Revelation (2022)

¸ Revelation ½ Randi Cooley Wilson - Revelation, Revelation A DIVINE SECRET A LOYAL PROTECTOR A FORBIDDEN LOVE Eve Collins starts her freshman year at college blissfully unaware that one revelation will challenge everything she s believed to be true about her ¸ Revelation ½ Randi Cooley Wilson - Revelation, Revelation A DIVINE SECRET A LOYAL PROTECTOR A FORBIDDEN LOVE Eve Collins starts her freshman year at college blissfully unaware that one revelation will challenge everything she s believed to be true about her
  • Title: Revelation
  • Author: Randi Cooley Wilson
  • ISBN: 9781495391521
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback
¸ Revelation ½ Randi Cooley Wilson, Revelation, Randi Cooley Wilson, Revelation A DIVINE SECRET A LOYAL PROTECTOR A FORBIDDEN LOVE Eve Collins starts her freshman year at college blissfully unaware that one revelation will challenge everything she s believed to be true about her family life and future and right in the midst of it all is Asher St Michael Mysterious and aloof Asher is appointed to protect Eve at all costs Bound by his oath of loyaA DIVINE SECRET
  • ¸ Revelation ½ Randi Cooley Wilson
    468Randi Cooley Wilson

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  1. 4 I ve got you, Siren stars I used to love paranormal romances, but lately i lost a little bit my wayI had so many time to read a book from this genre and when i saw it on NetGalley, it was like it was a magnet that was pulling me toward it And damn me, that was soooo good I freakin loved it It was having almost every kind of paranormal creatures inside of itAngels, demons, vampires, werewolves, Gargoyles To be honest, this was my first time of Gargoyles, but i think that for now on, they will b [...]

  2. Loved this one I was gripped from the very first page of this book I need the next book now This story is amazing and has me intrigued And the writing is phenomenal

  3. 4.5 Protection at ALL cost StarsRevelation is the first book in The Revelation Series It s a YA paranormal read and it exceeded all of my expectations I was craving a YA paranormal book, I wanted something that would just suck me in and basically be a huge mystery to me and I got it.Eve is in college and she s your typical Heroine in a YA paranormal book She s smart, innocent and has a group of girlfriends she loves Slowly she realizes her simple life isn t so simple any She encounters two men, [...]

  4. The cover art for Revelation is beautiful This is my favorite genre Those are the only two positive things I can say about this book.To be fair, I must disclose that I stopped reading it after only about 12 minutes Here s why The question is thrown out along with some serious stinkeye radiating from her round, chocolate orbs I m done.

  5. I think this book could have really been so much better with a whole different dialogue I can forgive almost any plot if the dialogue and characterization is enjoyable But this particular book was lacking in both areas It was hard for me to think of this book as New Adult because of the immaturity level of the characters They sounded like they were in the 12 or 13 year age bracket, with the occasional F you thrown in to prove they are adult I also don t really enjoy the whole reason you were bor [...]

  6. celebrityreaders.wordpressYA paranormal appropriate for ages 18 Sorry guys, I wanted to like this book The writing was technically sound Look at me trying to sound all smart and crap What I mean by that is the storyline was good, I didn t find any errors with regards to plot holes or grammar But it was soooooo slow It would build up and then let me down Which is good sometimes But after the third or fourth build up with nothing to show for it, I lost my patience Maybe I am just an impatient read [...]

  7. As a longtime lover of the Paranormal genre, it is always refreshing to find a story that isn t a re write of something that has already been done Yes, there are parts of it like other books there is romance, attraction, evil to be fought, cookies to be baked but there is also lots that is new I won t spoil any of it by giving away spoilers but suffice it to say that I was drawn into this story from the very beginning So many questions that need answering, so much to find out and the best part f [...]

  8. At the time that I read this series I wasn t into writing reviews on books At no point did I find it necessary to do so However, I so regret that decision because now I wish I had my words to reflect back on, and for others to share them with me But I do know that I whole heartily loved this book and the 4 others after it If you decided to read this book please go into it with an open mind and let this author take you on a journey like no other has before Happy reading too you all


  10. This is rather a hard review for me to write I requested Revelation for review in audio because the synopsis intrigued me and the book had gotten great reviews Unfortunately, it didn t work all that well for me I m going to break it down into what worked and what didn t work for ease in disseminating my thoughts and feelings Here goes Worked sort of The premise I m a fan of angel vs demon, heaven vs hell stories That one girl was the key in the upcoming battle the one who might save the world I [...]

  11. Sucked Failed Bombed.Lame Unsurprising and bland The only unique thing about this book is the implementation of the gargoyles but even that managed to be a shallow, 1 dimensional concept in this weak story Read at your own risk does NOT have my recommend.

  12. 2 sOkay so this was an alright first book in The Revelation Series The plot was decent, I liked the gargoyles, liked that it also has Angels, Werewolves, Fairies etc Enjoyed the characters Asher, Callam, Abby and Gage I liked the forbidden love But I felt that it was focusing maybe a little to much on whole forbidden part than the romance love aspect I wasn t the biggest fan of the heroine Eve , wasn t she suppose to be in collage Is it just me or did she come across as a whiny little brat Hones [...]

  13. Here s what I loved So far, there s no love triangle I m into the forbidden love theme Eve I absolutely love her I like that she didn t just hide in the corner and dwell on the secrets She called them out on what she heard and wanted answers A lot of books I ve read lately feature girls who don t speak up in situations like that They usually keep their mouth shut and mope around about how everyone is lying to them She can also take care of herself I love that she s not playing the damsel in dist [...]

  14. This was the first book that I ve been able to actually finish as of late It seems that I m going through the OMG why did I start reading this crap stage More often that not, I end up reverting back to some of my all time favs just to read something worth reading when having a bad book day, but Revelation I didn t mindThe first encounter that Eve and Asher had together was probably the saving grace for me continuing I thought their banter was hilarious, yes I did LOL Eve could be a very stubborn [...]

  15. Randi Cooley Wilson uses popular tropes and my favorite tropes secrets, star crossed lovers, a destiny but adds in interesting elements all the secrets of Asher St Michael which I won t spoil to create an intriguing, unique story filled with characters I love, a bit of action and excitement, and romance.Eve s a good heroine She s a loyal friend, she s imperfect And she doesn t deal well with all the revelations, because really, when all that crap gets dumped on you No one would deal well She dou [...]

  16. There is nothing special about this book, it s a been there done that kind of book That being said, I still greatly enjoyed it and even went out and bought book 2 There is a reason books follow the same format, it sells People enjoy it The writing is easy to follow, flows nicely The characters are pretty well developed but it is only the first book I m sure they will be developed as we go along So the plot is really kind of everywhere in a good way , we have angels, humans, gargoyles and hell h [...]

  17. 2.5 StarsI really wanted to love this but the writing made it a little harder to get into I m not in any way an expert and it s not like it s bad, I just feel like it s kind of amateurish A part of me wants to know what happens next but I m not sure yet if I will Maybe the writing gets better

  18. A phenomenal paranormal romance that s darkly delicious and seductively magnetic A divine secret, a loyal protector And a forbidden love REVELATION is a darkly sinister, supernatural story of hypnotic profundity and fervent intensity I lost myself entirely within this compulsively addictive, chilling tale of inspired imaginative concepts and fantastic characters The author blends together a cleverly woven, magnetic mix of heartrending romance and mystery for a truly original outcome As a fan of [...]

  19. This review also appears on Laudable Lit Actual rating 3.5 stars.This book was a journey, mostly because of the building of the author s world and mythology If the author did not detail her world building and mythology forming as well as she did, this book would have been two stars So, in that aspect it s undoubtedly unique The story did not go where I thought it would Characters are not who I thought they were view spoiler And we still supposedly don t know everything about Asher I will admit t [...]

  20. I received this book free from Barclay Publicity in exchange for an honest review This is a story about angels, demons, and all that lay in between Like most angel demon stories, this too is about the balance of Heaven and Hell and how humans play into it But unlike any other I ve read, this has a twist Guardian Gargoyles and a unique blood bond.Nothing about Eve s life has ever been normal, but she doesn t know that She thought she was a normal college student and demons, angels, werewolves, an [...]

  21. Originally posted on yareads, reviewed by Nichole.People have been telling, for quite some time now, that I need to read the Revelation series by Randi Cooley Wilson With every book, though, they ve also told me that there is a huge cliffhanger So, naturally, I decided to wait until all the books were released to read it Let me tell you, it was worth the wait This book was AMAZING I m so excited to share this with you today The star of this book, by far, was Asher OH MY GOD He was so flipping ho [...]

  22. ARC generously provided by publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Wow, okay so I am a sucker for a good paranormal novel, there is just something about this genre that if written well just sucks me in and keeps me completely enthralled This book is an example of a well written paranormal and I cannot wait to read the rest of this series.Eve is starting college and she couldn t be excited then to start her new life The only problem she seems to be having are these darn nightmar [...]

  23. This was a great book I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the characters and was intrigued by the storyline the entire time I was reading I love the paranormal element At first it s a little unclear which supernatural creatures will feature but it all is revealed the logical place Plenty of UST and witty dialogue Eve was a little oblivious at times, particularly to do with Asher and Gage, but it fit the story A great read.

  24. This wasn t a bad read It started off really good and then once Eve found out everything she changed I get that it was a lot to process but there was no need to have an attitude like that It made me not want to like her any One of the cool things about this book was it not only had angels but it had demons, fae, vampires, and werewolves too I like books that involve all of the supernatural together.

  25. I forced myself to keep going, but by 60% I simply had to give up Concept seemed to have potential, but writing was horrid and the characters completely one dimensional If I didn t know better, I d call this repurposed fan fiction Lots of ready made assumptions and one hell of a Mary Sue.

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