Murder In School (2022)

[PDF] Murder In School | by  Bruce Beckham - Murder In School, Murder In School When a long serving master at one of England s leading public schools is found drowned in Bassenthwaite Lake Detective Inspector Skelgill is called in to investigate his apparent suicide It soon beco [PDF] Murder In School | by  Bruce Beckham - Murder In School, Murder In School When a long serving master at one of England s leading public schools is found drowned in Bassenthwaite Lake Detective Inspector Skelgill is called in to investigate his apparent suicide It soon beco
  • Title: Murder In School
  • Author: Bruce Beckham
  • ISBN: 9781495916380
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Paperback
Murder In School
[PDF] Murder In School | by  Bruce Beckham, Murder In School, Bruce Beckham, Murder In School When a long serving master at one of England s leading public schools is found drowned in Bassenthwaite Lake Detective Inspector Skelgill is called in to investigate his apparent suicide It soon becomes clear that senior members of staff are not all that they seem and while the school closes ranks that Skelgill is scratching at the surface of a secretive power struggWhen a long
  • [PDF] Murder In School | by  Bruce Beckham
    353Bruce Beckham
Murder In School

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  1. Author Bruce BeckhamPublished 07 02 2014I received this book for free through GoodReads FirstReads competitions.I hadn t read any of the Inspector Skelgill Investigations but after reading this one the second one in the series I will definitely be reading of this series.I thought that it was expertly written by a clearly very talented author In this book he is investigating a suspicious drowning that occurs in the local Bassenthwaite Lake.This novel is full of all the essentials that are needed [...]

  2. Two apparent suicides and a missing child lead Skelgill and company to investigate at an upscale public school with a long and rich past Getting past the lack of cooperation and snobbery of the headmaster, discovering the facts from the red herrings, and hashing out what is really going on at the school is a struggle for the police, but Skelgill is equal to the task I really enjoyed reading this one Again, Beckham s descriptions are just beautiful and I felt like I could see exactly what Inspect [...]

  3. I enjoy a good whodunnit and this was a nice introduction to this author s writing A for plot twists Set in the UK, and written by a British author, it has lots of British terms and innuendo I read it easily in 2 evenings and would recommend One thing I really liked is that the chapters proceed in chronological order no flashbacks For this reason it is a pretty straight forward and easy to follow read The plot has just enough characters to be interesting and not too many to keep straight The wri [...]

  4. A suspicious drowning in Bassenthwaite Lake brings Skelgill to investigate if it s a suicide or murder Then another suspicious death and the disappearance of a student has Skelgill certain things are not right at the school He asks DS Jones to assist with the investigation and they soon figure it out Bruce Beckham is a well gifted writer His story flowed easily and was quite enjoyable I did have a little bit of a problem with some of the words and descriptions since we are from different countri [...]

  5. A Good Murder Mystery A Good Murder Mystery I like this series because there s no blood and guts If it were made into a movie the kids could go see it At the same time, I ve never been able to determine the murderer That s okay as it s suspenseful right up to the end Great characters in DI Skelgill and DC Jones and Leyton.

  6. Murder in School is an enjoyable and clever murder mystery This is the first Inspector Skelgill book that I have read and I look forward to reading the other books in the series.

  7. I want a Bacon Roll Detective Inspector Skelgill and his detective Sergeants Jones and Leyton are ask to investigate a suicide at a prestigious school, Oakthwaite by his boss, the Chief who happens to have a son enrolled at the school Within the next few days, another employee commits suicide and the Chief s son goes missing This is a somewhat slow paced murder mystery with lots scenic details, you can almost smell the woodland and grassy knolls or fells Inspector Skelgill is methodical and a bi [...]

  8. There is much to like in this series After two books, I m already fond of the hero, Cumbria s DI and local fisherman, Daniel Skelgill as well as the new girl in his life, DS Emma Jones The setting for the mysteries, the beautiful Lakes District of Northern England, I find absolutely enchanting Even though I have never been there, my material grandfather was born not far away in Barrow in Furness and subsequently, the area calls to me The only fly so to speak is that the author has insisted on wr [...]

  9. My first Bruce Beckham Inspector Skelgill book Based in the Lake District, one of my favourite places One of the teachers from a private school by Bassenthwaite Lake is found drowned Is it suicide or is it murder When a second apparent suicide takes place, the mystery thickens A nice wee trip around Cumbria, also fitting in London and Singapore Bruce Beckham knows the Lake District well I had forgotten that Bassenthwaite Lake is basically a very large puddle Plenty in the series to check out I [...]

  10. Fishing in the Lake District for a killerI recommend this series Setting is in the English Lake District in the current time Some of the local words and phrases are beyond my understanding, but watching Inspector Skelgill find his way through the problems and catch the killer is a pleasure If you like to fish you will especially love this series P S I have made a few of my Kindle highlights visibleick below to see them.

  11. I liked this mystery I especially like the realistic characters and the setting To me, what makes a mystery intriguing is if I can t solve it before the character does I want to read of Beckham, and I recommend this book.

  12. The main character is ok and I especially like DS Jones who makes occasional appearances in this book However, the plot is very slow moving and there is too much about fishing and food The author also has a somewhat unusual writing style with lots of passive voice and past tense.

  13. The characters were interesting The plot was like seeing something in Master Piece Theater Would read any novel by Bruce Beckham It was an exciting quick read novel.

  14. We are with Inspector Skelgill again This time, DS Jones is working for the dreaded Inspector Smart Not by her choice But, DS Leyton is working with Skelgill and they both will need all the help they can get.There has been an apparent suicide at the very exclusive school where The Boss son is a student She has sent Skelgill to investigate He is not sure what he is looking for but he and Leyton are bent on finding it.What may or may not have been a suicide introduces Skelgill to a world where eve [...]

  15. This is a literary police procedural for those familiar with British culture and lingo A tip for American readers public school private school The third person omniscient and third person objective narration in the present tense puts us next to Skelgill, the police detective, every step along his investigation We become a member of his team as the case unfold.This series will hold special appeal for those who love to fish, and for birdwatchers twitchers , not to mention lovers of England s Lake [...]

  16. Edmund Donald Querrell Grand Master drowned last week in Bassenthwaite Lake close by Oakthwaite School It could have been a suicide.Detective Inspector Skelgill aka Guv DS Leyton of the Cumbria P D are doing the follow up investigation.DI Smart DS Jones f were helping piece the suicide puzzle together Mr Goodman name came up then there is Royston Hodgson grounds man.How about Dr Snyder or Dr G.W Jacobson Sherlock Holmes Dr Watson or Laurel Hardy I did not receive any type of compensation for rea [...]

  17. If you enjoy natureDI Skelgill is your man He fishes for pike, a large very difficult fish This helps him to catch his other prey His knowledge of the country s flora and fauna are astounding.DS Leyton and DS Jones are the proverbial sidekicks One a bright, attractive gal and the other, well not your brightest penny, but loyal to a fault.As an American, I have no idea exactly what an English bacon roll is, but these folks live on them and I found myself making bacon sandwiches than normal It s [...]

  18. This was really good I have found another series that I am now addicted to In this one, DI Skelgill is sent to investigate the suicide of a teacher at a private boarding school in the area It looks like a suicide, but without any note or other indicators of why he would take his own life And the administration of the school does not seem to want the police to investigate, nevermind that the Chief s own son is a student there Then another staff member supposedly commits suicide, and Skelgill does [...]

  19. Inspector Skelgill is sent to Oakthwaite School by his chief to investigate the suicide of schoolmaster Querrell,without letting the school know what he s really doing His investigation isn t going well when there s another apparent suicide Skelgill believes both are murders but hes dosen t have any clues until a boy from the school disappears The mystery keeps you guessing, with many clues misleading Skelgill and me Some of the British slang was hard to follow but it added to the setting of the [...]

  20. What a clever mystery From early on I knew it had to be one of three people, but I never really expected the killer to be who it was Transporting you to a different country and their way of doing things, so different from our own Most Americans know the British law enforcement officers don t carry guns, but it would have made things safer if not easier, had they carried guns Skegill reminds me a bit of our Colombo, sometimes he doesn t seem like the brightest bulb in the bunch, but can be deceiv [...]

  21. Bruce Beckham puts forth a solid effort in Murder In School With this being the second in the series, it has be ready to search and find the first book to offer a comparison Beckham does a fine job of laying out the mystery and then working to uncover the culprit I received this book through the Firstreads program and I found it to be easy to follow since Beckham writes in chronological order instead of using flashbacks and memories to bring information to light The way Beckham lays out the mate [...]

  22. Why does Inspector Skellgill s boss want the investigation of a suicide at an exclusive boarding school Her son is a student there, but that doesn t seem to explain her decision And so we are off through the twists and turns of a good procedural Even when a red herring is spotted the whys and wherefores remain untangled until the end Some of the descriptive passages were a bit slow and for a Yank some of it could use some translation, but overall it s a pleasant read and I would read of the ser [...]

  23. I book that I received through giveaways.Murder in School is the second book in a series of books involving Inspector Skelgill It is, however the first book I have read by the author Bruce Beckham but after reading this I am inclined to make a trip to the bookstore to get some of the others I found this book to be wonderfully crafted in terms of plot, character development and local colour While not a fast paced book in terms of action, it is nonetheless a page turner from start to finish Really [...]

  24. I have found a new author to followwell, he s new to me, anyway I just finished Murder in School by Bruce Beckham and must say I was pleasantly surprised I am not sure exactly what I was expecting, but it wasn t quite this The characters are incredibly likable, or despicable, depending on which type of character they may be It is a perfect British mystery with just the lightest touch of a suggestion of romance It is very well written and a true pleasure to read I can hardly wait for the next ins [...]

  25. After winning this book in a giveaway, I can recommend it to anyone who loves a good Whodunnit with a wonderful leading man DI Skelgill is an absolute delight, who along with his trusty sidekicks he takes us through twists and turns in a beautiful part of the country trying to get to the bottom of two apparent suicides and the disappearance of a public school boy The clues are all there but the book will keep you guessing

  26. This is a new mystery author for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the book Unexpected twists and turns Strong protagonist and support characters Takes place in England so be prepared for the British influence My only suggestion would be to drop some of the Gov and DS titles and just use the last names alone Looking forward to reading another book in the series I received this book as a GoodReads Giveaway and I thank the publisher and author for the opportunity to read this book.

  27. The Swimming LessonLiked the basic story lines but it was laborious reading at times I enjoyed the leading character DI Skelgill He is well written and he seemed a well seasoned detective with many skills to call upon Since I did not pick out the villain until close to the end it certainly kept me reading past bedtime.

  28. This was a free eBook from the author This was my first Inspector Skelgill book This book was British and was a little hard for me to understand I didn t get the meaning of some of the words I couldn t quess the murder The detective had a different method of solving the crime, but it worked for him But it did have a few surprises.

  29. The story follows the police as they try to work out how two staff members die and one pupil the police chief s son goes missing at a leading private school The officer has do this discretion ally to protect a lot of reputations.I did enjoy this book and there are a lot of twists and turns to keep me reading, though it s maybe not the best I have but still worthwhile.

  30. Edgier Hamish Macbeth set in CumbriaI thought it was a good read but a lot of maybe in the end My mother would love this but I think I was a bit distracted as I like to stop and start books as busy life and found the names confusing 3 doctors, who, who but recommend his books to mum x

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