Blood Money (2022)

Å Blood Money ✓ Scott Pratt - Blood Money, Blood Money In the sixth volume of the bestselling Joe Dillard series Dillard does something he has never done before he hires a young associate Her name is Charleston Story she is bright and beautiful and in Å Blood Money ✓ Scott Pratt - Blood Money, Blood Money In the sixth volume of the bestselling Joe Dillard series Dillard does something he has never done before he hires a young associate Her name is Charleston Story she is bright and beautiful and in
  • Title: Blood Money
  • Author: Scott Pratt
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Blood Money
Å Blood Money ✓ Scott Pratt, Blood Money, Scott Pratt, Blood Money In the sixth volume of the bestselling Joe Dillard series Dillard does something he has never done before he hires a young associate Her name is Charleston Story she is bright and beautiful and in her very first case she winds up inheriting an item so valuable that it threatens to destroy her and everything she cares about As Dillard tries to help and advise his yIn the sixth volum
  • Å Blood Money ✓ Scott Pratt
    275Scott Pratt
Blood Money

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  1. Hmm I love the Joe Dillard series I find them to be very much addictive But to be totally frank regarding this book in the series, it misses the mark It isn t a book about Joe Dillard He barely has supporting role, and it doesn t qualify as a leading role This book was about Charlie Story I m sorry to say it just didn t keep my interest, or fit in with the rest of this series.

  2. Two interesting story linesThe Joe Dillard books are good courtroom reads but I found this to be somewhat of a mishmash There is the main storyline about the , blood money and actually an other storyline that is somewhat awkwardly intertwined I think that the jumps back and forth are distracting and not really necessary as the main story is entertaining and the other storyline could have made a good book by itself

  3. Pratt brings Joe Dillard back for his sixth legal adventure, filled with twists and sub plots to keep readers satisfied and highly curious An ambitious young law graduate with a family past tied to Dillard approaches him for a job, leaving Dillard to make some tough decisions at his single attorney practice Charlie has determination, charm, gumption, and the eye of young Jack Dillard, all lethal combinations, leaving Joe with little choice but to bring her on, if only for the time being With Dil [...]

  4. I have no idea why, but for some reason I didn t really care for this one very much To some degree it lacked the character development we ve seen in other books Most of the book is focused on a new character Charlie Story and we lose Leon Bates, Joe Dillard, Caroline, Sarah, and Lilly Jack gets a little attention, but not much.I also didn t care too much for the story generally.Hoping I like the next one

  5. I would have to agree with other reviewers that there wasn t enough of Joe Dillard in this 6th book Indeed, as it appears, Joe decides without much vetting to hire a trainee, Charleston Story, a young law graduate, who seems to steal Joe and his son s Jack s heart, but not this reader I needed a lot fleshing out of this character before I liked her and that never came That young woman will be making one terribly wrong decision after the other in a short time, causing a lot of pain around her.I [...]

  6. I didn t think this book was as good as the other books in the Joe Dillard series It was rewritten from an earlier book to include Joe Dillard so most of the book is about a young woman named Charlie.

  7. Very good plot and kept me wanting to read I even read during my breaks at work Would definitely suggest to pick this up to read if you want something good.

  8. In this 6th Joe Dillard novel each stands alone Joe takes on a young, pretty female intern, who just finished law school, needs experience, and can offer Joe some help preparing for a case With his wife still battling cancer and taking chemo, she has his priority Joe s son Jack is also working at his Dad s doing case research Jack is attracted to this new addition to the staff, Charlie Story This novel centers around Charlie s personal life, not so much Joe s I found it interesting and did not m [...]

  9. Book was an excellent mix of horror and comedy that gives the reader a sense of fulfillment after every paragraph read After every chapter you feel this euphoria that is better than ANYTHING on this entire earth Child birth doesn t even compare to this book, nothing compares to this masterpiece of literature I feel as if I am one with this book, I feel that in another life I am the author writing this book, our spirits will live on forever in harmony in this book My life goal is to die reading t [...]

  10. AwesomeI so much enjoy reading the Joe Dillard series Scott is such a great writer I know others will enjoy them to

  11. A little too quick to wrap up The tension was good, then every problem got solved rapidly But a good read.

  12. Great deal of passion over 50 million in gold.I enjoyed how the author used historically based ideas regarding a mob member s gold and an honest bootlegger who trust and do business with each other The mobster lived in Philadelphia and the bootlegger lived in Tennessee The mobster gets sentenced to prison for awhile, so he converts his ill gotten gains into large gold bars and has the bootlegger hide them for him on his property Mobster was killed in prison and bootlegger decided to keep gold Un [...]

  13. I have always been a fan of Scott Pratt, but this book was a disaster A legal graduate, Charlie Stone, asks Dillinger for a job She takes a case to him to defend a man who killed a man who had raped his girl friend Charlie inherits a lot of land, in which there is a cave with a great treasure Obviously, the bad guys are after it Remember Ali Baba Well this is much worse, maybe interesting for a young kid An utter and complete disappointment

  14. Better than average Joe Dillard thriller However, Joe only makes some occasional cameo s within novel A new cast of characters carries this one alone Joe s son Jack gets some feature time Caroline is barely hanging in there from advanced cancer I liked the newest characters a lot They added much needed jump to a somewhat stuck in the mud series Giving this one a solid four stars out of a possible five stars Book was an enjoyable and an entertaining read Check this one out

  15. The author indicated that this was a re write of another book Russo s Gold It really seemed that way It lacked focus The main plot kinda ended flat and the other the trial had no real ending at all There were a ton a characters and yet none really got developed The story just wondered.

  16. Another winner by Pratt He definitely knows legal crime Southern thriller I hope this is not the end of the Joe Dillard series, as going to miss listening having devoured 1 6 back to back Now I need to catch up on the reviews for each Highly recommend the audio version as Tim Campbell and Scott Pratt are a match made in heaven More to come.

  17. Fabulous holiday diversonWhat adventure filled lives Scott s characters live Most importantly, Sadie wasn t harmed nor was anyone she loved All s well that ends well.

  18. A multi layered thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat Didn t like the descriptive gratuitous violence in one part but otherwise most enjoyable.

  19. Blood MoneyI love all of his books There is a little of everything suspense, law, family and friendship in all of his books.

  20. I became an enthusiastic fan of Scott Pratt after reading his debut novel An Innocent Client Subsequent stories that featured his protagonist Joe Dillard, notably installments 2, 3, and 4, were collectively disappointing in that the author repeatedly failed to reach the bar he established with his widely acclaimed first outing Frankly, I took a breather after INJUSTICE FOR ALL Book 4 which I disliked and felt that the author had not only dropped the ball but betrayed the reader It is the end of [...]

  21. Now, I don t usually write reviews but this book annoyed me to no end I tried to push through and finish it because the series has been pretty good so far, however, the people telling the protagonist Charlie that the money was evil and to keep away from it seemed very hipocritical to me I mean Joe is telling her it s blood money and he wouldn t take it, meanwhile he takes his fee from accused murderers, dealers, thieves, etc with no clue what activity they engaged in to make it and he has no qua [...]

  22. Almost perfectI really enjoy the sorry lines in this series and the interplay between the characters The overall editing is good, but there are simple errors in spelling, grammar, and things like missing or duplicated words that are distracting Not enough to ruin the books or anything, but I catch a few in each book The characters tend to be too perfect, which is a little annoying Real humans aren t going, muscular athletes with amazing artistic talent and a law degree That gets old and I tend t [...]

  23. A Different Adventure For Joe Dillard For the first time, Joe Dillard hires a young associate, Charlie Story She s bright and beautiful, a recent graduate from law school She s applied at other attorney offices, but she s been denied work as her father is in prison Joe tries to help her along with trial experience but is soon swept into a web of mystery which she does not share with him His and Charlie s lives become seriously threatened This novel is an awesome story of intrigue, adventure, and [...]

  24. Another page turner, filled with twists and turns and a cave around each corner There s gold in them there hills was exactly what I expected it to be I loved reading about crazy eccentric uncle Jasper and wish that we had gotten to see a little from the master taxidermist and his hidden family and sadden at his untimely demise I was also thrilled to see that Jack has a predominant role in the series and I cried considering the circumstances of his hospital visit and hope that he recovers fully [...]

  25. Another good story in this entertaining seriesI have now read the first six books in the Joe Dillard series by Scott Pratt I can say that I find them to be some the most entertaining books that I have ever read in the legal thriller mystery crime genre.I particularly enjoy the strong characters and elements of Dillard s family, friends, and associates that Pratt includes in the story I find myself looking forward to each new installment.I highly recommend any of the books in this series and I ca [...]

  26. BLOOD MONEY IS BLOODY GOOD Once again Scott Pratt weaves an incredibly good story, full of intrigue, with twists and turns and heartbreak The introduction of Charlie into the Dillard s life was an added bonus Being the greedy person that I am, and without giving too much away, I probably would have done just the opposite in the end His wife s struggles left me crying, and pulling for her every step of the way Take the time to read all of Scott Pratt s books in this series I m so not sorry I did, [...]

  27. Not up to expectationsI started reading this series and have enjoyed getting to know the characters and enjoying the authors style This book was such a let down Maybe it,s time to move on I couldn t finish it as it became so predictable The first plots of the series where interesting and clever and being an avid reader I found the authors work full of imaginationng on.

  28. Good read of a strange storyI really like stories that follow 1 main character and Joe Dilliard is no exception A definite read and what makes this series different is that each 1 could be read alone without feeling you re missing something I definitely recommend this compelling story.

  29. Exciting author Great series follows a story line ,keeps the characters connected.I m looking forward to the rest of the books Scott has written.I m going to read his children s book, An Elephant s Standing in There I have been dreading the end of his series Great authors are a blessing

  30. Enjoyable.I have enjoyed reading this series It has mystery, It has wonderful characters It is a bit of a thriller I read a lot and I will not read something that is boring or doesn t hold my attention I have read six of theses books in the series and plan to read all of Scott Pratt s books.

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