The Nightmare (2022)

[PDF] Download ✓ The Nightmare : by Lars Kepler Laura A. Wideburg - The Nightmare, The Nightmare Kepler provides a master class in noir The Boston GlobeA drowned young woman is discovered on an abandoned pleasure boat drifting by the Stockholm archipelago strangely her clothes are dry The next d [PDF] Download ✓ The Nightmare : by Lars Kepler Laura A. Wideburg - The Nightmare, The Nightmare Kepler provides a master class in noir The Boston GlobeA drowned young woman is discovered on an abandoned pleasure boat drifting by the Stockholm archipelago strangely her clothes are dry The next d
  • Title: The Nightmare
  • Author: Lars Kepler Laura A. Wideburg
  • ISBN: 9781250024107
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Paperback
The Nightmare
[PDF] Download ✓ The Nightmare : by Lars Kepler Laura A. Wideburg, The Nightmare, Lars Kepler Laura A. Wideburg, The Nightmare Kepler provides a master class in noir The Boston GlobeA drowned young woman is discovered on an abandoned pleasure boat drifting by the Stockholm archipelago strangely her clothes are dry The next day in Stockholm a man turns up dead hanging from a lamp hook inside his completely bare apartment but how could he have hung himself with no furniture to climb upon Kepler provides a m
  • [PDF] Download ✓ The Nightmare : by Lars Kepler Laura A. Wideburg
    412Lars Kepler Laura A. Wideburg
The Nightmare

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  1. This is a message regarding Stef s review, which sadly is the first review and has five likes Firstly, Penelope the girl in the first 21, not 30, pages is not the protagonist, that point of view was merely to give an insight on the character, character depth if you will If Stef had continued reading she would ve realised that Joona Linna was the actual protagonist Secondly it is quite disparaging how she gives it one star because of merely twenty one pages in comparison to the whole book, a nice [...]

  2. We do not let go of the book easily even if the track is long and where the main characters come out incredibly The plot is sufficiently conducted not to know what the reasons are and which is at the origin of all these murders.The murders are strange, and disrupt than one policeman except Inspector Joona Linna who quickly understands that he is not dealing with a criminal We find ourselves caught up in an important political traffic.

  3. This 500 page book could have been at least 200 pages shorter The main story about people involved in arms deals, was surrounded by several unnecessary side stories I enjoyed the previous Lars Keplar book, The Hypnotist This one was difficult to get into and a disappointment.

  4. Prvo Hipnotizer, pa sad ovoKepler tj bra ni par Ahndoril definitivno zauzima visoko mjesto na mojoj listi pisaca trilera Odli na pri a, ovaj puta ulazi u sam vrh vedske politike izvoz oru ja , napeta radnja zaista s i ekivanjem okre e stranice i prati razvoj doga aja I jo jedan potpuno subjektivan detalj zbog kojeg mi je ova knjiga izvrsna, je to to se tijekom cijele knjige provla i muzika, a od muzike naj e e, moj omiljeni David Bowie Tako da sam nekoliko puta, tijekom, itanja, imala muzi ku pr [...]

  5. Afinal n o tardou muito para que voltasse Lars Kepler e ao seu Joona Linna E ainda o li em dois diasAinda n o posso dizer que Linna tenha conseguido garantir um lugar no meu cora o, ao contr rio de umas quantas personagens femininas que o rodeiam, mas admito que me agrada sempre o livro que se leia bem, que n o seja chato.E chato n o um adjetivo que se aplique a este livro, carregado de cenas de ac o Ao contr rio d O Hipnotista, que tinha umas partes um bocado arrastadas, n O Executor n o h part [...]

  6. I made it approximately thirty pages into this one, and I just can t I can t read any .The whole thing reads like a mediocre self insert fanfiction, and the protagonist is the most hateful one I ve ever come across the first chapter describes a televised debate between a peace activist and a weapons manufacturer, with the manufacturer pwning the activist quite severely, and I was really amused until horrendous realization began to dawn and I understood exactly which one of the two was the main c [...]

  7. I ve seen this book sitting on the shelf at work over the course of the past year, and every time I ve seen it, I ve thought.why does a high school library have a book that looks that creepy So when I noticed it AGAIN this past week, I figured I should probably read it and decide whether or not it s something that we need in the collection I had pretty high hopes going into this one I m in the mood for thrillers, and Scandinavian crime novels usually deliver But there was just something about th [...]

  8. MUCH better than the first book The plot was linear and cohesive you felt like you were in the same story from the beginning to end The addition of Saga Bauer is a great character, and there were some open ended things like did Peter not re load the gun on purpose that left you hanging and wondering about the balance of things at the end of the book The chapters are short and tight and this is a good thriller.The downside for me is still that Joona Linna isn t that interesting a character We are [...]

  9. This is the second book in a developing series based around hard hitting cop Joona Linna Basically it is one long thrilling experience from the first page Reminiscent of a James Bond movie this is a novel on a really large scale with not a page wasted as this writing duo take you on a journey of threat, brutal chases and hand to hand conflict It has action throughout balanced by involved characterisation It is a mystery you will enjoy reading and a story that will captivate you based around shad [...]

  10. Estou triste e ao mesmo tempo chateada com esta dupla de escritores.Passei de umas magn ficas 5 estrelas do primeiro livro, O Hipnotista, para 2 estrelas com este segundo livro Fiquei desiludida.Os cap tulos mais interessantes envolvem a fuga de duas personagens numa ilha do arquip lado de Estocolmo S o realmente de tirar o f lego e senti que vivi aqueles momentos de p nico com ambos O problema que estes cap tulos e esta sensa o que me fizeram sentir, duraram pouco.A hist ria n o me deixou cativ [...]

  11. Jsem na rozpac ch, u u Hypnotiz ra jsem byla Auto i p tiv , to bez debat, za m ale n jak pokulh v d j a to se sna m nesrovn vat s ostatn m severem Joona Linna je sympa k, m m pro tyhle detektivy n jak slabost, jen m v prvn m d le zklamalo, kam se ub ral d j a tady m celkov n jak nevt hnul a do dal ch d l m l k hlavn ta detektivova linka, o em se to tam na konci mluvilo a o em pom rn asto dumal.Ale jako odpo inkov etba to sv j el spl uje, jen ek m, e m to v c odzbroj , tak e zat m pr m r a uvid m [...]

  12. This was my first read of Lars Kepler the husband wife team set in Sweden i enjoyed it at the beginning but toward the end was a little drawn out had unnecessary dialogue which could have been settled in half the book, but that is just my opinion.I enjoyed the character of Joona Linna thought he was strong did his job well i have the Hypnotist on my kindle just hope that one is not as dragged out at this one was.

  13. Kepler returns with another sadistic thriller, placing Detective Inspector Joona Linna in a place of greater prominence What do a woman found drowned on the dock of a pleasure ship left adrift and a man left hanging in his barren apartment have in common Leave it to Linna to find the link and vow to bring the killer s to justice Working with the rest of the National Criminal Investigation Division, Linna links his investigation with Saga Bauer from the S po s Security division presumably part of [...]

  14. Book 2, in the Detective Inspector Joona Linna seriesThis is another nail biting mystery with chase after chase and tense situation that keeps coming at every pages or so This second complex installment looks into two bizarre deaths, one being of Carl Palmcrona, the general director of the National inspectorate of Strategic Products overseeing military exports found hanged at his home and the other of Penelope Fernandez found dead on a drifting boat And voil , Linna detective extraordinaire is o [...]

  15. Mne ten Joona Lina skr tka nesed Dala som 4 hviezdy, ale za celkov dojem, bavilo ma to ta Detekt vne s rie zalo en na hlavnej postave pozn m ale aj lep ie Okolo Keplera je skr tka ve a kriku pre ni .

  16. Depois de ler O Hipnotista, O Executor entrou imediatamente na minha lista de livros a ler Continuamos a acompanhar o comiss rio da pol cia Joona Linna nas suas investiga es, desta vez, depois de uma abertura cheia de suspense n o s com um homic dio mas tamb m com um misterioso suic dio.Joona Linna v se ent o numa luta contra o tempo para encontrar a militante pacifista Pen lope, perseguida por um assassino profissional muito h bil, minucioso e met dico quando percebe que o problema , na realida [...]

  17. I passed on reading the first book in this series when it appeared because there was a large pair of bloody scissors on the cover Even though this one features a knife, I decided to plunge in The detective, Joona Linna, a Finn living in Sweden and male is a fun character.Reviews of this book describe is as noir and I suppose it is a bit As of now, I have gone back to read The Hypnotist , scissors and all, as well as the third book in the series, The Fire Witness Bloody hammer on the cover of tha [...]

  18. What a great book I loved it every bit as much as The Hypnotist, and now I completely understand why it was on the Good Reads Best of 2011 list.Lars Kepler does a fantastic job of weaving an intricate web of suspense, intrigue, danger, and precarious circumstances to make even the most casual reader want to sit down and read this book in one sitting.Every one of the characters is fully fleshed out, and the book reads like a miniseries would look You see them, walk with them, and can use all of y [...]

  19. Neste segundo livro da dupla Lars Kepler s o nos apresentados logo no in cio da trama dois homic dios Um de uma mulher que aparece morta numa embarca o e que apesar de ter o corpo seco, tem os pulm es cheios de gua e outro de um director geral de Armamento e Infraestruturas de Defesa da Su cia em que o enforcamento parece ter sido a causa da sua morte.A quest o que se coloca se estas mortes estar o relacionadas A pol cia n o cr que possa haver qualquer rela o entre elas, contudo isso n o seria d [...]

  20. This new one by the author of The Hypnotist features the same detectives but I confess that while I remember liking The Hypnotist a lot, the characters did not stick in my mind They might now as they are very well developed here, and likeable This is a big fat thriller with a complicated plot that holds together impressively, with many interconnected characters that are all sufficiently well developed that you don t mix them up not a small accomplishment The I think about the intricate yet logi [...]

  21. I welcomed the authors effort to try to capture the dark side of Swedish arms trade Sadly I was distracted by all of the misinformation throughout the book With all of the information out there on Darfur, it was disappointing that the bits on Sudan were poorly researched I would have preferred if the authors had instead used a fictitious country The misinformation was so distracting that I had difficulty enjoying the book.

  22. Muito bom Um livro com suspense, bem escrito e bem estruturado Um dos aspetos que mais me marcou foi como os autores conseguiram variar a forma de suspense Pela primeira vez, consegui sentir as nsias de medo atrav s de um livro A agita o que senti ao ler a persegui o inicial marcou se porque at agora s o tinha conseguido pelos filmes Impressionou me Depois o suspense, n o tanto de medo mas de expectativa E tamb m aqui foram muito bons no efeito que produziram.Estranhei algumas partes, reflex es [...]

  23. Es entretenido pero la verdad es que esperaba otra cosa.Aunque se lee muy r pido ya que sus cap tulos son cortos.No creo que vuelva a repetir

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