Broken Justice (2022)

Broken Justice Best Download || [Suzanne Halliday] - Broken Justice, Broken Justice Cameron Justice Once a throw away kid heading for trouble he found a sense of purpose in a war zone Years later successful handsome and wealthy Cam s mistrust of women and relationships in general Broken Justice Best Download || [Suzanne Halliday] - Broken Justice, Broken Justice Cameron Justice Once a throw away kid heading for trouble he found a sense of purpose in a war zone Years later successful handsome and wealthy Cam s mistrust of women and relationships in general
  • Title: Broken Justice
  • Author: Suzanne Halliday
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Broken Justice
Broken Justice Best Download || [Suzanne Halliday], Broken Justice, Suzanne Halliday, Broken Justice Cameron Justice Once a throw away kid heading for trouble he found a sense of purpose in a war zone Years later successful handsome and wealthy Cam s mistrust of women and relationships in general have left him a brooding loner Lacey Morrow Abused and neglected she s a lost girl determined to make something of her life if only she could catch a break Unlikely CoCameron Justice
  • Broken Justice Best Download || [Suzanne Halliday]
    173Suzanne Halliday
Broken Justice

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  1. 4 Debut Stars This book starts with the prologue where we meet the Justice Brothers Jason Cameron aka Cameron Justice, Alex Velleja Marquez, and Draegyn Drae St John while they re stationed in Afghanistan, they were all lucky to get out alive after their HQ was the site of a suicide bombers target After leaving the military and lengthy recoveries they form an exclusive agency The Justice Agency based in Sedona AZ specializing in surveillance, protection, and cyber security This first book of the [...]

  2. DNF 4%.Ok, so the beginning starts with the H in Afghanistan He hears people speaking Arabic and is attacked WAIT Arabic is NOT the language spoken in Afghanistan This author did absolutely no research If she did, then she would know that Pashto and Dari are the languages spoken in the country So this author thinks that Arabic is the only language in middle eastern countries It s either that or she thought terrorist and jumped to Arabic somehow being their language I could have ignored the error [...]

  3. Free 10 4 15 UK Link Broken Justice Justice Brothers Book 1 link Broken Justice Justice Brothers Book 1

  4. Cameron Justice aka Jason Cameron is taking a break after a long assignment in Mexico City He s back at his old stomping grounds of his youth, when he spots Lacey Morrow for the first time Cameron can t keep his eyes off her Something about Lacey intrigues him and he ends up following her While following her on foot Cameron shows up in time to save Lacey from two guys trying to mug her Cameron can tell Lacey doesn t have a home and is barely surviving He offers to clean up a nasty cut she got du [...]

  5. Too Wordy if there s such a word.2.5 starsI liked the plot concept Sexy, silent brooding, protective war veteran in his 30 s with emotional baggage rescues a young homeless woman 22 yrs old from thugs only to fall for her The h didn t grate my nerves She wasn t a doormat or immature The H was likable not exactly as possessive as I thought he d be but he was protective of the h There were times when it was clear his perspective was written by a woman and the choice of nickname Ponytail for the h [...]

  6. originally read sometime during 2015 rated five stars re read 06 02 17 rated three stars I honestly hadn t thought that my reading tastes had evolved much at all, many of my old favourites continue to be my favourites no matter how many times I read them But this book has proved me wrong When I originally read it a few years ago I fell in love with it, I rated it five stars and it has forever since lived on my favourites shelf After reading through this book again I was rather underwhelmed By no [...]

  7. This series follows The Justice Brothers Cameron, Draegyn and Alex Although this story is mainly about Cameron we do get introduced to the other guys in the series They all serve together in the military The prologue of the story gives you insight into why these three are like they are You follow their time in a special ops unit and read about an incident that meant things would never be the same for any of them.After leaving the military behind they set up an agency together which deals with su [...]

  8. 3.5 Could Have Been Better Stars I am a bit conflicted with this one Whilst I enjoyed the characters for the most part they just weren t developed enough and the story was completely lacking The book had the foundations to be a great read but just fell flat for me.When I read the synopsis I was pretty excited it seemed to have all the ingredients for the perfect book Hot ex special ops alpha male tortured by his past and closed of from his emotions Sweet and courageous innocent girl who has been [...]

  9. The first book in the Justice Brothers series by Suzanne Halliday Cam, Alex, and Drae were stationed together in Afghanistan, when a suicide bomber blew the camp Now years later they formed a security agency, Justice Brothers Cam is on the east coast before he returns to Arizona after an assignment when he sees a young woman enter the diner where he is There is something about her that tells him she is hiding He follows her and saves her when she gets mugged She is injured and he takes her to hi [...]

  10. The story of the Justice Brothers started out strong and just kept building on the relationship between Cameron, Drae and Alex It told of their war time experiences and then built on another character, Lacey.I loved how Drae came to her rescue and brought her into his world From the things she ran from the her fight or flight, Cameron was there for her SPOILER Cameron brought her back to the compound which was so much than she had ever seen She fit right in and began to work hard to right the m [...]

  11. This was a good read.It was page turning, totally OTT HOTTTTT, and had a great possessive Alpha.It was also one of those books, where the h knew what she wanted, which was our H, and the H wasn t too sure about him being good enough Our heroine s inner strength and belief in their relationship is strong and really has the reader cheering for her throughout the book.I loved Alex and Drae the future Hs totally looking forward to their books.Cameron, the H of this book, was a great intro to these g [...]

  12. 4.5 Stars 5 Flames for Hotness Attention People I want a Justice Brother Please Cameron Justice is a hot ex Special Ops guy that just exploded my kindle into pieces I was taken with this book from the prologue This book cover is hot Two broken souls that meet and heal one another is what this book is about Cameron the dark knight swoops into Lacey s life by saving her from being assaulted Lacey swoops in and assaults Cameron s emotions with her sweet innocence There chemistry is off the charts Y [...]

  13. As the first book in a series Broken Justice started strong I was sucked into the story right away Lacey was the down on her luck but plucky heroine, and Cameron was the strong silent type that came to her rescue He instantly wants to help Lacey So offers her a job with his company across the country Lacey jumps at the chance for a new start, and a chance to explore the chemistry between them Cameron is reluctant but charmed by Lacey.The road trip was great, Cameron is opening up You can really [...]

  14. Lacey has been on her own since running from a neglected and abusive uncle Struggling to survive day to day until she can start a new life for herself, she unexpectedly runs into Cameron Having rescued Lacey from a mugging, Cameron is unprepared for the instinct to protect her that comes over him Cameron is ex military, hot intense and feels that he doesn t deserve to be loved and has nothing to offer Lacey is strong, feisty and used to being on her own She takes a chance to trust Cameron when h [...]

  15. I was really struggling with this one because of the writing style and that it seems to be told in third person, which I am not use to when reading a book, but then to get to a point where this is thereHey, hey, he murmured, stepping into her personal space What s the frowny face for It s really NBD You ll hang out in the family area because of security, but you ll be fine There are always loads of people and liaison volunteers there Guaranteed you ll have a better time than I willThe NBD totall [...]

  16. 3.0 RATING More sex than story which sometimes isn t an issue but just didn t work for me here The overall story was just okay for me Note At the time this review was posted, this book was available to borrow through SCRIBD Subcription Service To see other books available to borrow through Kindle Unlimited or SCRIBD, check out the Subscription Addiction group group show

  17. M F The prologue was so moving and set a high bar for the rest of the book Unfortunately, there was something missing almost cold from the the relationship Both MCs were hurting and had the potential to empathize, or at least hard sympathize, and comfort each other But it never happened They never talked and shared their experiences, thoughts, emotions, wants, desires, etc to develop a intimate relationship DNF because I wasn t getting the expected emotional payout.

  18. Love, love, love this book Hot and steamy and so very sexy Cameron and Lacey are a match from the beginning to end and deliciously yummy in between I seriously couldn t put this down once I got started reading Thank you for such a sultry treat the author delivers a precise depiction of sex versus lovemaking I was overwhelmed at the explicit detail of each interlude, almost to the point of blushing Nothing short of awesome

  19. Broken Justice is the first book in Suzanne Halliday s Justice Brother series and what an introduction to these alpha brothers This is Cameron and Lacey story and thankfully Cameron s brothers help a guy out This book is funny, sad, sexy and hot Don t read this book unless you re willing to get overheated I highly recommend this book.

  20. DNFTO much explenations and words that got me loosing my focus on what am I reading.I had problems with they dirty dreams don t like them.d usually I don t like so vivid sex dreams that I can t make are they real or not I know they aren t but still.

  21. 3.5 stars It was entertaining Pretty good story and characters Cam was a jerk at times Man he said some terrible things But it all worked out

  22. Broken Justice Justice Brothers, 1 by Suzanne Halliday WOW WOW THis book is for those that think their too broken for love A 5 STAR Stellar book A must read presents for your friends, family or donations.I rarely give 5 star ratings This book by Suzanne Halliday my first book by this author was exceptional This is a keeper book you can read over n over Everyone has baggage and working with it or it letting it control you The female character Lacey is absolutely amazing you cheer her on throughou [...]

  23. A new author for me and I wasn t too sure too start with but I think it is the start of an interesting series There was no real action but both main characters had to learn to trust and let go of past trauma in order to move ahead It was well written and enjoyable I am certainly going to buy the next book as this one also laid the basis for other characters They were all very personable and I believe they will make some fascinating stories of their own

  24. It took me way too long to finish this book, because there s not really a lot going on it s just a silly senseless hot book if you want to read some hot sex scene, go for it But if you like a little bit story to your romance stay away from this book the writer tried to give some personality to the characters by adding some dark past, but in the end the book didn t hold my attention at all

  25. I really loved this book Cam and Lacey are two people looking for anything that is a better life than they had Cam has found it with his brothers and he introduces Lacey to them These books are full of sexy men and women and lots of love I found this book by chance and have come to love the whole series.

  26. I had this book recommended to me and thought it was an RS but it wasn t It was ok I enjoyed it overall but am glad it was KU since it wasn t what I was expecting I might go back and read the rest in the series later but for now I m on a hunt for a good RS series.

  27. insta lust the heroine has been basically homeless for 5 years 17 22 and yet she can go into an office and immediately know how to do accounting, invoicing, etc and in a matter of days improve on what has been done by a professional

  28. very much enjoyed well written with great characters that were very engaging story was fairly predicatable especially since i have read the bishop s pawn books which referred to people and places in this serieseat author and i am looking forward to reading of her work

  29. Skipped half this book out because there was just too much sex on the brain, like literally every page had atleast one long sex thought and it got too annoying after a while

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