Hidden (2022)

Hidden Best Read || [Catherine McKenzie] - Hidden, Hidden While walking home from work one evening Jeff Manning is struck by a car and killed Two women fall to pieces at the news his wife Claire and his co worker Tish Reeling from her loss Claire must co Hidden Best Read || [Catherine McKenzie] - Hidden, Hidden While walking home from work one evening Jeff Manning is struck by a car and killed Two women fall to pieces at the news his wife Claire and his co worker Tish Reeling from her loss Claire must co
  • Title: Hidden
  • Author: Catherine McKenzie
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Hidden Best Read || [Catherine McKenzie], Hidden, Catherine McKenzie, Hidden While walking home from work one evening Jeff Manning is struck by a car and killed Two women fall to pieces at the news his wife Claire and his co worker Tish Reeling from her loss Claire must comfort her grieving son as well as contend with funeral arrangements well meaning family members and the arrival of Jeff s estranged brother who was her ex boyfriend TisWhile walking home fro
  • Hidden Best Read || [Catherine McKenzie]
    480Catherine McKenzie

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  1. It took me 3 days to decide to review this book for two big reasons 1 I liked it on some level and I didn t want to be harsh 2 I honestly don t enjoy offending people and in this case authors because writing a book is fucking hard That said, I just had to review this because 3 days later, it still managed to irritate the hell out of me and I don t feel comfortable when I don t review books that affected me Warning THERE WILL BE SPOILERS The Bad CharactersWhere do I even start I hated Tish with a [...]

  2. I was so disappointed by this book I loved McKenzie s first three books and read it despite thinking that the concept seemed a little boring and done compared to her previous novels Man dies, wife and mysterious other woman left in his wake I figured in McKenzie s hands, this tired concept would take on new life It did not.What I found unforgivable was how completely indistinct the three narrators are She tells each character s part of the story with identical voices Sometimes it took me a page [...]

  3. In some ways, Catherine McKenzie s fourth novel, HIDDEN, resembles a mystery It s a story about a relationship triangle, between Jeff, the husband whose unexpected death tears out the hearts of two women his wife, Claire, and Tish, the co worker with whom he had an intense bond but what exactly was its nature In HIDDEN, the mystery is not who dunnit but why, and even, what did they do, exactly One result is that like a suspenseful mystery, it s a compulsive page turner McKenzie handles the three [...]

  4. Hidden is my first novel by Catherine McKenzie It was thought provoking and well written.Jeff Manning is suddenly killed and leaves two women devastated One, his wife Claire who is left to struggle with this unimaginable loss and the other, Jeff s co worker Tish who not only has to hide her grief but is faced with hiding her secret before anyone discovers it.Narrated by three different characters, at times, I was confused as to who was speaking Other than that I truly felt connected to the chara [...]

  5. 3.5 starsMontreal writer, Catherine McKenzie tells a great yarn and Hidden is no exception Although I had an inkling about what would be the big revelation, I couldn t turn away from the pages and felt the book was highly intriguing Despite the fact that the story is a slowburn, the three person narrative of the husband, wife, and a female friend that might have been kept me turning the pages.

  6. When it comes to cheating, there are varying opinions on whether you should break your partner s heart by coming clean or keep it to yourself and allow guilt to be your isolating punishment I say it depends Is cheating a chronic issue for you That needs to be discussed Have you put your partner at risk of an STD That absolutely needs to be discussed Other than that Just don t At least don t if the only reason is to relieve yourself of guilt because that makes you an sshole You ve brought the per [...]

  7. I have long been a fan of Catherine McKenzie From her very first book she captivated my interest and has held it since with three books including her newest entitled Hidden which releases tomorrow Hidden takes us into the lives of husbands, wives, maybe mistresses, and all the things that make up the lives we live each day It is a very real and honest novel that is raw and emotional and is a change from her previous novels that always seemed to have a funny side to them Hidden shows just what a [...]

  8. This is not REALLY a spoiler review, but it s an opinion heavy review, in which spoilers maaaay be read from between the lines, maybe I would not call it a spoiler review, but if you want to go into this one COMPLETELY green, then you may want to skip this review just to be on the safe side.This is a tough one to rate I kept waiting for the moment when all hell would break loose, but it just wasn t a hell breaking loose kind of book Everything kind of rolled leisurely to light However it did kee [...]

  9. I was introduced to Catherine McKenzie s Hidden by way of a Facebook book group because it clearly gets no book nerd than that McKenzie is a well published Canadian author that I have somehow managed to overlook in all of my years of reading In Hidden , a man is killed in a car accident, leaving behind a wife and son But then there is also Tish , a co worker and friend of the man, who has her own secrets to tell But what secrets And what will she tell And how will this affect the life of Claire [...]

  10. Love One emotion, that makes us or breaks us I always found it as delusional emotion where somethings wait everything isn t justified ever We love once, others are just I guess compromises I think a person falling in love twice like Jeff are luckiest ones ever found Clarie I disliked her at certain points when she tries to prove her point confronting the people but maybe that was inevitable for her peace of heart.Tish Only words I have for her is she kept her promise, saving many hearts from bei [...]

  11. This was good, but like others I felt this story line of a dead guy, his wife and his lover has been written about to death The characters were kind of lacking and I felt when I was reading the two ladies tell there story it felt kind of the same I didn t particularly like the writing style but it was a good late night insomnia read.

  12. Thanks to Netgalley and New Harvest for the advanced copy.When Jeff Manning is killed in a freak accident on his way home from work, not only does his wife Claire and son feel the impact, but there is another woman who feels the loss as well Tish, a co worker of Jeff s, who he has formed a bond with that exceeds the relationship limits of most co workers, is trying to cope with his death in her own way.This story is told from three points of view Jeff, Claire, and Tish This allowed me to sneak i [...]

  13. At first, it was kind of a drag to be reading this, but as the story progressed, I felt really intrigued Great plot, but the characters didn t win my heart They were so real but so plain sometimes, that I couldn t help it I liked Claire over Tish, of course.The story is told from the POV of the three main characters, the love triangle, and you have to get to the end to figure out what the mystery is.

  14. 4.5 stars One minute doesn t erase a thousand From the first chapter of Hidden, I was hooked Catherine McKenzie s writing grabbed me, held on tight and made me wonder all along did it really happen Did Tish and Jeff betray Brian and Claire Infidelity isn t an easy thing to read about, but this story was so well written, emotional and thought provoking Naturally, Claire is devastated when she unexpectedly loses her husband, Jeff With the help of her family she tries to pull things together the be [...]

  15. But, of course, everyone has regrets Loose ends Things they could do if they had time Hidden, ebook pg 103 Catherine McKenzie has spun a tale that is still resonating with me She wrote what is was like to have to face a loss and to make life work under a new and uncarted set of circumstances When Claire loses her husband, Jeff, expectedly her life is turned upside down But, when she has an encounter with one of Jeff s co worker at Jeff s funeral her life takes another unexpected detour down a r [...]

  16. The funny thing about this book is that the wife never found out how her husband cheated on her while she stayed faithful to him until the end Ok she did kiss his brother one time but compared to the husband s mistake, it s nothing She stayed for him and yet he falls in love with another woman, doesn t trust her and the other woman has the gall to keep her promise to the husband by not telling the wife the truth What s the point of making their affair an one time thing when they kissed and slept [...]

  17. I m a huge fan of Catherine McKenzie so I was thrilled to receive an ARC of Hidden I love multiple points of view, and Catherine does a great job maintaining distinct narrative voices Hidden is a compelling novel and I couldn t wait to turn the pages It s heartbreakingly honest and real, and it s a wonderfully relatable tale.

  18. Haunting, beautiful and completely compelling Catherine McKenzie deftly navigates the complicated nature of love, grief, truth and the places they hold in our lives Catherine s books are always a must read and Hidden should be at the top of your list.

  19. My first book by Catherine McKenzie, an exceptional writer, and look forward to reading of her books Very intriguing While there are mixed reviews about HIDDEN, a compelling read, told through the three voices of Jeff, Tish, and Claire the author does a fantastic job of leaving a lot to the reader s imagination, with the building of tension throughout, flawed and messy lives, with real choices raw emotions, making this an ideal book for discussions and book clubs with many takes, perspectives, [...]

  20. I ve been a fan of Canadian author Catherine McKenzie from book one She s just released her fourth book Hidden I never know what to expect when I start one of her books all four have been completely different reads What I do know is that I m going to enjoy it.What if you died unexpectedly What if there were secrets you were keeping What would happen then we all lie about things Little things, big things We all keep stuff hidden And the longer you re with someone, the stuff there is like that Mc [...]

  21. I thought that Hidden was very well written It was easy to get into the minds of all the characters involved, even when I didn t agree with what they were doing There were times I almost forgot I was reading a book because it felt so honest and genuine with realistic settings and dialogue I kept wondering what would happen next and Catherine threw in some twists throughout The ending felt anticlimactic, but the story was still powerful and intense I never condone cheating, whether it is physical [...]

  22. Have been a fan of Catherine McKenzie since I first read Spin I was surprised to find that her latest, Hidden diverges from her first three novels, but delighted to find that it improves an already great body of work Hidden has multiple narrators, and the narratives move forward chronologically although not simultaneously It s wonderful The flow of the book is steady, you become engrossed in the characters, and then the plot turns and twists as you race to the finish, staying up way too late but [...]

  23. A solid 4 stars Catherine McKenzie is an amazing writer Her characters are extremely realistic, the storylines are edgy and her execution is perfect I was a little apprehensive at first about reading this book because of the three person narration, the past to present then back and forth timeline and the subject matter I saw two ways the book could have ended and was so hoping for the other, but, I still really enjoyed the book.

  24. Her hands moved to my face, forcing me to look her in the eyes I was already lost in We can t tell, okay We have to this has to be our thing Ours Yes Promise she asked Promise, I agreed.Ugh this book made me cry so much It doesn t feel right to start a review of a book you practically LOVED with an ugh but if said book made you sob like a baby for hours on end, it should be okay.I d say I finished it in one sitting cause that s pretty much what happened with the bulk of it but I actually started [...]

  25. I have been a fan of Catherine McKenzie s work since her first novel came out, which I read in the spring of 2010, about 4 months after it was released I ve read all her work, and thoroughly enjoyed every single novel that Catherine has written I was extremely excited when I received an advanced reader s copy of Hidden to read review I ll be participating in Catherine s blog tour for the release of Hidden Hidden comes out June 18th, 2013 and my tour date is June 19th, 2013 knitpurlmama Hidden is [...]

  26. Hidden is told in the first person narrative of three characters Jeff, the deceased, in the past, along with Claire, his wife, and Tish, his lover, both in the present The novel begins with Jeff s untimely demise, and the first half of the novel tells the story of the first few days following his death, along with a look at Jeff s past We know going in to the novel that Jeff was cheating on his wife with a coworker at the time of his death, and it is slowly revealed how his adulterous relationsh [...]

  27. Where do I beginI have never wanted to hate two characters than I do in this book For good reasonThe unthinkable happens, right in the first few pagesJeff Manning is struck by a car while walking home from work after an extremely stressful afternoon.His wife can t believe what she is hearingother woman across town , a co worker, doesn t understand why Jeff is not responding to her texts or emails.Claire must plan a funeral, Tish will be attending on her company s behalf but no one realizes that [...]

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