Arranged (2022)

[PDF] Arranged | by ✓ Catherine McKenzie - Arranged, Arranged Anne Blythe has a great life a good job good friends and a potential book deal for her first novel When it comes to finding someone to share it with however she just can t seem to get it right Aft [PDF] Arranged | by ✓ Catherine McKenzie - Arranged, Arranged Anne Blythe has a great life a good job good friends and a potential book deal for her first novel When it comes to finding someone to share it with however she just can t seem to get it right Aft
  • Title: Arranged
  • Author: Catherine McKenzie
  • ISBN: 9780062115393
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Paperback
[PDF] Arranged | by ✓ Catherine McKenzie, Arranged, Catherine McKenzie, Arranged Anne Blythe has a great life a good job good friends and a potential book deal for her first novel When it comes to finding someone to share it with however she just can t seem to get it right After yet another relationship ends Anne comes across a business card for what she thinks is a dating service and she pockets it just in case When her best friend Sarah anAnne Blythe has a g
  • [PDF] Arranged | by ✓ Catherine McKenzie
    339Catherine McKenzie

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  1. This was a fascinating concept a successful, independent woman gets fed up with her failed romances and signs up for an arranged marriage service It turns out to be light and predictable, with fairly shallow characters in terms of development, and only sometimes in terms of personality , a bland romance, and an obvious plot twist towards the end It wasn t bad, don t get me wrong but it was a bit like eating empty calories in that it s rather fun while you re reading it, but afterwards you feel k [...]

  2. If I could give it a higher star rating, I would And if it was published now everyone I know would be getting a copy for Christmas Thank you, Catherine, for helping me realize that when written well, I love books with romance in them Here s my full review, originally posted at lavenderlines.wordpressSo yesterday Catherine McKenzie s first book, Spin, made it on my list of favorite reads for 2010 I know we re only three days into 2011 but I can tell you that Arranged will make it on my best of 20 [...]

  3. I love Catherine McKenzie s writing This book was one of my favourite reads of 2013 I was initially drawn to this book based on the book being about an arranged marriage I found the idea of arranged marriage in today s age a fascinating topic and I was interested to see how it would be handled in this book.Anne Blythe, the main character was super likeable I became attached to her from the beginning of the book Her mother s obsession to Anne of Green Gables and how it played out in both her life [...]

  4. For some reason Catherine McKenzie needs to be my best friend Supposing she is vaguely like the protagonists she writes, I am quite certain she and I would have a wonderful time together I m pretty sure I d have to keep running to the bathroom because she makes me laugh so hard Because I get it I really do My copy of Arranged is an ARC so I am not allowed to quote it But if I could, I might just quote a little ditty from when Anne is feeling sorry for herself and finds herself drinking too much [...]

  5. I m categorizing this under chick lit and not romance There is nothing romantic about this book I m definitely in the minority on this one I found the story incredibly boring and hard to plow through Once, the surprise twist occurred things definitely picked up, but by that point I didn t really care what happened to anyone I found everyone to be cardboard one dimensional figures The connection to Anne of Green Gables was overplayed The main character, Anne was boring, self centered and her inte [...]

  6. This was so delicious that I started and finished it in the same day I found the concept of modern day arranged marriage fascinating, especially the way it was facilitated by the matchmakers, Blythe Co This is a must read for anyone who enjoys shows like Married at First Sight.

  7. Arranged marriage was the norm for centuries Romantic love is a modern notion.When Anne Blythe learns that his long time boyfriend, Stuart, is cheating on her, she ends their relationship and decides to find a new man This time, she vows to herself not to fall for dark haired and blue eyed man any Anne has a type, yes, and all of her ex boyfriends have that similar look But it s hard to be alone, especially when your ex boyfriend is already married, your brother is expecting the fourth child, an [...]

  8. An arranged marriage Would you agree to one Well, after being frustrated with yet another breakup, that is exactly what Anne Blythe agrees to Arranged kept my interest from page one I was so hooked I couldn t put it down I just had to know what was going to happen in these characters lives I laughed, I got teary eyed, I felt protective of my new best friends Seriously, I would be best friends with these peopleif they were real, haha The characters are incredibly likeable and for a while I found [...]

  9. So my friend Buggy waves was reading a really cool sounding book called Spin a while ago I added it to my mountainous TBR, and when this book, by the same author, came across my radar I snagged it.I am so glad I did this was sooooo good I loved it, think everyone should read it, and here s a little bit about it Anne has a great life, except for the love part of it She just wants what everyone else seems to have After breaking up with a cheating boyfriend and her best friend gets engaged, she dec [...]

  10. Catherine McKenzie s Arranged explores what happens when what you think you want collides with what you really need It s a rare book smart, funny, honest, and absorbing I truly enjoyed it.

  11. I ordered this book from the library because I had heard the author promoting it on The Next Chapter CBC Radio and I was interested in the parallels romantic looks vs solid friendship with Anne of Green Gables I was disappointed because I didn t find the protagonist or her friends very interesting, and the connections to Anne Shirley were all superficial, overt, and beaten to death I actually really disliked Anne Blythe at first and then somehow became resigned to thinking that she was merely du [...]

  12. I read this a while back and remember liking it It had a very old fashioned feel to it and was quite sweet It was also interesting to note the arranged marriage while outdated in North American society was the benchmark for coupling throughout history.

  13. Wow I don t even know where to begin This is the first book I read by Catherine McKenzie and I already know that it will not be my last The entire time I was reading Arranged, a few of my friends kept asking me how it was and I felt like I always had the same response, interesting I didn t know how to properly put into words how I felt about this book, but now that I ve completed it, I feel like I have to at the very least try especially since I rated it as amazing The simple or not so simple qu [...]

  14. I loved this book Fun, well written above the rim chick lit with stellar dialog The premise could ve been problematic an arranged marriage but McKenzie brings it all together Good read Fun, entertaining with a heart connect.

  15. I became a fan of Catherine McKenzie after reading her debut novel, Spin and was excited to dive into her newest book, Arranged The book follows the main character, Anne Blythe, as she leaves another failed relationship and feels down in the dumps because she is alone All her friends are either married or are getting married and she is concerned that she won t ever met the right guy As she is walking on the street feeling self pity, she finds a business card for something called Blythe Company w [...]

  16. This book started out wonderful Couldn t put it downmewhere in the middle it started to slow down and was kinda boring But the end was absolutely horrible and I dislike how the book ended

  17. Originally posted on my blog here missmichellemck.Arranged has been sitting on my TBR since 2013, immediately the blurb of the book had appealed to me but then it got lost in the too many books on the TBR shelf and I forgot about it Fast forward three years and I was looking for a books to read that had been on my TBR for ever and this one of course came up Luckily a month or so back this book was on discount on the Kindle store so the stars aligned and the book and me were meant for a hot date. [...]

  18. Everyone has their own idea of what Happily Ever After means, and what it means for themselves may differ from what they think it means for others Arranged marriages are well documented throughout history, with women often having little choice in their matrimonial destinies Matchmakers have been hired for many different reasons, offering a practiced brand of love for money Mail order brides were the original personal ads and the forerunners to online dating In this day and age, what s a woman to [...]

  19. I love it when I stumble on a book that I was not expecting and it then turns out to be exactly what I need Such was my introduction to the beautifully simple writing style of Catherine McKenzie through her second book Arranged.I came across Arranged while searching through the Deals section on my Nook I will confess it was the cover that caught my eye initially Then I read the overview and thought to myself, hmm, this is different I need something different My book rut is quickly becoming a boo [...]

  20. After her latest relationship ends, Anne Blythe is unsure of what to do She wants to get married and have kids, but she keeps picking the wrong guys She finds a business card for what she thinks is a dating service When she finally decides to give it a try, she learns it s a company that actually creates arranged marriages.Even so, she eventually decides to go for it and when she meets Jack, there is an instant connection But can there be a happy ending when you marry a stranger I don t know tha [...]

  21. O quanto eu adorei este livro Nunca tendo lido nada dela, foi uma surpresa maravilhosa e j mandei vir um anterior.Primeiro a capa, deliciosa, completamente adequada Depois a tradu o, andamos a ficar mal habituadas com esta editora que prima e muito pela qualidade.Quanto trama em si, temos uma s rie de coincid ncias que levam a protagonista a desistir do amor e deixar que escolham por ela e ao contr rio do que se possa pensar corre muito bem at que e aqui que tudo se torna engra ado.N o quero est [...]

  22. Well, another first take on an author and guess what I LOVED ITAIN Yes, at first I find Anne irritating with all the ranting of wanting to get married but other than that I loved everything about it, which made me give it 5 stars And the reason for Jack getting into an arranged marriage IT NEVER EVEN CROSSED MY MIND You have to read it to know what I mean Gonna check on this author again, definitely

  23. Since I m in a crappy mood this book was a perfect distraction It s been so long since I properly sat down and read a book For the past couple of months I can t even force myself to read the books I waited for months years but Catherine McKenzie managed to get me out of my funk.

  24. Vale a pena ler Ao in cio n o estava a achar nada de especial, mas com o passar das p ginas a leitura foi me envolvendo e a curiosidade aumentando Gostei bastante Uma escrita simples, mas cativante.

  25. I should probably begin with telling you that I adore Catherine s writing I read her book Spin last year and if you ve read my review, you d know how much I loved it Chick lits are usually predictable, they have a standard plot that involves something funny, some romance and a lovable heroine but just as with Catherine s previous novel Spin, Arranged is anything but predictable It has all the best elements of chick lit combined with a wonderful, relatable and unique love story Anne Blythe is tir [...]

  26. Catherine McKenzie gives good Chick Lit This is the second book I ve read by her Forgotten being the first and I thoroughly enjoyed both In part 1 of the book we meet Anne, a woman frustrated with failed relationships who, on a whim, decides to visit a dating service However, she is shocked to discover that it is actually an arranged marriage service Of course, she decides to go through with itat s the point of the book after all.Part 2 of the book is Anne meeting and getting to know her husband [...]

  27. An unconventional love story and I LOVED it ARRANGED had been on my to read list for over two years And I am soooooooo glad I finally read it.My heart still aches from it Maybe it s the hopeless romantic in me, but I really fell in love with Jack and Anne, who met through an arranged marriage service Things between them seem really great and the truth is that they ARE great together But he screws up and what he loses is the best thing in his life Looking back, I don t think he was acting From t [...]

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