Public Enemy Zero (2022)

[PDF] Public Enemy Zero | by ✓ Andrew Mayne - Public Enemy Zero, Public Enemy Zero The world is out to kill Mitchell Roberts The helpless girl who needs help changing her tire His petty ex girlfriend and her new mate An entire mall full of unassuming shoppers They all want to murder [PDF] Public Enemy Zero | by ✓ Andrew Mayne - Public Enemy Zero, Public Enemy Zero The world is out to kill Mitchell Roberts The helpless girl who needs help changing her tire His petty ex girlfriend and her new mate An entire mall full of unassuming shoppers They all want to murder
  • Title: Public Enemy Zero
  • Author: Andrew Mayne
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Public Enemy Zero
[PDF] Public Enemy Zero | by ✓ Andrew Mayne, Public Enemy Zero, Andrew Mayne, Public Enemy Zero The world is out to kill Mitchell Roberts The helpless girl who needs help changing her tire His petty ex girlfriend and her new mate An entire mall full of unassuming shoppers They all want to murder Mitch in a blind rage when he s in their presence As Mitch attempts to unravel the mystery around his situation he learns quickly that rabid strangers and friends aren The world is
  • [PDF] Public Enemy Zero | by ✓ Andrew Mayne
    159Andrew Mayne
Public Enemy Zero

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  1. I really don t understand the negative reviews for this book It s not classic literature and as such shouldn t be compared to it, it s a raucous adventure novel It held my attention much like an episode of 24 For what I paid for this book I was very happy with the editing, the writing and the story line I have seen and enjoyed far worse.

  2. I ve got a too long, didn t read at the bottom in case the review length is a bit, y know too long.Public Enemy Zero is one of those works which or less defines the notion of pretty good It s miles from perfect, better than adequate, but just a hair under what I d call pretty damn good Andrew Mayne has crafted an entertaining, fast paced thriller which mashes together and adds a bit of flavor to the oft used outbreak and zombies scenarios.The story follows one Mitchell Roberts, a self described [...]

  3. Starkly original sci fi thriller about a young, late night DJ in south Florida who suddenly becomes viciously attacked by EVERYONE HE MEETS To survive, he s is forced on the run but not before getting cornered in the food court of a busy mall How he survives a homicidal mob, the police and the Feds in a major manhunt is what makes this runaway train of a novel so entertaining and thought provoking It reminded me of another great survival story I read years ago that I still remember Vertical Run [...]

  4. Public Enemy Zero is a bit of a paradox for me I didn t care for the book a great deal, but the author was skilled enough to keep me involved for the entirety of the book The protagonist, Mitch, I have learned since I finished and thought about the book for a day is the reason I was able to stay involved He is a well thought out protagonist with a lot at stake including his life, or freedom.My main gripes with the book are that it was very, very repetitive I thought the story lagged in the middl [...]

  5. Holy crap Sorry, but this book is FUCKING amazing Normally I don t read a book from start to finish in 2 sittings, but this book had me gripped from Chapter 2 onwards The entire storyline is just plain gripping, and thankfully not only does it not fall apart in the end, but it manages to feel like a satisfying pay off.In the form of Mitch Roberts we have a character anyone can relate to even if it is just convenient that the guy has been pretty useable skills such as scuba diving and is quite at [...]

  6. Wow, what a story Intriguing and a little confusing in the beginning and partially throughout view spoiler the whole earth mother thing hide spoiler But other than that, the story was excellent A great read for a fan of a good thriller and an especially good read for someone who likes biological agent, bio terrorism type books This is definitely right up your alley.Also, great use of new media within the book use of youtube and twitter , and you could tell that this was finished rather recently [...]

  7. Horse is not Hoarse This error occurred early in the book and had me a little distracted until Mitch started moving about Then I really got into the story and I was running alongside him, cheering for him to get away The story was creative exciting and suspenseful I had a hard time putting it down There were several misspellings and grammatical errors that brought the suspense to a halt as I tried to figure out what the author was going for, such as no versus know The errors were disappointing T [...]

  8. If you have a persecution complex, this book is for you I liked the pace and the settings and I pretty much liked the main character There was something that kept me turning pages and I did want to come back to Mitch Mitchell Mad Mitch.On the down side, I don t think the book really explored anything deeper than the situations that Mitch moved through Progbably that s fine if you re looking for a light, fun, thriller Ultimately it left me feeling a little unsatisfied though.

  9. Ever have one of those days where it feels like every one s out to get you You get called in on your day off, get a ticket on the way to work, and every customer is trying to kill you with their bare hands Oh, wait That last part isn t your day That s Mitchell Roberts day.Andrew Mayne gives us a whole new incarnation of the zombie story with his book Public Enemy Zero.It s so nice to talk about a zombie story that isn t post apocalyptic With a likable main character Where the characters actually [...]

  10. I like this different play on a zombie book It kept me reading and guessing As always, there are a few problems but nothing that gets in the way of the story Primary problems are that the main character is supposed to be no body, with no real skills ex girlfriend names him D head but with no real explanation of what happened However, he is able to skillfully hi jack a couple of boats, use and underwater propulsion device, and evade a multi agency ground water air manhunt for several days There a [...]

  11. a very engrossing quick read which reminded me of steven king the plot may have a few holes in it but i thought it the explanations were pretty clever even if they were kinda thin like others have said you can skip the whole earth mother parts a good editor should have talked him out of that even if he was setting something up for another book it was mind groaningly bad and after reading a few reviews about how i could skip it i did.

  12. I m usually generous in my ratings, not everyone is Baldacci, Grisham or Harlan Coben I love imagination, plot twists and interesting characters Probably what most readers like I was so very tempted to give this EBook a 3 star because of the horrible and hideous editing Maybe if I didn t have to stumble and reread a sentence and I m a fast reader, like a book a day and I m disabled I might have given it 5 stars After highlighting and reporting about ten errors I gave up reporting them to whoever [...]

  13. The author does a great job of hooking you into the main character, as well as the dialogue between the characters, and hooking you into the story I found it ironic in those times where certain scenes in the story have an added oomph or stressful situation for the main character, I found that I was getting a little excited, my heartbeat was going a little faster, and I couldn t seem to read it fast enough to click the next page button on my Kindle I don t know if there is one, but it would be in [...]

  14. I really loved his book The Naturalist and was looking for a book just as good This novel really left me wanting It s not edited well There s lots of typos and sometimes the wrong character name is used The story is promising, but I found the poor writing style and editing distracting This novel was written a few years before The Naturalist My thought is that the author was still learning how to write well It was amazing to me that they were written by the same person.

  15. Fast paced cat and mouse story Great read This is my second book from this author and it did not disappoint The character development is incredible and the story will keep you drawn in Must read

  16. One wild weekSuperb story telling but that was what l expected after reading the naturalist You are now on my radar and I will be reading of your work Keep up the great writing.

  17. I really enjoyed this book The plot was credible I could see something like this happening and I m not a fan of science fiction But the main character getting caught in the games played by the government and the cover up that ensued was scary and the details of his ordeal were believable I am expecting to hear about Mitch.

  18. So close to being goodToo many errors misspelled words and just completely missing words And while I liked the concept of the Mother Earth sub plot, it was not developed in an interesting way I do like this author and will try other books.

  19. This is a good fast storyOn the first couple of chapters I was thinking maybe this wasn t going to be for me Then bang it hooked me in and I couldn t put it down Intense and scary Loved it.

  20. Fast paced with a little mysteryI liked the cliffhanger aspect of the novel as well as not knowing the cause of the virus until later in the book I d recommend it for John Gresham fans.

  21. Gripping plot Needs grammar editors.Peak peek among many other problems.Crowdsourcing your proofreading only works if your crowd is educated enough to actually proofread How do I sign up for a crack at a copy of the next manuscript draft

  22. Loved it Was it perfect No absolutely not It was weird, exciting and the type of book that has so much action you can t put it down.

  23. Interesting ideaNice twist on the crazy virus theme Fast paced, action from start to finish I like his stuff Give it a try.

  24. Ooooof It was pretty necessary for me to put this book down I hit a certain point where I couldn t take any of the endless descriptions of Mitchell thinking, planning, and doing, only to have us reminded yet again that zombies can claw at his neck When I did get some semblance of hey feel bad for this guy he s the protagonist my enjoyment arteries were so plugged I thought I would have a critical thinking heart attack His backstory of having a bad job he doesn t like along with having an ex who [...]

  25. Public Enemy Zero is a different kind of zombie though I daren t really pigeonhole it like that Imagine if all of a sudden, anybody you walk up to suddenly turns extremely violent towards you of the biting and ripping kind to the point where you have to go on the run, but you are the only one it happens to Ive been unpopular before, but never to this degree The is the second of the Andrew Mayne kindle ebooks i have read, reading back to back after The Chronological Man Monster in the Mist though [...]

  26. It started with a nice plot I was intrigued by the concept of one person being attacked by a lot of other people for no apparent reason Overall the book was fun, although missing in depth One of the most interesting possible scenarios is handled quite early in the book, losing a lot of ammo for the writer After this point, the story kind of dulls and feels like a shallow story There are no in depth story or character developments Also, there is a second story behind the first one, one that does [...]

  27. This was a really good book as far as I m concerned with only a few exceptions At times the book got bogged down with unclear details, especially a mystery man that doesn t add to the story but makes a great amount of appearances In retrospect this man is key to the story but confusing when reading the book Another flaw is the quickness that the story jumps into the action The author leaves the reader saying what many times as he introduces the characters and progresses the story without the ful [...]

  28. This is one of my favorite books on the kindle so far If you are a fan of videogames then this is for you The main character is smart in that he can survive in this completely crazy scenario whilst thinking up actual good plans I don t find it repetitive because logically it makes sense for these situations to pop up with this frequency that seems to be annoying everyone else It s exciting and frightening and I loved every second.My only gripes are that there were two characters who were complet [...]

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