The Golden Calf (2022)

[PDF] Download ☆ The Golden Calf : by Helene Tursten - The Golden Calf, The Golden Calf Soho s perennially popular Swedish crime series featuring Detective Inspector Irene Huss jiujitsu champion mother of teenage twin girls and investigator on G teborg Murder Squad is back Three men ha [PDF] Download ☆ The Golden Calf : by Helene Tursten - The Golden Calf, The Golden Calf Soho s perennially popular Swedish crime series featuring Detective Inspector Irene Huss jiujitsu champion mother of teenage twin girls and investigator on G teborg Murder Squad is back Three men ha
  • Title: The Golden Calf
  • Author: Helene Tursten
  • ISBN: 9781616950088
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Hardcover
The Golden Calf
[PDF] Download ☆ The Golden Calf : by Helene Tursten, The Golden Calf, Helene Tursten, The Golden Calf Soho s perennially popular Swedish crime series featuring Detective Inspector Irene Huss jiujitsu champion mother of teenage twin girls and investigator on G teborg Murder Squad is back Three men have been shot in one of G teborg s most fashionable neighborhoods sending Irene Huss and her colleagues on a goose chase through a tony world of expensive cars and fancy homSoho s pere
  • [PDF] Download ☆ The Golden Calf : by Helene Tursten
    253Helene Tursten
The Golden Calf

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  1. First Line Fuzzy images from the bank s security cameras flickered across the TV screen Three men have been shot and killed in one of G teborg, Sweden s most fashionable neighborhoods All three victims have ties to the same woman Sanna Kaegler Ceder , but Detective Inspector Irene Huss and her colleagues are still led a merry dance through the world of the rich and shameless because Sanna seems extremely unwilling to talk about what she knows even when her life and the life of her infant son are [...]

  2. Complex plot and solutions with enough happening in personal lives of characters to keep things interesting.

  3. Well, here we are at book six in the Irene Huss series fifth to be translated , and I have to say I m a wee bit disappointed, most decidedly because of the ending Up to that point, the author had me hanging on to the story s every word and then out of nowhere comes this ending that did not at all fit.Together with friend and partner Tommy Persson, Detective Inspector Irene Huss is on the scene of a particularly brutal murder in a magnificent home overlooking the bay The dead man is Kjell Bengtss [...]

  4. A wealthy restaurateur is discovered dead by his wife When Detective Irene Huss investigates with her partner the wife seems a possible suspect, since she seems to be holding back some important information Then victims of homicide show up in a nearby town and they discover that all of the victims have some common business relationships As the team digs deeper they find that there are some hidden, dark secrets that they just cannot uncover The clues stretch from Sweden to London and Paris and i [...]

  5. Irene Huss is stumped by the case of a serial murderer who is focusing on a small group of dot com business people, shooting them twice in the head and once in the stomach with an antique ladies pistol Her boss, Sven, agrees to send Irene and her collegue to Paris for the day to search two of the victims apartment, but their fun is spoiled when Irene s colleague gets a nasty bump on the head and ends up in the hospital Oh, and some of the victims receive severed fingers in the mail Sadly, there [...]

  6. Whew The first 1 3 1 2 of this book was so complicated, that I had to stop and write down names and the companies they worked for and draw lines for their relationships from the past and in the present Plus lots of financial information But the story was intriguing and I found it like solving a puzzle.The last portion of the book didn t add so many new elements, so it was easier to keep straight I enjoy the dynamics among the detectives, led by the irascible, wheezing Andersson Tursten provides [...]

  7. The further I read into the series, the I suspect the author is getting tired The one shot even some of the recurring characters are annoying enough for me to wish they had been denied police protection The tie ins were like Hail Mary passes rushed hopeful that 1 play would make up for all the rubbish ones The FBI agent seemed an appeal to Oprah s Book Club for a while, many authors wagered that the anachronistic appearance of a magical African American would get their works considered The only [...]

  8. One of those deus ex machina endings that I am not a fan of Though I enjoyed it up to that point.

  9. Me gust mucho Una trama interesante, personajes intensos y sucesos que se entrelazan entre s con sentido M s rese a en el blog

  10. This author continues to write very readable and interesting police procedurals set in Sweden One of the best in my estimation.

  11. Once I got into this, I could hardly put it down This story casts a pretty wide net there is a large, complicated pool of suspects from around the globe It s action packed and moves pretty quick And the characters are fully developed and believable.I like the Goteberg police team, and Huss is a likeable and easy to relate to protagonist At times, I love her humanity like the disappointment and confusion over a colleague s divorce , but at other times I felt like there was a little too much detai [...]

  12. kept me reading until the very end However, I thought it was kind of lame that some American FBI agent comes in and sums things up so nicely it just seemed like too clean of a wrap up.

  13. Despite my passion for Scandinavian crime fiction I am ashamed to admit that Helene Tursten is an author I have not read before, and on reading this, the fifth in the series, I will certainly be catching up on the other four With all the essential ingredients of a compelling Scandi crime thriller, but with an altogether lighter feel than some of the other established authors, Tursten weaves a finely crafted police procedural with the incredibly likeable DI Huss at the centre Huss has a great bal [...]

  14. GoodReads crashed and failed to save my notes I ll try this again, but you re getting the less formatted version 1 Favorite part of series is seeing the day to day interactions with Irene Huss family and coworkers This was strongest in the first book in the series Books 2 4 had Inspector Huss on solo cases or cases that did not involve her whole department, so we saw of her home life than the lives of her colleagues This fifth book shifts away from the family and back to the interactions with [...]

  15. More 3.5 stars than 4 For those familiar with the series, this book has much less family involvement and life outside of work, and concentrates a lot on the investigation and police work In terms of the personal lives of characters, however, we learn about Irene Huss s closest colleague, Tommy Persson, and ongoing developments in his family life.The story revolves around the dot com bubble of the late 1990s and its consequences The players are mainly spoiled or entitled rich people, most of wh [...]

  16. GoodReads seems to have book five under The Golden Calf and Gold Digger No kindle and yet my pre ordered came through to my kindle Dysfunction on GRs like this is too frequent Any way to address these issues The book.written in 2004 and only translated 2013 Night Rounds was 1999 2012 The first three books of the Irene Huss series and the TV films are IMHO fantastic My research shows she has at least six to be translated.I thoroughly enjoy reading this writer She writes so very well that once I [...]

  17. A suspenseful murder mystery I really enjoyed the depth of Tursten s characters and twists and turns in the plot lines Every chapter unveiled details in Detective Huss s homicide case that made the prospect of pinning down the suspect seem even impossible as characters and their motives are called into question The cast of characters ranging from investment bankers, a wealthy heiress, software developers, and mafia family members showcase the worst that can happen when greed and dishonesty ta [...]

  18. Once again this is the fifth in Helene Tursten s Irene Huss series , the detectives in Gothenburg s Violent Crimes Unit are called upon to investigate another brutal murder This time the victim is a wealthy restaurant owner who leaves behind a widow Sanna who is quite unwilling to answer questions even after additional men, all known to Sanna, turn up dead Although Huss and her colleagues are rather sure Sanna didn t actually commit the crimes, they are convinced she knows than she is willing t [...]

  19. I enjoyed this book thoroughly liked the characters and the writing style But the ending was extremely disappointing An inspector from the US walks in and tells them what happenede last 20 pages or so, fell completely flat for meom Booklist A grisly turn of events galvanizes the G teborg, Sweden, police force in this fifth entry in Tursten s crackerjack series featuring Detective Inspector Irene Huss As the novel opens, a wealthy restaurateur is found shot in the head in his opulent home His wif [...]

  20. It is really refreshing to read a Scandinavian police procedural that is a straightforward investigation of a crime or murder, peopled by uncomplicated detectives Such is this novel, the fifth in the Detective Inspector Irene Huss mystery series, which begins with one murder and is followed by which eventually prove to be related The first victim is a wealthy restaurateur, found by his wife with two bullet wounds in his head Another three murdered persons are found with the same wounds The only [...]

  21. This book is an exciting thriller that was hard to put down There were so many twists and turns that I was glued to the pages, eager to find out what happens next What begins as a murder of a very wealthy restaurant owner spirals into a much bigger plot, where this first murder was only a small piece of the puzzle When you think you have an idea about who might be behind the killings, something else happens and makes you target someone else The author did a great job in making sure all of the qu [...]

  22. Finished today because I had a sick day Once again, enjoyed it though did find the translation clumsy in one or two places This one had the police of four nations cooperating, all in shaky English Sweden, London, Paris, and the FBI shows up at the end to explain it all And that s what I found frustrating with this one the deux ex machina appearance of the FBI to put all the pieces togetherFirst, an exceedingly wealthy man is killed point blank in the head, two bullets and within a day there is a [...]

  23. The twisted crimes Huss investigated in the previous books began to irritate me It felt that each book in the series might be an entry of the encyclopedia of sex crimes But, with this new book, I missed that theme This book was predictable, with a deus ex machina ending That the complicated, interwoven mystery could be wrapped in one stroke by a stereotyped black, female FBI agent was forced and totally out of place What was the point of all the trips to Paris and elsewhere when the FBI could st [...]

  24. Not one of the grand Nordic practitioners of gritty crime fiction It might be a clumsy translation, but the story itself is flat, as well as the characters The resolution to the murders is explained to the Swedish cops by an American FBI agent who has been tracking the underlying financial shenanigans for some years The Swedes helped work out some details, but it is the deus ex machina American a statuesque black woman to boot who has to tie it all up It has something to do with the Mafia invest [...]

  25. G teburg s Inspector Irene Huss finds herself investigating a complicated case with multiple murders Sanna Kaegler s husband has been killed and she doesn t seem all that upset about it Sanna made her fortune during the boom as a partner in a company called ph, a company with a less than stellar reputation As Huss follows the leads, people are murdered and the connecting factor seems to be linked to some shady businesses with ph at the center She can see connections, but not who is behind the c [...]

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