The Perfume Collector (2022)

↠ The Perfume Collector ☆ Kathleen Tessaro - The Perfume Collector, The Perfume Collector A remarkable novel about secrets desire memory passion and possibility Newlywed Grace Monroe doesn t fit anyone s expectations of a successful s London socialite least of all her own When she ↠ The Perfume Collector ☆ Kathleen Tessaro - The Perfume Collector, The Perfume Collector A remarkable novel about secrets desire memory passion and possibility Newlywed Grace Monroe doesn t fit anyone s expectations of a successful s London socialite least of all her own When she
  • Title: The Perfume Collector
  • Author: Kathleen Tessaro
  • ISBN: 9780062257833
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Hardcover
The Perfume Collector
↠ The Perfume Collector ☆ Kathleen Tessaro, The Perfume Collector, Kathleen Tessaro, The Perfume Collector A remarkable novel about secrets desire memory passion and possibility Newlywed Grace Monroe doesn t fit anyone s expectations of a successful s London socialite least of all her own When she receives an unexpected inheritance from a complete stranger Madame Eva d Orsey Grace is drawn to uncover the identity of her mysterious benefactor Weaving through the decaA re
  • ↠ The Perfume Collector ☆ Kathleen Tessaro
    127Kathleen Tessaro
The Perfume Collector

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  1. I seriously loved this book I only have one complaint that I will share at the end, which is a spoiler, so beware.Grace, Eva, Monsieur Thissot, Mr Lambert, Rita, Valmont, Madame Zed, Madame Hiver, and the rest of the characters in this book are eclectic, strange, maniacal, subdued, eccentric, and at times, plain crazy Each one of them added to the overall character and life of this book Add to the characters a unique and quirky story involving the smells of our lives and the life of a perfumer, [...]

  2. Grace Monroe receives an inheritance unexpectedly from someone named Eva living in France who she does not know Grace takes a trip to France to figure out who Eva is and work out certain personal issues in her marriage It s a short and easy read and has a interesting plot line A lot of it was pretty predictable and the plot is a little all over the place Not the next great american novel but it s a good read for when you just want to relax and not think too hard, when you need one of those feel [...]

  3. Eva s story was interesting Grace s story left me yawning.But the worst part about this book was the absolutely horrible editing job Someone at Harper Collins got paid a great deal of money to go drinking when he she should have been proofreading I have seen fewer grammatical and word usage errors in an advanced reader copy It was distracting and infuriating.I am mentally composing my letter to Harper Collins in which I offer my services as a copy editor They need me.

  4. The Perfume Collector by Kathleen Tessaro was an intriguing and compelling read with a lovely air of mystery about it that really kept me interested.I listened this this book and while I am not a fan of audio books I really enjoyed the narrator of this book as she really added greatly to the overall enjoyment of the story.I surprised myself at how much I enjoyed this novel as I would never have picked up this book had I not come across it as a monthly group read on The blurb and the cover of the [...]

  5. When offered a review copy of The Perfume Collector, I did the same thing I always do first checked out the page to see how the early reviews had fallen Based on the overwhelmingly positive response, I accepted, despite my crowded review schedule I m quite glad I did, as Tessaro s novel is a marvelous read, full of beautiful language and eccentric characters Set in the post WWII, Kathleen Tessaro s novel The Perfume Collector is a contemplative tale of one woman s journey to make amends and anot [...]

  6. When Grace Monroe receives a letter from a Paris solicitor, she is perplexed to learn that a complete stranger has named her a recipient of a sizeable inheritance Motivated by curiosity and the need to distance herself from a troubled marriage and a pretentious social circle, Grace wants to know about the mysterious Eva and sets off for Paris Relying on the help of the handsome French solicitor and an aging Russian aristocrat, Grace s quest to find the answers might shatter the life that she ha [...]

  7. Paris, London, New York, MonacoThis novel takes you across oceans to take you on its journey Grace Munroe receives a strange, unexpected inheritance from Eva d Orsey, a woman who lived in Paris, and who Grace has absolutely no memory of.She decides to fly to Paris to see what the claim is about and frankly to be sure that they have the right Grace Munroe What she discovers is a lost story that will forever impact her life She discovers flavorful food, perfect scenery, and how powerful a scent ca [...]

  8. Just ok for me While I thought the storyline interesting, the connection between Eva and Grace was pretty predictable early on, and the descriptive detail of perfume making was a bit much sometimes Despite all the typo s, still not a bad read.

  9. This is a Lifetime Movie masquerading as a novel The characters are woefully underdeveloped and the mystery paper thin and obvious almost immediately Eva, who dies young at the age of 43 in 1955 in Paris, leaves her entire inheritance a sizable one to 27 year old Grace Grace flies from London to Paris to meet with a solicitor regarding the inheritance and tries to figure out who Eva was and why Eva would leave her not only an apartment but also stocks and a few other trinkets The book alternates [...]

  10. What a beautifully written story of two women who s lives are intertwined, one who knows how and one who has no idea of the others existence I may not have chosen this book and I would have missed out Ms Tessaro paints a vivid picture of 1950 s England and Francebut an even better picture of the 1920 s era I could envision women who dressed to go out, and men who still wore suits Of a society that overindulged in sinful encounters, drank too much and lived in the moment.In flashback we learn abo [...]

  11. 4.5 starsImmediate thoughts Well that was just extremely beautifully written going on my favorites list Right Now.Actual review I m extraordinarily in love with The Perfume Collector It is so romantically whimsical I felt transported to another place and time and it was about time I read so many mediocre books in January that I was beginning to forget that feeling of getting lost in books The world of Paris and perfume is romanticized so perfectly I mean just look Perfume should tell a story of [...]

  12. I pride myself on my balanced reviews I try to remove my emotions from my critique and focus on the merits of the writer as a writer The tone, the scene, the characterization, the plote basics, dang it.So it is with great solemnity that I say, SQUEEE I loved this book A favorite author Elizabeth Peters once said through her character writer and librarian Jacqueline Kirby that she liked her books to have a beginning, a middle, and an end None of this slice of life stuff I agree with that statemen [...]

  13. Probably potential spoilers below I picked this up at random from Waterstones when I realise I didn t have my Kindle with me and burned through it in a couple of days A bittersweet tale of love, loss and enduring relationships, it was an enjoyable book if not one of my favourite ever plotlines Grace Munroe is a beginner socialite right on the introductory verge of the London mid fifties upper class society scene when two unrelated revelations in one night send her fleeing to Paris, away from her [...]

  14. I found the life of Madame Eva d Orsey and the perfume industry to be most interesting The 1920 s are a favorite era of mine I enjoyed the interchange between time periods and the characters and setting came to life through simple yet beautiful story telling Figuring out about Grace early in the book took nothing away from the novel for me Great book I m all about covers, loved this one

  15. Romanul e destul de bun, ns parc i au lipsit c teva lucruri Autoarea a plecat de la o premis bun , dar pe parcurs s a pierdut i s a gr bit s termine povestea c t mai repede Personajele au fost bine construite, iar povestea a fost una interesant , de i finalul a fost previzibil A fi vrut mai mult accent pe via a Evei, pentru c avea mare poten ial, mai ales c a trecut prin anii celui de al doilea r zboi mondial i ocupa iei naziste P cat c autoarea nu a profitat mai mult Eva e un personaj feminin c [...]

  16. An inheritance from a mysterious stranger An abandoned perfume shop on the Left Bank of Paris And three exquisite perfumes that hold a memory and a secretI love reading about people who are so down about their life then get a second chance to be happy It was a mystery with some forbidden romance A story about two women who become strong and make it through tough times It s something we all hoped for one time in our lives, a random inheritance comes in giving you the freedom to do and be anything [...]

  17. I like perfumes and historical fiction so I did enjoy this book It wasn t something mysterious or with an ending you couldn t possibly guess I almost knew the end from page 100, but it was a nice read Strong female characters, lots of information about perfumes visiting the Guerlain boutique, my favorite perfume brand , Paris, French sentences, they were all my cup of tea.

  18. The premise of an English woman getting a surprise inheritance from a Parisian woman makes for an engaging read Although the mystery of the Parisian woman s identity is rather predictable, that doesn t lessen the storytelling, and the reader is taken on a descriptive rich journey of Paris during two different time periods Some readers might not like the jumping back and forth in time, but I thought it was done fluently, and I enjoyed both story lines equally But mostly I loved the descriptions o [...]

  19. Last year, as part of my escape from reality, I began to read books set in the first part of the 20th century, and thus came across an American novelist, Kathleen Tessaro The Perfume Collector is a piece of romantic detective fction the action is set in the 1920s and 1950s, in France, New York, London and Northern England Together with the protagonists, Eva and Grace, we witness enjoy ourselves at is not a good word choice here a sophisticated London party, work in a hotel hosting the ambitiou [...]

  20. I have not read anything by Kathleen Tessaro before so upon receiving this review copy from Harper Collins I honestly had no idea what to expect The cover art showing an elegantly dressed woman in 1950 s dress is nicely attractive and I found perfectly suited the story that followed Eva d Orsey sat at the kitchen table, listening to the ticking clock, a copy of Le Figaro in front of her This was the sound of time, moving away from her Taking another drag from a cigarette, she looked out of the w [...]

  21. I absolutely love historical fiction and anything having to do with fragrances So, the fact that the author blended both elements together was both intriguing and cleverly done The Perfume Collector is beyond exquisite exploring mystery, societal issues concerning women of two different period in time, and of course, the beauty of romance and how various scents come in to play with intimacy among other things This story was truly a journey of self discovery, and I was intrigued by every thing it [...]

  22. 4 paperwhites scented, beautiful Paris stars.This turned out to be an unexpectedly good book I m not much of a Perfume obsessed woman, but this book got me intrigued to the extent that I am contemplating on sitting and spending all day on the look out for some fine perfume online The stories begins all of a sudden in New York, where Grace Munroe, a socialite in progress, receives a letter from Paris asking her to claim heirship for a certain Eva D orsey Someone she wasn t sure of ever hearing of [...]

  23. I became a fan of Kathleen Tessaro several years ago when my friend Julie gave me a copy of her novel Elegance Recently, Julie arranged for me to receive an advance copy of Tessaro s newest work, The Perfume Collector , and it will be available for sale on May 14th.It hooked me on page one and I spent every spare moment I could find in the past week reading it I had conflicting emotions the need to find out what was going to happen to the characters and at the same time the dread of seeing the p [...]

  24. It s 1955 and Grace Monroe should be living an average comfortable married life in London But all s not quite well she doesn t fit the social life that s expected of her, she discovers her marriage might be questionable and the recurring dream she had as a child has resurfaced So when she learns that a stranger in Paris has passed away and bequeathed her an inheritance, she is surprised, baffled and intrigued enough to head to Paris to find out about Eva d Orsey who she is, what s her life stor [...]

  25. I enjoyed this book a lot I do not wear perfume but I do appreciate the power of scent Maybe this is why I do not use perfume, that is, because I am so sensitive to scents specially in other people Anyway, this story is about an English woman in a marriage that is, let s say, in a bad place She finds out she has inherited a house in Paris from a person she never heard of Well, I personally can not think of better gift life can give you then an inheritance you weren t expecting Grace is not thril [...]

  26. Wow What a ride If you aspire to time travelling while flitting across the Atlantic Ocean and the English Channel with a brief foray over the Mediterranean , then this book is for you It s an exciting trip, but pack lightly, and bring an adaptable wardrobe You will need to blend into a variety of settings You will be travelling from New York City in 1927 to London and Paris in 1955 via London 1928 , Monte Carlo 1932 , Oxfordshire 1935 and Paris 1942 but not in chronological order.The life of Eva [...]

  27. Read This Review More Like It At Ageless Pages ReviewsThe Perfume Collector is a historical set in an interesting time Starting in 1955, before backtracking to the 1920s, it s a mystery, and romance, that largely explores the roles and tragedies of independent women in a pre second wave society I will say, it s not an overly thrilling mystery The secret connecting Grace Monroe, English socialite, and Eva D Orsey American maid and perfume collector, becomes evident pretty early on The foreshadowi [...]

  28. If there is a novel that is a must read, this book is it The writing style is beautiful and it is easy to get caught up in the lives of Grace and Eva Both women will captivate you, most especially Eva who comes from the most humble upbringings.If you are a fan of M.J Rose s last two novels, this book will definitely appeal to you, as you get a wonderful glimpse into the world of fragrances This is something I really found fascinating, especially at one point where they captured the scent of snow [...]

  29. With an eye for creating and interweaving the threads of a story through the evocative and intriguing use of three classic perfumes, Tessaro manages to tell a story in multiple parts, from variant perspectives to leave an impression that lingers like scent on the air Introducing Eva at the end of her life, and Grace in the midst of her marital crisis the intersection of these two stories with the rather obvious connection between the two lives is told through the story of three scents and their [...]

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