Turkey Claus (2022)

Free Read Turkey Claus - by Wendi Silvano - Turkey Claus, Turkey Claus Santa Claus finds a way to help Turkey avoid becoming Christmas dinner Free Read Turkey Claus - by Wendi Silvano - Turkey Claus, Turkey Claus Santa Claus finds a way to help Turkey avoid becoming Christmas dinner
  • Title: Turkey Claus
  • Author: Wendi Silvano
  • ISBN: 9780761462408
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Unknown Binding
Turkey Claus
Free Read Turkey Claus - by Wendi Silvano, Turkey Claus, Wendi Silvano, Turkey Claus Santa Claus finds a way to help Turkey avoid becoming Christmas dinner
  • Free Read Turkey Claus - by Wendi Silvano
    373Wendi Silvano
Turkey Claus

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  1. I loved this book I loved the way Turkey would say gobble, gobble, gobble like it was either a curse word or just him grumbling I loved the clever way the elves used the language Snow way are you getting in to see Santa And I adored the pictures The elves look so goofy and Turkey s disguises are adorable and silly AND I loved Santa s solution to Turkey not getting eaten this Christmas Pizza, of course Ha It s very cute, clever and original I really enjoyed it _

  2. Turkey is trying to find his way to Santa by disguising himself as other popular Christmas ideas such as a present, candy cane, or even Mrs Claus Great storyline and fun illustrations on every page.

  3. So, I think this is a hilarious book If I had read this a little earlier and if I had shared it with kiddos I would have wanted to dress up like the turkey in this book dressing up like a Christmas Tree so he wouldn t be eaten on Christmas Day Such a funny picture Yeah, I laughed out loud.

  4. For kids and parents who have already read this duo s Turkey Trouble the punchline to this story won t be quite as funny but, as before, the story is cute and the artwork humorous Full of all the elements of Christmas, Turkey has some rich choices for disguises to try to get in to see Santa for help He takes a stab at everything from elves to candy canes my favorite being wearing a large, decorated traffic cone as a Christmas tree disguise in his quest to find a Christmas miracle and be spared f [...]

  5. Turkey goes about avoiding holidays quite differently than most do I liked the funny turkey s ways of trying to avoid being eaten on a holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas Day with the cool large illustrations and nice sized font for tired parent s eyes after a full day s work of close eye work Yet short enough story for those ages 4 8 or perhaps in grades K 3rd.I received this ebook for free using KU, and in return, here s my honest review Super work Wendi By Sunny

  6. Very entertainingThis book was very entertaining I enjoyed all of the creative ideas the turkey came up with His determination was awesome And in the end he succeeded and made everyone happy in return Great book

  7. This book is full of humor and will surely make your child laugh I found it funny and laughed along with my preschoolers This turkey finds inventive ways as to not become Christmas Dinner He fails but Santa Claus comes to rescue.

  8. Cute book Loved the funny things the elves would say when stopping turkey from going in to see Santa

  9. We love the turkey trouble books We read them again and again Turkey has many tricks The illustrations are funnier every time.

  10. Very interesting and different Christmas book than the others After reading many, many Christmas books many of which are the same thing just written a bit different This was a nice change Turkey is relieved that he made it through Thanksgiving until he over hears the couple say they want turkey for Christmas dinner So he sets out to save himself for Christmas too And whomelse does one turn to for Christmas help Santa Claus of course But it s Christmas Eve and the elves won t allow him to see the [...]

  11. Don t miss Turkey Claus if you liked Turkey Trouble It was a hit with my grandson s K class and I like this one even better Trouble got himself through the anxious month of November unscathed Now he has a problem with Christmas He must ask Santa an important question and those darn elves just won t let him in The challenge just how to get by Clever Turkey has some tricky disguises A delightfully fun North Pole story with incomparable Turkey

  12. I really liked this book The artwork in it was very cute and child friendly I also loved the idea of the turkey being worried about being eaten He went through great lengths to see Santa and ask for help All of his costumes very very cute If I were to use this in a classroom, I would have a few Christmas type things for the kids to dress up with We could take pictures and make a Christmas card for their families.

  13. This is a cute and goofy story that will have kids giggling as Turkey dons ever outlandish outfits It has an ending similar to Free Birds in that Turkey helps to create a new Christmas dinner tradition This is a sweet book that very gently and humorously imparts humane values while not frightening away mainstream audiences.

  14. I loved this book What a cute and humorous christmas book It is well written with cute plays on words and the characters are given cute personality I also really enjoyed the art in this book It was very unique and interesting The words are simple so you can really focus on the pictures and the funny outfits the turkey puts on Loved this book

  15. I think that this would be a fun book for reading to elementary school kids for the holidays because it has a different twist on christmas It brings up thanksgiving and then ties the turkey into christmas as well I also enjoyed all of his different disguses I think that children would appreciate this book as well.

  16. Turkey tries a variety of costumes to get into see Santa to wish he wasn t Christmas dinner Each time an elf stops him because some part of his body is showing and doesn t fit the disguise It s not obvious enough for children to guess Finally he gets in as a present for Santa The solution junk food Not exactly what we want to promote.

  17. Turkey has made it through Thanksgiving Now he is trying to get to Santa to have Santa grant him his wish not to be Christmas dinner His disguises are clever but not clever enough to outwit the security around Santa The drawings are wonderful in this cute tale I laughed This is a good read aloud book.

  18. Turkey just barely scraped by without being the main course for Thanksgiving dinner, but he s facing the same dilemma here on Christmas The costumes turkey comes up with are cute and keep readers smiling and trying to guess what he ll dream up next.

  19. I loved Silvano s Turkey Trouble, so I was eager to read this new book But this one s just not quite as clever or funny as the original Still, I think little ones will enjoy this brightly colored picture book at Christmastime.

  20. I love how this book intertwines two different holidays together and makes such a cute story out of it I loved the story and really enjoyed reading it Perfect for time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  21. Fun stories My 5 year old really loves this book as well as its counterpart, Turkey Trouble They have made it on the list of repeat reads, an honor reserved for very few books in our house.

  22. A companion sequel to Turkey Trouble It follows the same formula of dressing up as different things before coming to the solution Even though Turkey Trouble is Thanksgiving specific, I think that one is readable the rest of the year.

  23. Funny SweetTurkey s adventures feature his creativity and resilience Our 7 year old loves reading the books aloud and the illustrations provide picture clues when she gets stuck which builds her confidence and love of reading.

  24. This book was really funny and the pictures were fun This would be a good thanksgiving or Christmas book to read to children or just any time My son really enjoyed this book and thought it was most funny when Turkey dressed up and didn t look anything like what he was trying to be.

  25. Read it on Kindle Unlimited.Fun book for kids The turkey doesn t want to be turned into dinner, so he tries to meet Santa Claus to solve his problem The disguises are funny.It need a review on the font, size and placement on the page, otherwise it s a fun and pretty book.

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