The From-Aways (2022)

☆ The From-Aways ✓ C.J. Hauser - The From-Aways, The From Aways Fresh talent CJ Hauser makes her literary debut with The From Aways an irreverent story of family love friendship and lobsters in the tradition of J Courtney Sullivan s Maine and Richard Russo s ☆ The From-Aways ✓ C.J. Hauser - The From-Aways, The From Aways Fresh talent CJ Hauser makes her literary debut with The From Aways an irreverent story of family love friendship and lobsters in the tradition of J Courtney Sullivan s Maine and Richard Russo s
  • Title: The From-Aways
  • Author: C.J. Hauser
  • ISBN: 9780062310750
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Paperback
The From-Aways
☆ The From-Aways ✓ C.J. Hauser, The From-Aways, C.J. Hauser, The From Aways Fresh talent CJ Hauser makes her literary debut with The From Aways an irreverent story of family love friendship and lobsters in the tradition of J Courtney Sullivan s Maine and Richard Russo s Empire Falls Two women come to Maine in search of family and find love heartbreak and friendship than they d ever imagined one little fishing town could hold When LeaFresh talent CJ H
  • ☆ The From-Aways ✓ C.J. Hauser
    283C.J. Hauser
The From-Aways

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  1. CJ Hauser s The From Aways is a deeply moving, often hilarious and extremely well structured potrait of two women who resettle in the coastal hamlet of Menamon, Maine one drawn by a father who abandoned her family years before and the other by a husband with deep roots in the local lobster industry As a self styled team a la Woodward and Bernstein, journalists Leah Lynch and Quinn Winters help reveal the town s dark secrets and challenge the wealthy newcomers who threaten the character and integ [...]

  2. Do you remember when you were a kid, and you read THAT book, the one that made you stay up all night with a flashlight under the covers for many I know it was The Hobbit It was Chronicles of Narnia for me perfectly respectable but even so, a book from the public library called Fifteen and Kissed Then after you finished the book, you were so horribly sad that you had to leave that place and those people, and you pined for them and dreamt about them and years later they made a movie which didn t [...]

  3. OK, so I didn t really finish this book It got great reviews on here, but I was so bored with it I really didn t care or like any of the characters I couldn t get myself to care about what they were doing it what happened to them It was about two women who end up in a small Maine town for very different reasons I just couldn t keep reading I finally skipped to the last couple chapters and read the end Wasn t worth it to my time.

  4. The From Aways is a perfect summer beach read I was in the mood for that sort of Chic lit book that is witty, light, and enjoyable to read It s a beautiful story of two unlikely women becoming great friends They meet in an unlikely place, a small town in Maine, each drawn there for different reasons Both women, prior to coming to this Maine town, were self sufficient, strong, loner types I enjoyed how C J Houser told her story in chapters from each woman s prospective I really enjoyed how the wo [...]

  5. This book is advertised as a breezy summer read, but it s not It s much than that The From Aways actually has depth to it, and wit The story reads a bit slow at first But fifty pages in, around Chapter 6, the characters wake up, and I was hooked the I read, the I wanted to keep reading.Hauser displays some pretty impressive writing skills There were than a few lines that had me chuckling or thinking or mm hmming or admiring The ground inside rattles with gravel Rosie lies down and stares up [...]

  6. 3.5 stars.I enjoyed this ARC titled The From Aways maybe the title will be changed for publication It follows two interesting and unique early 20 somethings moving for the first time to a small Maine town It examines what makes the town quaint and is it really so adorable and idyllic Most of all it follow these young women through their relationships and challenges connecting with people in their new town where they are viewed as outsiders This is an enjoyable read.

  7. I think this book will make the perfect beach read for the summer I am a sucker for small town books set near the beach This story has two great characters moving to this quaint Maine village to find love and themselves Friendships develop and the neighbors envelope them into the life of a small town.

  8. The From AwaysbyC.J.HauserMy in a nutshell summaryLeah and Quinn both end up living in Maine and working for the same small town newspaper.My thoughts after reading this bookLeah and QuinnLeah is the rich New Yorker who fell in love and married a boy from Menamon, Maine Leah convinced her husband Henry to move back to his roots and his inherited old house Quinnter her mother dies.s to Menamon to find the father she has never known Her taste in men is absent but her taste in women is prevalente t [...]

  9. A literary read with two alternating viewpoints and different voices In Menamon, Maine we find a newlywed couple, one a native to Menamon and one from NY, a young gay woman moved there to be near her absent father, and assorted other locals The small local newspaper hires both of the females, neither a native, making a staff of 3 The problem is that wealthy people from away , and the two recent additions to the newspaper staff, also from aways , are at odds over the wealthy couple s enormous new [...]

  10. As with many books by female authors, this novel was given a cover that made it out to be a light and fluffy read, a beach book or chick lit , if you will The cover to me belies the intensity of the subject matter a small town fighting to preserve their traditional way of life against those who want to come in and develop it into something new, shiny, and modern Hauser narrows her scope so that this conflict, which would be nothing but a blip on the national news landscape, if it made it there a [...]

  11. I m giving this book five stars because I was floored by the writing I thought C.J s descriptions of small town Maine and characters were so entertaining and I felt like I was right there with them This was one of those books that I was sad to finish.

  12. Das war leider nichts f r mich Am Anfang fand ich Leah als Charakter erfrischend, anders, die Art, wie aus ihrer Perspektive erz hlt wird, ist zum Teil wunderbar poetisch Aber je l nger die Geschichte angedauert hat, desto weniger konnte ich mich mit ihr identifizieren, sie wirkt einfach so unglaublich naiv und realit tsfern Das w re an sich ja kein Problem, aber ich glaube nicht, dass so jemand tats chlich einen guten Journalisten abgibt, dass man da so trennen kann, zwischen journalistischem G [...]

  13. i think there are some book snobs on this site because this book got a lot of negative reviews yet i found it to be a real page turner, engaging, easy to read, enjoyable and books that i find boring and dry get rave reviews on this site so, if a book has an average rating of 2 3 stars i ll like it this book was good a story of friendship, lost love, the unfairness of having 1% super rich people in this world of 99% poverty and not shying away from a lesbian relationship was a nice touch too.

  14. I wanted so much to like this book simply because, while I do not live in Maine any longer, I am a Mainer at heart and wanted to be transported back through this story and their experiences I found this book confusing the way it was written from each characters perspective and I think it s because I couldn t differentiate between them clearly enough for me to remember who I was reading, they were all boring characters This book was a lot of work to finish.

  15. Just could not get into this which is sad considering it s just the type of book from the blurb that I love, and the reviews here Something about it did not grab or hold my interest in the slightest Might be, in part, the first person present voice Major pet peeve of mine It has to be done really well to make me ignore the voice, but this wasn t.

  16. Ever since Leah met and married Henry in New York, she knew that she wanted to move to his hometown of Menamon Maine even if it meant giving up her career as a serious journalist for the Gazette Henry just made everything seem real He saw things from a perspective full of wonder He told wonderful stories about his hometown where everyone knew each other and said hello and everyone owned land She wanted real.Quinn found herself living in Menamon as well She didn t really want to leave Connecticut [...]

  17. Quinn und Leah sind aus unterschiedlichen Gr nden im eigensinnigen K stenst dtchen Menamon in Maine gelandet Da dort jeder jeden kennt und man wei , was welcher Nachbar wann macht, ist es nur eine Frage der Zeit bis sich der Weg der beiden jungen Journalistinnen kreuzt.Doch icht die Arbeit ist es, die sie beide in das kleine rtchen verschlagen hat, sondern die Konfrontation mit der Vergangenheit.Quinn m chte ihren Vater, einen bekannten Musiker, kennenlernen Ihn mit der Frage konfrontieren, waru [...]

  18. Leah and Quinn might seem like an unlikely pair Leah a recently married New Yorker hoping to live the storied life her husband wooed her with and Quinn searching out her absent father in the wake of her mother s death but the two from aways soon become fast friends Leah gave up her career as a journalist in the city to move to her husband s tiny hometown Her sister in law, who holds a grudge as yet unknown to Leah, agrees to hire her on at the local paper where newcomer and former obit writer Qu [...]

  19. I picked this one up because the cover is so summery and relaxing I m sorry to say, it was a little too relaxed the book got off to a really slow start The title refers to Leah and Quinn, two young women who come to the small Maine town as outsiders or from aways Quinn comes to town in search of her father, a musician who abandoned her and her mother shortly after her birth Leah is here because she has pressured her husband to move back to his hometown, having a romanticized version of what a sm [...]

  20. Fresh talent CJ Hauser makes her literary debut with The From Aways, an irreverent story of family, love, friendship, and lobsters, in the tradition of J Courtney Sullivan s Maine and Richard Russo s Empire Falls Two women come to Maine in search of family and find love, heartbreak, and friendship than they d ever imagined one little fishing town could hold.When Leah, a young New York reporter, meets Henry, she falls in love with everything about him his freckles, green thumb, and tales of a Ma [...]

  21. Life long NYC resident Leah falls in love with a man from small town Maine, quickly marries him, then envisions an idyllic life in his hometown and convinces him to move back to his family home Quinn s dying mother s last request was that she track down her biological father, whom she s never met, who happens to live in the same small town where Leah comes to reside And so forms a close friendship between the two from aways as they tackle a major issue that threatens to tear the town apart.This [...]

  22. I won this book as an ARC The first thing I thought when I saw the cover was that this looks like a totally comfy beach read I wasn t wrong The book is very relaxed, at first it is quite slow, but it does pick up cover is so summery and relaxing The title refers to Leah and Quinn, these two young women journey to the small Maine town, but they are outsiders also called from aways Quinn has journeyed to this town in search of her father, who abandoned her and her mother shortly after Quinn s birt [...]

  23. Leah meets Henry in New York, but falls for him because of his oddities, as well as the stories he tells about his childhood in Maine They marry too quickly, before they really know each other Will they realize that they have nothing in common Quinn has been the caretaker during her mother s illness, so when she dies, there is a void Her mother s last request is that she go to Menamon, Maine, to try to find the folk singer father who abandoned them Scrappy and smart mouthed, Quinn gets a job at [...]

  24. Menamon, Maine didn t know what it was in for when Henry s wife, Leah, convinced him to leave his landscaping job in New York and move home It didn t expect Carter Marks only daughter to come in search of the father she d not known It didn t expect a lot of things, but they happened anyway.Leah had fallen in love with Henry at their first meeting He was all she had ever wanted, strong, funny and totally different person than she had ever known They didn t wait to get married and then Leah began [...]

  25. I won this book free from I loved this book It is fabulously written and really makes you think about the place you call home.The book was written in a way that pulls you in and being from a small town myself, I related to the characters, even though I am from a small southern town and this was set in a northern fishing town I have watched my own small town slowly deteriorate economically, which led me to root even harder for the characters struggling to not only make ends meet but hold on to th [...]

  26. Leah is a newcomer to Menamon, Maine A bit eccentric, Leah has built fantasies of what life in this small town will be like based on the stories her husband tells her about his childhood, and now she just wants to belong, to no longer be a from away Quinn, on the other hand, moved to Menamon after her mother s death, determined to confront her father about abandoning them Leah and Quinn become hesitant friends after both acquiring jobs at the local newspaper They make a strangely proficient team [...]

  27. As a New Englander and having known the author from our days at Georgetown together I think I was biased toward liking this book from the beginning The narrative style switches back and forth between two twenty somethings Leah and Quinn who have both recently moved to Menamon, Maine and are working at the local paper together The story is both about these two women, the people they love, and the town itself, as new residents move in and upmarket development threatens to wipe away Menamon s small [...]

  28. Should be 2.5 stars.It s the story of an abusive relationship, except the abusive partner is a small town that treats outsiders poorly and the outsiders, unused to being rejected, crave the towns affection.Every description of Leah felt like a woman in her mid 40 s In the end she s too cool for New York and nostalgic about people who she never met and who would have almost certainly hated her on sight.I m team Henry on this one The lobster story was cute, but it didn t need an explanation at the [...]

  29. Totally a great summer read I m a sucker for books set in small towns in New England, so have read a fair number of what sometimes feels like fun but fairly formulaic books Going in to this one, I expected that it would fall into that same light, predictable, fun genre I was absolutely mistaken Hauser s book is different the character s struggles are nuanced and real, and Hauser does a really nice job of conveying and wrestling with what happens when we realize our idealized expectations of pla [...]

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