Tempted by the Storm (2022)

Free Read Tempted by the Storm - by Maxine Mansfield - Tempted by the Storm, Tempted by the Storm Larksong Hammerstrike has always been just the younger sister of Princess Aryanna Never quite as pretty or as smart always lacking a mere empath whose power gets her into trouble often than not But Free Read Tempted by the Storm - by Maxine Mansfield - Tempted by the Storm, Tempted by the Storm Larksong Hammerstrike has always been just the younger sister of Princess Aryanna Never quite as pretty or as smart always lacking a mere empath whose power gets her into trouble often than not But
  • Title: Tempted by the Storm
  • Author: Maxine Mansfield
  • ISBN: 9781612177168
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback
Tempted by the Storm
Free Read Tempted by the Storm - by Maxine Mansfield, Tempted by the Storm, Maxine Mansfield, Tempted by the Storm Larksong Hammerstrike has always been just the younger sister of Princess Aryanna Never quite as pretty or as smart always lacking a mere empath whose power gets her into trouble often than not But at Carnalval the festival of all things sexual she unleashes her sensual side for a night in the arms of a masked stranger When morning dawns Lark can t resist a peLarksong Ham
  • Free Read Tempted by the Storm - by Maxine Mansfield
    168Maxine Mansfield
Tempted by the Storm

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  1. This book was very different but in a good way The main characters were very easy to like and made even better by their interactions with all the other characters in the book If you like humor with a lot of steam, a little action and a woman whose moods affect the weather in sometimes a very terrifying way, then this is definitely the book for you.

  2. I received this book in exchange for an honest review LoP or Lovers of Paranormal Another book to sink your teeth into, I literally couldn t put it down, a very very good read and I would strongly recommend it to my friends I think I even liked it than the first one.The main characters lark and sarco are quite a surprising couple that are thrown together in a rather unusual way Lark is a princess rejected by her mother and father who seeks comfort from a strange man one night while out She is a [...]

  3. I got this book from the author, free of cost, in exchange of an honest review from my side.Firstly I would like to thank Maxine Mansfeild, the author of Tempted by the Storm, for this fantastic opportunity that she presented me with by allowing me to review her work now moving on to the review part.HOT HOT HOT , well you re ought to feel very hot and exhausted when you finish this book and if you think that the hot and steamy scenes that you got in book one is enough then it s time to change yo [...]

  4. I loved,loved,loved,loved this story The story was sooooo beautiful and romantic that I cried during several parts of the story It is a fantasy romance story of Sarco Larksong I so identify with Lark s character and I was glued to the book from the first chapter.This is definitely a go to story for me I will read it again and again If you love romantic fantasy this is the story for you Please read this story you will not be sorry One of the best romance books of 2012.

  5. If you like a bit of humor with your abundant sex, or a quest for your hero, Tempted by the Storm might be the book for you.I wasn t sure what to expect when I chose to review this book, but I m a huge fantasy lover, and enjoy adding heat to the fantasy Heat I got in spades from the start to the finish, this book is full of smoking hot sex and not just between the hero and heroine Everyone seems to be getting some Truthfully, I was surprised at how many different points of view we experienced an [...]

  6. Is it possible for a book to get than five stars If so, I would totally give it to Tempted by the Storm Nothing in this book was what I expected Better and worse, all at the same time.And before I get started, I have a dirty, dirty mind so, yes, this book hit the spot If sexual innuendos, outrageous mishaps, and daring scenes not for the prim of heart are your thing, then you will love Tempted by the Storm The book starts out setting the mood and the match You take an immediate liking to Lark, [...]

  7. All her life, Larksong Hammerstrike has lived in the shadows of her beautiful sister, Princess Aryanna To all those who know her, she s considered as some sort of an outcast Her parents acknowledge her existence whenever it s necessary, but to them it s as if she s a lump on a log Her silver eyes and the tendency to manipulate the weather whenever her emotions are in a turmoil keep everyone at arm s length.She s different and she knows it, as does everyone else She yearns to be a normal person i [...]

  8. Tempted by the Storm is a very, very steamy fantasy romance With Barbarians, Elves, Dwarves, magic, a festival called Carnalval, and a prophecy that needs to be fulfilled.The heroine Larksong, is the youngest Barbarian Princess who is a little bit odd She is not treated like a daughter by her parents because she is a spiritmaster a human with powers Lark is able to control the weather, depending on her moods, and is able to read and control people s mind She gets convinced by her older sister Ar [...]

  9. Take an epic fantasy novel mix it well with an erotic romance throw in a handful of comic relief in the form of gnomes and you will have Tempted By The Storm by Maxine Mansfield We have elf wizards for our hero in Sarco Sunwalker and we have a powerful emphatic heroine Larksong who is also one of the few of a near extinct line of spiritmasters who among other talents controls the weather with her moods This is chock full, from nearly the first page, of sex and sexual situations earning the title [...]

  10. I fell in love with Lark She was the outcast of her family and treated horribly by her mother but she pushed through Love that she has the ability to get in people s heads, heck I would LOVE that power to have And she tries so hard to fight what her heart is telling her Sarco, whew what a hottie Their sex scenes together would have melted just about anyone Love his big heart he has and the love for Lark he carries, even though he is already promised to her sister Princess Aryanna I wanted to lov [...]

  11. Tempted by the Storm is amazingly written From the details of the weather changing with Lark s emotions to Leeky Shortz s quips to the extremely hot lovin I loved it There are moments of hilarity and moments that completely shattered me This is a must read that you should definitely skip to the top of your TBR pile I don t want to say Leeky he s a gnome, by the way was my favorite character, but I did love him The first thing he says to Laycee upon meeting her is What the fungus infested toe jam [...]

  12. So contrary to how I was feeling through most of the book, it had a really cute story line, I must give it that.There was a lot in the book that I wasn t sure how I felt about it though Such as I can t stand reading books in the middle of a series and I thought this was the first book and didn t realize until about 20% in that it was the 2nd book, so that already made me weary of reading it, but thankfully it wasn t took bad.Secondly, it felt like maybe because I didn t read the first book but i [...]

  13. Not what I expectedaning not my cup of tea I thought that it was the typical fantasy romance that I like to read Little did I know that there s quite a lot of sexual content in it I mean, I don t mind it here and there but I think this one was way too much for me With that aside, the story line was good The book was well written with a good flow in it A little too predictable The character s development was ok I was hoping for a stronger heroine that could have used her abilities towards somethi [...]

  14. Ok, I can see that other people might enjoy it, but it just so wasn t for me Because I can see that the book really just wasn t for me but not actually that bad in and of itself some of my favs are of a quirky that some people just don t get , I m going to give it a 2 instead of a one I managed to make it only half way thru before the following got the best of me 1 if ever there was a man The start of every chapter It just drove me mad and made me cringe 2 It felt to me like a kids book, and by [...]

  15. I received this book as a R2R from the Lovers of Paranormal GroupStars 3Overall I want to start out by saying the my panties were very um wet by the time i was done reading this book I couldn t believe all the sex the author put in this book, at times i felt like it was a little bit of overkill I was a little confused at times because i felt like you were just thrown into the characters lives with no back story as to who they were and what the hell was going on I did enjoy the romance between La [...]

  16. I received this book in exchange for an honest review LoP Lovers of Paranormal If ever a man was sexual, duty bound and interesting than Sarco, I did not find him in this story I liked the relationship that Lark and Sarco created and the powers they were endowed with The story was interesting and who doesn t love a good Barbarian quest The challenges, adventure, and camaraderie made for a good read Again, the appearance of Leeky Shortz made the story fun and kept me wanting to read Leeky, Leek [...]

  17. Tempted by the Storm Maxine MansfieldWith this story we have a very erotic fairytale We have an Elf prince wizard Sarco , and a human barbarian cinderella princess Lark , who are drawn to each other at a masked Carnalval festival.In their own ways each finds out who the other is and realize they can never be together Sarco is engaged to her sister and must do his duty or else there will be war Lark has never had anyone look at her like Sarco did They must fight for their forbidden love I enjoyed [...]

  18. 4.5 out of 5 stars This novel is the perfect mix of hilarity, adventurousness, family love loyalty, and erotic love scenes With its great cast of characters this novel, and series, is one that I feel every adult that reads it will enjoy at least some aspect of it Read of this review, two teasers and an excerpt on my blog review is a part of a blog tour and will be posted on April 12, 2013 frommetoyouvideophoto 2013 04 blog tour feasted on tempted by stormml

  19. This story have the making of a true Snow White story.Not, we have a witch that the bitch of a mother and a p y whip dad.The cast also includes four horny princess and some other bad creatures.Lark, her sister and the Sunwalker s brothers gave a new meaning to going back to school.Everything took a back seat to her twins, Adam and Sherman, I laugh so hard that tears fall from my eyes The Shermanator was too funny for words.Ladies, this is a sexy, hot, and funny story that will keep you laughing [...]

  20. This was just way too explicit for me Basically three quarters of the entire book were love scenes, and they just went on and on and onI found it really hard to enjoy it when everything was so detailed.Parts were good, and I enjoyed those, which is why it is two stars not one, but I just really struggled.Also, I m not sure if it was intentional, but at the start of almost every chapter, it was If ever_____ and it had it EVERY SINGLE TIME I m not quite sure if this was an intentional part of the [...]

  21. I got this book free through Giveaways I love fantasy books and a good romantic story line isn t a bad thing This book does a great job of moving the story along without having to take away from building the characters You never feel like your in a lull, it is just one great chapter after another I must say the gnomes through me off a little but it did bring is some interesting humor This was a fun book to read I would have liked a little detail on the spell side of the magic but the twists and [...]

  22. Book provided by the author 3.5 starsAnother well written and inventive adventure with an interesting plot The characters were well developed and although it was an enjoyable read it didn t hold my interest as deeply as the first in the series Also I m not sure why but every chapter started with if ever a man and I found it annoying after the first 8 or so chapters and a little distracting I m looking forward to finding out where this series goes next.Book provided by the author through the LoP [...]

  23. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the Author and the Lovers of Paranormal Group on I loved this sequel of The Academy Series What an amazing book Lark and Sarco are such a great couple and I really felt for them.It was great to see, how they just can t live without each other, but accept their destiny and their duties.I still have this awww feeling, because of Sarco going out and trying to do everything that gives him a chance to spend the rest of his life with Lark.

  24. I got this book free as part of Lovers of Paranormal group in for a honest review.The book was good but felt short of my expectations and was draggy at few places Overall, its good for a one time read.The story revolves around young girl called Lark who falls in love with her sister s fiancee Sarco.Sarco in return is attracted to Lark but is duty bound.The love between them grows and Sarco goes on a quest, in which if he succeeds, he could marry Lark.

  25. I received this book in exchange for an honest review Lovers of Paranormal This book is amazing There is story then the first Its not just one couple but 3 couples in this book You get 3 for the price of 1 Its hard to find anything I don t like about this book.

  26. I got this book free for a honest review Amazing book I finished this book as soon as i got it in this day Love the chacters.

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