Boiled Over (2022)

☆ Boiled Over ☆ BarbaraRoss - Boiled Over, Boiled Over For Julia Snowden the Founder s Day summer celebration in Busman s Harbor Maine means helping her family s clambake company to prepare an authentic taste of New England seafood Any Mainer will tell ☆ Boiled Over ☆ BarbaraRoss - Boiled Over, Boiled Over For Julia Snowden the Founder s Day summer celebration in Busman s Harbor Maine means helping her family s clambake company to prepare an authentic taste of New England seafood Any Mainer will tell
  • Title: Boiled Over
  • Author: BarbaraRoss
  • ISBN: 9780758286871
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Ebook
Boiled Over
☆ Boiled Over ☆ BarbaraRoss, Boiled Over, BarbaraRoss, Boiled Over For Julia Snowden the Founder s Day summer celebration in Busman s Harbor Maine means helping her family s clambake company to prepare an authentic taste of New England seafood Any Mainer will tell you that a real clambake needs wood for the fire so why is there a foot sticking out of the oven The townspeople want to pin the murder of the RV park owner on Cabe StFor Julia Snowden t
  • ☆ Boiled Over ☆ BarbaraRoss
Boiled Over

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  1. A second book in what is becoming a solid, but not over the top series, Boiled Over was a delightful read with a few weak points.I really like Julia, though I wish she d admit the inevitable she s staying in Busman s Harbor Chris is great, but I wish he d open up a bit about himself Sonny was absolutely horrible at the beginning, but he warmed up towards the end I seriously don t know why he isn t nicer to his sister in law The setting is absolutely idyllic The last three books I ve read in a ro [...]

  2. Dollycas s ThoughtsBarbara Ross has cooked us up another fine mystery in Boiled Over In this follow up to Clammed Up Julia is still trying to make sure the Snowden Family Clambakes are back on the right track She thinks serving their food sat the Founder s Day celebration will be the perfect way to advertise and put a little money in the business account Of course she didn t plan for the dead body.Ross introduces us to some new characters who are not all who they seem to be This leads the reade [...]

  3. Julia Snowden left her high powered New York job to help her family keep the Snowden Family Clambake making a profit, but she still plans to return to her real job She s already helped in one murder investigation, getting her boyfriend out of trouble Now on the Founder s Day committee, she comes to the docks to check on the Snowden families giant Clam baking oven, just to find a human leg hanging out of the fire and her newest young employee, Cabe, running away from the scene Drawn into the inve [...]

  4. I really, really liked this book I thought it really had a good flow to it Held my attention all the way through Cannot wait for the next installment to come out, which won t be soon enough.

  5. This is an excellent cozy mystery series with a main character who has depth, a charming setting, and good food

  6. Thoroughly enjoyed this little cozy mystery I enjoyed getting to know Julia a little I find her a very likable character There is so much about the setting that speaks to me, having been born and raised in New England What I found especially enjoyable, though, was the actual mystery It didn t feel forced or overly contrived or cloying, the way some cozies do I loved all the little strands, the way the characters were woven together, how the pieces fit together I didn t figure out whodunnit unti [...]

  7. By the time you re done, these characters feel like your friendsIf you want to know how it feels to live in a small town in coastal Maine, Barbara Ross invites you in as she dishes up a mystery with all the flavor of a Maine blueberry pie.

  8. 3.5 stars This 2nd installment in the series didn t disappoint I was definitely kept guessing and suspected just about everyone at some point Good climactic ending and am looking forward to the next book.

  9. I really enjoy this series but I also love coastal Maine and will read anything set there Just a warning that my liking for this series may not be unbiased A great deal of my enjoyment comes from reading the descriptions and trying to figure out where places are located on the real map of Maine If I weren t so enad of the setting I m not sure I d be so quick to overlook the unlikelihood of one non law enforcement family being involved in two murders within a matter of months That s not a spoiler [...]

  10. Founder s Day Weekend gets off to a rough start when a body is found in the fire the Snowden Family Clambake was using to prepare a meal With the police looking at one of their employees, Julia must dig in and find the real killer.The story started out strongly and never faltered as it led me through several twists and turns The characters were just as strong as in the debut, and I enjoyed spending time with all of them again.Note I was sent a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.Re [...]

  11. Boiled Over by Barbara Ross is the second book in her Maine Clambake Mystery Series The Snowden Family Clambake Company was ready to serve cooked clams at the Founder s Day celebration, until a human body part rolled off the fire pile onto the pier Horrified, Julia vowed to solve the murder and prove her new employee Cabe Stone innocent The Snowden Clambake company already experienced one dead body this summer and Julia simply refused to make it two Boiled over is a great cozy with a fresh story [...]

  12. I like these cozies set in a Maine town that resembles Boothbay Harbor This one picks up where the first book in the series left off, with Julia Snowden managing her families clam bake business while wrestling over whether to stay in Maine or return to her Manhattan life The murder of a local man during Founder s Weekend provides a distraction, and when a young employee comes under suspicion, Julia jumps in to action to clear his name.The conclusion left me underwhelmed, unfortunately, but it wa [...]

  13. The second entry in Barbara Ross s Maine Clambake series made me want to visit Busman s Harbor in August The mystery is as engaging as the eccentric characters who inhabit the town They re all gathered for Founder s Weekend, and Julia Snowden, trying to keep her family s clambake company above water, finds herself once at the center of a murder I learned a lot about Maine history, breathed in the salt air, and felt the sea breeze ruffling my hair as I read this book One day I hope to enjoy a re [...]

  14. This is a strong series for me I have never been to Maine, but I think I will have to try to make it there some day The characters draw me back and I really enjoy the history of the region that Barbara Ross has woven into the story As I watch the snow pile up outside in Pennsylvania, a clam bake on a summer island sounds like the right ticket for me Now I have to wait for the 3rd book.

  15. More accurately, I d give this 3.5 stars 1 2 star because, in spite of the fact that they were done very well, the flashbacks got on my nerves Can t say why, they just did Otherwise, I enjoyed the story quite a bit Excellent murder plot, cleverly done.Full review jennoklikes post 991410

  16. 3.5 stars decent installment in the series and I will definitely continue with the next book my only issue is that Julia the protagonist sometimes gets on my nerves but so far these instances are fleeting and not enough to hinder my enjoyment of the book.

  17. I love any book that is set in Maine, typically However, I had a very hard time reading this book I found that the plot jumped around too much for my taste.

  18. A competent mystery marred by the jumping timeline This was an unnecessary and unfruitful story device The story would have been better served with a chronological narrative.

  19. Another great book in this series I am really enjoying reading about the Snowden family and their clambake business Can t wait for the next book

  20. This is the second book in the Maine Clambake Mystery series and I liked it than the first one I think that is because the characters were likable in this book, they got along better and we learned a bit about their past Julia Snowden is still helping out at the Snowden Family Clambake which is now making a profit, but she still plans to return to her real job in New York When her sister recommends she get involved in the Founder s Day Committee, she becomes a reluctant member, but works hard [...]

  21. This was actually of 3.5 stars for me, but it wasn t strong enough for me to give it 4 stars I can t put my finger on it, but the opening chapters of this book felt to me as if they were written by a different author or maybe she had a different editor on this book I enjoyed the additional background on Busman s Harbor and culture of the blueberry fields The main part of the book that didn t work for me was the handling of the flashbacks I think that if there was a prologue to establish the jum [...]

  22. Another gripping rollicking clambake taleThe second clambake mystery is even better than the first There were twists and turns I never saw coming but they were natural and fit the story well A surprising yet satisfying solution to a gruesome murder comes at the end of this entrancing, engaging story that had me riveted Can t wait to start 3

  23. Mystery solved yes And with all the twists, I am glad my skills were on tasks and I figured out who the murderer is I enjoyed the flash chapters and the connection to the first book I would have given it four stars, maybe even five if it was not for the cliffhanger at the end I don t think this is a spoiler.

  24. Fast paced and drenched in atmosphere, but the heroine came down with a bad case of Hannah Swenson Syndrome, and spent the entire book nowhere near the family business that all of the first book convinced us was on the edge of failure The business she claimed to be so devoted to Also this whole Chris thing is contrived as heck I am planning on making the Baked Camp Beans, though.

  25. Barbara Ross has a way of describing the way of life in Busman s Harbor, Maine, that makes me feel as if I ve visited the town and taken part in clambakes on Morrow Island with the Snowden family I enjoyed getting to know some of the townsfolk a little in this second book, and I m looking forward to seeing what book three, Musseled Out, has in store for Julia and the crew

  26. I have to admit, my favourite part of this series is the setting I like books that allow me to feel there and the author does a great job with that This was a reread for me to brush up on the series before reading book 3 next week.

  27. Another great Maine Clambake mystery This author does such a great job making you feel at home in Busman s Harborw if only Julia can figure that out, that she s home Overall, a great mystery, great characters, great town.

  28. It was a little odd reading a book where the flashbacks took place before the murder in the previous book, but otherwise, it was a decent mystery,even if the guilty party was pretty obvious early on I found the romantic subplot just a bit off Mot sure what to make of that.

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