Bury This (2022)

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Bury This : by Andrea Portes - Bury This, Bury This If twenty five years can discover the internet the cell phone this thing called the iPod can twenty five years discover the secret of a girl murdered abandoned by the side of the road That is the [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Bury This : by Andrea Portes - Bury This, Bury This If twenty five years can discover the internet the cell phone this thing called the iPod can twenty five years discover the secret of a girl murdered abandoned by the side of the road That is the
  • Title: Bury This
  • Author: Andrea Portes
  • ISBN: 9781593765354
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback
Bury This
[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Bury This : by Andrea Portes, Bury This, Andrea Portes, Bury This If twenty five years can discover the internet the cell phone this thing called the iPod can twenty five years discover the secret of a girl murdered abandoned by the side of the road That is the haunting premise of Bury This an impressionistic literary thriller about the murder of a young girl in small town Michigan in Beth Krause was by all intents a good litIf twenty five y
  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Bury This : by Andrea Portes
    442Andrea Portes
Bury This

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  1. I thought I d read this I d seen one of those, what do you call them Reviews, that s it Turns out that Andrea Portes never saw a sentence That she didn t Want to break Into several pieces It s a style And I was on board Thought it was cool Allusive Hey, a ten dollar word Allu Sive That s better, two five dollar words So there was a dead girl There always is Sang in the choir Voice of an angel Murder was unsolved You know 25 years later there s some goofy students Doing a film tv course Get assig [...]

  2. It was only okay The teaser on the back of the book sounded really good Unfortunately, I did not enjoy the author s writing style I like a straightforward approach to the telling of a story I think the author might have been aiming for a poetic approach to her writing, but it just left me irritated that she didn t just get to the point So, the sky was gray Done I get it, I do not need an entire paragraph to let me know that the winter sky in Michigan is gray and gloomy Got it the first time, th [...]

  3. The premise on the jacket is of a teenage girl s unsolved 1979 murder being revisted today How different the story of her life seems when new facts come to life With the line, some secrets can never stay buried it feels like a true crime cold case tv show.I thought the book would be a change of pace Though the writer was unknown to me, Portes attended Bryn Mawr and has an MFA from UC San Diego.So why the lonely one star The story line itself is fine The writing a bit jumpy and a tad too poetic H [...]

  4. A RUTHLESS MASTERPIECEIf Joyce Carol Oates and Charles Bukowski had a literary baby, it would be Andrea Portes.That probably sounds like HUGE hyperbole but read this novel and tell me different Words can hardly express how traumatized I am by this beautiful, poetic, stunning piece of fiction I think I might have underestimated this author, actually, as I loved HICK but didn t really see this coming This novel BLINDSIDES you The characters are following me around, particularly Shauna Boggs There [...]

  5. 2 5, just OK Interesting premise 25 years after a girl s body is found dumped at the side of a road, a group of students reignite interest in the case when they make a documentary about her murder Sounds good, right Well, the students take up maybe two chapters and all we know about the documentary is that it was made After that the entire plot point is dropped The story is mainly told from a few different perspectives from the time before Beth was killed but they ALL have the same stream of con [...]

  6. A deeply imagined and heart wrenching mystery, with closure but no happy endings It s a sad story for all I found myself grieving for all the lost and ruined lives, all the cycles of generations of wrong acts and decisions.

  7. I was intensely interested in reading this novel It is a fictionalized version of the Janet Chandler murder This horrible crime happened back in 1979, when a young woman s badly beaten and abused body was discovered by a plow truck driver who was working during a snow storm in 1979 in Michigan The case went cold and was resurrected after some Hope College journalism students created a documentary on this heinous murder and a special unit was established by area law enforcement to reopen the inve [...]

  8. If you loved Hick, the debut novel of Andrea Portes, you will fall in love with her new book Bury This, which is immensely enjoyable and absorbing While poetic at the core of the heart, Bury This is not supposed to be witty yet it is, stunning, and it is almost flawless in its execution.Bury This follows the mystery surrounding the murder of Beth Krause in a small town in Michigan in 1979, and the unraveling of the murderer 25 years later by accident I have reasons to believe her writing is the [...]

  9. This is a book for real readers The story structure is brilliant but it s sophisticated It s not like this happened and then this happened and then thisThere s a lot of moving around from POV to POV, which sounds weird but is actually really fascinating You are experiencing the world in everyone s different heads, and each of these people is filled with their own insecurities and fears It s like a love song to humanity, in a way.I, also, am really impressed with how this author lands her chapter [...]

  10. Don t be jealous, but I believe we get to talk to the author this month for our book club all about connections It took me a bit to get accustomed too the writing Once that took place, I fell under her spell.It s dark, tragic, enlightening, spellbinding And riveting Three days after completing the book, I find myself still thinking about it

  11. This read like a cheesy Lifetime movie whose screenplay was written by a disgruntled Sylvia Plath And I don t mean that as an insult.

  12. I don t even know what to say This book isn t especially well written, with its phrase as a sentence style I could have somewhat tolerated that if there was a real story here, a plot or characters that were developed at all But none of those things exist on these pages A bunch a characters are basically listed chapter by chapter in a small town somewhere Michigan Minnesota and one of them gets murdered We never learn enough about any of them to care much about any of them I guess I kept reading [...]

  13. An interesting mystery with unreliable characters Lots of beautiful prose, but that also made the lines jump around at times Harsh, almost crass, imagery Definitely an adult book I read it in one sitting.

  14. The writing style may not be for everyone, but I really enjoyed it It was a sad story beautifully written.

  15. Not really my thing The author has a particular style that I found grating The mystery was obvious And there is a character who is fat We know this because the author feels the need to tell us at every moment There s a lot of fat hatred in this book.

  16. The fairly straight forward summary on the jacket leads one to expect the framework of a literary mystery but what one encounters is quite different and unpleasant.The poetic style twirls the reader around with the thoughts in the main character s minds and it often left me dizzy who s thinking now, who are they thinking about, why does she keep repeating words twice or even three times This phantasmagoria of mind thoughts probably intends to thrust the reader into the convoluted or conflicted o [...]

  17. I read bought this novel after it being suggested to me through a Buzzfeed article I read other books on the list and loved them I didn t enjoy this novel as much at all and it took me forever to read which says a lot because I can read a book in a day if it s interesting enough and this book was rather short It starts off really slow and then jumps all over the place Her style of writing is irritating and I m not sure if it s just her style or if she did this just for the book There were times [...]

  18. I m guessing, without reading any reviews of this book, that many people will say that the writing style herein was a plus Not for me Once, when I was a mental health crisis worker, I had the opportunity to read a journal of sorts belonging to a truly ill individual The rambling prose of this story, it s borderline incoherence, reminded me of that diary and made this story, for me at least, very hard to follow That being said, the story has its merits The characters are interesting, the plot had [...]

  19. This book was just right If it had been any longer, Portes writing style may have been too exhausting She writes in circles, and does tie everything up But it s work for the reader to keep a mental tab on all the hints she drops along the way And all of Part One is frenetic the reader has no idea what s most important, what they need to hold on to, what time period they re in Thankfully, Part Two slows that down, and lets you savor the bites instead of swallowing it whole.I actually would have l [...]

  20. This is a much darker novel than her debut, Hick, but written in the same gritty, thrifty, yet lyrical style In 1978, a 22 year old young woman is murdered and left in a ditch outside a snow covered northern Michigan town Twenty five years later, some college students in a film class make a documentary about the still unsolved murder, filming interviews with the murdered girl s parents, her best friend Shauna, and other in the little town where the crime occurred The police department detective [...]

  21. As a mystery fan, I had great hopes that Bury This would successfully weave together the strands of 1 local law enforcement s revisiting a quarter century old cold case homicide and 2 the class film project undertaken by students attending the deceased young woman s alma mater There were little glimmerings throughout, providing hope that this would come to pass most notably in the parallel sense of protectiveness felt by both the initially self involved film students and the police detective tow [...]

  22. I chose this book because a I generally enjoy murder mysteries, b the premise was interesting overall a team of college students decide to make a documentary about an unsolved murder, and end up uncovering a dark secret, and c it is set in Muskegon, MI.I almost gave this three stars because the what really happened was interesting enough, but the premise didn t tie in very closely with the execution The budding documentarists are barely mentioned, and only uncover something in that a detective n [...]

  23. This was a moderately entertaining easy read mystery thriller The subject matter being that of a cold case involving a murdered young teen girl from the late 70 s, and a group of film students who decide to make a documentary about it for the final submission, not really taking it seriously.As the film students interview people who knew her at the time, the story switches from present day to different times in the past, depending on who they were interviewing The serious nature of child murder a [...]

  24. This book was enjoyable and easy to read very quickly It was written in omniscient third person, so I felt as if I had a thorough understanding of each of the characters motivations and personalities through the entire book Although it took a few pages to adjust to the rapid change in voice and drive, very quickly in, I was able to identify characters and their individual voices These sometimes rapid changes in character perspectives and points of time also assisted the story in moving along ver [...]

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