One to Keep (2022)

[PDF] Read ↠ One to Keep : by Tia Louise - One to Keep, One to Keep There s a new guy in town Patrick Knight single retired Guard turned private investigator I was a closer A deal maker I looked clients in the eye and told them I d get their shit done And I did Patr [PDF] Read ↠ One to Keep : by Tia Louise - One to Keep, One to Keep There s a new guy in town Patrick Knight single retired Guard turned private investigator I was a closer A deal maker I looked clients in the eye and told them I d get their shit done And I did Patr
  • Title: One to Keep
  • Author: Tia Louise
  • ISBN: 9781310614439
  • Page: 109
  • Format: ebook
One to Keep
[PDF] Read ↠ One to Keep : by Tia Louise, One to Keep, Tia Louise, One to Keep There s a new guy in town Patrick Knight single retired Guard turned private investigator I was a closer A deal maker I looked clients in the eye and told them I d get their shit done And I did Patrick doesn t do nice At least not any After his fianc e cheats he follows up with a one night stand and a disastrous office hook up His business partner DerThere s a new guy in town Patri
  • [PDF] Read ↠ One to Keep : by Tia Louise
    109Tia Louise
One to Keep

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  1. See my review at Sinfully Sexy and enter to win a goodie bag and signed books.4 StarsOne To Keep is the second book in the One To Hold series by Tia Louise For me this book acts like of a companion novel to the first book One To Hold despite being about a different couple Much of the book took place during the same timeframe that book one was set in We have a playboy hero who has given up on love who meets the one woman who grounds him and gets him to believe in happily ever after once again Ve [...]

  2. Steamy with a an angsty Alpha Male POV Nothing kicks the shit out of you like love There s noting quite as satisfying as an Alpha Male falling hard Patrick s journey from jaded to love sick was emotional with just the right amount of humor and a heaping helping of HOT sex.This book can be read as a stand alone, but I think you might appreciate it if you read One to Hold first and there s really no excuse not to, it s currently free for Kindle and most other eBook retailers See, One to Hold was [...]

  3. 2 I Connected With the Wrong Girl Stars Unfortunately this one didn t work for me at all And I hate to do it, but I have to be honest The first 25% of the book was actually quite good The remaining 75% was a hot mess The entire book was told from the hero, Patrick s, POV The first 25% we haven t even met the heroine Patrick has moved to Princeton and is working with Derick who we met in One To Hold We find out Patrick s torn up over catching his ex cheating on him He adopts a you only live once [...]

  4. 2.75 3 Stars I thoroughly enjoyed the first 40 % of this story It is told in all male pov of Patrick Knight This story starts before the first book of this series A reader learns of Patrick s broken engagement and enjoys his first weeks working along with Derick.I really loved his time with Kenny and found that there was a lot of depth to their connection Patrick and Elaine s INSTANT LOVE, I just didn t buy itSorry It appeared that he knew her name already etc, it just felt like Elaine and Patri [...]

  5. 4 stars You re not safe You re dangerously sweet Patrick Knight is trying to find his footing after his ex fianc royally fucked him over, now he is in a new city with a new job, totally alone and completely horny But thinking with his smaller head only finds him in much trouble than he ever expected.I was the watcher, the thinker The closer And here I was committing frat boy fuckups with would be porn stars.His own fuck up has him avoiding his home and his office, so his partner Derek sends him [...]

  6. 3 Stars.This one ended up being a little hard to rate and I had to wait a few days to think about it.I really loved the first book in this series One To Hold which is Derek and Melissa s story and I was looking forward to this on a lot We met Patrick and Elaine in book one and that s where we saw them get togetherough we didn t get any time with them as a couple we still knew they were together and how they met It was around the 30% mark that this story begins where the first book began With Der [...]

  7. ARC provided by Author in exchange for an honest review 3 Stars One to Keep, companion to Tia Louise s debut, One to Hold is a story about Patrick Knight, private investigator and Elaine Merritt, middle school English teacher.The story starts out with Patrick relocating to Princeton to take his brother, Stuart s, position at his P.I firm Stuart, a retired Marine, took a position in Saudi Arabia and put in a good word with Derek Alexander for Patrick as his replacement After Patrick s failed enga [...]

  8. BOOK TRAILER LOVE LOVE this HOT new Book Trailer by The Book Nuts Check it out vimeo 882682963 EXCLUSIVE BONUS CONTENT Why is Patrick so angry Read the DELETED PROLOGUE ONE TO KEEP and find out wp p3C5Uj 2iD Exclusive ALT POV Find out what Elaine thought of her first night with Patrick angiesdreamyreads 20143Patrick s journey to Elaine is complete, and it is crazy and bumpy and sexy and he comes out swingingI hope you love one secondary character Patrick meets in particular, as she has a book i [...]

  9. SOLID BEAUTIFUL 4.5 STARS Let me just start by saying that I loved Patrick Elaine s book as much as Derek Melissa s It was for personal reasons that I had to knock off a half star Even though it s been a little while since I read OTH I spent the first half of this story not fully engaged in Patrick and Elaine because I couldn t stop thinking about Derek and Mel, I fell hard for them ya see Now that said, I eventually felt myself fall all in and I just devoured this story We get a little taste in [...]

  10. Love Tia Louise Great fun book with all the right ingredients hot man, independent woman, intrigue, fun, and hot sex For a fun light readI highly recommend the ONE TO HOLD series

  11. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review 3.5 HEARTS After finding his girlfriend screwing his neighbor in his building, Patrick is determined to start over leaving his past in Chicago He relocates to Princeton to take his older brother, Stuart s, place at their private investigation firm He meets Kenny when going to a tattoo parlor to get a part of his past removed Kenny is a tattoo artist at Living Arts Tattoo Parlor She was a fine art major in college She manages to d [...]

  12. I received an ARC for an honest review for One To Keep I fell in love with Derek and thought that it would be hard to fall for Patrick Man was I wrong Holy shit is Patrick hot Sure he starts out a man whore but for obvious reasons We see how he and Derek became partners and follow him to when he meets Elaine Loved these 2 in One to Hold to begin with so to see their relationship how it all started and went from there is great Sure I got heartbroken for a minute but Patrick redeemed himself Elain [...]

  13. 4 Peanut Bubblegum Stars Patrick Knight is pretty much the total opposite of Derek Alexander, he doesn t do nice not any , he is living for the moment and watch out if you get in his way One to Keep, pretty much runs concurrently with One to Hold, but this is Patrick and Elaine s story Firstly I have to say that one thing that was a big plus for me was that we get to see of Derek and how he dealt with things after Melissa became aware of who he actually was, but this book is still wholly Patric [...]

  14. I loved it Patrick had me laughing right out the gate with his funny inner monologues that began in Chapter 1 and then continued all throughout the novel A couple of my favorite LOL moments From Ch 9 Best Day Ever Elaine caught my hand and jerked me with her away from the edge and to the steps leading down the mountain I laughed as I followed her Slow down, you ll trip And it s impossible to run with a hard on From Ch 10 Back to Reality As she sipped, I noticed her eyes traveling up my stomach t [...]

  15. This story runs parallel at times to the first book in the series.Patrick Knight replaces his brother as Derek Alexander s new partner in their private security consulting firm He s recovering from a painful engagement where his fianc e betrayed him He meets Elaine Merritt at the conference in Flagstaff and they have an instant, steamy attraction and romance, though neither is really interested in anything long term What begins as a casual romance blossoms into something deeper for both of them [...]

  16. Meeting Patrick s character in One to Hold I didn t know what I thought of him but this book gave such wonderful insight into a betrayed man getting a second chance at forever Patrick s first few dates left me hot and bothered but it isn t until Elaine shows up in his life that I really started to adore him Their love story is unique and the sexwell, let s just say Tia Louise has done it again H.O.T Highly recommend this read to anyone who likes romance, sexy content and a great male POV

  17. When I read the first book in this series, I don t think I understood the author s writing style very well However, this second book established a bit of a pattern for me, in that, it seems as though Tia Louise wants her readers to become intimately involved with the leads and witness their personal growth and strength firsthand This book is not only about the hot and steamy love story between Patrick and Elaine, but it s about Patrick s journey to finally get to Elaine Wow It was so nice to be [...]

  18. I was one of the lucky people who got a chance to beta read this book One to keep 4.5 stars This book follows the same time frame as One to Hold, but gives us a closer look into Patrick and Elaine s relationship Elaine decided that Melissa and her needed to get away so they went to a spa in Arizona She just ended a long term relationship and wasn t looking for anything serious The last thing she ever expected was to find a man on this trip She is instantly drawn to Patrick, she has no shame walk [...]

  19. I can t even tell you how much I love this series Like I want to send Tia gifts chocolate flowers jewelry what will it take Tia for the next year to bribe her to write maybe bazillion books with Derek, Melissa, Patrick, and Elaine I want to stay in their world for a whole lot longer Well minus someone trying to kill any of them for sure A bit of drama is always good So they could definitely be the sleuths they were in the last book minus any possibility of death Weddings and babies and mysterie [...]

  20. 1.5 starsTold in a first person point of view from only the hero s perspective gave this story a fresh new take on a romance genre story It was interesting to see things wholly from the male perspective but while it gave this a new feeling it was to the determent of the heroine character Elaine Elaine and Patrick really only spend about 20% of the story together and their relationship never moves on beyond insta love What was really problematic for me and might not be a problem for others was th [...]

  21. I was given the wonder honor to review this ARC book and I loved this story Tia Louise once again created a book that will make it impossible to certain public places without thinking about hot and steamy thoughts Tia created the right amount of drama without totally making the characters have tragic lives Taming a bad boy is never easy but Tia shows us that it is fun to try Patrick is a broken emotional man not wanting to be fixed until he meets Elaine However, Patrick has done some things that [...]

  22. Tia Louise has done it again I loved reading this book and getting the other side of the story Patrick and Elaine s story Not only were the intimate scenes detailed and exhilarating, but the story line was impeccable I really started to feel bad for Patrick he was trying to hold on to what he loved so hard, but his past mistakes just kept getting in the way I can t wait to see what Louise has in store in her next book One to Protect Just the title alone has me wondering what is going to happen.

  23. Another captivating novel by Tia Louise I just could not put my kindle down Loved naughty Patrick and his lack of keeping out of trouble I fell in love with the characters and cannot wait for Tia Louise s future novels Her series is a must read Tia Louise

  24. ripeforreader 2014My rating 4 of 5 Taking over for his older brother, the Knight, in the investigation companyAlexander Knight, Patrick knight has just settled into his new apartment in Princeton, where the company is located Burned by his ex fianc whom he found cheating on him with a neighbour, he is eager to open a new chapter in his life, one that does not include any kind of long term commitment He plans to simply screw any lingering pain out of his system.Every woman he encounters seems to [...]

  25. Whatever happened between us, in that moment, I knew the truth She was my heart and my soul She was the one I d never get over She was the one I would always keep.I absolutely loved every part of this book, from the very beginning to the very end This book begins before One to Hold So we get to see a whole other side to Patrick that we did not see before After his breakup with his fianc he goes from believing in love to not wanting to have anything to do with it He begins to find comfort in othe [...]

  26. 3.75 STARSAfter his fianc cheats on him, Patrick decides it s better to be that guy you know, the one night stand screw em and leave em guy than the nice sweet one he really is Nice and sweet haven t gotten him very far But, being that guy got his butt shipped off to Arizona by his business partner to cover a boring conference The desert is what you get when you dip the pen in the company ink But, serving penance isn t all that bad especially when Patrick meets Elaine Patrick, Patrick, Patrick W [...]

  27. BLOG TOUR Jan 12 22th ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewOne to Keep is the second book in the One to Hold series written by Tia Louise It adds to the story of Derek and Melissa, shows a new angle of their relationship, yet it s all about Melissa s wild friend Elaine and Derek s energetic, flashy associate Patrick.My first impression of Patrick douche and pansyHarsh, I know, yet what would you expect from a guy sticking it where it doesn t belong, then crying a river, dropping head in [...]

  28. 4 1 2 stars I really loved this I did have a couple of conflicted moments read book synopsis , but read with a glass or two of red wine, I read through that first 30% pre Elaine, with humour.Told almost entirely in Patric s point of view, this was Hot He Was a naughty boy, such a man The sex scenes in his point of view were absolutely erotic, yet told in such a way that we could see and feel how She whichever she was tee hee was reacting Hot I really loved the departure from the usual guy meets [...]

  29. Self note view spoiler So after his fianc cheats on him, he bangs everything that moves and the end result, you got it, a baby Now, ain t that wonderful not Obviously the h isn t taking that as happy news, since H is stil frinds with this OW, who has his kid but doesn t really want him But then again, she has the kid for months and wants to randomly come visit him and the h should just be OK with that Also the insta love was everything else but that hide spoiler The conclusion This book is a hel [...]

  30. I liked this book than One to Hold The first book seemed to be intended as a serious book but I wasn t at deeply connected as I had hoped Patrick is much lighter and personable so I was drawn in much quickly It is definitely a read that I would recommend Plus seeing his POV on some events that happened in One to Hold with Elaine was an added bonus.

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