Cavendon Hall (2022)

Free Read Cavendon Hall - by Barbara Taylor Bradford - Cavendon Hall, Cavendon Hall From the New York Times bestselling author comes an epic saga of intrigue and mystique set in Edwardian England Cavendon Hall is home to two families the aristocratic Inghams and the Swanns who ser Free Read Cavendon Hall - by Barbara Taylor Bradford - Cavendon Hall, Cavendon Hall From the New York Times bestselling author comes an epic saga of intrigue and mystique set in Edwardian England Cavendon Hall is home to two families the aristocratic Inghams and the Swanns who ser
  • Title: Cavendon Hall
  • Author: Barbara Taylor Bradford
  • ISBN: 9781250032355
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Hardcover
Cavendon Hall
Free Read Cavendon Hall - by Barbara Taylor Bradford, Cavendon Hall, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Cavendon Hall From the New York Times bestselling author comes an epic saga of intrigue and mystique set in Edwardian England Cavendon Hall is home to two families the aristocratic Inghams and the Swanns who serve them Charles Ingham the sixth Earl of Mowbray lives there with his wife Felicity and their six children Walter Swann the premier male of the Swann family is valet tFrom the New
  • Free Read Cavendon Hall - by Barbara Taylor Bradford
    391Barbara Taylor Bradford
Cavendon Hall

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  1. I have not read Barbara Taylor Bradford for yearst I had always enjoyed her work.I picked up Cavendon Hall purely because I had been approved for 2 in the series, The Cavendon Women, by NetGalley And I am so glad I did otherwise I would have missed out on the beginning of a thoroughly enjoyable family saga.I listened to Cavendon Hall on audio, and I don t think I missed a word unusual for me I will be starting The Cavendon Women in the next day or so and am looking forward to repeating this very [...]

  2. Cavendon Hall sat on my Wishlist for months as I awaited it s release Historical Fiction is by far my favorite genre of literary escape, and as a reader who immensely enjoyed BTB s Ravenscar Series, I was excited to read her foray into historical fiction.Unfortunately, I was sorely disappointed I almost changed my mind about purchasing this book as I read reviews, however, I made up my mind and clicked purchase and 10 seconds later, the book was on my Kindle.Cavendon Hall wants to read like an e [...]

  3. It has been a long time since I have read a Barbara Taylor Bradford book, so I was looking for a book rich with characters Unfortunately this did not live up to my expectations I found the relationship between the Inghams and the Swanns unusual not servant master or as equals, but something in between and I did not need to be told every second page about it Normally I like these type of stories but I did not feel fully invested in what happens to the characters.

  4. I was quite hesitant to pick this book up because the last one I read by this author was SO terrible But I m quite pleased to see that this one was heaps better and I actually quite enjoyed it I m always a fan of a good historical fiction story What I especially enjoyed about this book was that while it was historical fiction, it didn t focus TOO much on that aspect and so it avoided being dry like some tend to be This story had just the right balance between the historical side and the other as [...]

  5. Barbara Taylor Bradford used to be one of my favourite authors back in the day but something has gone badly wrong with this book and its hard to believe that it was written by her The dialogue was sickly sweet and the whole storyline was just unrealistic and unconvincing and so repetitive After being told for the 100th time that the Swanns will protect you , trust only the Swanns , loyalty binds me I was ready to put my head down the toilet There were so many similarities to the cast of Downton [...]

  6. In a nutshell Downton Abbey meets Danielle Steel Except I enjoy both Steel and Downton Abbey than this novel, a tome overstuffed with one very, very tediously blessed aristocratic family and their abnormally loyal retainers in Edwardian England The Inghams of Cavendon Hall are than usually blessed with an abundance of attractive heirs and the wealth to sustain them, as well charm and kindness and personality, to boot They are supported by their loyal retainers, the Swann family, who have passe [...]

  7. I received an ARC from a giveaway in an exchange for an honest review.I loved the cover of this book Simply gorgeous However, that s about all I liked about this book So far, this is the worst book I ve read this year There were too many characters, too much repetitiveness, and time moved too fast The Swann s, the servant family, and their relationship with the Ingham s, the aristocratic family, was unrealistic Their motto, loyalty binds me was awful and overplayed, they said it a lot The dialog [...]

  8. Spoliers If you want to read one of the worst books ever written No character development None Bossy and secretive Charlotte apparently had an affair with the late Earl, and when the current Earl s wife leaves him with little fanfare yeah right that s plausible in 1916 England he and Charlotte suddenly fall madly in love No preamble She literally falls off a ladder into his arms and has sex with him Because they ve been in love with each other since childhood Oops except for those many years she [...]

  9. Cavendon Hall starts in 1913, and tells a tale of an aristocratic family, the Inghams, and their ever loyal aides, the Swanns For over 160 years, the Swanns have served the Inghams, through births, deaths, weddings, and deepest darkest secrets, and are loyal until their last breaths When an unthinkable tragedy occurs, the Swanns take charge to protect the Ingham family.To start with, I absolutely love the era that this book is set in Unlike some books set in this time, I also loved the fact that [...]

  10. This book was like reading an episode or several of Downton but something that might have been done during the US Writer s Strike a few years back The characters weren t well developed, big events happened in the books before you could get attached to any of the characters, the story jumped all over the place, the writing was subpar I was literally jarred out of the book several times with confusion in why a character would have said something like that which seemed out of whatever character the [...]

  11. Sketchy characters, thin plot, generally wishy washydisappointed and frustrated as I usually love this authors work I d persevere and read a follow on but if I read any cliched statements professing the loyalty of the Swanns to the Inghams I might actually cry It had the makings of a great seriesbut I feel really let down.

  12. The quality of writing is very poor, and the story is not interesting enough to hold my attention.Made it to page 36 and bailed.

  13. Barbara Taylor Bradford has been a novelist since the late 70 s selling millions of books Cavendon Hall I think is her 30th novel I needed a light read and thought I would try something a little trashy This family saga fit the bill Set in Edwardian England spanning WW1, it is the first in a trilogy Unfortunately, I found it a bit difficult to keep track of the characters I also found my mind wandering, as there were too many descriptions and repetition The novel does have a decent storyline and [...]

  14. Cavendon Hall is a must read Right from the beginning, I fell in love with the characters in this book Well most of them I did not care so much for Felicity and Diedre Of course, it did not help that in Diedre s case, she hardly appeared in the book and when she did, she came off as not very likable There was not much to say about Felicity I loved, loved the Swanns They are what really made this book so special for me They are the type of friends that I would want watching my back The ending was [...]

  15. As a huge fan of Downton Abbey and the time period, I thought I would give this book a tryis is something I need to stop doing, as often than not, I find myself completely disappointed Cavendon Hall was no different For such a long novel, absolutely NOTHING really happened Instead, we are told repeatedly how beautiful and wonderful everyone is and what wonderful lives they have ahead of them Insert eye rolling here We also have to witness numerous characters dissecting the same things, which ad [...]

  16. 3.5 stars Liked this one it was a rather mild mannered soap with long stretches of stagnant plot, yet it still managed to hold my interest Why Beats me shrug All I know is I enjoyed it I ll be reading the sequel I can t give a higher rating because the characters felt somewhat wooden combined with a Bertie Small esque habit of recapping plot points that just happened but it kept me coming back for Overall, an amusing diversion for a tired brain I say mild because aside from the catalyst rape a [...]

  17. CONSIGLIO DI DICEMBRE 2016 TiziQuesto libro narra la storia della famiglia Ingham, lord dello Yorkshire, e dei suoi servitori gli Swan, uniti da un patto di amicizia e rispetto reciproco che dura da pi di 150 anni e da a L arco temporale molto vasto Si parte dal 1913 fino ad arrivare al 1920, per tanto il libro viene diviso in 5 parti.La prima parte molto lenta Vengono introdotti tutti i personaggi e sono una marea Pensavo di fare confusione e invece mi sono ritorvata a divorare le pagine, nonos [...]

  18. Setting England 1913 1929Steam Factor Mild3 1 2 StarsFor centuries now, Cavendon Hall has been the palatial home of the Inghams as well as their faithful servants the Swanns All is well at Cavendon Hall as the Ingham s daughter Daphne is about to make her debut, and the family as well as the servants are elated as they prepare for the event But someone is plotting to ruin the family, and it begins with tragedy and an act that nearly destroys Daphne Then worse is yet to come as there is a devasta [...]

  19. Barbara Taylor Bradford has always been a great storyteller and this book is no different Her passion for Old England shines through in this story that tells the story of two families the entitled and those that serve them What is great about this story is you get the insider view to their relationships and how they live together in one house.The story itself reminded me a lot of Downtown Abbey with similar relationships and the typical house issues , which is not necessarily a bad thing If you [...]

  20. The jacket summary piqued my interest, the actual content left me disappointed My first BTB reading experience, undoubtedly my last I was hesitant to begin with, I should have paid attention to my inner voice I m not into authors mass producing books, and this experience validated my skepticism The narrative had possibilities but it veered off track The writing was oversimplified, and the characters strained The relationship between the servants and the aristocrats absolutely implausible The end [...]

  21. Cavendon Hall is an engrossing family saga chronicling the lives of two British families the noble Inghams and their faithful Swanns, the clan who has served them for generations The intertwined histories of these British families are revealed against the backdrop of the years leading up to World War I, and ends just after the war, as class and society in Great Britain are changing The story s conclusion left me wanting to know about the characters and how their lives are affected by social cha [...]

  22. This has to be the worst book I have ever read I may not have read Twilight or Fifty Shades of Grey, but I m sure this is comparable to them The writing is bad, the characters are bad, and the plot is just annoying I made sure to take notes while I was reading so I could point out all the problems with it but there were times when I was just too annoyed to even complain some so these aren t all my grievances with this novel Overall, it felt like a Downton Abbey OC fanfic written by a melodramat [...]

  23. 1913 Cavendon was one of the greatest stately homes in England The Swanns of Little Skell Village had been working at Cavendon Hall for over 160 years, ever since the days of the first Earl in the 18th century The Inghams, an aristocratic family, and the Swanns, the loyal servants, were closely intertwined and bound together by respect The Swanns knew everything about Charles Ingham the Sixth Earl of Mowbray, and his family.Early on in the story line a horrifying tragedy occurs to a family membe [...]

  24. I enjoy this genre of book, and i paticularly like the whole Upstairs,Downstairs Downton Abbey kind of story, but this book just didn t ring true to me I was so fed up of constantly being reminded that the Swanns were indisposable to the Inghams, literally every other page Okay we get it Even when the main incident of the book happened, which for anyone wanting to read this book I won t spoil, I just don t think the reponse of the family and the Swanns was true to the era I was also irritated th [...]

  25. I ve always enjoyed Barbara Taylor Bradford s books, and this one is no exception Cavendon Hall in Yorkshire, is the home of two families the upstairs Ingrahams and the downstairs Swanns The two families have been intertwined for over 150 years, each family keeping the others secrets In fact the two families have a common oath Loyalty Binds which is taken by all members of the two families The plot in this first book of a series centers on the years just before and just after World War I, and in [...]

  26. This was my first book by Ms Barbara Taylor Bradford and it was quite interesting as I have not read much about the English people or England but I have always been intrigued by the royal family and dukes and earls etc This book told a tail of a well to do Earl and his family It had a little bit of everything in it including hidden family secrets I have to thank Reading Group Gold very much for the win on this book and presenting me with a new author, as I most likely wouldn t have not picked th [...]

  27. I loved the era this book was set on 1913 and onwards though the First World War although that was only a small part of the book It was very much like Downton Abbey a period drama on TV which I love I identified the characters in the book with the characters on tv.It was a nice simple story with very beautiful women and very handsome men about the British Aristocracy and their servants loyal friends Although all the perfection can be a bit wearisome, I did enjoy the story and look forward to the [...]

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