They were in fact engaged at one point, but Diya broke it off when Krish refused to kiss her, assuming that he had only agreed to marry her because her father, whom he deeply respects, asked him to.Nine years later, Diya is a supermodel, jaunting about the world promoting the fashion line Scheherazade Until the paparazzi snap her photo holding a baby [...]

  23. I somehow persisted after the male MC called the female MC a slut I DNFed when he called her a promiscuous bitch I just didn t care about his HEA after that Don t care how angry he was, not okay Disappointing, because overall I was enjoying this.

  24. If It s your move Wordfreak was about scrabbles then this book is all about fairytales, prince, princesses, ogres, elves Once again Falguni has played very well with the words to give us a very sweet and beautiful love story I learned some new words from the book I did enjoy the book but first part of the book focuses too much on the fairy tales and it gets bit irritating sometimes Actually I have compared the book too much to the It s your move Wordfreak and I must say I enjoyed the game of sc [...]

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